What features are you looking for in your next mattress? Do you want a quality bed at a lower cost or are you willing to spend more to get a premium mattress with extra bells and whistles? Leesa and Leesa Hybrid (used to be referred to as Sapira) come from the same company, but they’ll cater to customers a little differently depending on your preference and budget. In this post, we’ll go over everything from price and coupons to feel, firmness, and sleeper types.

Before we get into the post, here’s an overview of Leesa and Leesa Hybrid (which, again, was previously named “Sapira”):

  • Price — The Leesa Hybrid is about $600-$800 more expensive than the Original Leesa mattress.
  • Feel and Construction — Leesa has an airy neutral-foam feel, while Leesa Hybrid is a coil bed with plenty of bounce.
  • Body Type — Leesa is ideal for petite to medium sized folks, and Leesa Hybrid is a perfectly viable option for all body types.

Now that you get the gist, let’s jump into the meat of our comparison on Leesa and Leesa Hybrid.

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Leesa: Two Beds From The Same Company

There are a few big names in the bed-in-a-box industry, including Casper, Purple, Tuft & Needle, and Leesa who’s the center of today’s comparison. After releasing their original all-foam model, Leesa followed up with a more expensive coil mattress to appeal to shoppers with a more luxurious taste. Some people may be perfectly happy with the more budget friendly Leesa, and others may want to spring for the additional features you get with Leesa Hybrid. Our intention is to cover the topics we think are most important so you’re fully informed and ready to make a decision you’ll be satisfied with.

We’ll be covering a lot of information in this post, but there’s even more to be found in our full-length reviews.

Construction Of The Leesa Sapira Hybrid

One reason Leesa can make their Leesa Hybrid mattress a little pricier is because it uses high quality foams like the Leesa mattress does, but it also incorporates coils. They make the bed slightly thicker, more supportive, extra durable, and a little bouncy, too.

The first layer of material within the mattress is a thin 1” slab of support foam to provide a foundation for the coils above it. They’re 6” pocketed coils which means it gives your body more localized support along with everything we just mentioned above. The next layer is another slab of support foam to act as a transition layer between the coils and the 1.5” of pressure relieving memory foam above it. Finally at the top is 1.5” of aerated “Premium Foam.”

leesa sapira mattress review construction and layers
Here’s a corner view of the Leesa Hybrid mattress (previously called Sapira)

We think one of the not so great sides of Leesa Hybrid’s construction is the fact that it doesn’t have handles to help move it, and it’s 115 lb. So if you’re liking the sound of this mattress but you’re somebody who moves often, hopefully you either have a few people to help you or you’re one strong individual.

Feel And Responsiveness Of Leesa Hybrid (Sapira)

The memory foam and “Premium Foam” layers at the top of a Leesa Hybrid mattress are the most prominent comfort layers, and the coils are also a contributing factor to the bed’s overall feel. It’s a little firmer than Leesa, landing between a medium and medium-firm, but it’s still a soft-to-the-touch mattress.

leesa hybrid mattress firmness

It’s not light and airy like Leesa, but we’d say it gives you more of a “buoyant” feeling like when you’re floating on your back in a river. You feel a combination of the soft memory foam and soft neutral “Premium Foam,” with a little bounce and bi-directional support from the pocketed coils.

Since the mattress is rated between a medium and medium-firm, it’s an ideal bed for any and all sleeping positions. It’s not quite as soft as the Original Leesa, but it still has plenty of support and cushioning. Whether you’re a stomach/side/back/combo sleeper, we anticipate that you’ll be equally content with sleeping on Leesa Hybrid.

leesa hybrid mattress review
Leesa Hybrid is a great pick for all sleeping positions

If you’re a combo sleeper and tend to switch positions during your sleep, we think Leesa Hybrid will be a perfectly good option for you because it’s so responsive and quick to bounce back into shape after you remove pressure.

On the other hand, we make Leesa the crowned winner for limiting motion transfer. Even though Leesa Hybrid is better than other coil mattresses, it wouldn’t be the best option for particularly light sleepers. So if it’s important you don’t feel your significant other get up in the middle of the night, you may want to consider a Leesa over a Leesa Hybrid mattress.

Why Hot Sleepers Might Prefer Leesa Hybrid

The type of foam a company incorporates in their mattress plays a role in how hot you’re going to get when you sleep on it. For some people, they only heat up during their sleep on occasion in the summer, so the only remedy they need is a little AC. For others, they have to stay away from foams that retain heat, like memory foam and some poly foams, to prevent them from getting too warm.

leesa hybrid mattress review cover
Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a good option for people that warm up at night

Leesa Hybrid uses materials found on the cooler end of the spectrum, like proprietary foam and coils. It’s also a slightly firmer mattress, so you sleep gently on top of the foam instead of sinking into it. Altogether, we think this specific combination of materials make Leesa Hybrid mattresses sleep a little cooler than the all-foam Leesa mattresses. You can read more about the materials inside Leesa Hybrid here on Leesa.com.

Several companies have sent us mattresses with different temperature regulating methods, and we put together a list on our favorite ones. So if you are specifically looking for a cool-to-the-touch mattress, check out our post on the Best Beds For Hot Sleepers.

Pricing Comparison For Leesa Hybrid And Leesa

For some people, all of this information means nothing if Leesa or Leesa Hybrid isn’t in your price range and you certainly aren’t in the market to just window shop. Leesa lands somewhere between budget tier and luxury tier, with a retail price of around $1,000 for a queen mattress.

It’s going to be the more affordable option, and they usually have a promotion running to cut the price a little. Leesa Hybrid runs around $1,700 MSRP for a queen size. It’s like the difference between a Toyota Tacoma and a Ford F-350. They’re both perfectly good looking and functional trucks, it just depends on how much weight you intend to pull and how souped up you want it to be.

You can check the current price for Leesa and Leesa Hybrid using the table at the top of this post. Typically they’re pretty consistent about offering discounts.

Construction Of The Leesa Mattress

Hypothetically, let’s say you were to peel back the cover of a Leesa mattress. What you’d see is 10” of foam divided into three sections. The bottom layer is 6” of dense polyurethane foam (neutral foam), which acts as a supportive foundation to the mattress. The second slab is 2” of memory foam to give those aches and pains some pressure relief and act as a transition layer between the base layer. The last layer is a proprietary foam manufactured by Leesa (a type of foam made specifically by and for the company) called LSA200. In the fall of 2018, they replaced their Avena foam with LSA200 and we really enjoy the difference it made.

leesa mattress review construction and layers
A peek inside a Leesa mattress

Since Leesa is a mattress constructed with only foam materials, it’s not going to be the best mattress for heavy-set folks who weigh over 250 lb. If this is the case for you, we suggest you take a look at Leesa Hybrid since the coils make it a more supportive mattress.

Feel And Responsiveness of Leesa

Mattress shoppers are obviously looking to purchase a mattress they find comfortable, but everyone has their own opinion when it comes to what kind of bed is or isn’t comfortable. Some people love memory foam, some people love the feeling of a bouncy innerspring. Not many people, though, have a bone to pick with neutral foam mattresses like Leesa. If we went out on the street and asked 10 random people to lay on our Leesa mattress, we could probably expect eight or nine of them to tell us they enjoy it.

leesa mattress review foam bed in a box edge support
Leesa is a smart pick if you’re always checking the price tag first

The LSA200 foam gives the bed a light and airy feel while it neutralizes the memory foam underneath. Leesa’s charm is that it’s just a generally comfortable neutral-foam feeling mattress. On our scale to measure how soft or firm a mattress is, Leesa landed at a medium.

This is another accommodating feature of the mattress because it suits the widest range of people. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, it’ll feel be firm enough to keep your spine in proper alignment. If you mostly sleep on your side, it’s soft enough to give you pressure relief and mold to the curves of your body so you don’t wake up with the feeling of pins and needles in your arm.

leesa mattress review firmness and feel

For you combination sleepers out there, we think you’ll enjoy this mattress too, not only because it will accommodate your range of sleeping positions, but it’s quite responsive so you’ll be able to switch from your back, to your stomach, to your side with little effort.

If you’re sharing a bed with your partner, you’ll also find Leesa limits motion transfer really well. Have you ever seen that commercial with the girl walking around the mattress without spilling a wine glass? Well we did that test too, but with water instead because we never know how it’s going to turn out, and Leesa passed with flying colors.


You know you want to purchase from Leesa because they’re a top rated brand, and they care about charity as much as you do. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to decide which of their products you can see yourself sleeping on every night.

  • Are you looking for the best bang for your buck? Buying the Original Leesa bed will save you about $700 and it’s still a great mattress.
  • Do you tend to warm up while you sleep? You’ll probably sleep cooler on Leesa Hybrid than Leesa.
  • Are you looking for a solution to keep your significant other from waking you up when they sneak off to the kitchen for a midnight snack? A Leesa mattress limits motion transfer better than Leesa Hybrid.
  • Are you a heavy-set individual? A Leesa Hybrid is thicker and more supportive than Leesa, and will be a longer lasting purchase.
  • Are you a petite side sleeper? Leesa is probably a more suitable mattress for you.

That’s it for us, and we hope you’re a little closer to making your decision. Don’t forget to check out our Mattress Deals/Coupons page to make sure you’re getting the best value for your mattress.

Leesa Legend Mattress Comparison

The Leesa Legend is the company’s most premium mattress. Below is a short video that describes how it compares to the Leesa Hybrid and Original Leesa mattresses.

We hope the video above was helpful. Keep reading for more information about Leesa customer policies.

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What’s the difference between Leesa and Leesa Hybrid?

Can I return them if I don’t like the mattress I pick?

Yes. All Leesa mattresses come with a trial period and the free return option.

Can I sleep on my side with both beds?

Absolutely. We think side sleepers will really like Leesa and Leesa Hybrid.

Which is more comfortable?

They are both about equally comfortable. The difference is that you’ll feel more “bounce” and support with Leesa Hybrid. If you can afford it, we think most people will prefer Leesa Hybrid.