In the world of online memory foam mattresses, Nest Alexander and Novosbed are two of the top dogs. In this review, we explore how they compare and in which areas each bed excels.

Nest Alexander vs Novosbed Synopsis

There are dozens and dozens of mattresses you can buy online, but Nest Alexander and Novosbed are different in a lot of respects, at least as compared to a lot of memory foam mattresses. But why would you get one over the over? Well, here are the major reasons.

UPDATE: In early 2019 Nest made some changes to the Alexander mattress, all of which we view as being positive for consumers. For instance, the mattress is now flippable with a “Medium” side and a “Firm” side. It also has an organic cotton cover on both sides.

  • Feel — Yes, these are both foam mattresses, but they both have a distinct feel and there’s a good chance that you’ll like one and not the other.
  • Price — Novosbed is more affordable than the Nest Alexander.
  • Lifetime Warranty — Nest Bedding backs all of their mattresses with a lifetime warranty. Novosbed has a 15-year warranty.
  • Washable Cover — There are very few mattresses we’ve reviewed that have machine washable covers. Novosbed is one of them.
  • Comfort+ Kit — If you don’t like the firmness of Novosbed, after 30 nights of use, you can request a free kit to either make it softer or firmer.

Those are the quick-hit differences, but we’ll go into more detail about each bed below. Keep reading to learn more. It’s always a good idea to do more research rather than less when talking about a major household purchase like a new mattress.

While Nest Bedding makes numerous other mattresses, the Alexander Signature Series is their flagship bed. As such, it is designed to look and feel a cut above most online mattresses. It’s not just three layers of foam and a polyester cover—you can tell that a lot goes into the manufacturing of this mattress. It’s over 13” thick, has stitched edges, side handles, an organic cotton pillow top, and so on. It’s just not your ordinary mattress. But then again, neither is Novosbed. So, why go Nest over Novosbed? Here’s why.

Feel & Firmness

The mattress has multiple layers of neutral-foam, but it’s more of a light, airy feel. It’s not a dense feel that you might be used to with older memory foam beds. It’s actually a very pleasant, unique feel that’s extremely comfortable. In fact, if we had to choose purely based on comfort, we’d go with the Nest Alexander mattress.

nest bedding alexander mattress review flippable side sleeper
Extremely comfortable mattress

As for the firmness of the mattress, it’s available in two different firmness levels, both of which are on the same mattress. In other words, this is a premium flippable bed with a “Medium” and “Firm” side. The most popular is “Medium” and that’s somewhere between a medium and a medium-firm on the soft/firm spectrum.

nest alexander signature series mattress review firmness ratings

The “Medium” option will be just fine for back, stomach, side, and combination sleepers. Keep in mind, though, that all mattresses soften over time. So, while Nest might feel a little firm at first, that’s actually what you want because it will soften with use.

nest bedding alexander signature mattress review stomach sleepers luxury foam bed
The “Medium” option will work for all types of sleepers.

The “Firm” option is best for strict back and stomach sleepers that like memory foam, but don’t really care too much about pressure relief.

Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

We mentioned above the lifetime warranty. That in and of itself is fairly rare. Only a few other brands (Nectar, DreamCloud, etc.) that also have lifetime warranties.

In addition to the lifetime warranty, however, Nest has a lifetime comfort guarantee program that allows you to purchase a new Nest mattress (after you trial period expires) at a discounted rate. Nest Bedding was the first company to offer a lifetime comfort guarantee. Now, why this is important is that it acts somewhat like insurance for your purchase. If after a year of use, for example, you want a firmer bed or a softer one (or even a larger or smaller one), you can get that new bed at 50% of its current selling price.

Organic Cotton Cover

Nest Alexander now sports a quilted organic cotton cover that we really like. It’s soft, comfy, and smells great. Here’s a look at the new cover.

nest bedding alexander mattress review flippable organic cotton cover
Organic cotton cover on Nest Alexander

We definitely count the organic cotton cover as an upgrade. It means that the bed smells earthy and doesn’t really have any of those typical off-gasses that you get with a brand new mattress. Kudos to Nest Bedding for making this switch.

Flippable Design

It’s true that there are two firmness options with Nest Alexander, however, both of those are on the same mattress. In other words, it has a “Medium” and “Firm” side so that you’re sort of getting two mattresses when you buy one.

As you can see, in order to test both firmness options all you need to do is flip the bed. No need to remove the cover, order an adapter kit, or exchange the bed—just flip it and you’re ready to go. Brilliant!

For all you connoisseurs of memory foam, Novosbed very well could be the right pick. It’s not what we would consider luxury, but it’s not cheap either. This is a nice mattress at a fair price. And speaking of price, let’s start there.

Novosbed Wins On Price

Just looking at the MSRP of a queen size mattress, Novosbed is about $600 cheaper than the Nest Alexander. After discount, that price difference becomes less apparent. The after-discount price for the Nest Alexander Signature is about $1,400. A smaller difference now, but for some people it might be the deciding factor—we aren’t sure.

By the way, Novosbed doesn’t usually offer coupon codes. Nest Bedding obviously does use coupon codes and they change from time to time. You can check to see current specials and offers.

Feel & Firmness

As we alluded to earlier, Novosbed has a prototypical memory foam feel. That means you will get a stuck-in-the-mud feeling, which some people like and others don’t. This makes it harder to roll around on the mattress, but it also means that the foam is compressing to cradle your body. The best way to describe the feel of Novosbed is dense and deep. It actually reminds us a bit of the Serta iComfort Max Blue mattress.

novosbed mattress review side sleepers
Dense memory foam feel

The slower a bed is to respond to pressure, the harder it is to switch from your back to your stomach to your side, and so on. This could leave you feeling more restless because you’re investing more energy to rotate positions. In terms of firmness, Novosbed is offered at three different firmness levels. You have “Medium,” which is the most popular, “Soft,” and “Firm.”

novosbed review memory foam mattress firmness graphic

If you’re a strict side sleeper and nothing else, try out the “Soft” version. If you’re prone to switching positions during the night, try out the “Medium” version. And if you’re a back/stomach sleeper and want a firm memory foam bed, the Firm version is the way to go.

Washable Cover

Similar to Yogabed and the Eve mattress, Novosbed has a removable, machine washable cover. This makes it far more convenient to clean up stains and keep your mattress clean. While we like the quilted cover on Nest Alexander, it’s not removable and therefore you have to spot clean it.

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