If you're in the market for a new mattress, and price is a concern, chances are you've come across Nolah and Tuft and Needle. In this mattress review we touch on the standout features for Nolah and Tuft and Needle in order to figure out which is best for your particular situation.

This comparison centers around the major reasons why Nolah would be preferable over Tuft and Needle, and the other way around as well. Below is a short video that covers this topic.

We hope you found the video above helpful, but before we really sink our teeth in, we have to at least cover some of the similarities for Nolah and Tuft and Needle.

Buying Online — Both companies sell their beds online and offer free shipping, a completely risk-free trial period, and free returns. That’s right. Try a bed and if you don’t like it after, say 39 nights, you can get all of your money back. It’s basically as simple as that.

Foam Mattress — While Tuft & Needle Hybrid exists, the company’s flagship mattress—like that of Nolah—is made entirely of foam and is around 10” thick. As a result, it is only recommended that you get these beds if you’re under about 230 lbs. If you weigh over that threshold, you’ll want to research a mattress for overweight and large people, specifically.

Warranties — Nolah offers a 15-year warranty, while Tuft & Needle offers the industry standard warranty of 10 years. In either case, that should be plenty of time considering the average person should be looking for a new bed between years seven and ten anyways.

Pricing — There is a sizable price difference between these two beds, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re both offered for under $1,000 for the queen size. We will discuss the prices in more detail below.

Beyond those few things, Nolah and Tuft & Needle are quite different in small and big ways. For instance, they are different firmness levels, meaning they will appeal to different types of sleepers. That’s just one thing, though. Now let’s discuss the main (relative) selling points for each bed.

Why You Should Buy Nolah — In this section, we will discuss the standout features for Nolah. Everything centers around the feel and firmness of this bed, so let’s start there.

Nolah Original 10 Mattress Review Profile Overview
The Original 10″ all-foam mattress

Great For Side Sleepers — The easiest way to describe Nolah is that it’s a soft foam mattress. It’s intended for side sleepers, and it does a fantastic job of offering pressure relief. If you’re in search of a comfortable, softer bed that sells for under $1,200, you should seriously consider Nolah. Here’s a look at where we consider it to be on the soft-to-firm scale:

As you can see, Nolah is a good deal softer than the “average” firmness. This suggest two things. Firstly, it’s going to offer plenty of pressure relief, which it does. Secondly, it won’t be great for other sleeping positions. This is only partially true.

For petite individuals, all sleeping positions are on the table, but for anyone that’s over about 150 lbs, side sleeping is recommended. If you plan to rotate between positions, that’s fine, but you’re “favorite” sleeping position should be your side if you’re going to purchase Nolah.

Mixed Foam Feel — Technically speaking, the bed’s main comfort layer is “Nolah AirFoam” and that’s actually a fairly apt name. The bed does not feel like a standard foam mattress (the way that T&N does), nor does it feel like a memory foam mattress such as the Layla mattress.

Rather, it feels like a blend of the two. It gives you great pressure relief—the kind that you’d expect from memory foam—but it lacks the slow response times such that you don’t get a “stuck” feeling when you want to switch sleeping positions.

Light, airy mixed foam feel that is quite comfortable

Another way to think of Nolah AirFoam is the lightest and airiest memory foam on the planet. It’s almost as if memory foam made a baby with a pillow. It makes for a highly comfortable mattress.

Commitment To The Planet — Though this section has nothing to do with the feel or firmness of the bed, it’s pretty neat that Nolah is so committed to helping the environment and endangered species. The short story is that they donate a portion of their profits to charities, including the Defenders Of Wildlife, which helps to protect endangered specifies.

All Beds Offered By Nolah — At the moment, Nolah has just two beds:

  • Nolah Original 10 — Their flagship 10” foam mattress. It is the focus of this review.
  • Nolah Signature 12 — The upgraded model that’s 12” thick and is flippable with two different firmness options. In general, this bed is a little firmer than the Original.

Why T&N Is Better — As much as we like the Nolah mattress, there are plenty of compelling reasons to purchase Tuft & Needle instead, starting with the price point.

tuft and needle mattress review
The Tuft & Needle mattress is known for its low price point

Pricing — Focusing just on the queen size mattresses, we’d consider both beds to be highly affordable, though, T&N is inarguably the more affordable of the two.

Tuft and Needle sells for around $700, while Nolah is around $1,000. That doesn’t factor in coupons, however, which will reduce the price of Nolah to around $900. Tuft & Needle doesn’t like to offer pure discounts on their flagship mattress, so the price is what it is, for the most part.

You can check pricing and deals for Nolah and Tuft & Needle with these links.

Classic Foam Feel — If you can envision the most generic soft foam, that’s basically what you get with Tuft and Needle. And we don’t mean that in a negative way either. This is the type of bed that nearly no one complains about because it’s just so neutral and accommodating.

tuft and needle review back sleeper
Standard soft foam feel with Tuft & Needle

What more can we say? This is just a nice and comfy foam bed with a plain Jane feel. There’s no way that more than 10% of people end up returning Tuft & Needle if they know anything about it.

Firmness Level — It you didn’t know this already, firmness has a subjective element to it. The more someone weighs, the softer a given bed will feel.

With this in mind, we consider Tuft and Needle to have a “medium” firmness level, give or take.

tuft and needle mattress review firmness graphic

As you can see, we depict firmness on a spectrum to account for different body types. As the bed sits, however, T&N is suitable for all sleep styles, but not overly great for any one of them. Such is the reality of being a jack of all trades.

If you’re a side sleeper, we think you’ll be plenty happy with Tuft and Needle—same goes for the other sleep styles, too. But if you want a bed that’s truly firm or soft, the Original Tuft & Needle is not for you.

All T&N Beds — The Original bed is their most popular model, but T&N sells other beds as well:

  • T&N Original — The 10” foam bed that we are discussing in this review. It’s one of the top five most sought-after beds online.
  • T&N Mint — A thicker, soft foam mattress that’s perfect for side sleepers and those that need maximum compression.
  • T&N Nod — This is an 8” thick, Amazon-exclusive bed that’s intended for guest rooms, kids, and those that are on an especially tight budget. It’s even cheaper than the Original T&N mattress.
  • T&N Hybrid — The most expensive, luxurious bed sold by Tuft & Needle. It has two layers of coils for support, and a quilted, soft cover.

Conclusion: Nolah vs Tuft and Needle

Hopefully you’ve had time to at least skim through this post, but on the off-chance that you skipped straight to the end, let’s cover a few key considerations:

  • What firmness level do you prefer? If you want a softer bed, get Nolah. If you want something in the medium range, get T&N.
  • What’s your preferred price point? If you said to yourself “$700 for a queen,” then you should get T&N. If you can afford a bed that’s closer to $1,000, Nolah is back in the running.
  • Feel preferences. Do you want a bed that feels like it’s a mix between memory foam and soft foam (Nolah), or one that just has a classic soft foam feel (Tuft & Needle)?

As simple as all of that sounds, this comparison really does come down to price, feel, and firmness. Hopefully you enjoyed this guide. Still have questions? Feel free to email us, or visit our Mattress Reviews or Mattress Comparisons pages.

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