Casper and Nectar are two of the most widely recognized bed-in-a-box brands on the market. However, most people don't realize that both mattresses are quite different in terms of feel, firmness, and price. In this post, we'll break down each bed to help you narrow down which mattress is best for your particular sleeping habits.

Both Nectar and Casper are brands that offer the convenience of ordering mattresses online and delivering them to your door. Nectar focuses on making sleep a priority for everyone, even the most budget-conscious shoppers. Nectar is a fast-growing company aiming to please a wide audience by offering a full-year trial and a forever warranty. Meanwhile, Casper mattresses were some of the original ship-to-your home options, and they have a science-based approach to comfort. Casper prides itself on service and response to customer feedback as well as its commitment to sleep.

Both companies have a variety of mattresses to choose from. For this review, we’ll be focusing on the flagship mattresses from both brands — Nectar Original and Casper Original.

The primary differences between these two beds boil down to the following points:

  • Price: Nectar is more affordable than Casper mattresses. As a bonus, the company often throws in two free pillows with each purchase.
  • Feel: The Casper mattress has a soft neutral-foam feel, while the Nectar mattress has a dense memory foam feel.
  • Firmness: The Nectar Original is firmer than the Casper Original.
  • Sleeper Type: Since the Casper mattress is softer, this mattress is best for side sleepers, while the Nectar mattress is more suitable for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Nectar vs. Casper Video Comparison

Nectar is a solid, comfortable mattress if you’re looking for a comfortable memory foam option.

Nectar mattress VS. Casper Original mattress
$399 – $1,598Price Range$895 – $1,495
$100 Off + $399 In Free AccessoriesOffer 10% Off Code: SLUMBER10
  • If you want a memory foam mattress
  • People that need a comfy foam bed
  • Back and stomach sleepers
Best For
  • People that are looking for a comfortable, affordable mattress
  • Warm or hot sleepers looking for cooling properties
  • Side sleepers
365 NightsTrial Period100 Nights
ForeverWarranty10 Years
Free Shipping and ReturnsShipping Options Free Shipping and Returns
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Nectar vs Casper Design & Construction

The Nectar mattress is 12″ thick and consists of three layers of foam. The bed is built on a thick layer of standard foam with two layers of memory foam stacked on top. 

Here’s the construction of the Nectar bed, starting from the bottom up:

  • Standard Foam Base Support: As the name implies, this 7″ layer serves as the bed’s foundation.
  • Soft Support Foam: The proprietary material is a 2″ layer of memory foam that acts as a transition layer from the support foam below.
  • Gel memory foam: A top layer of 3″ gel memory foam.
  • Cooling Cover: The three layers of foam are wrapped in a quilted polyethylene cover. It’s designed with cooling technology that wicks away superficial heat. The best part is, the cover is removable and machine washable! Most bed-in-a-box mattresses don’t have removable covers, so this is a huge advantage.

The Original Casper is an 11″ all-foam bed. The three layers of proprietary foam contribute to the overall soft neutral foam feel of the bed. It’s also available in a hybrid version that includes springs to prevent sinking.

casper original mattress review zoned support

Here’s the construction of the Casper bed, starting from the bottom up:

  • Support foam: This is the base layer that creates the support system for the mattress.
  • Memory foam: Next is what Casper calls its Zoned Support Foam, which was updated in early 2020. Essentially it means there are more supportive pieces in certain targeted areas, like the middle section where a sleeper’s hips and trunk would be
  • Open-cell foam: This top layer is perforated to pull in airflow (Casper calls this AirScape).
  • Recycled polyester cover: The cover of the Casper bed is fitted well so that it won’t bunch up under your sheets. Casper’s cover is removable too, but we don’t suggest putting it through the washing machine. 

Casper vs Nectar Feel & Firmness 

Casper lands smack dab in the middle of the fairway at around a medium. Medium beds offer you the best of both worlds, which is why most people like them. And Nectar is slightly firmer and more dense, around a medium to medium-firm on our firmness scale.

Casper offers the benefits of spine alignment and pressure relief while still offering a soft sleeping experience. Nectar’s lean towards the firmer side means that the mattress provides a good amount of support while not compromising the pressure relief that memory foam is known for. We think it’s a good compromise between the two.

While Nectar feels like memory foam, you don’t get the typical soft memory foam feel when you lay on the bed. It has more of a firm, dense memory foam feel. After a few minutes, you slowly start to sink in, and the top layers conform to your body. 

Unlike the Nectar bed, the Casper mattress has a soft foam feel. Even though the bed has a memory foam layer, you will not get an overt memory foam feel. You aren’t going to feel like you’re sinking into the mattress.

If we were doing a battle of the online mattresses with Nectar vs Purple vs Casper, it will come down to the feel. Nectar is memory foam, Purple is a big Dr. Scholl’s insole and Casper is soft neutral foam.

Nectar vs Casper Sleeper Type Analysis

As you progress through this review, it’s important to understand why your weight and sleeping style matters when mattress shopping.

  • Side Sleepers

    Which mattress is better for side sleepers? The short answer is Casper. The softer feel will allow for better spinal alignment.

  • Combo Sleepers

    With Nectar, you will get that slow-responding sensation memory foam is known for. Combo sleepers might find it requires a little extra effort to switch from their back to their stomach or vice versa. 

    You won’t find this problem in the Casper mattress. Combo sleepers will get the support they need while still being able to change positions easily.

  • Back & Stomach Sleepers

    Overall, we think the Nectar mattress is a slightly better option for people who spend most of the night sleeping on their back or stomach. Generally, stomach and back sleepers prefer beds that fall on the firmer side of the scale, which is the case for Nectar. 

    But Casper is not a bad choice either. It falls right in the middle of the firmness scale and has zoned support for the trunk and hip area, so it would do a good job keeping your spine aligned. As usual, with all-foam mattresses, plus-size back and stomach sleepers won’t get the support they need from this bed.

Casper vs Nectar Body Type Analysis

No two people are the same and thus will have differing opinions on how particular mattresses feel. We consider an average-sized person (150-250 lbs) in our reviews, but things can change for people who fall outside that range.

  • Petite

    Petite sleepers will find both options comfortable –– though they will likely perceive them to be firmer than an average or heavy body type. Overall, we think the Original Casper is a nice option for people who weigh under 225 pounds. It’s one of those beds that most people agree is comfortable.


    People who weigh around 100 lb might not sink in enough to experience the pressure relief the top memory foam layers have to offer and feel that the Nectar mattress is too firm. For more options, you can take a look at our list of best beds for petite sleepers.

  • Average

    Average body types will find that the Casper bed has a nice balance between support and pressure relief. Nectar is probably best for average body types that want a little more support. Average-sized people (like Slumber Yard team members Matt and Jeff) find the mattress supportive and accommodating. That’s not to say smaller people won’t like either bed –– they might just most likely enjoy a softer mattress.

  • Heavy

    Unfortunately, we don’t think Casper or Nectar are good options for heavier individuals. It just isn’t going to have the support they will need. We would recommend hybrid or innerspring mattresses, which contain coils, for that extra support. Nectar doesn’t have any models with coils, but Casper original has a hybrid version, and the company has two other hybrid options, the Casper Nova and the Casper Wave.

Other Factors To Consider

Edge Support 

When you’re shopping for an all-foam bed, edge support is something you have to keep in mind. Edge support is the structure of the bed’s perimeter – aka how secure you feel when you sit or sleep on the edge of the mattress. 

Both Casper and Nectar are all-foam mattresses. Despite that, they are pretty good when it comes to edge support. It’s true that innerspring or hybrid mattresses might rank high in terms of edge support, but when stacked up against each other, both Nectar and Casper perform pretty well in this category.

casper mattress review original edge support

Motion Isolation

As a general rule, memory foam beds perform well when it comes to motion isolation – the Nectar and Casper beds are no exception. This is a really big deal if you have a partner who moves around a lot. Between Nectar or Casper, either pick is going to give you what you need in this area. 

Temperature Regulation

When we rate mattress temperatures, they are categorized as either warm, cool or neutral. Memory foam is known to retain heat and sleep warm. Which bed sleeps cooler – Nectar or Casper? Well, the good news is that both Nectar and Casper are temperature neutral. 

We don’t think you’ll heat up at night, nor will the bed actively cool you down. Instead, the temperature at which you sleep on this bed will probably depend more on external factors (i.e., the room’s temperature, the sheet’s fabric, etc.)

Nectar vs Casper Pricing

We know what you’ve been scrolling for. You want to know which mattress is more affordable. Nectar mattresses are less expensive and offer a more dense memory foam feel. Casper mattresses are more expensive and offer a softer neutral-foam feel. At first sight, Nectar doesn’t seem cheaper because it has a higher base price, but its year-round discounts and coupons bring the cost down significantly.

Here is how the prices stack up:

SizeCasperNectar (Discount)
Twin$595$599 ($499)
Twin XL$695$669 ($569)
Full$995$799 ($699)
Queen$1,095$899 ($799)
King /Cal King$1,295$1,199 ($1,099)

Casper vs Nectar Mattress Options

  • Nectar Premier vs. Casper Mattress

    Nectar Premier is thicker than the original and features a phase change material for a cooling effect. It is also closer to a medium in the firmness scale, making it softer than the original Nectar. This gives it an edge for side sleepers, especially if they prefer a slightly softer feel.

    Nectar Premier is closer to the overall firmness of Casper, albeit with a totally different feel. When you’re debating Nectar Premier vs Casper, you have to ask yourself whether you prefer a memory foam feel or the neutral, soft foam of Casper.

    Nectar Premier is more expensive than Casper and doesn’t have a hybrid option, so those things may help you pick Casper mattress vs Nectar.

  • Casper Element vs Nectar Mattress

    While most people are interested in how the Original Casper compares to Nectar, some want to know about Casper Element vs Nectar.

    Nectar is a memory foam mattress, but Casper Element has the standard soft foam feel. As a result, Nectar will be slower to respond than Casper Element.

    Casper Element is more affordable because it has a simpler construction with only two layers of foam. Nectar, on the other hand, has three layers, which should make it more durable. Casper Element is also softer than Nectar which may be more comfortable for petite side sleepers.

    We think Casper Element offers a good value and will be appreciated by many types of sleepers.

Nectar vs Casper Comparison Verdict

When it comes down to it, the Nectar and Casper mattresses are similar. The original models are both all-foam beds that accommodate all sleeper styles and body types. They both sleep temperature neutral and provide solid edge support and motion isolation. So at the end of the day, we really like both of these beds. 

It’s all going to come down to your preferences and sleeping needs. When trying to decide if Casper or Nectar is better, ask yourself two questions:

  • What’s your budget? If you’re looking to spend under $800 (queen-size), go with Nectar.
  • Do you want a memory foam type feel or more of a neutral, soft foam feel? If you want memory foam, go Nectar. If you want a neutral feel, go Casper.
  • What type of sleeper are you? If you are a side sleeper, Casper is a better option since it is softer. If you are a back, stomach or combo sleeper, the slightly firmer Nectar mattress is best.
  • What is your desired firmness? If your answer is soft, go with Casper. If your answer is firm, Nectar is the one for you.
  • How We Test The Mattresses

    The Slumber Yard has been around since the beginning of the bed-in-a-box craze. Our team has personally tested over 175 mattresses so far, and we keep more than 150 beds in our office so we can compare them (and take afternoon naps).

    When testing mattresses, we evaluate the following factors:

    • Construction: We cut mattresses open to see what’s inside and how it’s made.
    • Feel: We check if it has a stuck-in-the-mud memory foam feel, or if it’s more of a neutral foam or a plush pillow top, etc.
    • Firmness: We have our own firmness scale and evaluate how that may vary depending on your body and sleeper type.
    • Pressure relief: We test what’s the sweet spot for different body and sleeper types.
    • Support and how that changes by body/sleeper type
    • Edge Support: This is important for couples who share a bed. Would you roll out of bed or can you sleep confidently close to the edges?
    • Motion Isolation: We use the water glass test to see how the bed fares with motion transfer. This is another important factor for couples who don’t want to wake up when they move.
    • Temperature Regulation: We use a temperature gun to evaluate if the bed warms up, stays neutral or actively cools while sleeping.
    • Noise: This could be an issue in beds with coils or innerspring.
    • Off-Gassing: Some beds could have a smell for a few weeks after unpacking, and we try to warn you about it.
    • Company policies: We also take into account policies such as shipping, returns, trial period and warranty.
    • Value: We look at a bed’s price in the context of what it offers in terms of features and quality of materials and construction.
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s better, Casper or Nectar?

By the end of our Nectar vs Casper mattress review, we came out liking both beds. You pretty much can’t go wrong. It all depends on what you want from your bed. Nectar is cheaper and has a more dense memory foam feel. While Casper mattresses are more expensive, they have a softer neutral-foam feel.

Which mattress sleeps cooler, the Casper or Nectar?

We found that both beds sleep temperature neutral. So it won’t actively cool you when you sleep, but you also won’t wake up too hot. But, Casper does claim to have cooling properties.

Which mattress is more affordable, Casper or Nectar?

Casper’s base price is lower than Nectar, but the latter runs plenty of sales, making it more affordable.

Which mattress is best for side sleepers, Casper or Nectar?

If we had to choose one, we would have to go with Casper because of its softer feel.

Should I buy my mattress online or in-store?

We like shopping for mattresses online because you can usually get a better deal, and they come with long trial periods, free shipping and returns and generous warranty policies. If you prefer touching or trying the bed in person, you are in luck with Nectar and Casper. While Nectar has almost 2,000 retail partners nationwide, there are 67 Casper Sleep Shops around the U.S.

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