Both Novosbed and Casper are great mattresses, but the question is which bed will fit your preferences the best? There’s many factors you should consider before you make a final decision on a new mattress so keep reading to get information about price, feel, firmness, coupons, and more.

Novosbed mattress VS. Casper Original mattress
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  • People that love memory foam
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  • People that are looking for a comfortable, affordable mattress
  • Anyone that’s interested in a bed-in-a-box mattress
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Both Novosbed and Casper are great mattresses, but the question is which bed will fit your preferences the best? There’s many factors you should consider before you make a final decision on a new mattress so keep reading to get information about price, feel, firmness, coupons, and more.

Novosbed vs. Casper Mattress Overview

Novosbed is a bedding brand based in Canada, and they’ve been strong competitors in the sleep industry since 2009. Novosbed stands out from others because they have offers and additional features that we honestly don’t see very often. We think Novosbed is a great choice for folks who want a few extra options to choose from.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Casper before, but if you haven’t, they’re one of the biggest and most popular bed-in-a-box companies on the planet. We think a Casper mattress is universally comfortable, meaning most people won’t have any negative feelings about it when they lay down on one. We think it’s a great option for those who are looking for something comfortable but without all the extra bells and whistles.

Before we get into the post, here’s an overview of the main points we’ll be comparing:

  • Feel — Memory foam feel vs. soft foam feel.
  • Firmness — Novosbed has several different firmness levels to choose from, while Casper only has one.
  • Construction — Casper is constructed with a Zoned Support Framework.
  • Cover — Novosbed comes with a removable and machine washable cover

Now let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this comparison.

Why it’s Great
Novosbed is an online memory foam mattress that comes in a Soft, Medium, and Firm. It also has a washable cover.
Best for
People that love memory foam
If you want to choose the firmness level of your mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
120 Nights
15 Years
Made in


Check Current Offers
Casper Original
Casper Original
Why it’s Great
Casper Original is the mattress that started it all. If you just want a comfortable foam mattress, it’s hard to do better than Casper.
Best for
People that are looking for a comfortable, affordable mattress
Anyone that’s interested in a bed-in-a-box mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
10 Years
Made in

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Design & Construction

Let’s start by comparing the design and construction of the Novosbed mattress vs. Casper mattress. 

The Novosbed is a total of 11” thick and is composed of three different foam layers. Since you have the option to choose between firmness levels, the exact construction of each bed may vary slightly. But overall, they’re all pretty similar.

The first layer is between 6”-7” thick, and it’s a dense slab of polyurethane (neutral) foam to act as the foundation of your Novosbed. Next comes 2-3” of transition memory foam to serve as a barrier between the base and the foam above it.

The final comfort layer is made from aerated memory foam, which is meant to promote better airflow than traditional memory foam mattresses. Unless you opt for the Comfort + Kit, then the one you chose would be your top layer.

novosbed mattress review construction and layers
Novosbed’s three layer construction

You can choose to receive a free Comfort + Kit 30 days into your free trial, which is a mattress topper that makes your bed feel softer or firmer. If you choose to get one, it adds an extra 2” to your bed’s total thickness, and it comes included with a cover extender, so it’s easier for you to slide the topper inside your mattress.

Now, similar to Novosbed, the Casper is strictly constructed with foam materials. Casper is also 11″ thick and has three layers of foam.

Starting from the bottom of the mattress, Casper has a dense layer of support foam. It provides the bulk of the mattress, and it’s meant to act as your bed’s foundation. Next comes a transition layer, but it’s constructed a little differently than others.

Casper uses a zoned support framework in their transition layer to implement more targeted support. What we mean by that is, the middle third of the transition layer is firm to give you support where you really need it, while the first and third sections are less firm.

The second layer of a Casper mattress is made out of memory foam, and the last layer at the top that you’ll feel the most is a slab of open-cell foam.

The final comfort layer is made from aerated memory foam, which is meant to promote better airflow than traditional memory foam mattresses. Unless you opt for the Comfort + Kit, then the one you chose would be your top layer.

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If you choose to get one, it adds an extra 2” to your bed’s total thickness, and it comes included with a cover extender, so it’s easier for you to slide the topper inside your mattress.

Covers & Cleaning

We’ve all been there where you spill a drink or some type of saucy food on your mattress. Then you race to try and spot clean it before it stains. Cleaning your Novosbed mattress cover and keeping it clean is pretty painless because it comes with a machine washable cover.

novosbed mattress review cover
A close up of Novosbed’s removable and machine washable cover

When it comes to Casper’s cover, on the other hand, it’s definitely soft and cozy, but it’s not machine washable like the one on Novosbed. They mention on their site it’s easy to take off and clean, but they probably mean spot clean. If you were able to throw it in the wash, they would probably advertise it that way. So if you accidentally spill on your Casper mattress, just spot clean it with warm water and a mild detergent.

Some mattress brands claim to have a removable cover on their bed, but be careful. That doesn’t necessarily mean the cover is machine washable. So this is one edge we’d say Novosbed has over Casper and many other brands in the bed-in-a-box industry.

We can only think of a few other companies at the top of our head that come with a machine washable cover, including Helix and Yogabed.

Feel & Firmness

When it comes to choosing Novosbed or Casper, feel, and firmness are very important. Since there are two layers of memory foam stacked on top of each other, the overall feel of a Novosbed mattress is prominent memory foam. Memory foam gets its name because the mattress molds to your body and remembers your shape. When you lay down, it contours to the curves of your body, and you become nestled in a little memory foam cocoon. But, just because a mattress is an all-foam bed doesn’t guarantee that it’s going to feel foamy in a stereotypical way. But this one does have a dense, memory foam feel to it.

Also, keep in mind that memory foam tends to get firmer when it’s cold and softer when it’s warmer out. This can be off-putting for some people because the mattress can change firmness levels throughout the year. In fact, if you live in Maine versus California, the bed might feel slightly different—just a weird quirk of memory foam.

The Novosbed comes in three firmness options. When you order your bed, you can choose between soft, medium and firm:

  • Soft — between medium-soft and medium
  • Medium — between medium and medium-firm
  • Firm — medium firm

Keep note that we rate the softness or firmness of a mattress based on the perspective of a medium-sized individual. The more you weigh, however, the firmer a mattress is going to feel. We don’t usually recommend all-foam beds to folks over 250+ lbs because hybrid mattresses (beds with foam and coils) are more supportive, so if you identify with this body type, check out our post on the best mattresses for heavy people.

As for the Novosbed, the medium version is the most popular, and we’d say that’s for good reason because it really is a medium in terms of softness/firmness.

Now, let’s talk about the Casper mattress. You may think a Casper mattress feels like memory foam due to the underlying memory foam slab, but it actually feels more like soft neutral-foam instead. We think the top open-cell foam layer balances out the viscous memory foam underneath.

People can get real divisive when it comes to a memory foam or innerspring feel. One of Casper’s best features is its tame, almost mundane neutral-foam feel. We say this in the best way possible, and it’s probably a large reason why Casper is so popular. It’s likely that some people won’t like the “sinking” feeling memory foam gives you or the bounce of an innerspring mattress. Still, most people probably won’t disapprove of a generally soft and comfortable bed.

On our scale from soft to firm, we rated Casper a medium. This rating accommodates the widest range of sleepers because it has a nice balance between being pressure relieving but supportive.

Combo sleepers will also have an easier time switching positions on this mattress than Novosbed because it’s much more responsive to pressure. More on that later.

Other Factors to Consider

When comparing the Novosbed to the Casper mattress — or comparing any beds for that matter — it’s important to consider some other factors. These include things like edge support, temperature, body type, and what type of sleeper you are. Even if two mattresses are very similar, they may still feel different to YOU. 

Edge Support 

Edge support is the amount of resistance that a mattress has around its edges. Think of it as what keeps you from falling off the bed!

To start, it’s typical for all-foam beds to have an average level of edge support, and the Novosbed would be about that average. However, this does depend on the firmness type that you choose. In general, if the mattress is firmer, you’ll likely have more edge support than if the mattress was softer. This is true for the Novosbed as well, so you’ll have to decide how important edge support is when it comes to choosing how firm you want your mattress to be. 

Read more about edge support here.

Another feature that edge support can provide is support for couples sharing a bed. With more edge support, you can easily roll over to your other side without having to worry about your partner accidentally nudging you off the bed! 

When it comes to edge support in terms of couples, we feel that Casper rates better than the Novosbed in this category. Because the mattress has decent edge support, you’re not going to have that “roll-off” feeling that you might experience with a soft mattress, for instance, if you went with the softer version of the Novosbed. Of course, you don’t have to have a partner to take advantage of Casper’s edge support; if you move around at night a lot and/or you like to stretch out, then you would enjoy it, too.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to the amount that motion transfer can be reduced from one side of the bed to the other. This is another category you’ll want to consider if you’re purchasing this bed as a couple. If one member of the couple moves around in their sleep, and the other is a light sleeper, this can make sleeping more uncomfortable than it should be. 

We think the motion transfer control with Novosbed is rather decent, partly due to its all-foam construction. There’s a much lower chance that anyone will be jostled awake with the Novosbed because of their partner.

That being said, the Casper bed also performs quite well when it comes to motion isolation and would also be a good choice for couples. In fact, most all-foam beds have this characteristic.


Mattresses can give off certain temperatures, with some giving you a cooler sleep and others giving you a warmer sleep. It’s all up to what your preferences are and how hot or cold you generally feel when you sleep.

The Novosbed isn’t too hot or too cold and is considered to be temperature neutral but may feel cooler than other memory foam beds of the same caliber. Therefore, if you like the Novosbed and you’re looking for something even cooler, then the firmer mattress should provide you with that. Softer mattresses can surround you with more heat as your body sinks into it.

In our opinion, the Casper bed is also temperature neutral. Memory foam beds typically have the technology to help increase airflow, giving you a comfortable temperature when you sleep. 

Body Type Analysis

While it’s important to consider the mattress’ features on its own, you also have to consider whether or not the mattress is a good fit for you and your body type. Different body types, as well as people with different weights, will typically experience mattresses differently. 

  • Petite

    If your body type would be described as “petite,” then the Novosbed mattress would be a good choice for you, but you should select the medium-firmness/softness. This will allow you a good night’s sleep without feeling like you’re being taken over by a giant bed. If you go too firm, it may feel a bit overwhelming, though some people may prefer that.

    Casper, while not necessarily meant for petite people, would work well for those who weigh under 225 pounds.

  • Normal

    What about “average” body types? While it’s hard to say what “average” is, you’ll know whether you feel this category of body type describes you when it comes to choosing a mattress. Both the Casper and Novosbed would be comfortable for average sleepers.

  • Heavy

    Heavier sleepers should feel just as comfortable on their mattress as anyone else, and we believe that the Novosbed would be a good choice but not necessarily the best choice. However, choosing from the firmer option will allow you to experience solid support around the hips and the trunk of your body. And, if you need more support, you can always add a firm mattress topper — one of the reasons that we think you might be better off with a different bed.

    The Casper Hybrid mattress, on the other hand, is a good choice for people over 225 lbs. Because the Casper Hybrid uses coils, it’s more supportive for heavier people who want to ensure they’ll catch some Zs. In this case, it’s not so much support in the mattress itself as long as it’s comfortable — it’s also the other parts of the bed.

Sleeper Type Analysis

Body type is one thing, but what about sleep type? Everyone has their own way of sleeping that’s comfortable, and this can change throughout your life, too. The three most common sleeper types are side sleepers, combo sleepers, and back and stomach sleepers. Let’s see how the Novosbed and Casper mattresses measure up!

  • Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers will find the Casper mattress to be rather comfortable unless you fall more on the petite side because then you might find it to be too firm when you’re on your side.

    The Novosbed is also good for side sleepers, petite or not. But, the softer version will have you feeling more supported and not as rigid when you sleep on your side. If you tend to go back and forth with how you sleep, you can utilize a softer mattress topper for the nights when you feel that you’re resorting to sleeping on your side more than others.

  • Combo Sleepers

    For combo sleepers — which are people who sleep every which way possible — the Novosbed compared to Casper is not ideal. If you sleep on your side or your back and/or stomach, it’s easier to choose a mattress that goes well with your specific sleep type. Because the Novosbed, for example, is not as quick to respond to pressure and pressure relief (which is the case for many memory foam mattresses), a combo sleeper would likely be uncomfortable.

    The Casper bed is a better choice for combo sleepers than the Novosbed because it does much better with pressure response/relief.

    But, in general, a medium firmness mattress of any type is ideal for combo sleepers.

  • Back & Stomach Sleepers

    When someone sleeps on their back or stomach, they need very good support. Otherwise, they’ll wake up sore in their back or their front, which can lead to bad posture and just make it hard to get through the day and feel well-rested. The spine needs to be aligned during sleep, and generally, firmer mattresses do better at this than softer ones.

    Even though the Casper mattress isn’t the firmest bed on the market, its unique design makes it more supportive than you might think a bed like this would be.

    The Novosbed is more geared towards back and stomach sleepers than other sleeper types. And, unlike the Casper bed, you can choose from the firmness level that feels right for you (remember that a firmer mattress is helpful for these sleeper types).

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Comparing Casper And Novosbed Prices

We haven’t stressed cost throughout this comparison because Casper and Novosbed have very similar price tags. They’re not budget-tier mattresses, but they aren’t luxury-tier either. Queen sizes from both brands retail for right around $1,000. Once you take discounts into consideration, though, Casper often becomes the cheaper option.

You can always head over to or to check out their most recent prices and discounts.

What’s Our Verdict?

As you can see, each mattress has features that set them apart from other companies, so it’s difficult to say which mattress is better than the other. Instead, you should ask yourself key questions to find out which mattress is best for you and your specific preferences.

  • Do you love memory foam? Novosbed has a distinct memory foam feel.
  • Do you like purchasing from large and well-established companies? Casper is one of the most well-known bed-in-a-box brands in the world.
  • Do you want the option to choose between different firmness levels? You should probably consider Novosbed.
  • Do you move positions a lot while you sleep? Casper is easier to move around on.
  • Do you want a mattress with a machine washable cover? Novosbed is one of the few brands who offer this feature.
  • Would you like more support in your trunk area while you sleep? Casper might be the right choice for you.

A Look At Novosbed And Casper’s Company Policies

Purchasing a mattress online and having it shipped to your front door is somewhat of a new concept compared to the traditional way of picking it up from a store, and some people are still a little skeptical about it. That’s completely understandable, but there are a ton of perks to getting a mattress online, besides the fact that it’s super convenient.

With almost every bed-in-a-box purchase, you’ll get free shipping, free returns, warranty coverage, and a risk-free trial period.

Novosbed will give you a little longer than average warranty coverage and trial period, which is 15 years of coverage with a 120-night trial period. Casper, on the other hand, helped set the standard of a 10-year warranty policy and 100-night trial period. If you realize you don’t like your new mattress by the time your trial is over, you can give customer service a call and start the easy return process.

When you unbox the mattress, you should give it about 24-72 hours to fully inflate since it’s been compressed inside a 4ft cardboard box for several days.

We want to go over a few of Novosbed’s regulations because they’re a little out of the ordinary. The first 60 days of your free trial is considered a break-in period, but you’ll be able to order a free Comfort + Kit 30 days in.

It’s a mattress topper that gives you the opportunity to make your bed firmer or softer if you aren’t loving the feel of the Novosbed you chose. After 60 nights, when your break-in period is over, you’ll be able to return your mattress and get your money back.