Do you prefer luxury or do you enjoy the simpler things in life? One thing’s for sure, you’re looking for a new memory foam mattress, but you aren’t sure which direction to go in. Take a look at our comparison of Nectar and TempurPedic where we discuss price, coupons, feel, firmness, construction, and more.

Nectar mattress VS. TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt mattress
$399 – $1,598Price Range$1,799 – $2,999
$100 Off + $399 In Free AccessoriesOffer $200 Off
  • If you want a memory foam mattress
  • People that need a comfy foam bed
  • All sleep styles
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  • Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel
  • If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design
365 NightsTrial Period90 Nights
ForeverWarranty10 Years
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Nectar vs TempurPedic Comparison

Both Nectar and Tempur-Pedic mattresses offer a distinct memory foam feel. However, despite being in the same mattress category, each company has a unique take on what memory foam should feel like.

Nectar is one of the top-rated manufacturers of bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses and is one of the few that can directly compete against the industry giant Tempur-Pedic. One of the most well-known mattress brands in the world, Tempur-Pedic has created an all-new Adapt series to stay relevant in the new bed-in-a-box era of mattress manufacturing. 

We’re big fans of both brands, so we give our honest opinion about each in this Nectar vs Tempur-Pedic showdown. Here are the main differences we’ll be going over between Nectar and Tempur-Pedic:

  • Price: Nectar is significantly more affordable than Tempur-Pedic.
  • Firmness: Nectar lands between a medium and medium-firm, but you can get a range of firmness levels with Tempur-Pedic.
  • Construction: Nectar is an all-foam mattress while Tempur-Pedic has both an all-foam and a hybrid option.
  • Nectar Vs TempurPedic Mattress Video

Keep reading to earn more details about how these beds differ.

Nectar is a wallet-friendly foam mattress, and happens to be one of the more popular memory foam beds in the online mattress market. It offers a similar feel to TempurPedic without the high price tag.

Why it’s Great
Nectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows. They also have monthly payment options with Affirm.
Best for
If you want a memory foam mattress
People that need a comfy foam bed
All sleep styles
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights


$100 Off + $399 In Free Accessories

Nectar Mattress Construction And Materials

Nectars mattresses have three layers of memory foam and support foam. We cut open our mattress to show you what it looks like inside (don’t try this at home!):

A peek at the construction of Nectar

Starting from the bottom up:

  • Standard Foam Base Support – As the name implies, this 7″ layer serves as the bed’s foundation.
  • Soft Support Foam – The proprietary material is basically a 2″ layer of memory foam that acts as a transition layer from the support foam below.
  • Gel memory foam – A top layer of 3″ gel memory foam.
  • Cooling Cover – This soft cover provides a cooling sensation upon direct contact.

As you can tell, this mattress is packed with comfortable memory foam that your body will be able to gently sink into for maximum pressure relief and relaxation.

Nectar Feel And Firmness

An overview of the Nectar Mattress

If you purchase a bed with three layers of memory foam, you can probably bet the mattress is going to give you a traditional memory foam feel. However, you don’t get that deep viscous feeling right away.

On our scale from soft to firm, we think it lands around a medium-firm on our firmness scale. Once you sink in, it’s incredibly comfortable, and it feels like a dense cloud giving you a hug.

As one of the most well-known brands in the industry, it’s not hard to guess that their mattresses are well-built and very comfortable (if you like a dense memory foam feel). If you’re looking for a premium memory foam bed, this could potentially be the one for you.

TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt
TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt
Why it’s Great
The TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt is an accommodating memory foam mattress that is available in both Medium and Medium Hybrid options.
Best for
Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel
If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Trial Period
90 Nights
10 Years
Made in

$200 OFF

$200 Off

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Construction And Materials

The specific construction of a mattress in the Tempur-Pedic Adapt Series will vary, depending on which model you go with. However, the differences in materials are minor and largely contribute to the firmness and feel of the mattress. We break down what you can expect to find inside below:

tempurpedic mattress review tempur adapt mattress construction
TempurPedic Adapt mattress construction
  • Bottom layer: Poly foam (or coils if choosing a hybrid)
  • Transition layer: TEMPUR-ES or TEMPUR-APR memory foam,
  • Top layer: Soft memory foam

Tempur-Pedic Feel And Firmness

tempurpedic mattress review tempur adapt hybrid back sleepers
Settling down with the TempurPedic Adapt mattress

The memory foam will soften as it retains your body heat. Depending on what model you choose, you can get a Soft, Medium/Medium Hybrid, or a Firm mattress. We rank the soft model a medium, the medium model a medium-firm and the firm model is firm. The graphic below shows the firmness ratings for the TEMPUR ProAdapt mattress.

Nectar vs Tempur-Pedic Price Summary

We know price is often a huge factor in someone’s decision — especially when you’re talking about a $1,000 difference, at minimum. A queen-size Nectar mattress retails for around $1,300 without a discount. Usually the company runs a discount and will throw in two free pillows with each Nectar mattress.

If you want to purchase a queen-size Tempur-Pedic mattress, it goes for about $2,200 (starting price) and they don’t run specials as frequently as Nectar. That said, you can check to see if they have a deal today.

SizeNectar (Discount)Tempur-Pedic Adapt Series
Twin$599 ($499)$1,699
Twin XL$669 ($569)$1,699
Full$799 ($699)$2,049
Queen$899 ($799)$2,199
King$1,199 ($1,098)$2,899
California King$1,199 ($1,098)$2,899

So, if you’re on a budget or can’t justify spending over $1,500 on a mattress, Nectar would be a good choice for you. If money isn’t a concern and you want to invest in a top-notch premium mattress, go ahead and spring for Tempur-Pedic.

Sleeper Type Analysis

Sleeping positions typically require certain firmness levels to be appropriately accommodated. Here is our breakdown of the type of sleepers TempurPedic vs Nectar suit.

  • Side Sleepers
    Good For

    Even though the Nectar mattress falls between a medium and medium-firm, we still think it’s soft enough to provide the pressure relief side sleepers need to stay comfortable through the night.

    Because of the broad variety of mattress models that Tempur-Pedic has to offer, on the other hand, there’s a suitable sleep solution for any sleeper type. Side sleepers can all find a comfortable mattress in the Tempur-Pedic Adapt series, just opt for a softer model.

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers
    Good For

    Nectar’s firmness level makes it so that it’s a good option for back, stomach, and combination sleepers as well. In short, we think it’s a great option for all sleeper types. TempurPedic also offers options for back and stomach sleepers. Though, keep in mind, most back and stomach sleepers benefit most from a mattress with a firmer profile.

Body Type Analysis

  • Heavy Individuals

    Again, the sheer variety Tempur-Pedic offers in its models makes these mattresses suitable for all sleepers — regardless of size. Even if you weigh in at more than 250lbs, you can opt for a firmer, hybrid model complete with innersprings for extra support. Likewise, petite individuals will find a match made in memory foam heaven with virtually all the models Tempur-Pedic has to offer in the Adapt series.

  • Petite to Medium Individuals

    As is the case with many memory foam mattresses, heavier folks (> 250lbs) probably won’t be as comfortable as their leaner counterparts. That’s because the bed lacks innersprings to support those who weigh more. For this reason, we think the Nectar mattress is a great option for those weighing in at under 230lbs.

Which Is Best For Couples?

If you’re sharing a bed with a significant other, we think you’ll appreciate the split king and split California king options you get with a TempurPedic.

With a split mattress, you can make your side of the bed as firm as you need and your partner can make theirs as soft as they want. This makes it accommodating for all couples, even ones who have a different sleeping position than their significant other.

In addition, hybrid beds usually offer better edge support than all-foam beds, which is important for couples who share a queen bed, or for those with a partner who (not purposefully) kicks you to the edge.

Tempur-Pedic vs Nectar Verdict

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself to help narrow down your options if you’re still not sure:

  • Do you want to choose between a soft or firm mattress? TempurPedic has soft, medium and firm mattresses, and couples can get a split mattress to get two firmness levels.
  • Are you on a smaller budget? Nectar is on e of the more budget-friendly beds on the market, while TempurPedic Mattress is considered to be a luxury bed.
  • Do you want a more supportive mattress with coils in it? TempurPedic offers a hybrid model in the Adapt Series.

We hope we are able to help your mattress buying decision a little bit easier. Either way, you’ll end up with a memory foam mattress with a dense feel. What it mainly comes down to is price, and your body type.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try out a Tempur-Pedic or Nectar mattress in-person?

Unlike many other bed-in-a-box companies, both Nectar and Tempur-Pedic offer products in retail locations throughout the United States. Use either the Nectar or Tempur-Pedic store locator function on their website to find a retailer near you.

What are the return policies for Nectar and Tempur-Pedic?

Tempur-Pedic encourages customers to sleep on their new mattress for at least 30 nights before making a decision to return. After the 30-day period, if you still aren’t satisfied with your purchase, Tempur-Pedic will take the mattress back and refund your money, less shipping fees.Nectar does not require customers to sleep on their beds for 30 nights before making a decision to return. You may return your mattress for a full refund at any time through Nectar’s customer service department.

Is there a risk-free trial period with Nectar and Tempur-Pedic?

Nectar offers a year-long trial period, allowing customers to return their mattress without question any time during the first 365 nights they have it. By comparison, Tempur-Pedic only offers customers a 90-night trial period.