Eco-friendly mattresses have become increasingly popular and, as a result, more companies have hopped on the green train. In this post, we’ll compare two eco-marketed, latex foam beds—the Natural Escape mattress-in-a-box from My Green Mattress and the Zenhaven mattress from Saatva.

Zenhaven vs My Green Mattress Quick Synopsis

Before we get into all the details of this post, here’s a short rundown of the major points:

  • Price — The Natural Escape mattress is the more affordable option between the two.
  • Feel and Construction — The Natural Escape bed-in-a-box is made with coils and latex foam, while Zenhaven is all latex foam and is flippable.
  • Eco Appeal — Both beds are great eco-friendly mattresses, but Zenhaven is overall the greener pick.

However, as always, there’s more to the story. Keep reading to learn more about each of these eco-friendly beds.


Zenhaven is made by Saatva, which is a well-established brand in the online bedding industry. On the other hand, MyGreenMattress is starting to garner more attention, and being a green-focused company, they’ve been popping up alongside brands like Avocado, Brentwood Home, and, of course, Zenhaven. It’s no surprise that eco-conscious shoppers, or just anyone looking at latex mattresses, ends up deliberating between these two beds. is a family-run business that has been offering eco-friendly options in the bed-in-a-box industry since 2007. They make a few different mattress models, but we’re talking about the Natural Escape bed for this comparison.

Hybrid Construction

Natural Escape is a hybrid mattress, while Zenhaven is comprised entirely of foam. It’s 11” thick in total, and includes an effective zoned support coil system along with a layer of latex foam. Having coils, along with layers of latex foam and a quilted cushion top cover, makes the Natural Escape mattress the more supportive and thicker mattress of the two.

my green mattress review construction and layers breakdown
Natural Escape mattress construction

Given this, we think the Natural Escape mattress is going to be the better option for heavy people over the long run. Generally speaking, thicker beds that contain coils are better suited to handle the pressure big folks place on a mattress throughout the night.

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All in all, people who weigh around 250 lb or more will appreciate the extra support and durability that the Natural Escape bed provides compared to Zenhaven.

My Green Mattress Is More Affordable

This is a very straightforward point: the Natural Escape bed is more affordable than Zenhaven. The MSRP for a queen size Natural Escape mattress is about $1,300, while the MSRP for a queen size Zenhaven mattress is about $2,400.

Of course, you can always look for discounts and wait for sales. Historically, Saatva hasn’t been keen on offering discounts but that has changed of late. Sometimes you can get $100-$200 off your purchase. My Green Mattress does regularly offer deals/discounts, though, so check the table above for current offers.

Mixed Feel

The Natural Escape mattress has more of a mixed feel due to its hybrid construction, while Zenhaven’s all-foam construction gives it more of a purely latex feel. If you like feeling the support and bounce that coils provide, you’ll appreciate the feel of the Natural Escape bed.

my green mattress back sleeper review
Mixed latex foam feel with a little bounce

To be clear, it doesn’t feel like an old innerspring bed. The layer of latex foam still comes through in the feel and the plush cushion top makes for a very comfy top layer. You won’t get any sink-in feeling with this bed, so it’s not for those who love memory foam, but it does provide ample support and allows for back, stomach, and combo sleepers to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Zenhaven is an all-foam, latex bed from the brand Saatva, which is known for making premium beds in the online mattress industry. They’ve also gained a reputation for making quality, eco-friendly products.

Latex Feel

Where the Natural Escape bed has a mixed feel, Zenhaven has more of a pure latex foam feel because it’s made almost entirely of natural Talalay latex. Latex has a somewhat spongy, airy feel to it. It can be made in various firmness levels and sleeps naturally cooler than other foam materials because it’s aerated with pinholes all over. It’s a soft, but resilient feeling material, and you won’t sink into latex like you would with memory foam. It doesn’t have that contouring behavior like other foams, especially memory foam.

zenhaven mattress review side sleepers
Comfortable latex foam feel

Being just about entirely latex also gives Zenhaven some natural antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant benefits, as well. Overall, it’s a very comfortable mattress if you’re a fan of latex foam.

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Double-Sided Construction

Zenhaven is a flippable mattress with different firmness levels on either side. We like to say it’s almost like you’re getting a two-in-one with this bed. One side is what they call Luxury Plush and the other side is Gentle Firm. When you place your order for a Zenhaven mattress, they ask you which side you’d like to sleep on so their delivery people can set it up that-side-up when your bed arrives.

To make it flippable, the base layer of Zenhaven is the middle layer. This layer is made of 100% Talalay latex foam and is very supportive. Sandwiching the base layer are latex “5-zone” layers, for comfort and firmness. On one side is the Luxury Plush option, on the other side is the Gentle Firm option.

zenhaven mattress review organic cotton cover
Two different sides, each with a different firmness level

Having a flippable bed means you have two tries to get comfortable without switching mattresses, which is a good thing for Zenhaven, especially since they don’t offer free returns. It also means that if you happen to like both sides of the mattress, you can make it last longer by flipping it when one side starts to show wear.

Eco Appeal

While both beds are good, eco-friendly mattress options, Zenhaven is a bit greener than the Natural Escape bed-in-a-box. Zenhaven’s all-foam construction gives it the advantage here. Because it only has three materials: natural latex, New Zealand wool, and organic cotton, the company isn’t faced with having to find a green way to source steel for coils, synthetic foams for transition layers, etc.. By the way, the materials they do use are all sustainable. In fact, as a company, Saatva makes an impressive effort to be eco-conscious in what they use and how they go about manufacturing their mattresses.

zenhaven mattress review construction and layers
Zenhaven mattress construction

Zenhaven has a selection of certifications, including an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and certified organic wool, to show that it’s been vetted by various third parties.

Mattress Comparison Verdict

In the end, the debate between My Green Mattress Natural Escape vs Zenhaven comes down to just a handful of factors, so if you still can’t decide, ask yourself a few questions:

Do you like the feel of a hybrid bed or a pure latex mattress? If it’s the hybrid, go with Natural Escape. If it’s the latex, go with Zenhaven.

Next, what’s your budget? If the answer is any number below $2,000, you’ve got to go with Natural Escape.

What’s your body type? If you’re in the 250+ lb range, the Natural Escape mattress is the better option.

And finally, how concerned are you about the eco-friendliness of your mattress? If it’s your top priority, go with Zenhaven.