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puffy vs nectar

Puffy vs Nectar Mattress

It's a bed in a box showdown - see who wins in the debate between Nectar vs Puffy.

Chances are you've probably heard the name Nectar or Puffy before. After all, they're two of the most popular mattress-in-a-box brands on earth. While they do share some similarities, they also differ in several ways. In this post, we break down the major differences so you can decide which mattress is a better fit for you.
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Soft Foam Feel

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10" thick bed-in-a-box that has a soft, neutral-foam feel and accommodates all sleeper types. It technically has memory foam, but you can't feel it nearly as much as with Nectar.
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Memory Foam Feel

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Nectar is likely the Internet's favorite memory foam mattress. It's affordable and has a more traditional memory foam feel.

Puffy Mattress vs Nectar Synopsis

In today’s internet age, everybody wants the quick facts right away. To cater to that crowd, here are the primary differences between these two bed-in-a-box mattresses.

  • Feel — The Puffy mattress has a neutral-foam feel, while the Nectar mattress has more of a pure play memory foam feel.
  • Firmness — The Nectar mattress is a notch or two firmer than the Puffy mattress.
  • Price — Nectar is more affordable than Puffy, plain and simple.
  • Special Cover – The Puffy mattress uses a cover that is both stain resistant and machine washable.

Those are the main differences. However, if you’re serious about these two beds, we recommend checking out the sections below to learn more about Nectar and Puffy. If you’re more interested in hearing about how the Puffy Lux compares to Nectar, you can use the link below to jump directly ahead to that section.

To start though, we’ll primarily be concentrating on the Original Puffy mattress. Let’s get to the review.

Puffy Mattress


  • Folks who prefer more of a neutral-foam feel
  • All sleeper types (side, back, stomach and combo)
  • Petite and medium size sleepers
Puffy Mattress

$300 Off + Gift

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Puffy Has A Neutral Foam Feel

The Puffy mattress is an all-foam bed that is comprised of three layers in total. For the top comfort layer, the company uses a special proprietary foam called “Cooling Cloud Foam”. I know the name makes it sound fancy but really the top layer has sort of a light, airy memory foam feel.

A peek inside the Puffy mattress

However, because the top layer is only 2″ thick and it’s not actually memory foam, we wouldn’t consider Puffy to be a true memory foam mattress. Instead, we’d say the bed has more of a neutral-foam feel, meaning the top layers don’t really conform to your body as much as the Nectar mattress. I guess the best way we could put it is that the Puffy mattress has a comfortable, soft foam feel with a hint of memory foam.

puffy mattress review stomach sleeper
Comfortable soft foam feel

Really, there’s no winner or “best feel” in terms of neutral-foam vs true memory foam. It just comes down to what you personally prefer. We actually like the feel of both mattresses, so it’s tough to speculate on which feel you’d like better.

Puffy Is Slightly Softer Than Nectar

Another big difference between Nectar and Puffy is firmness. Overall, we think the Puffy mattress comes in around a medium on the firmness scale. The bed strikes a nice balance between comfort and support.

puffy mattress review firmness and feel

As such, we think the Puffy mattress is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Side sleepers will find that the bed provides ample pressure relief and back and stomach sleepers will receive the necessary support they need. As you will find out later in this comparison, Nectar accommodates all sleeper types, as well, but it’s slightly firmer than Puffy.

Unique Cover

Another interesting aspect about the Puffy mattress is its cover. To be more specific, the cover is removable, stain resistant and machine washable. Now most bed-in-a-box mattress covers are removable but the vast majority of them do not check boxes two and three (i.e. stain resistant and washable). You can read up about the cover on Puffy’s website.

puffy mattress review cover
It doesn’t look special, but Puffy claims it’s stain resistant

As you can see above, the liquid Slumber Yard team member Jeff spills on the cover simply beads right off the side of the bed. This is good news for folks who either don’t use a mattress protector or like to eat and drink in bed. Plus, even if you do have an accident, you can just unzip the cover and throw it in the wash to remove any dirt, food or germs. With most other bed-in-a-box mattresses, you’d be stuck spot cleaning the cover.

Puffy Lux vs Nectar Comparison

For those of you who are unaware, the company also offers another mattress called the Puffy Lux. It’s a premium all-foam bed that is slightly softer than the flagship Puffy mattress. Here’s a short video that outlines how the Lux compares to Nectar.

We hope you found the video above helpful. In our eyes, the decision between Nectar and Puffy Lux really boils down to your budget, firmness preference and primary sleeping position. Below we go into more detail regarding the reasons why Nectar might be the right choice for you.

Nectar Mattress


  • Folks who prefer a dense memory foam feel
  • Back, stomach, side & combo sleepers
  • Small and average size body types
  • People on a tight budget

Nectar Has A Dense Memory Foam Feel

If you’re a big memory fan, it’s time to perk up. The Nectar mattress uses three layers of memory foam in total and, as a result, has a dense memory foam feel.

nectar mattress review
Comfortable memory foam feel

At first, when you lay down, the mattress feels firm and you really don’t sink in that much. However, after a couple seconds, you’ll notice you start to nestle into the bed and the top memory foam layers conform to your body. Bottom line, if you like the feel of memory foam (a lot of people do), then we’d bet you’d enjoy sleeping on the Nectar mattress.

Nectar Is Slightly Firmer Than Puffy

As mentioned above, the Nectar mattress is a tad bit firmer than Puffy. You don’t sink as much and your hips stay a little more in horizontal alignment with the rest of your body. Overall, we think the bed comes in around a medium to medium-firm on the firmness scale.

Nectar Mattress Firmness Graphic

Still, despite being on the firmer side, we think the mattress is a good choice for all types of sleepers. The bed provides a good amount of support for back and stomach sleepers. When it comes to side sleepers, at first, the bed doesn’t seem ideal due to the firmness, but once you nestle into the top layers, it’s a very comfortable mattress. After a few seconds, the top layers do a good job of cradling your pressure points (hips and shoulders) when you’re on your side.

Nectar Is More Affordable

This one is pretty cut and dry. The Nectar mattress is cheaper than Puffy. A queen size Nectar has a MSRP of about $800, while the Puffy queen mattress has a MSRP of $1,150. Both companies offer discounts, and you can expect Nectar’s promotions to be in the $100 price range.

nectar sleep adjustable bed frame review remote massager
You can get Nectar cheaper, often times

However, the MSRP really doesn’t mean much in Puffy’s case since they are almost always running a big promotion. We regularly see them offer $250-$300 off MSRP. It might be a good idea to check Puffy.com to see what the current promotion is. After discount, you’ll most likely be able to snag a queen size Puffy for around $850. It’s also worth noting that Nectar typically throws in two free pillows with each mattress purchase.

If the prices listed above are outside your budget, we’d recommend checking out our list of the Best Beds Under $500.

What Puffy And Nectar Have In Common

As you read above, there are some key differences in feel, firmness, and price. However, these two beds also have some important commonalities to note.

Both Beds Are Not Ideal For Heavy People

One potential downside with both Puffy and Nectar is that they are not the best options for heavy people. This is not a knock against either bed, by the way. Really, it’s just because of their constructions. At the end of the day, both mattresses are comprised entirely of foam and total 10″ and 11″ thick, respectively.

We almost always steer big people towards beds that contain coils, whether they’re individually pocketed or part of an innerspring system. That’s because coils are more durable and also provide more resistance against pressure than dense support foams, which both Nectar and Puffy use for their foundations. As such, if you’re a heavy person (250+ lb), we recommend you check out our list of the Best Mattresses For Heavy People or Best Hybrid Mattresses.

Both Beds Will Work For Couples

We think both Puffy and Nectar are viable options for folks who share a mattress. Both beds limit motion transfer extremely well and also provide pretty decent edge support for being all-foam beds.

Puffy mattress review edge support
Both offer fairly good edge support

Motion transfer isolation is important to consider if one or both partners are active in their sleep (i.e. they move around or get up a lot throughout the night). With beds that isolate motion well (like Puffy and Nectar), you won’t feel as much of your partner’s movements, which will help lead to a more restful night’s sleep.

Edge support is another important topic, especially for couples who share a smaller size mattress, like a full or queen. Beds with solid edge support provide more useful surface area for both partners to spread out and get comfortable without feeling like they’re going to roll off the edge.

Temperature Regulation

Lastly, we think both Puffy and Nectar sleep temperature neutral. In other words, the beds themselves won’t be the primary reason why you warm up or sleep cool at night.

This is always a tough subject to discuss in the bedding industry because external factors play such a large role in how cool or warm you sleep. Often times your sleeping temperature gets pinned on your mattress when, in reality, factors like what climate you live in, how often you run your air conditioner, and what type of sheets you use actually are more important.

Nectar Mattress vs Puffy Review Verdict

You made it to the end of the comparison. Thanks for reading this far. After the last section regarding similarities, you still might be a little confused as to which bed to purchase. In our eyes, the decision comes down to three primary factors.

Budget — If you’re tight on cash, go with Nectar. It’s the cheaper mattress, plus the company often throws in two free pillows.

Feel — This comes down to personal preference. You have to decide whether you’d like a soft, neutral-foam feel (Puffy) or a slightly firmer, dense memory foam feel (Nectar).

Firmness — Again, this somewhat comes down to preference. If you want a firmer bed, go Nectar. If you want a slightly softer bed, go with Puffy.

That’s all we have for this comparison. We hope this post has been helpful. Thanks for choosing The Slumber Yard.

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How are Nectar and Puffy different?

At a high level, Nectar and Puffy are really similar—both are memory foam mattresses that sell online. If you lay on them, however, you'll notice a big difference in what they feel like. Nectar has a dense memory foam feel, while Puffy has a soft foam feel, a bit like Casper or Leesa.

Do they offer free returns?

Yes. Both brands give you the option to return the beds for free during their trial periods.

Are they hybrid/coil mattresses?

No. Nectar and Puffy are both all-foam mattresses.

Will side sleeping be ok?

Yes. We think side sleepers will like both beds, but we should point out that Nectar a little firmer than Puffy.

What certifications do they have?

Both beds have the CertiPUR-US Certification.