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purple vs tempurpedic mattress comparison and review

Purple vs TempurPedic Mattress

Should you get a Tempur-Pedic mattress or the new-age Purple bed? Learn more in this head-to-head review!

A true battle of the brands here. On one hand, you have Purple, which is a new school direct-to-consumer mattress brand that has exploded in recent years. On the other hand, you have Tempur-Pedic, which is a huge, multi-channel bedding company that has dominated the industry for decades.
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Purple separates itself from the competition by using a patented material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which gives their mattresses a unique, gel-like feel.
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Memory Foam Feel

Check Current OffersThe Tempur-Adapt Hybrid is a solid all-around bed that has a dense memory foam feel and accommodates most sleeper types and body sizes.

Purple Mattress vs TempurPedic – Quick Synopsis

If you don’t feel like reading a lot today, the differences between these beds really come down to two major factors:

  • Feel — The TempurPedic Tempur-Adapt has a dense memory foam feel. Purple mattresses, on the other hand, have a unique, gel-like feel.
  • Price — If you’re looking to spend around $1,000, the original Purple is the winner.

However, as you will find out below, there are a few other factors that might influence your decision, as well.

Purple (all models)


  • Those who want to try something new (unique, gel-like feel)
  • All sleeper types and body sizes
  • Hot sleepers
  • Folks looking to spend around $1,000 (Original Purple)
  • People who like a responsive, bouncy bed

Perhaps the biggest reason for Purple’s success is the company’s use of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This is a material that the founders of the company invented (and since patented) and it’s used as the top layer in each of their models.

Inside Purple Mattresses

Hyper-Elastic Polymer is not a foam material. Rather, it’s more of a gel or silicone-like material (even though it’s technically neither). It truly is a unique material. It’s soft, responsive, and stretchy, yet also quite supportive. It does a great job of cradling your pressure points (hips and shoulders), while also providing the necessary support under your trunk and lower back.

purple mattress topper hyper-elastic polymer
A closer look at Purple’s ace in the hole: Hyper-Elastic Polymer

It’s worth mentioning that not everyone loves the feel of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, though. Most of the team members here at the Slumber Yard really enjoy it. In fact, Slumber Yard team member Matt actually sleeps on a Purple 4. However, it is a bit too weird or unique for some. You really should try it for yourself.

Discussing The Original Purple Bed

Now that we have covered what Hyper-Elastic Polymer is and how it feels, let’s discuss each Purple mattress model, starting with the Original Purple mattress. This is the company’s entry-level bed. It’s also the most affordable out of the four Purple beds. It contains two layers of polyurethane foam and then a 2″ layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer on top.

We think this model comes in around a medium on the firmness scale, but honestly the polymer is so unique that it’s hard to put an exact figure on firmness (that’s the case with all the Purple beds). Regardless, we think this bed is good for all types of sleepers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your back, side, or stomach.

original casper mattress
Slumber Yard team member Dillon taking a little nap on the Original Purple mattress

Purple likes to say the bed is “soft where you want it and firm where you need it” and we tend to agree. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer finds a nice balance between pressure relief and support.

Really, the only downsides we see with the OG Purple is that the edge support is just average (could potentially be an issue for couples) and it’s just not the best option for heavy people (coils are typically preferred for big folks).

Purple’s Coil Mattresses

Purple, in early 2018, introduced three new models (the Purple 2, 3, 4). These new models contain individually pocketed coils as well as dense foam side rails. The coils provide more support than the dense polyurethane support foam in the Original Purple and the rails provide better support around the perimeter of the bed.

Given the construction, we’d recommend heavy folks (250+ lb) go with one of the new models. Coils provide bi-directional support, meaning they compress, but also push-back against pressure. This is ideal for the extra pressure big people apply on a bed.

Purple Mattress Construction
Construction of the New Purple mattresses

By now, you’re probably asking, well, how do the new models differ? Great question. Really, the difference between the new models boils down to the thickness of the top layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. The Purple 4 uses a 4″ layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the Purple 3 uses a 3″ layer, and so on. The price also decreases as you go down the line (i.e. Purple 4 is most expensive, followed by the Purple 3, etc.).

Logically, the next question you might be asking is why the thickness important? Well, according to Purple, the thickness dictates which model is right for which type of sleeper.

The company says the Purple 2 is best for back and stomach sleepers (it’s the firmest), the Purple 3 is best for combo sleepers (it’s in the middle), and the Purple 4 is best for side sleepers (it provides the most immersive experience with the polymer). However, to be honest, we’d have to slightly disagree (in a good way).

We actually think all three new models are good for all types of sleepers. As we mentioned before, the polymer material is very unique in that it’s supportive and pressure relieving at the same time. Slumber Yard team member Matt can attest to that. He sleeps on the Purple 4 (supposed to be best for side sleepers), but he actually splits his time between his back, stomach, and side.

purple mattress review stomach sleepers
Purple is in a league of its own

Another benefit of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that it sleeps on the cooler side of the spectrum. To begin, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a just a naturally cooler material than memory, latex, or proprietary foam.

Truly Neutral Sleeping Temperature

In addition, Purple lays out its Hyper-Elastic Polymer in a grid formation. This creates columns, rows, and pockets for air to flow freely throughout the bed. As a result, we highly recommend Purple beds for people that tend to heat up at night.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
The grid allows Purple beds to shed heat efficiently

Lastly, as long both people like the feel of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, we think Purple mattresses are solid options for couples. First, the New Purple mattresses provide solid edge support. This is important for couples who like to spread out since it extends the useful surface area of the bed.

Second, you wouldn’t think so given how bouncy Hyper-Elastic Polymer is, but the material actually does a pretty decent job of limiting motion transfer.

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To conclude, we are big fans of Purple mattresses. So much so that we’ve included them on several of our Best Mattress lists. We happen to really like the feel of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, but it’s not for everybody. If you prefer more of a traditional foam feel, stay tuned for the next mattress we’ve got lined up for you.



  • Folks who like the feel of memory foam
  • Back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • All body types (small, medium, and large)
  • Couples (solid edge support and motion isolation)

Chances are you’ve heard the Tempur-Pedic name before. They’re one of the largest mattress manufactures in the world and they offer hundreds and hundreds of models that are sold both online and in-store. However, given they offer so many different models, it can often be quite frustrating to shop for a Tempur-Pedic mattress (there’s just too many choices). For this review, we hone in on the main model, the TempurPedic Tempur-Adapt mattress.

TempurPedic’s Flagship Mattress

In this post, we’ve decided to focus on one of their latest models that they seem to be promoting quite a bit, the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid. Now, it’s worth noting that Tempur-Pedic also offers a Tempur-Adapt all-foam model, but for the purposes of this review, we’ll just be covering the hybrid model.

tempurpedic tempur pro adapt mattress review memory foam cover
A look at the cooling cover on TempurPedic’s TEMPUR-Adapt line

As the name implies, this bed contains both coils and layers of foam. Specifically, it has a thick layer of memory foam on top, which gives the bed a memory foam feel (what a coincidence).

However, it’s not your typical soft memory foam feel. It actually has more of a firm, dense memory foam feel. It’s still very comfortable, but you just don’t really sink in that much and you don’t get any of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling that memory foam beds are known for. In fact, we actually think this bed is around a medium-firm on the firmness scale.

tempurpedic tempur pro adapt mattress review memory foam
TempurPedic has what we would call a “true memory foam feel”

Bottom line, this mattress provides a ton of support. As such, we think the Tempur-Adapt is best for back, stomach, and combo sleepers. It just doesn’t provide that much pressure relief for your hips and shoulders when you’re on your side. If you’re a strict side sleeper, you’d be better off going with one of the Purple mattresses.

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Given the firmness level of the bed and the fact that it does have coils, though, we do think this mattress is ideal for heavy folks.

TempurPedic Uses A Special Cooling Cover

Another nice thing about this bed is that it sleeps cool, which is pretty unusual for a memory foam bed. The cover contains a special cooling material that literally makes the bed cool-to-the-touch. Combined with the fact that most people will sleep more on top of the bed, rather than in it, this means the Tempur-Adapt is a solid option for hot sleepers.

Lastly, the mattress also performs well in the categories that are important for couples. The bed deadens movement very well. That means you won’t be disturbed if your partner tends to move around or get up frequently throughout the night.

Also, the Tempur-Adapt provides excellent edge support. In fact, it’s one of the best beds we’ve ever tested in that department. There’s very little compression around the perimeter of the bed and you never feel like you’re going to roll right off.

tempurpedic tempur pro adapt mattress review memory foam side sleepers
If you like memory foam, TempurPedic makes for a nice bed for couples

All in all, there’s a lot to like about the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid. It has a high-quality construction, it’s comfortable, and it sleeps cool. If you like the feel of memory foam and you’re primarily a back and/or stomach sleeper, it’s hard to beat this bed.

TempurPedic Hybrid vs Purple Review Verdict

If you’ve read this far, you now probably understand the major differences between these beds. However, we realize buying a mattress is a big decision, so you still might be on the fence between the two. To make things easier, ask yourself two questions.

First, do you like the feel of memory foam? If you answered that with an absolute yes, go with the Tempur-Adapt. If you answered that with a no or an “I’m not sure,” you might want to give Purple a try.

If that didn’t settle it, what’s your budget? If it’s below $1,800 (queen size), looks like the Original Purple or Purple 2 will have to do. If you read $1,800 and almost had a heart attack, be sure to check out our Best Mattresses Under $1,000 list.

Review Team

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper


Matt Ross

Back Sleeper


McKenzie Dillon

Combo Sleeper

Tharon Green

Stomach Sleeper

Shipping, Returns, Trial Periods, and Warranties

Most online mattress companies these days make it as easy as possible for consumers (even the large brands like TempurPedic, which sells through thousands and thousands of retailers).

They realize most people shop online and don’t necessarily want to spend hours in a brick-n-mortar mattress store being hassled by a nosy salesperson. As a result, they offer pretty friendly customer policies.

Purple, like most bed-in-a-box companies, offers free shipping, free returns, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year warranty. The original Purple will arrive rolled-up and compressed in a protective covering, while the New Purple Mattresses come with free white glove delivery (someone will deliver the mattress and set it up for you).

From there, Purple gives you 100 nights to test out the bed. If you decide you like it in those first three months, great, that’s the goal. If not, just contact the company and they will arrange for the mattress to be picked up free of charge and issue you a full refund.

Tempur-Pedic is a little different than Purple considering you can purchase their mattresses a variety of ways. You can purchase in-store or online through a number of retailers. As such, it really depends on which channel/retailer you are buying it through.

We really like US-Mattress, which is a well-known online bedding retailer. They sell pretty much all the big brand beds and they generally have very competitive pricing. Plus, if you buy through them, they offer free delivery and a 120-night trial period. Lastly, like Purple, Tempur-Pedic generally backs their beds with a 10-year warranty.