puffy vs tuft and needle mattress review

Puffy vs Tuft And Needle Mattress Review

Which bed in a box is better? Find out in this Tuft & Needle vs Puffy comparison.

Tuft & Needle was one of the early entrants in the mattress-in-a-box space and has since achieved tremendous success. Puffy is a fairly new bed-in-a-box company but has been gaining in popularity as of late. Today, we compare and contrast both beds so you can gain a better understanding of which mattress is best for your sleeping preferences.
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Puffy Mattress vs Tuft & Needle Synopsis

Time is valuable so we understand not everyone is going to want to read this whole post. If that’s you, here are the primary differences between these two beds.

  • Feel — The Puffy mattress has a soft, memory foam feel, while Tuft & Needle has more of a blended, neutral-foam feel.
  • Sleeper Type — If you spend a lot of time on your side, Puffy is going to be the better option.
  • Price — Tuft & Needle is much more affordable than Puffy.

Really, in our eyes, those are the two main decision points. However, there’s always more you should consider, especially when you’re talking about making a $500-$1,000 product decision. Keep reading to learn more.

Shipping, Returns, Trial Periods, And Warranties

Don’t let the term bed-in-a-box scare you off. Buying a mattress online is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s day and age. A big part of that trend is due to the consumer friendly policies bed-in-a-box companies like Tuft & Needle and Puffy offer. Let’s explore further, starting with Tuft & Needle.

The Tuft & Needle mattress ships for free and arrives on your porch rolled-up in a box. Once it arrives, just move the box to your room and proceed to unroll it onto your bed frame or foundation. Keep in mind, it’s recommenced you let the mattress fully inflate for about 24-72 hours before sleeping on it.

Setting up the Tuft & Needle mattress

Next, Tuft & Needle offers you a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. This is how online mattress companies get around the whole “try before you buy” advantage that brick-n’-mortar retail stores provide. The company is basically allowing you test the mattress in your own home for about three months to decide whether you like it or not. If you do, fantastic. If not, don’t worry you can get your money back.

If, during the trial period, you decide the mattress isn’t for you, simply contact customer support and they’ll handle everything. They’ll arrange for the mattress to be picked up from your home by a third party crew at no additional charge. Once that occurs, just provide proof the bed has indeed been removed and the company will give you a full refund. Lastly, the Tuft & Needle mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Pretty nice, right? You can now start to see why buying a mattress online is becoming more and more popular. Also, just so you know, the policies we just reviewed are pretty standard for the bed-in-a-box industry. However, there are some companies (like Puffy) who will go above and beyond when it comes to certain policies.

The Puffy mattress, like Tuft & Needle, comes with free shipping and free returns. It too arrives compressed in a box. However, they one up T&N by offering a 101-night sleep trial. If you decide you want to return the bed, the process works the same way as described above. When it comes to the warranty, though, Puffy beats almost all bed-in-a-box brands. The Puffy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. You can ready more about it on the company’s website.

Puffy Mattress


  • Folks who like memory foam
  • All types of sleepers
  • Small and medium sized body types
  • People seeking long-term protection (lifetime warranty)


  • Heavy people (250+ lb)
  • Individuals on a tight budget

Puffy is somewhat new to the bed-in-a-box space, but they’ve quickly risen to become one of the most well-known brands in the industry. The Original Puffy mattress was even featured on The Ellen Show in early 2018. Let’s discuss some of the areas in which Puffy is preferable to Tuft & Needle.

Puffy Has A Light, Airy Memory Foam Feel

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between these two beds comes down to feel. The Puffy mattress has a memory foam feel, while the Tuft & Needle mattress has more of a mixed, neutral-foam feel (we describe this in more detail below). Now it’s worth noting that the Puffy mattress technically does not use any memory foam. The bed is comprised of two layers. The bottom layer is a dense poly foam for support, and the top layer is what the company call its “Cooling Cloud Foam.”

puffy lux mattress review
Soft, airy memory foam feel that is very comfortable

However, despite its name, the top layer feels like memory foam, but not like the memory foam you’re probably accustomed to. Instead of a soft, dense memory foam where you feel like you’re being engulfed by the material, the bed has more of a light, airy memory foam feel. You sort of feel like you’re floating in a cloud of thin memory foam. You still sink into the bed a bit as you do with most memory foam beds, and the top layer conforms to your body’s shape a little, but not quite to the point of, say, the Nectar or Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattresses.

Overall, we’ve found that most people like the feel of the Puffy mattress. If you like memory foam, you’ll obviously like the bed, but even if you don’t, we’ve found that a lot of sleepers like it since it’s not quite as distinct as a lot of other memory foam beds.

Puffy Is Preferable For Side Sleepers

First, let me just preface this section by saying that we think the Puffy mattress is great for all types of sleepers (back, stomach, and side). However, in comparison to Tuft & Needle, we think it gets the slight edge when it comes to side sleepers.

puffy lux mattress review side sleeper
The Puffy mattress is very comforting for side sleepers

Overall, we think both beds land around a medium on the firmness scale, but we’d say the Tuft & Needle mattress is just a tad bit firmer out-of-the-box. Puffy is a tad bit softer and offers a little more pressure relief. When you’re on your side, the top layer on the Puffy mattress does a good job of conforming to and cradling your pressure points (hips and shoulders).

Keep in mind that all beds—especially all-foam beds like T&N and Puff—soften over time. As such, both mattresses will become even more accommodating for side sleepers as time passes. Still, bottom line, if you spend a lot of time on your side, we think you’ll appreciate the Puffy mattress a little more than Tuft & Needle.

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Longer Warranty

We mentioned this above, but thought it was worth mentioning again. The Puffy mattress comes with a longer warranty than Tuft & Needle. In fact, Puffy is one of the very few bed-in-a-box companies that offers a lifetime warranty. This is great for indecisive shoppers who want long-term protection.

Tuft & Needle Mattress


  • Folks who prefer a neutral-foam feel
  • Back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Petite and average sized individuals
  • Shoppers on a budget


  • Memory foam enthusiasts
  • Large body types
  • Strict side sleepers (only at first)

Tuft & Needle was one of the early entrants in the bed-in-a-box industry and has achieved tremendous success ever since. The company even caught the eye of the mattress giant Serta Simmons in the form of an acquisition in early 2018. Let’s cover the areas in which the Original T&N mattress beats out the Puffy mattress.

More Of A Blended, Neutral-Foam Feel

The Tuft & Needle mattress, like Puffy, is comprised of just two layers. For the base layer, the bed uses a dense support foam and for the top layer, it uses what the company calls its “T&N Adaptive Foam,” which is just a proprietary foam. However, unlike the proprietary foam top layer the Puffy mattress uses, the T&N top layer has more of a blended, neutral-foam feel. By neutral, we mean the bed is soft and comfortable like memory foam, but it doesn’t quite contour and hug your body the way memory foam does.

tuft and needle mattress review side sleeper
More of a soft, neutral-foam feel compared to Puffy

It’s important to note, there’s no winner or loser when it comes to feel. Every sleeper has different preferences. Some folks swear by memory foam and others hate it. Same thing with a neutral-foam feel. Some people like it and some people would rather have memory foam or an innerspring bed. Still, in our experience, it seems like most people like soft, neutral foam, like the T&N top layer. It’s just a little less divisive than memory foam.

Tuft & Needle Is More Affordable

This is Tuft and Needle’s biggest advantage over Puffy. The T&N bed is much more affordable. In fact, Tuft & Needle is a staple on our list of the Best Budget Beds. For comparison purposes, a queen size T&N bed has a MSRP of around $600, while the Puffy queen has a MSRP of around $1,100.

To be fair, though, those are just the MSRP prices. Puffy regularly offers discounts and coupon codes. We commonly see them offer $200-$250 off. Check the table above or Puffy.com to see what they’re currently offering. Tuft & Needle is a little more selective when it comes to sales and discounts. Still, you’ll occasionally see the Tuft & Needle bed discounted on Amazon.


This is a minor point, but the Tuft & Needle mattress is more responsive than the Puffy mattress. This means the top layer on the T&N mattress snaps back to position quicker than the top layer on the Puffy mattress.

Responsive top layer

All this means is that active and combo sleepers will likely find it easier to switch between positions on the T&N bed.

What Tuft & Needle And Puffy Have In Common

As you read above there are really only a few worthwhile differences to consider. The beds actually have more in common than you might think. Let’s go over those now.

Sleeper Type

Overall, we think both beds find a pretty decent balance between support and pressure relief. As such, we think both beds are good for for all types of sleepers. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a primary back, stomach, or side sleeper.

tuft and needle mattress review sleeper type

As mentioned above, though, we would recommend the Puffy bed over T&N for side sleepers. The Tuft & Needle mattress is just a tad bit firmer out of the box and will take a couple months to soften up.

Body Type

When it comes to body type, Puffy and Tuft & Needle are not the best options for heavy people. This isn’t to say they’re bad beds by any means. It more so has to do with their all-foam constructions. Generally, we almost always recommend heavy folks go with hybrid or innerspring beds that contain coils.

How big folks feel about hybrid beds

This is because these types of mattresses tend to provide more support and last longer than all-foam beds. Coils compress like dense poly foams that all-foam beds use for their support structures ,but also push back against pressure. This extra bit of resistance is more ideal for the extra weight big folks exert on mattresses.

If you fall into the big body type category, we’d recommend checking out our Best Beds For Heavy People.

Temperature Regulation

This is a topic that is routinely discussed in the bedding industry, but in reality it’s hard to dissect. A lot of bedding companies like to claim their beds sleep cool, but really external factors play a larger role. Factors like where you live (Florida vs Canada), what sheets you use (flannel sheets heat up), and what temperature you have your thermostat set at all play a role in how warm or cool you sleep.

With that said, we think both Puffy and Tuft & Needle will sleep temperature neutral. The beds don’t incorporate any special cooling materials so we wouldn’t go as far as calling them cooling mattresses. Still, we don’t think the actual beds will be the primary reason why you warm up.

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We think both beds are solid choices for couples. Both mattresses perform well in terms of edge support and limiting motion transfer.

Good motion isolation

Motion transfer isolation is particularly important for couples in which one or both partners tend to move around a lot. A bed, like Puffy or T&N, that limits motion well means you’ll (hopefully) feel less of your partner’s movements throughout the night. Let’s face it, no one wants to be jolted awake every time their partner makes a move for the bathroom or switches positions. That can lead to a restless night of sleep.

Edge support is another important topic for couples to consider. A bed with good edge support means you and your partner can spread out comfortably without feeling like you’re about to fall off the bed. Luckily, both beds perform well here considering their all-foam constructions.

Tuft & Needle Mattress vs Puffy Review Verdict

You made it to the end. Thanks for sticking with us all the way the way through. In our opinion the decision between these two bed-in-a-box mattresses comes down to three primary factors.

Budget — If you’re on a super tight budget, Tuft & Needle is the better option.

Side Sleepers — If you’re a primary side sleepers, you’ll want to go with Puffy for maximum pressure relief.

Feel — This is personal decision you’ll have to make. If you think you’ll like a memory foam feel, go with Puffy. If you want more of a neutral-foam feel, go with Tuft & Needle.

That’s it for this post. If Puffy and Tuft & Needle don’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out one of our other mattress comparisons.

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