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tomorrow sleep mattress comparison

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam vs Hybrid Mattress

See which Tomorrow Sleep bed in a box mattress is right for you.

UPDATE: Tomorrow Sleep as a brand is no longer in business. These beds aren't available anymore.
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Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Deals10" hybrid mattress that has a medium-firm memory foam feel. This model is going to be more durable than the all-foam version.
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Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress DealsAll-foam mattress that is extremely comfortable and accommodates all kinds of sleepers. It's also decently affordable.


Tomorrow Sleep has ceased operations as a mattress brand. You can no longer buy either of these beds. For another popular memory foam bed, see our TempurPedic mattress reviews post.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Comparison: Overview

Serta-Simmons approaches the bed-in-a-box industry in a similar fashion to Brooklyn Bedding. They have a budget-tier bed that mostly targets younger folks, college students, and individuals looking to outfit a guest room. And then they have a mass-market bed that’s a little more expensive, but still very reasonably priced. In this post we’ll explore how these beds are similar and different and ultimately why you would get one of them over the other.

There is only so much that you can fit into a single video, which is why we’ve put together the rest of the post. We will discuss the relative advantages of the hybrid model first and then all-foam model.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid


  • People that like the feel of memory foam
  • Back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Sleepers who like a little bounce in their bed
  • Heavier individuals who need a durable bed (individually wrapped coils)
  • Folks who like options (multiple firmness levels to choose from)

As implied in the names, the biggest difference between these two mattresses is constructionone is an all-foam bed and one is a hybrid bed. They’re both 10″ thick, but the hybrid model uses 1″ of base foam and a 6″ layer of individually wrapped coils as its support system.

The all-foam mattress, on the other hand, uses 7″ of high-density base foam for its support. This construction difference gives the hybrid model two main advantages.

First, coils are just more durable than foam. Plain and simple. If you’re looking to get a bed that lasts 8-12 years, the hybrid is going to outlast the all-foam model. The coils also give the bed a little bit of bounce and it makes the hybrid model slightly firmer than the all-foam. This means the hybrid model is also going to be a better choice for heavier folks (250 lb or more).

Heavy individuals place a lot of extra pressure on a bed compared to average and petite sized people, so the firmer and more durable a mattress is, the better.

tomorrow sleep hybrid layers
The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid uses 6″ individually wrapped coils for support

The second advantage is also related to the coils and firmness level and that’s temperature regulation (or how cool a bed sleeps). In this case, we think the hybrid model is going to sleep just a tiny bit cooler than the all-foam. First, having coils as opposed to a thick layer of dense foam allows for better airflow. Foam materials tend to retain heat, while coils promote air circulation.

Another reason why we think the hybrid mattress sleeps cooler is that it’s slightly firmer (Medium Firm model). This means you’ll lay a little more on top of the hybrid mattress instead of sinking into it and having the mattress hug you as you sleep. Having said that, neither of them is an actual cooling mattress the way the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is, for example.

Besides construction, you also get another major benefit with the hybrid mattress and that’s options. You can choose between two different firmness levelsMedium Soft and Medium Firm. The all-foam model comes in just one firmness level.

tomorrow sleep firmness

Now, it’s important to note that the Medium Firm model is their most popular option. That’s the model we tested and what we’re primarily referring to in this post. However, if you’re a strict side sleeper, but still want the coils for added support, you may want to go with the Medium Soft hybrid model.

tomorrow sleep mattress reviews hybrid memory foam
Tomorrow Sleep offers two different firmness levels for the Hybrid

So those are the major differences between the two models that favor the hybrid. Below, we’ll discuss what advantages you’ll get with the all-foam mattress, as well as some of the similarities between the two mattresses.

Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam


  • Folks who like memory foam
  • Budget-minded shoppers
  • All types of sleepers (side, back, and stomach)
  • Sleepers who move around a lot (limits motion transfer well)

Really, the only major advantage the all-foam memory foam mattress has over the hybrid model is price. Pretty straightforwardthe all-foam model is just much cheaper. It’s about $100-$200 less expensive, depending on size.

If you’re on a budget, the all-foam model is the way to go. Plus, Tomorrow Sleep is pretty aggressive when it comes to deals and coupon codes to make their beds even cheaper. Check the table above to see what promotion the company is currently offering.

tomorrow sleep mattress review foam memory foam bed

Besides that, we think the all-foam model is slightly softer than the hybrid model. As such, strict side sleepers might find the all-foam mattress provides more pressure relief. However, as we stated above, the hybrid model also comes in a Medium Soft model, which pretty much makes that advantage irrelevant.

What Both Tomorrow Sleep Beds Have In Common

So with all that said, let’s discuss some of the characteristics both mattresses share. First is feel. The top layers of both mattresses are very similar, so both mattresses have a soft memory foam feel. You don’t get that dense memory foam feel like you do with beds like Cocoon Sealy or Nectar.

However, there is a very slight stuck-in-the-mud feeling with both Tomorrow Sleep mattresses, but not nearly as much as with other memory foam beds. Overall, both mattresses are very comfortable.

We think the all-foam model is about a medium on the firmness scale, while the hybrid model is more like a medium to medium-firm (again, that refers to the Medium Firm hybrid model). Keep in mind, though, your weight plays a big factor in how firm/soft you find a mattress to be.

Our firmness ratings are based on an average sized person (call it 150-225 lb). However, we think both mattresses are great for all kinds of sleepers. When you’re on your back or stomach, you receive plenty of support and your hips/trunk never sink too far to where your spine is out of alignment. When you’re on your side, the two top layers are very soft and provide a good amount of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

What about couples? Good question, thanks for asking. First, let’s discuss motion isolation and light sleepers. Both mattress models limit motion transfer extremely well. If you or your partner switch between sleeping positions or get up a lot throughout the night, we think it’s safe to say you won’t disturb each other.

tomorrow sleep mattress reviews edge support
Solid edge support on both Tomorrow Sleep mattresses

Edge support is another important factor for couples and I’m happy to report it’s solid with both mattresses. Of course, the hybrid model is slightly better than the all-foam model due to the foam rails and coils, but you never feel as if you’re going to fall off the edge with either of these beds.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid vs Memory Foam Review Conclusion

As you’ve read above, both mattresses are similar in a lot of ways. They have a similar soft memory foam feel, they’re both great at limiting motion transfer and they’re ideal for all kinds of sleepers. Really, the choice between the two models comes down to price vs durability.

When it comes to pricing, the all-foam mattress is about $100-$200 cheaper depending on the size you choose. If you’re on a tight budget, the all-foam model is the clear winner.

However, if price isn’t as big of a concern, the hybrid model is going to be much more durable. It utilizes coils rather than foam for its main support system. As a result, we think this model is going to last longer, be a better choice for heavier sleepers, and sleep slightly cooler.

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Shipping, Returns, Trial Period, and Warranty

Before we jump in, though, let’s briefly cover the Tomorrow Sleep company policies. Like most bed-in-a-box companies, Tomorrow Sleep offers free shipping and free returns. Both mattresses will arrive compressed in a medium-sized box.

However, if you don’t want to set it up, the company does offer optional free white glove delivery and removal of your old mattress. Once your mattress is all set up, whether you do it or the company does it, you’ll have a 365-day trial period to test out the bed. That’s right, you can sleep on these beds for a full year before deciding whether or not you want to keep it.

If you do decide the mattress is not for you within the trial period, just give the company a call and they will send someone to your house to pick it up free of charge and issue you a full refund. Just for reference, that’s one of the longest trial periods we’ve seen bed company offer.

Each Tomorrow Sleep mattress is also backed with a 10-year Serta Simmons warranty.