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Nectar vs Nectar Lush Mattress Comparison

Nectar vs Nectar Lush Mattress Comparison

Which bed should you purchase? That's the question we'll answer in this Nectar Lush vs. Nectar Original comparison.

Last Updated: September 2, 2020

The flagship Nectar memory foam mattress is one of the best selling budget beds online. The company recently introduced the Nectar Lush mattress, which has left some consumers wondering which bed they should choose. Nectar’s Lush mattress is a full inch thicker, providing more comfort and luxury. It’s upgraded with cooling properties in its three-inch memory foam top layer. The gel infusion will make your sleep experience will be fresher and more comfortable. The Nectar is a best-seller for good reason — it’s firm, comfortable and comes with a forever warranty. In this review, we cover the primary differences between Nectar Lush vs. Nectar so you can decide.

Nectar Memory Foam Free Gifts w/ Mattress PurchaseNectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows.
Nectar Lush Memory Foam $100 Off Discount In CartNectar Lush is a five-layer foam mattress with a dense/viscous feel and cooling cover. It comes with free shipping and returns during the first year.

Nectar vs Nectar Lush Mattress Comparison Overview

Before we get into the details of Nectar vs. Nectar Lush, let’s quickly cover some of the areas of overlap between these two beds:

Company policies

Both Nectar beds come with free shipping, free returns, a 365-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. These policies are beyond what most bed-in-a-box companies offer.

Memory foam feel

Both the flagship Nectar and Lush beds have what we call a dense memory foam feel. As you lay down, you’ll feel the top memory foam layers on both beds conform to your body’s shape. If you like this feel, which a lot of consumers do, you’re in the right place. If you’re not a fan of memory foam, we’d recommend taking a look at our reviews of the Casper, Leesa or GhostBed mattresses. These beds have more of a neutral-foam feel overall.

Ideal Body Types

Given these two beds are comprised entirely of foam layers, they’re best suited for small- and medium-sized individuals. If you’re a larger person (more than 230 pounds), we’d recommend taking a look at the DreamCloud mattress, which is a hybrid bed from Nectar’s parent company.

Those are the major commonalities between the two mattresses. Now it’s time to dive into why you’d want to purchase the Original Nectar vs. Nectar Lush and vice versa.

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Nectar Vs Nectar Lush Video

We hope you found the video above helpful. As always, we’ve complied even more details below to help you decide between these two mattresses.

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar’s Four-Layer, All-Foam Design

The standard Nectar mattress has four foam layers that total 11″ thick. Here’s a quick summary of each layer from bottom to top.

  • Dense support foam
  • Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam
  • Gel memory foam
  • Quilted memory foam cover
nectar mattress reviews construction memory foam
A peek inside the flagship Nectar mattress

As you will discover later, the Nectar Lush mattress has a slightly different design, albeit some of the materials are similar.

The Standard Nectar Mattress Is Cheaper

This will likely be the deciding factor for a lot of consumers who are considering these two beds. The flagship Nectar bed is considerably more affordable than the Nectar Lush mattress.

Nectar Mattress Pricing:

Twin XL$968
Cal King$1,398

Nectar Lush Mattress Pricing:

Twin XL$1,149
Cal King$1,799

The MSRP for the standard Nectar mattress ranges from around $500 (twin) to $1,000 (king), while the Lush goes for anywhere between $1,100 to $1,800 for the same sizes. Bottom line, if you’re working with a tight budget, the standard Nectar mattress is the way to go.

We should mention that Nectar regularly runs sales and promotions. The prices we listed above are not what you’ll likely pay. In most cases, you can expect to receive at least $100 of your purchase. Plus, the company usually almost always throws in two free pillows with each purchase. You can check the Nectar website for current pricing and promotions.

Difference In Firmness

Although both mattresses have a memory foam feel, they’re slightly different. The main difference boils down to firmness. In short, we think the standard Nectar mattress is a couple notches firmer than the Nectar Lush. Here’s where we think it lands along the firmness scale.

Nectar Mattress Firmness Graphic

If you tend to prefer firm beds over soft ones, you’ll most likely be happier with the standard Nectar mattress.

Firmness is a subjective topic. Larger individuals generally think beds feel softer than small- and medium-size individuals. The reverse is true as well. Petite individuals generally think beds feel firmer than heavy individuals.

Nectar Ideal Sleeper Type Analysis

We think the Nectar mattress will work for all types of sleepers. That includes side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

nectar mattress review back sleepers
Good choice for back and stomach sleepers

However, given its firmness profile, the standard Nectar mattress skews a little more towards back and stomach sleepersthan it does side sleepers. The bed overall provides a good amount of support under your lower back and trunk. Therefore, between the two beds, we’d have to give the edge to the flagship Nectar mattress when it comes to people who spend the majority of the night on their back or stomach.

Nectar Pros And Cons


  • Trial period of 365 nights
  • Forever warranty
  • Four foam layers for minimal motion transfer


  • Denser foam
  • Lacks bounce
  • Not enough edge support for heavier individuals

Nectar Lush Mattress Review

Foam Construction With Some Extras

Like the Nectar mattress, the Lush is made entirely of foam. The bed technically uses one less layer than the standard Nectar mattress, but it is one inch thicker. Here’s a quick rundown of the different layers starting from the bottom.

  • High-Density Base foam
  • Energex foam
  • Memory foam
nectar lush mattress reviews layers
The different layers within the Nectar Lush mattress

Besides the use of Energex foam (a common alternative to memory foam that is more responsive), the Lush also incorporates a couple other differentiating factors. Namely, the bed uses a special material named AquaCool over the center third of the top layer. This material helps regulate the temperature under your trunk, which is normally the area of the mattress that holds the most heat. Additionally, the Lush mattress also has a cooling cover to further help regulate your sleeping temperature.

Nectar Lush Is Softer

As we mentioned earlier in this review of Nectar Lush vs. Nectar, the Nectar Lush is a bit softer than the standard Nectar mattress. We think the bed rates out somewhere near the middle of the firmness scale. It’s going to depend on your body, but we’d say it lands on the softer side of medium.

nectar lush mattress review firmness

The key takeaway here is that if you tend favor soft beds over firm ones, the Nectar Lush is the right choice.

Nectar Lush Is More Ideal For Side Sleepers

In most cases, side sleepers typically like softer beds that provide more pressure relief for their hips and shoulders. With firm mattresses, side sleepers can sometimes find the surface of the bed too harsh and ultimately experience discomfort around their pressure points.

In the case of these two beds, the Nectar Lush is the more ideal choice for side sleepers because it’s more in line with the first statement above. We find the surface of the Nectar Lush to be soft and pressure relieving. If you spend the majority of the night on your side, we’d highly recommend considering spending the extra money for the Lush.

nectar lush mattress review side sleeper
The Lush mattress provides lots of pressure relief for side sleepers

For the record, we think Lush will also work for back and stomach sleepers as well, it’s just not as ideal as the standard Nectar mattress.

Nectar Lush Pros And Cons


  • 12 instead of 11 inches thick
  • Cooler 3” gel layer
  • Trial period of 365 nights


  • Not for shoppers on a budget
  • Foam density may be too soft for some
  • Heavier individuals may sink too much

Other Nectar Products

Nectar Mattress Ratings

  • BBB Rating: Not Rated
  • Amazon Reviews: Customers said that they slept well on these affordable mattresses, but sometimes complained about shipping delays and slow customer support responses.

Nectar Vs Nectar Lush mattress Review Verdict

Hopefully, you have a much better understanding of not only the areas in which these two beds overlap and where they differ.

The Nectar Lush mattress was introduced to provide a higher-end mattress product for customers looking for other options from the manufacturer. The original Nectar mattress has a firmer feel than the Lush mattress. The Lush is 1” thicker than the Nectar 11” mattress, with enhanced cooling from the gel layer. If you’re still unsure of which bed to get, ask yourself the questions below. Your answers will guide you in the right direction.

What is your budget for a new mattress?

If you answered by saying around $1,000, the standard Nectar mattress is the answer. If you answered by saying, “I don’t have one. I just want a restful night of sleep”, move onto the next question.

What is your firmness preference?

Do you like soft or firm beds more? If you answered firm, the flagship mattress is the way to go. If soft was your answer, the Lush is the way to go. 

What is your primary sleeping position?

If you’re a primary side sleeper, we’d recommend the Lush. If you’re a primary back or stomach sleeper, we’d recommend the standard Nectar mattress. If you’re a combo sleeper, both beds will work, and it comes down to what you want to spend.

You can always check out more of our mattress comparisons if you’re still undecided.

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Do Nectar and Nectar Lush mattresses need a box spring?

Neither of the two Nectar mattresses need a box spring. Both the Nectar and Lush models can sit on a slatted bed base without the need for further support.

How long does it take a Nectar or Nectar Lush mattress to expand?

Once you take your mattress out of the box, allow for your mattress to decompress and expand for 24 to 72 hours. You could sleep on it during this time, but the company recommends you wait a couple of days for it to fully expand. Keep a tape measure handy — when your Nectar mattress is 11” thick or your Nectar Lush mattress is 12”, it’s ready to sleep on. If it’s taking longer than you expected, contact customer support for help.

How do I choose between the Nectar Lush vs. Nectar mattress?

There are a couple of main points that differentiate the two mattresses. The first is price point. The Nectar Lush mattress is almost twice the price. The Nectar mattress is 11” thicker and firmer than the 12” Nectar Lush mattress, which is soft to medium in firmness.