By many, Saatva is considered the nicest and most affordable innerspring mattress online. Helix Sleep, on the other hand, offers perhaps the most unique concept for a mattress—they allow you to select from over 10 different models to find the bed that is best for you. In this review we will nitpick both beds in an effort to highlight the factors that will drive your decision.

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We like to keep things organized, so before we dive in, let’s run through a brief overview of the post.

  • Concept — Saatva offers three different models—each at a different firmness level—and Helix has a sleep quiz to line you up with the right bed.
  • Sleeping Positions — Both brands will be able to manage all sleep styles, meaning they both should have a suitable option for you.
  • Pricing — While they’re close on price, in most cases Helix Sleep offers the more affordable beds.
  • Mattress Design — At a high level they might be similar, but under-the-hood Helix and Saatva are quite different.
  • Heavy People — Helix Plus and Saatva are both solid mattresses for heavy people.

While the video above doesn’t cover all the necessary details, we still think it will be helpful in your decision making process. If you want more information on how Helix Sleep and Saatva compare directly, read the post below.

Inside The Saatva Mattress

There are plenty of ways with which Saatva differentiates itself. For starters, it has two layers of coils whereas the vast majority of beds have a single unit of coils, if any at all. Saatva’s main support system is a traditional innerspring chasis.

On top of this, however, is a layer of pocketed coils, which help with support, but also do a much better job of limiting motion transfer than the innersprings. All in all, the two layers of coils mean Saatva will be one of the most supportive, resilient beds sold online.

saatva mattress review construction and layers
Visual representation of Saatva’s construction

As you can see in our graphic above, the main comfort layers for the bed are memory foam and a quilted European pillow top. Regardless of which model you purchase from Saatva, you won’t end up feeling the memory foam much. It’s really just there as a transitional layer.

The main pressure relief and comfort come as a result of the pillow top. On the “Plush Soft” model it’s nice and fluffy, whereas with the “Luxury Firm” and “Firm” models the pillow top will be denser.

saatva mattress review heavy sleepers
Saatva has “luxury” written all over it, literally

Perhaps our favorite element of the mattress is the organic cotton cover. Not only will it give Saatva a luxurious, healthy appearance, but also it will lend the bed an earthy smell rather than the typical “clean factory” smell that accompanies so many of these online mattresses.

More Than One Option To Choose From

We like Saatva’s model of offering numerous firmness levels and we appreciate that they’re all slightly firmer than you’d expect. For instance, the “Plush Soft” is closer to a proper medium than a truly soft mattress. We actually see that as a good thing, however, since the bed will soften with use. We’d rather you start off with a bed that’s too firm than too soft. And for the record, Saatva’s “Plush Soft” mattress will work for all sleeping styles. It’s our favorite bed from the company for side sleepers.

saatva mattress review firmness rating for this bed

The “Luxury Firm” is really closer to a medium-firm, but we wanted to show it as a firmer bed since we do not think it’s right for side sleepers—though it’s a wonderful mattress for stomach and back sleepers. The “Firm” model is truly firm, and will be the best option for heavy people that spend the night on their stomach or back.

Both Are A Great Value, But…

Helix is the more affordable mattress, before and after discounts. For instance, the MSRP of the queen size Saatva mattress is about $1,400 (not bad), but Helix is about $1,100. And, if you find a coupon code, Helix drops down to closer to $925, while Saatva is pretty much staunchly opposed to offering discounts. You can check and to see their current offerings and look for deals if there are any.

In most cases, you will end up saving something like $100-$300 with Helix versus Saatva. So, yes, we have to admit that this price difference will be significant for some buyers, but we aren’t really convinced that you should base your decision on price. It should be part of your calculus, but not the deciding factor.

The Famous “Helix Sleep Quiz”

The entire Helix brand has largely been built off of the concept of offering individually tailored mattresses rather than going with a one-size-fits-all mattress like Leesa or Casper. As such, a sleep quiz has been a big part of what Helix offers to consumers.

helix sleep mattress review sleep quiz online
Screenshot of step #1 in Helix’s sleep quiz

You can take the sleep quiz on Helix’s website for free and it will suggest a mattress that’s best suited for your body type and sleeping style. It asks questions about your weight, preferred sleeping positions, and more. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes a big difference in terms of helping to steer you in the right direction.

Helix Makes Coil Mattresses

Despite the fact that Helix makes over ten different models, all of them have largely the same overall construction. For instance, they all start with dense foam and pocketed coils for support and use two to three different comfort foams. Here’s a look inside the Helix Midnight mattress, which is their most popular bed.

helix mattress reviews construction and layers
A look inside a Helix mattress

While the beds might share a similar construction, they will all vary in terms of feel and firmness. Some will be firmer and more supportive while others will be softer and more pressure reliving. Even more, some will feel like memory foam and others like neutral-foam. It all just depends on the model that you select—or the sleep quiz selects for you.

Helix spans the entire spectrum with beds that range from really soft to really firm, and they even offer beds for special situations. Here’s a look at how their core models compare in firmness.

helix mattress review firmness and models

In addition to the beds listed above, Helix makes a bed made specifically for people weighing up to 500 lb. Even more, they offer an entire lineup of luxury beds called Helix Luxe, which add a pillow top and zoned support coils.

helix moonlight luxe mattress side sleeper
We have a laundry list of positive things to say about Helix Luxe

If you can afford them, we highly recommend looking into Helix Luxe mattresses. These beds are similar to the standard models but are 2″ thicker and contain a premium pillow top and zoned support coils.

Conclusion On Helix vs Saatva

Whether you get Saatva or Helix, we bet you’ll be happy. These aren’t fly-by-night companies nor are these two-layer memory foam beds that you bought at Walmart. These are both well-established brands with very nice mattresses. That said, you’re obviously only picking one, so here are the main things to think about:

  • Are you ok with potentially having to pay a return fee? If no, Saatva is out. Again, we don’t think their fee is out-of-line, but some people just hate fees.
  • Would you prefer to pick from three firmness levels or take a sleep quiz?
  • How much do you weigh? If you’re over 250 lb, you should look at Saatva or Helix Plus (which is more than their standard models).
  • How important is price? If it’s the deciding factor, in many situations, Helix will be more affordable than Saatva.
  • Do you feel comfortable setting up your own mattress? For people that live in high rise apartments or are injured or frail, Saatva wins because they offer white glove delivery by default.

Ultimately, we can only guess which bed would be right for you. I’m sure you can tell by our generally positive tone, we like both Saatva and Helix very much. Everything just hinges on what you want in a new bed. If you’re still searching for answers, make sure to read our full review of each of the beds, or you can peruse one of our many other mattress comparisons.

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Similar, But Different Policies For Saatva & Helix

There are two primary methods for shipping a mattress: (1) in-box delivery via UPS or FedEx and (2) white glove delivery via a network of regional carriers.

Choosing #1, Helix ships your mattress via FedEx Ground inside a box that’s about the size of a bag of golf clubs. Typically the bed will show up within five business days of your pressing the “submit order” button. You will need to allow the bed a few hours to fully expand since it’s been compressed for several days. We don’t really see this as an issue since it doesn’t damage the mattress, but it does mean that for the first few hours it will be softer than after it has had adequate time to expand. Here’s what the two-man unboxing process is like:

Opting for door #2, Saatva uses white glove delivery and actually ships your mattress full-size. This means delivery takes longer (up to a ten days), but the bed is ready to go as soon as it arrives. In other words, there is no setup process required on your part. The delivery company will bring the mattress inside your house and even remove your old bed, at no extra charge to you.

Now, once the bed arrives at your home the trial periods are largely the same, aside from the fact that Helix Sleep offers you 100 nights and Saatva, 180 nights. We think the 100 nights is more than adequate, but who’s going to argue with an extra 80 nights? Not us.

One thing you might argue with, however, is that Saatva does charge a $99 “transportation fee” if you elect to return the mattress. Helix, on the other hand, offers 100% free returns during their test window. While $99 is a fairly moderate return charge, it’s obviously more than free and does put Saatva at a disadvantage relative to Helix since both of these are coil mattresses.