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nest bedding alexander vs loom and leaf mattress review bed in a box comparison

Nest Alexander vs Loom and Leaf

In the Loom and Leaf vs Nest Alexander debate, which mattress wins, and why?

Nest Bedding Alexander and Loom & Leaf are widely regarded as premium memory foam mattresses from reputable brands. In this comparison review, we will cover the major relative advantages/disadvantages of each of them.
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Soft Foam Feel

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Nest Alexander Signature Series could be the nicest foam mattress that ships in a box.
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Memory Foam Feel

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Luxury memory foam mattress with an organic cotton cover and cooling gel strip.

Nest Alexander vs Loom and Leaf: Overview

Instead of sticking the conclusion at the end, we thought it might be nice to run through the major points upfront and leave the details below. In that vein, here are the big differences for these two beds.

  • Price — The Nest Alexander mattress is typically the more affordable mattress after discounts.
  • Cooling — Both beds have cooling technologies built-in, but we have to give the edge to Loom & Leaf in terms of temperature regulation.
  • Feel — While both of these are luxury memory foam mattresses, they feel different. More on this below.
  • Free Returns — Nest Bedding allows 100% free returns, while Saatva (the company behind Loom & Leaf) charges $99.

That’s the quick overview. However, as you will find out below, there is a lot more information you’ll want to consider. Keep reading to learn more about Loom & Leaf and the Nest Alexander Signature mattresses.

Nest Alexander Signature Series


  • Anyone that wants to choose the firmness level of their mattress (it's flippable!)
  • If you want a bed with a general soft foam feel that's really comfortable
  • People that are looking for a luxury mattress at a fair price
  • Those who want the security of a lifetime warranty and comfort guarantee

UPDATE: In early 2019 Nest Bedding updated their Signature Series mattress so that it’s now flippable (i.e. “Medium” on top and “Firm” on bottom) and has an organic cotton cover.

nest bedding alexander mattress review flippable organic cotton cover
A look at the new organic cotton cover on the Nest Alexander Signature mattress

This the flagship mattress from Nest Bedding, but they do have a budget/cheap mattress called Love & Sleep, a few latex beds, and a few others. What’s notable about this mattress is that it’s in the luxury category, but the price point is way lower than you’d think.

Nest Alexander Can Be More Affordable

Based on MSRP, both of these mattresses are priced about the same. You’re looking at around $1,600 for a queen size. With that said, Nest tends to be more aggressive with promo codes and sales. In most cases, you can expect to receive $200-$300 off the bed.

Loom & Leaf doesn’t run sales as frequently, but you will occasionally see the bed discounted by about $100. Be sure to locate the green discount boxes on your screen for current pricing and promotions for both brands.

Feel of the Mattress

You can (somewhat) tell that this is a memory foam mattress, but overall it’s more of a fluffy, airy, soft-foam feel. We think individuals that don’t like memory foam might actually like this bed. It’s very comfortable.

Firmness Levels

This mattress is available in two different firmness levels, on the same mattress. You have “Medium,” which is the most popular and “Firm,” which is best for back/stomach sleepers. The “Medium” side is fine for all types of sleepers. It offers nice pressure relief, but it’s still very supportive.

nest bedding alexander mattress review flippable side sleeper
Nest Bedding has an option for all types of sleepers.

Remember that all beds soften over time, so if Nest Alexander (or Loom & Leaf) is a little too firm for you at the outset, over the first few months it will soften a decent amount, so just be expecting that.

Nest Alexander Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf

For those of you who don’t know, Nest Bedding also offers a Signature Hybrid mattress. Here’s a quick video that explains how it compares to Loom & Leaf.

We hope you found the video above helpful. In the sections below, we’ll go into more detail about Loom & Leaf in particular.

Loom & Leaf


  • People that want a choice between two different firmness levels
  • Hot sleepers that want a bed with an active-cooling element
  • Those who like a deep, true memory foam feel
  • People that want a bed with great motion isolation

Loom & Leaf is the luxury memory foam bed from Saatva, which is one of the most highly regarded and popular mattress brands online—they also have a latex bed that’s called Zenhaven.

Cooling Strip

Anyone that tends to warm up at night, but still wants a memory foam bed, should probably first consider Loom & Leaf. Nest Alexander does use a phase-change material in its cover, but in our opinion Loom & Leaf gets the win for hot sleepers. There’s more info about the cooling strip on L&L’s website.

It actually has a cooling gel pad in the center third of the mattress. The gel material is, interestingly enough, very similar to what burn units at hospitals use. It doesn’t necessarily make the bed cool to the touch the way Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is, but it does a nice job of cooling you down.

loom and leaf mattress review
The cooling gel pad is in the center third of the mattress.

Keep in mind that the firmer the mattress, the cooler it will sleep, as well. In other words, temperature regulation isn’t as simple as the materials that make up the bed—there are other factors in the mix.

Organic Cotton Cover

UPDATE: Nest Alexander Signature now has an organic cotton cover as well—it’s quilted and is very nice.

This isn’t a huge point since we really like the cover on Nest Alexander, as well, but the organic cotton cover on Loom & Leaf is hard to beat. Not only is it super soft and looks great, but also it smells nice. There’s no chemical odor; it just smells earthy.

loom & leaf mattress review organic cotton cover
One of the nicest covers you’ll see on any mattress

Feel Of The Mattress

While Nest Alexander has more of an airy/fluffy soft-foam, Loom & Leaf has a dense, deep memory foam feel. It will give you some of that “stuck” sensation (not much), but that also means it offers nice pressure relief. Really what this comes down to is whether you want a lighter or denser feel to your mattress.

loom and leaf mattress review side sleepers
More of a true, dense memory foam feel

Firmness Options

Like Nest, Loom & Leaf is available in two firmness options. The most popular is “Relaxed Firm,” which will be fine for all sleeping positions. And then there’s a “Firm” option, which is best for back and stomach sleepers.

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