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my green mattress vs avocado green mattress review comparison

My Green Mattress vs Avocado

We compared two eco-friendly hybrid mattresses in this My Green Mattress vs Avocado Green Mattress review.

Going the eco-conscious route and using natural and organic materials has become pretty popular in the bed-in-a-box industry. More and more companies are popping up with “green” in their name. In this post, we compare the Natural Escape bed from My Green Mattress and the Avocado Green Mattress in terms of feel, materials, and more.
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An eco-friendly hybrid mattress made with coils, latex foam, and organic cotton.
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Avocado is a natural and non-toxic hybrid mattress with an optional pillow top.

Here’s a brief outline of the points we’ll cover in this comparison:

  • Price — My Green Mattress is more affordable than Avocado.
  • Feel / Firmness — Although they have pretty similar constructions, Natural Escape from My Green Mattress has a slightly different feel and firmness level than Avocado.
  • Options — Avocado has an optional pillow top, as well as a vegan option. My Green Mattress’s Natural Escape comes as is.

Avocado vs My Green Mattress: Quick Synopsis

My Green Mattress and Avocado are two of many online mattress companies that advertise under an eco-focused marketing scheme. They both produce natural mattresses that incorporate organic materials and cater to eco-conscious shoppers. They actually have pretty similar constructions, as well, so it’s no surprise that they end up going head-to-head in the debate of which mattress to get.

Company Policies

When you order a Natural Escape mattress from MyGreenMattress.com, it will ship to you completely free and arrive compressed and rolled up inside a box. You then have 100 nights to test it out and make sure that it’s the right mattress for you. If you decide you’re underwhelmed, you can return for a full refund within the trial period. If you keep the mattress, it will be backed by a 25-year warranty.

Avocado pretty much matches exactly what My Green Mattress offers in terms of policies. Again, you’ll get free shipping and a 100-night trial period. You have the option of free, fully refunded returns within that trial, or you can keep the bed along with a 25-year warranty.

We always encourage shoppers to read through the terms of any company’s warranty. Be sure to look up the fine print on the company’s website so you know what the warranty covers and what could potentially void it.

My Green Mattress Natural Escape


  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • All body types
  • Back, stomach, and combo sleepers (and heavy side sleepers)
  • Folks who like a latex foam feel
  • Those who like a somewhat bouncy bed

My Green Mattress Is More Affordable

When it’s time to make a big purchase, cost is a major consideration. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you like an option if it isn’t within your budget. The Natural Escape model from My Green Mattress is going to be the more affordable option.

A queen size Natural Escape mattress and an Avocado mattress are around $1,300 and $1,400, respectively. That’s before applying any discounts. Just based on MSRP, Natural Escape is about $100 less than Avocado. You can check current pricing on MyGreenMattress.com.

my green mattress back sleeper review
It’s a hefty mattress, but it’s still more affordable than Avocado

Neither of these are budget beds, so you’ll have to be willing to make and investment regardless of which mattress you buy. However, we do keep tabs on deals and promotions, so be sure to check on our Mattress Deals page. We’ll also provide any discount codes we have in the green box on the right of this page.

For the most part, even with discounts, we see the pricing difference being about the same—Natural Escape is between $100 and $300 less than Avocado in most cases.

Natural Escape: Construction, Materials & Feel

Both of the beds we’re covering in this post are made with a collection of natural and organic materials. In the construction of their Natural Escape model, My Green Mattress uses the following materials, from bottom to top: steel pocketed coils, natural latex foam, natural wool, and organic cotton.

my green mattress review construction and layers breakdown
Construction side view for the Natural Escape mattress

The overall feel of the bed is a bit bouncy and cushiony. The coil system provides good support and some of that more traditional innerspring feel, while the latex foam and wool comfort layers add nice pressure relief and cushion to the surface of the bed.

Natural Escape Is Slightly Softer Overall

Although we say that both My Green Mattress and Avocado are viable options for all body types, between the two, we’d say that petite folks will likely prefer My Green Mattress.

It isn’t quite as firm as Avocado, which lands between a medium-firm and a firm on our scale, so lighter-weight sleepers will be able to enjoy the comfort layers on My Green Mattress more than on the Avocado mattress.

my green mattress review natural escape edge support
Natural Escape is a hair softer than Avocado

For small folks, mattresses can often feel a bit firmer than advertised because a lighter body means you don’t sink into the comfort layers as much as the average person.

However, we’d still say these two beds are fairly similar in terms of all-around accommodation. Both are best-suited for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, and not bad for combo sleepers. They will work for certain side sleepers, though there are other options you might consider first if you want a truly soft mattress.

Avocado Green Mattress


  • Eco-conscious shoppers (just like MGM)
  • Allergy-sufferers (advantages to latex foam)
  • Back, stomach, and some side sleepers
  • All body types

Construction, Materials & More

As we mentioned earlier, Avocado’s construction is fairly similar to Natural Escape’s. They’re both latex foam hybrid beds, so similar interiors doesn’t come as a surprise.

From bottom to top, Avocado uses recycled steel pocketed coils, natural GOLS certified latex foam, and then a GOTS organic certified cotton cover. Additional materials, like natural wool and natural hydrated silica are also incorporated in the bed.

avocado mattress review construction latex coils organic cotton cover
What’s inside the Avocado mattress

While Avocado’s list of standard materials is sustainable and natural, the wool can be an issue for some folks (lifestyle vegans, those with very sensitive wool allergies). With this in mind, Avocado offers a fully vegan version of their mattress that replaces the wool with additional organic cotton and is vegan certified. You can read more about the Vegan option on Avocado’s website.

Avocado Optional Pillow Top

The exact construction of Avocado does vary depending on whether or not you add-on the optional pillow top. With the pillow top, you get two more inches of latex foam, making the mattress a total 13” thick.

avocado green mattress review
You can see the extra pillow top on this Avocado mattress

Sans pillow top, we rate Avocado as a true firm on our scale. With the pillow top, we rate it as a medium-firm, which makes it more accommodating for a wider range of sleepers.

The pillow top will also change the feel of the bed. Without the pillow top, it’s akin to a firm innerspring bed with a foam topper. With the pillow top, it’s more like an innerspring bed with a thick, cushiony, more plush topper.

Temperature Regulation

We regard both of these beds as temperature neutral, meaning that neither will make you heat up and neither will actively cool you down. Because of their coils and latex foam, they get good airflow through the mattress.

avocado green mattress review stomach sleepers
You definitely lay more on top of the Avocado mattress

If we really had to point to one as the cooler-sleeping bed, we’d say Avocado (barely). Because it is the firmer of the two, you’ll end up sleeping more on top of the surface rather than nestling down into it. Generally, the more on top of the bed you are, the cooler you sleep since there’s less material in contact with your body to cause friction and trap heat.

Review Verdict

Both My Green Mattress and Avocado make quality, comfortable, eco-friendly mattresses, and they have quite a bit of crossover. Ultimately, we’d suggest that you go with the Natural Escape from My Green Mattress if you’re working with a tighter budget or if you have a lightweight body type.

Alternately, we’d suggest that you go with the Avocado mattress if you want a pillow top option, you want an entirely vegan bed, or you’re an especially hot sleeper and every extra bit of coolness counts.

Review Team

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Louis Côté

Side Sleeper

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper


Owen Poole

Side Sleeper


McKenzie Dillon

Combo Sleeper

Compared To Other Beds

I know this is a My Green Mattress vs Avocado comparison, but it still might be worth it to bring up other beds that people are interested in.

Zenhave— This is a fully latex mattress that’s flippable and has the organic cotton cover just like My Green Mattress and Avocado. The big difference with Zenhaven is that it does not have coils. Rather, it has a “soft” side and “firm” side. You can learn more about Zenhaven in our full review. We also did an Avocado vs Zenhaven and My Green Mattress vs Zenhaven comparison as well.

Purple — While Purple isn’t a latex bed, a lot of people seem to compare it to latex mattresses since it’s highly responsive and in a lot of ways reacts like latex foam. Compared to My Green Mattress and Avocado, Purple will offer more pressure relief, but will also feel unlike anything you’ve experienced before on a mattress. As such, it might not be what you’re looking for—you sort of need to try it to understand what I’m talking about. In any case, you can learn more in our reviews (original Purple, Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4) as well as in our mega Purple mattress comparison post. We also published an Avocado vs Purple comparison that you might find helpful.

Casper — Now we’re straying a bit. Casper is a foam mattress that does not have coils. It’s therefore best only for petite and medium-size individuals, whereas My Green Mattress and Avocado are pretty much good for everyone. Even more, Casper will have a softer overall feel. It doesn’t feel like memory foam or latex foam—it just has a general soft-foam feel. It would be a good option for side sleepers that want more pressure relief than both Avocado and My Green Mattress provide.

TempurPedic — Now we’re looking at a bed that’s nothing at all like these two. TempurPedic offers true memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers, which feel nothing like My Green Mattress or Avocado. TempurPedic will have a sink-in feeling and the bed will create a look nook for your body to lay in. Generally, memory foam beds will provide better pressure relief, so if you’re solely a side sleeper, that’s something to consider. The comparison with TempurPedic really comes down to feel. Do you like memory foam or latex foam?

Sleep Number — Again, nothing alike, but it’s not unreasonable that you’d want to know the differences, considering both are mattresses. Sleep Number makes adjustable high-end air beds. They really are pretty amazing, though, very expensive. My Green Mattress and Avocado will feel totally different, however. Sleep Number can be soft or firm, but most of the time their beds are not bouncy like My Green Mattress or Avocado. We also wouldn’t consider Sleep Number the best mattress for heavy people nor would we put it on par with My Green Mattress or Avocado for heavy people, in general.

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