Saatva is a premium online bedding company that offers a thick, durable innerspring mattress. Nectar, on the other hand, is more of a budget brand that offers a popular memory foam bed. In this review, we compare and contrast the two mattresses so you can figure out which one is a better fit for your particular situation.

Saatva Classic mattress VS. Nectar mattress
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  • Consumers seeking a supportive innerspring mattress
  • Individuals who want multiple firmness options to choose from
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Before we get too far down the Nectar vs Saatva road and begin talking intricate details, let’s take a step back and quickly cover the primary differences between these two beds.

  • Price – The Nectar mattress is much more affordable than the Saatva mattress, plain and simple.
  • Feel – The Saatva mattress has a pillow top type feel, while the Nectar mattress has a dense memory foam feel.
  • Mattress Construction – The Nectar mattress is an all-foam bed that uses multiple layers of memory foam. The Saatva mattress uses a variety of premium materials including a steel coil innerspring unit, pocketed coils, memory foam and organic cotton.
  • Body Type – Given the Saatva mattress uses two separate layers of coils, it’s going to be the more supportive option for heavy people who weigh over 250 pounds.
  • Firmness Options – The Saatva mattress is available in three different firmness profiles. The Nectar mattress is available in just one firmness level.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s start getting into the nitty gritty details. There’s a lot more to learn about each bed.

Saatva Classic
Saatva Classic
Why it’s Great
Saatva Classic is the original innerspring mattress online. It comes in three firmness options, all of which have coils for support and a fluffy pillow top.
Best for
Consumers seeking a supportive innerspring mattress
Individuals who want multiple firmness options to choose from
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Pillow Top
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights
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Up To $250 Off Applied In Cart

Saatva is a popular bedding company that is positioned in the more premium or luxury segment of the growing online mattress industry. Besides the Saatva Luxury Classic mattress, the company also offers a latex foam bed (called Zenhaven) and a premium memory foam bed (called Loom & Leaf). For more information abut how Loom and Leaf compares to Nectar (since they’re both memory foam mattresses), be sure to check out our full review here. For now though, let’s get back to how Saatva compares to Nectar.

What Is The Saatva Mattress Made Of?

Saatva is a high-quality mattress that is made with premium materials. In total, the bed uses two different layers of coils in addition to a layer of memory foam and a euro pillow top. Here’s a quick rundown of the construction from bottom to top.

  • Steel Coil Innerspring Unit – This gives the mattress a sturdy, supportive foundation that protects against sagging
  • Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils – Another layer of coils that provides even more support
  • Memory Foam Layer – This layer serves as a soft transition from the two layers of coils below
  • Euro Pillow Top – This is the true comfort layer for the bed
  • Organic Cotton Cover – Wraps the pillow top portion and gives the bed a nice look, feel and smell
saatva mattress review construction and layers
A peek inside the Saatva mattress

In addition to the layers described above, the bed also uses a dense foam encased system around the perimeter for edge support purposes. All in all, you can see why Saatva is known as a premium mattress brand. This is one heck of a mattress from a construction standpoint. Not many beds on the market contain dual layers of coils. As you will find out later in this review, the Nectar mattress is comprised entirely of foam.

Feel & Firmness Options

The Saatva mattress has a comfortable pillow top type feel. The dual layers of coils give the bed a little bit of bounce as well. So all in all, it feels like like a traditional innerspring mattress but with a nice, comfortable foam pillow top.

saatva mattress reviews back sleepers
Soft pillow top feel

What’s also nice about Saatva is that the bed is available in multiple firmness options. You can choose between Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm options. As you will find out below, this means every type of sleeper will be able to find a model that suits their particular preferences and habits.

The Firmness Option You Should Choose

As we alluded to above, the Saatva mattress is accommodating for all types of sleepers. It really just depends on your primary sleeping position.

saatva mattress review firmness rating for this bed

Side sleepers will likely want to opt for the Plush Soft model as it offers the most pressure relief out of the three. Back and stomach sleepers will likely want to go with the Luxury Firm option. This model provides ample support yet it’s still comfortable. Lastly, heavy back and stomach sleepers or people who just need/want extra lumbar support will want to go with the Firm model. You can learn more about the firmness levels on Saatva’s website.

Quick Note On Weight & Body Type

To cut to the chase here, your body type and weight are very important factors when it comes to your mattress. In general, heavier folks (250+ pounds) tend to think most mattresses are quite soft, while more petite folks (150 pounds or less) typically feel like most beds are a bit firmer. This has to do with how much pressure and force different size people place on a bed. Heavy people sink further into beds compared to smaller people who sleep more on top of the surface.

saatva mattress back sleeper review
Saatva is an excellent option for heavy people

As such, heavy people require beds that provide ample support. This usually means large body types should stick with hybrid and innerspring beds since coils are more durable and supportive than the dense foam foundations all-foam beds (like Nectar) utilize. Luckily, as we mentioned above, the Saatva mattress uses two layers of coils, which means it’s an excellent option for heavy folks. The bed provides a ton of support, plain and simple. In fact, we think it’s one of the Best Mattresses For Heavy People on the market.

Bottom line, if you weigh over 250 pounds, go Saatva over Nectar. However, if you’re a memory foam fan, you may want to check out DreamCloud, which is Nectar’s sister brand. DreamCloud is a high-quality, hybrid mattress that contains coils in addition to several layers of memory foam.

Why it’s Great
Nectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows. They also have monthly payment options with Affirm.
Best for
If you want a memory foam mattress
People that need a comfy foam bed
All sleep styles
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights


$100 Off + $399 In Free Accessories

Nectar is a fairly new mattress brand in the grand scheme of things but the company has quickly made a name for themselves. Their flagship mattress is comfortable, accommodating and budget-friendly. Here’s how it compares to the Saatva mattress.

Nectar Is More Affordable

This is by far the biggest advantage Nectar has over Saatva. For someone on a tight budget, Nectar is the clear winner. Comparing the MSRPs for a queen size, you’re looking at about $900 (after discount) for Nectar and $1,575 for Saatva.

But wait, the price discrepancy doesn’t stop there. Nectar also typically throws in two free pillows as well. You can check to see if that promotion is still live.

Saatva, on the other hand, doesn’t usually offer discounts or promotions. However, around major holidays, they’ll occasionally offer a bundle deal where they give you a free gift card with purchase. If you’re reading this around a holiday, it might be a good idea to double check their website.

A Look Inside The Nectar Mattress

Nectar is an all-foam bed that is made up of three different foam layers and totals 12″ thick. Here’s a look at the different layers within the bed starting from bottom to top.

  • Standard Foam Base Support – As the name implies, this 7″ layer serves as the bed’s foundation.
  • Soft Support Foam – The proprietary material is basically a 2″ layer of memory foam that acts as a transition layer from the support foam below.
  • Gel memory foam – A top layer of 3″ gel memory foam.
  • Cooling Cover – This soft cover provides a cooling sensation upon direct contact.
A look at the foam layers within the Nectar mattress

Wrapping the three layers of foam is a removable, quilted polyethylene cover. The cover’s cooling technology will quickly wick away superficial heat that was transferred to it through touch.

And if this cover could get any better, it is machine-washable! This is a very important aspect, as most beds-in-a-box don’t offer this feature.

What The Nectar Mattress Feels Like

As you might guess given the top three layers of the bed, the Nectar mattress has a memory foam feel. We’d consider it a slightly firmer, dense memory foam feel though. When you first lay down on the bed, it feels quite firm but after about three to five seconds, the top layers soften up and slowly conform to your body’s shape.

Slightly firmer, dense memory foam feel

It’s a very comfortable sensation overall. Bottom line, if you like the feel of memory foam, there’s a high likelihood you’ll end up as a big fan of Nectar.

Who Will Like The Nectar Bed?

Although we think the Nectar mattress lands on the firmer side of the spectrum (between medium and medium-firm), we actually think the bed is a good choice for all types of sleepers. We say this because the bed provides a good amount of support for back and stomach sleepers yet the top layers are still soft and do a good job of cradling the hips and shoulders of side sleepers (after the initial 3-5 seconds of firmness).

Good choice for all types of sleepers

So to answer the question of this section, we think all types of sleepers (side, back and stomach) who enjoy the feel of memory foam will like this bed.

Nectar vs Saatva Review Verdict

You made it to the end of this comparison. By now, you hopefully have a better understanding of how these two mattresses differ. Just to recap though, here are what we see as the primary decision points.

  • Budget – If price is your main concern, Nectar is no doubt the clear choice. You’ll likely save about $500-$600 by going with Nectar.
  • Feel – If you like the feel of memory foam, Nectar wins again. However, if you don’t like memory foam or you just want more of a soft, pillow top type feel, Saatva is the winner.
  • Body Type – If you weigh over 250 pounds, Saatva is one of the best beds you can buy. It’s a very supportive mattress.

Thanks again for choosing to spend time at The Slumber Yard. Have a great day!

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