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Saatva vs Purple Mattress

These are two premium mattresses, but which should you get, Purple or Saatva?

Last Updated: May 20, 2020

Saatva and Purple are two of the most well-known online mattress brands. However, most people don’t realize Purple beds and the Saatva Luxury Classic mattress are actually quite different. In this post, we focus on the main differences between these beds to make your mattress shopping experience a little easier.

Saatva Classic Pillow Top $200 Off Discount In CartSaatva Classic is the original innerspring mattress online. It comes in three firmness options, all of which have coils for support and a fluffy pillow top.
Purple Hybrid Unique $125 Off Discount In CartPurple Hybrid is a coil mattress that features a proprietary comfort layer called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s a unique mattress thats comfortable and great for hot sleepers.

Saatva Mattress vs Purple Synopsis

If you came here just for the quick facts, here are the main differences between Saatva and Purple.

  • Feel — Purple beds have a unique, gel-like feel, while the Saatva mattress has a more traditional innerspring feel that most people are accustomed to.
  • Price — Saatva is more expensive than the Original Purple, but cheaper than the Purple Hybrid mattresses.
  • Sleeper Type — Purple beds offer more pressure relief than Saatva. As such, they’re preferable for side sleepers.
  • Firmness Options — Saatva gives you the option to choose between three different comfort levels. Purple beds come in just one feel (medium).

Those are just the headlines, though. There’s a lot more you should know about each of these mattresses. Keep reading to learn more.

Saatva Has A Traditional Innerspring Feel

The Saatva mattress has a very high-quality construction. The bed uses a traditional steel coil innerspring unit on the bottom and then a layer of pocketed coils on top of that. These dual layers of coils give the bed a strong, supportive foundation. On top, the bed uses a soft Euro pillow topper for comfort.

This type of construction (innerspring plus topper) is what most people are probably used to, except Saatva’s construction is a little more advanced than the innerspring bed you probably grew up sleeping on.

saatva mattress review construction and layers
A look inside the Saatva mattress

Still, the bed has more of that traditional innerspring mattress feel in that it’s firm and supportive with a little bit of neutral comfort on top. A lot of people prefer this type of feel over a lot of these newer bed-in-a-box mattresses that are made with layers of soft foam. If you fall into that category, chances are you’ll really dig Saatva.

More Affordable

With the exception of the Original Purple mattress, Saatva is more affordable than Purple. For its price, we actually think Saatva is a steal considering its high-quality construction. It even made our list of the Best Mattresses For The Money.

For comparison purposes, the Saatva mattress ranges from around $700 for a twin to $1,700 for a king. The Purple Hybrid beds, on the other hand, range anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500, depending on size and model.

If Saatva and Purple are both out of your price range, though, you may want check out our list of the Best Budget Mattresses.

Firmness Options

Saatva is available in three different comfort levels. You can choose between Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm options. The Luxury Firm model is their best seller. According to Saatva, 80% of consumers prefer that model.

saatva mattress review firmness rating for this bed

We actually tested the Luxury Firm model quite extensively. We think it comes in around a medium-firm on the firmness scale and is best for back and stomach sleepers. If you’re a side sleeper, we’d recommend checking out the Plush Soft version for a little extra pressure relief.

Edge Support

In terms of edge support, Saatva performs extremely well. It’s one of the best beds we’ve ever tested in this department.

However, to be fair, Purple beds do use dense foam side rails along their perimeter for edge support purposes so it’s not like we’re giving Purple a complete loss here. All we’re saying is that we’d give Saatva the slight edge in this department.

saatva mattress review edge support
Saatva has solid edge support, that’s for sure

Edge support is an important topic for partners who share a smaller size bed, like a full size or queen size. Beds with solid support around the perimeter provide more useful space for partners to spread out and get comfortable without feeling like they’re about to roll off the bed.

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Longer Warranty

As we mentioned above, the Saatva mattress comes with a 15-year warranty compared to 10 years with Purple. I know this long-term protection is important for some consumers, so we thought it was worth mentioning again.

Before we jump into the advantages that Purple beds provide, it’s important to note there are four different Purple mattress models to choose from. The first is the Original Purple mattress, which is comprised of two layers of polyurethane foam and a 2″ slab of Hyper-Elastic Polymer (discussed below). This is Purple’s most affordable model.

Next is the Purple Hybrid mattress (formerly known as the New Purple 2), which uses individually pocketed coils as opposed to dense support foam. The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress (formerly known as the New Purple 3) is similar to the base hybrid model, except it has 1″ more of the polymer material on top. Likewise, the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 (used to go by New Purple 4) is similar to the Premier 3.0 model, except it uses another inch of the special polymer on top.

For more detail on how these four models differ, be sure to check out our full Purple Mattress Comparison.

Purple Beds Have A Unique, Gel-Like Feel

Purple beds are different from pretty much all other online mattresses due to their special top layer. Instead of foam or some sort of topper, the Purple mattresses use a patented material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This polymer material is extremely flexible, soft, and responsive. Although it’s technically polymer, it acts and feels more like some sort of silicone or gel-like material. As such, all Purple beds have a gel-like feel to them. You can see the material on Purple’s website.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
A closer look at Purple’s unique top layer

As you lay down on the bed, you can feel the Hyper-Elastic Polymer below shifting, compressing, and conforming to your body. I have to admit, it’s a little odd at first, but after a few nights of sleeping on the bed, we’ve found most people end up really enjoying the feel.

What’s unique about Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that it’s also quite supportive. It’s one of the few materials that provides the best of both worlds (pressure relief and support). The company likes to say it’s “soft where you want it and firm where you need it.”

Better For Side Sleepers

In our humble opinion, Purple beds are much better than Saatva for side sleepers. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer top layer on all of the beds does a great job of cradling your hips and shoulders when you’re on your side. In fact, Purple even made our list of the Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers.

purple mattress review new purple mattress
Lots of pressure relief for side sleepers

Overall, Purple beds are just softer and more accommodating for people who spend a lot of time on their side.

Temperature Regulation

Another benefit of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that it helps with temperature regulation. First, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is considered a temperature neutral material. It does not retain heat like a lot of common foams.

Second, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer top layer comes in a grid formation. This design, which Purple did on purpose, creates several rows and columns of tiny squares or pockets so air can flow freely throughout the top of the bed. Given this, we think Purple beds are among the Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers on the market.

purple mattress topper hyper-elastic polymer
Grid formation allows for a lot of airflow

Saatva doesn’t take a complete loss here, though. We actually think you’ll sleep somewhat cool on Saatva, as well. And that’s primarily due to the firmness of the mattress. You’ll sleep more on top of the bed rather than it, which should help keep you from heating up. Still, if pressed, we’d lean towards Purple if you’re a person that tends to warm up at night.

Motion Isolation

This is a tough one, but we do think Purple does a slightly better job of limiting motion transfer. This isn’t a huge surprise given the Saatva bed has two layers of coils (i.e. a lot of bounce). Still, we think you’ll be fine on either bed at the end of the day.

Motion isolation is another important topic for couples. Beds that do a good job of deadening movement prevent you from being disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning throughout the night. No one wants to be woken up every time their partner rolls over to their side or gets up off the bed. That can lead to a bad night of sleep.

What Purple And Saatva Have In Common

If you’ve made it this far, you hopefully now understand how these two mattress brands differ. However, they also have a few commonalities.

Both Are Great Options For Heavy People

Generally, we always like to point heavy folks (250+ lb) towards beds that contain coils. That’s because beds that have coils are able to provide what we call bi-directional support, meaning the coils compress (like dense support foam), but also provide a little resistance against pressure.

This is important since big folks exert more pressure on a mattress than folks with petite or medium body types. Luckily, as we mentioned above, both Saatva and the Purple Hybrid models use coils, so they are solid options for big body types.

Back, Stomach, And Combo Sleepers

Another thing Saatva and Purple have in common is that both beds are ideal choices for back, stomach, and combo sleepers.

purple mattress review stomach sleepers
Both beds offer options for stomach sleepers

Both beds provide more than enough support under your lower back and trunk to keep your spine properly aligned.

Both Beds Are Very Responsive

Lastly, both Saatva and Purple are very responsive, meaning the beds snap back to position very quickly after pressure is released. This is good for active sleepers who toss and turn and tend to move around a lot. Generally, on responsive beds, these types of sleepers will find it effortless to switch between sleeping positions.

Purple Mattress vs Saatva Review Verdict

You made it to the end of this comparison. You deserve an award for sticking with us. If you’re still struggling with the decision between Purple and Saatva, ask yourself a few questions to help you break the tie.

First, what’s your budget? If you’re on a tight budget, that eliminates the Purple Hybrid mattresses.

Next, what type of feel do you like? If you like a more traditional mattress feel, go with Saatva. If you’re sick of innerspring or foam mattresses or just want to try something completely different, go with Purple.

Next, how much time do you spend sleeping on your side? If it’s a lot, go with one of the Purple mattresses.

Lastly, are you a hot sleeper? If so, we’d give Purple the slight edge.

That’s all we have for you. Hopefully this comparison was helpful. Thanks for choosing the Slumber Yard.

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Shipping, Returns, Trial Periods, And Warranties

Online mattress companies make it extremely easy for consumers these days. If you’ve never bought a mattress online before, don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. Follow along and you’ll see why. Let’s start with Purple.

All Purple mattresses come with free shipping. The Original Purple and base Hybrid mattress arrive rolled up and compressed in a protective bag. The Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses come with free white glove delivery. This means a delivery crew will deliver the mattress and set it up for you. You don’t need to do a thing.

Once the mattress arrives, Purple gives you a 100-night risk-free trial period to test out the mattress. This is the part that is very nice for consumers. The company is basically giving you three months and some change to decide whether you like the bed. That’s a lot better than five minutes in your local mattress store, right? If you decide you don’t like the mattress during the trial period, no problem at all, just contact Purple and they’ll take care of you. They’ll arrange for a third party service to come pick up the mattress from your home, free of charge. Then, just provide Purple proof that the mattress had indeed been removed from your home and they’ll issue you a full refund.

Purple also backs their mattresses with a 10-year warranty. You can read more about it on the company’s website.

Saatva, like Purple, also offers very friendly customer policies. Their beds come with free white glove delivery. The delivery crew will also haul away your old mattress for free if you’d like. From there, Saatva goes above and beyond by offering a 120-night trial period. If you want to return the bed, the process works the same way as mentioned above. However, Saatva will charge you a $99 return fee.

Lastly, Saatva also goes above and beyond when it comes to the warranty. They back their beds with a 15-year warranty, which you can read more about on the company’s website.