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Lull vs Nectar Mattress

Interested in Nectar and Lull? Read our review comparison of these two bed in a box mattresses

Last Updated: May 15, 2020

If you’re considering these two mattresses, but you’re not sure how to know which one’s the better bed for you, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll look at how Nectar and Lull compare in terms of feel, construction, price, and more.

Lull Soft Foam $150 Off Discount In CartLull is the quintessential online mattress. It has a soft foam feel, three layers of foam, and ships in a box.
Nectar Memory Foam $100 Off + Gift Applied In CartNectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows.

Here are the main points we’ll be touching on in this Lull vs Nectar comparison review:

  • Feel — They might utilize different materials, but Nectar and Lull feel quite different.
  • Firmness Level — Nectar ends up being just a touch firmer than Lull.
  • Body Type — Lull mattresses are best for petite to medium body types, while, in some cases, Nectar can accommodate heavier body types, as well.

We’ll mostly be grazing the surface on each of these topics, so if you find yourself wanting some more information about a specific topic or want to read about both mattresses more in depth, check out the individual reviews linked on the right side of this page.

Nectar vs Lull Bed: Quick Summary

If you’re trying to decide between a Nectar or Lull mattress, you’re probably a fan of beds that are completely foam, since that’s one major thing they have in common. Another important similarity is their price tag, so it probably won’t be a major factor in your purchase decision this time.

In this post, we’ll be focusing more on how the mattresses are different from each other, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice for yourself when you purchase. We know buying a mattress is a big decision, so we’re here to help!

Lull Mattress Construction And Materials

Like Nectar, Lull mattresses are all-foam beds that also incorporate memory foam in their construction. However, Lull is made with a traditional memory foam layer on top of a polyurethane blend foam, or what we like to call neutral foam. On the bottom is a 7” thick base or support layer, and above it is a 1.5” transitional layer of neutral foam. This is the layer that makes the 1.5” of memory foam on top less overt.

Lull Feel And Firmness

Lull is made with a neutral foam like we just mentioned, so you won’t get the sinking feeling you might get with the memory foam in a Nectar mattress. Lull mattresses are also slightly softer than Nectar, and land at a medium on our softness to firmness scale. If you think of the way people grade steaks, that’s sort of how we rate firmness levels. We would put Lull at a medium- because it’s a hair softer than a baseline medium.

lull mattress review firmness and feel

With that being said, it’s an acceptable mattress for all sleepers, but if you made us choose only one, we would said it’s best for side sleepers.

Body Types

When you’re trying to decide what mattress is best for you, you should always take your weight into account because some mattresses will be more beneficial for your specific body type than others. If you add more weight or pressure to a mattress than it was made for, it will have a negative effect on the feel and durability of your bed.

If you have a petite body type, we definitely suggest you consider a Lull mattress. With petite body types, you may not be able to enjoy the memory foam in Nectar mattresses to its full effect because your weight makes it so you barely sink into the foam.

lull mattress reviews side sleepers
Most people will agree that Lull is comfy

For somebody on the heavier side, a Lull won’t be the best option because it’s only 10” thick, meaning it won’t be able to support your weight and, over time, the foam will begin to degrade.

So to sum it up, if you’re quite small, and you want a softer bed, then you should look into purchasing a Lull over Nectar. If you’re closer to 230 lbs or over, we recommend you go with the Nectar over Lull, or take a look at our list of the best beds for heavier people. If you land somewhere in between, we will leave it up to your discretion.

Nectar Mattress Construction And Materials

You know you don’t want a hybrid mattress, and you’re stuck between choosing Nectar or Lull because you like the all-foam feel, but you don’t know the difference between the two. For starters, Nectar mattresses are 11” thick and made with two layers of gel-memory foam on top of a layer that Nectar calls “Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam.”

To give you an idea of what that actually means, it’s essentially a layer of dense memory foam. Then the bottom of the mattress is constructed with a thick layer of support foam to do exactly that—provide support.

nectar mattress review side sleepers memory foam bed
Nectar has that familiar deep/dense memory foam feel

Some people may be hesitant to choose a mattress constructed with memory foam because it does have a reputation for warming up during the night, but Nectar’s firmer gel-memory foam layer on top helps regulate temperature better than your standard memory foam.

Feel And Firmness

If you’re a big fan of memory foam then there’s a hefty chance that you’ll enjoy a Nectar mattress. It accommodates a combination of sleepers since the gel-memory foam is soft enough to contour to your body, but it lands between medium and medium-firm on our scale, so it’ll provide good support to your shoulders and hips, as well. Nectar is going to be just fine if you sleep on your back or stomach. We might actually consider it a medium+ but for purposes of our firmness scale, we stuck it in between the two hashmarks.

nectar mattress review firmness and feel

Since the Nectar mattresses have more of a true memory foam feel, it can be harder to change positions in your sleep without disturbing your rest. If you’re a person who can’t stay still during the night to save your life, then you may want to consider going with a Lull, which has a more neutral, less sink-in feeling. On the flipside, though, you might actually prefer Nectar because it will naturally cause you to want to jostle around less.

Nectar Wins On Price

Nectar is the winner when it comes to price. A queen size Nectar mattress has a MSRP of around $800, while a queen size Lull mattress is listed at $950.

However, Lull usually offers $150 off their beds, which brings a queen size down into the $800 range. Nectar doesn’t offer a discount in the traditional sense of the word but does typically include two free pillows with each Nectar mattress purchase. That means you can most likely grab a new queen size Nectar bed and two pillows for less than $800!

Factors For Couples

If you’re a couple and in need of a mattress with good edge support because, let’s face it, we don’t want to cuddle the whole night with our partner, then a Nectar mattress might be a good option for you.

lull mattress review side and edge support
Nectar will have slightly better edge support than Lull (shown above)

Both Lull and Nectar have good motion isolating properties, so with either mattress, you likely won’t be bothered when your partner gets up four times in the middle of the night for who knows what. It may be surprising that Nectar has good edge support because it’s made of foam, but it does. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen, but Nectar probably gets the slight edge in this department.

Lull vs Nectar Comparison Verdict

You’re doing your due diligence by researching which mattress will be your perfect match, and we definitely don’t blame you. You’ll probably be keeping the mattress for the next decade of your life, so it’s important you are fully satisfied with it. Here are the main things you’ll want to consider when you purchase. Spoiler: it really comes down to design and price.

  • Do you want a true memory foam feel? If so, Nectar wins. If not, Lull wins.
  • What are your preferences in terms of firmness? If you want the softer of the two beds, it’s Lull.
  • Do you need to spend as little money as possible? If so, Nectar technically ends up being more affordable.

There are other little things that fill in the cracks, but for the most part, we suspect that your decision will hinge on feel, firmness, and price.

Luckily you have a decent amount of time to try out either mattress before you’re permanently attached to it, so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like the one you pick. If for some reason both of these options aren’t floating your boat, we have a ton of different mattress comparisons that we encourage you to check out.

The Buying Process

First things first, each of these brands offer free shipping for their bed-in-a-box mattresses, and each one will show up at your doorstep ready to be unboxed. What makes them different as far as shipping goes, is the time they take to show up at your doorstep. Nectar mattresses will take about a week or two to get to your home, while a Lull mattress will be shipped to you after one to four business days. So if for some reason your current mattress is ruined or otherwise unsleepable, and time is of the essence, you should consider going with a Lull—we can’t imagine this being the case with many people, however.

Once it gets to your home, all you’ll need to do is unroll the bed where you plan to place it, and wait about 24 hours until it’s fully inflated to use it. They may have a slight chemical smell after being confined for several days in plastic wrap, but it’ll go away within a week so there’s no need for worry.

Nectar and Lull both offer a risk-free trial period to test out your new mattress, but Nectar’s is significantly longer. You have about three months (100 nights) to test out a Lull mattress, but you’ll get an entire year with a Nectar mattress. So if you’re somebody who struggles with making decisions or needs that extra several months to make sure you purchased the right mattress, then we might recommend you go with a Nectar.

If you don’t end up liking it, you can always return it for free and try out the Lull or something else afterward. Also, just because we can’t resist throwing in our own opinion, 100 nights is more than long enough to come to a final conclusion with the bed. It’s nice that Nectar goes above and beyond, but we think 100 nights is sufficient for the overwhelming majority of people.

Their warranty policies are also a little different since Nectar gives you what they call a “forever warranty,” while Lull offers 10 years. We usually recommend you get a new mattress every eight to 10 years, but a little extra security never hurts, right? Within the first 10 years, Nectar will replace your mattress, no questions asked, and then they will either repair or recover bed after the 10-year mark. Regardless of a warranty’s length, we always suggest that you read up on the details and terms before purchasing a bed. Check out the Nectar or Lull Website to read more into their warranty and what kind of damage is covered.

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