If you're in the market for a mattress that offers a few extra bells and whistles, both WinkBed and Brooklyn Bedding Aurora are high-quality beds with signature features that make them stand out. In this post, we discuss the main differences between these premium hybrid mattresses, and cover everything you’d want to know including price, discounts, construction features, firmness levels, and much more.

Before we really unpack the major differences between WinkBed and Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, here’s a quick synopsis of the topics we’ll be discussing:

  • Feel — WinkBed has a supportive, bouncy pillow-top feel, while Brooklyn Bedding Aurora feels like a neutral-foam mattress with a little extra spring.
  • Temperature — The innerspring layer(s) in these beds allow for increased airflow, but Brooklyn Bedding Aurora has active cooling features that actually makes it sleep cool.
  • Construction — Although both beds have a hybrid construction, WinkBed has an additional micro-coil layer inside which makes it a pretty heavy-duty mattress.
  • Trial & Warranty — Brooklyn Bedding’s trial and warranty are pretty standard compared to others in the industry, but the policies from WinkBed are difficult to beat.

Now that you get the main idea, let’s help you decide which bed accommodates you the best.

Why you should buy WinkBed — If you’re interested in investing money into a premium mattress that’s built to be comfortable, yet extra supportive, we think you’d be more drawn to WinkBed. Not only does it look like a luxurious mattress, but it also has a sturdy hybrid construction that makes it particularly long-lasting.

winkbed reviews mattress cover
WinkBed is one of the nicest beds sold online

As you can see, WinkBed is a hefty mattress with a light and airy pillow-top. When you lay on the mattress, you immediately get a sense that you’re on one of the most supportive beds out there, and yet the comfort is not lacking.

WinkBed’s Hardy Construction

Most hybrid mattresses are made with one innerspring/coil base, and contain comfortable foam slabs in the top layers. WinkBed, however, decided to construct their 15” hybrid a little differently.

The first layer is a thin, 2” slab of polyurethane foam to provide a foundation for the rest of the mattress. Next comes a 7” thick pocketed coil system meant to provide durability and bi-directional support, and the third layer from the bottom is yet another layer of coils.

It’s uncommon to see a bed with two layers of coils, so we were really impressed by this design. They’re called microcoils as they’re only 2.5” thick, but combined with the pocketed coils, they help provide sleepers with maximum support. It’s actually one of the most durable mattresses we’ve come across, primarily because of this feature.

winkbed mattress review construction and layers wink mattress
Check out WinkBed’s construction

The comfort layer in this mattress is a 2” white Euro-top. It feels really plush, soft-to-the-touch, and it gives the mattress a clean, luxurious look. Upon first impression, we thought it looked like a bed that you’d furnish a fancy hotel suite with.

The plant-based tencel cover is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 certified, meaning it’s non-toxic and safe for you or your loved ones to sleep on.

WinkBed Has Multiple Firmness Levels

Both mattresses in this comparison offer three firmness levels, but WinkBed is generally a little (tiny bit) firmer. In other words, they don’t offer anything as soft as Brooklyn Bedding Aurora.

They have a “Softer,” “Luxury Firm,” and “Firmer” model, which we rated below.

winkbed mattress review firmness and feel

Since WinkBed is offered in a range of firmness levels, we’d say it’s acceptable for any sleeper type. Just make sure you get the mattress that accommodates your specific preference. For instance, side sleepers should consider the Softer mattress, while back and stomach sleepers should try out the Firmer bed.

For combo sleepers, or those who share a mattress with a loved one, the Luxury Firm might be a good option because it’s the sweet spot between soft and firm, and it accommodates a wide range of sleeper types.

winkbed reviews side sleepers for this mattress
WinkBed suits any sleeper type — including side sleepers like Owen

As far as feel goes, you can definitely tell it’s an innerspring mattress. Though, it’s a lot more comfortable than the traditional innerspring bed at your grandma’s house. That top layer gives this bed a plush, light, pillow-top feel, and we think it offers the perfect amount of cushion.

WinkBed Is Slightly More Affordable Than Aurora

Neither of these mattresses are in the same tier price wise as your average bed-in-a-box mattress like Leesa or Casper. They’re considered high-end beds, but with that said, we’re pretty impressed with their pricing. Don’t get us wrong, they’re crazy super affordable, but we think they have great values and qualify as “affordable luxury.”

A queen size WinkBed will run about $1,600 and a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora in the same size costs around $1,700. So as you can see, at MSRP, there isn’t a huge difference between the two. Though, they both offer discounts throughout the year so you might be able to walk away with $200-$300 off. Check this page, or the brands’ specific websites.

Why you’d prefer Brooklyn Bedding Aurora — Brooklyn Bedding is unlike your standard hybrid mattress because it’s designed to help regulate your body temperature. Multiple layers of this bed contain the brand’s special proprietary technology, and as a result, it delivers an instant cool feeling as soon as your body comes in contact.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Eurotop Mattress Review
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and its TitanCool cover

This mattress is ultra cool, and we even named it the best cooling bed on our Best Luxury Mattress list. So if your body temperature skyrockets during sleep, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora might be really appealing to you.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora’s Hybrid Design

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a hybrid mattress and it stands at around 13.5″ tall. Here’s a quick breakdown of the bed’s five different layers.

The first layer is a 1” piece of support foam, which provides a solid base for the bed’s following layers. The next slab is where you’ll get a bulk of your support, and it’s 8” of individually encased coils that move independently from one another.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Construction Graphic
The layers that make up the inside of Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

The third layer is a visco-elastic memory foam slab which acts as a transition layer in between the firm coils, and soft comfort foams above. On top of that is a 2” layer of TitanFlex Foam, a proprietary material that delivers pressure reliving comfort without being conforming.

Finally, the top layer is a 1.5” slab of CopperFlex Foam paired with TitanCool which attracts your body heat and pulls it away from you. This leaves you feeling more comfortable, and cool throughout the night. However, this layer isn’t the only thing contributing to a cold feel.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora’s Cooling Cover

We’re going to be honest and say Brooklyn Bedding Aurora’s cover is one of the coldest ones we’ve felt. While we can’t fully back the brand’s claim that it brings your body temp down to 88 degrees, we can say that it’s physically cold to the touch and helps prevent you from overheating at night.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Eurotop Mattress Cover
The bed’s TitanCool cover

The secret is the brand’s TitanCool material. It’s woven into the smooth top cover of the mattress, and we think it’s effective for cooling down warm sleepers.

One of the things this cover can’t do, however, is be thrown in the wash. Accordingly, you’ll have to rely on a mild detergent and warm water to spot clean your bed. If you’re interested in a mattress with a machine washable cover since neither of the beds in this mattress come with one, check out Yogabed or Novosbed.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Feel And Firmness

Compared to WinkBed, we think Brooklyn Bedding Aurora has more of a neutral-foam feel than an innerspring feel. What we mean is, it’s not viscous or syrupy like traditional memory foam — it’s responsive, and generally just really comfortable. That 8” pocketed coil system does add a bit of bounce to the mattress, but you’re mostly going to feel those top comfort layers.

Now let’s talk firmness, shall we? Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is offered in three different firmness levels, and accommodates all sleeper types. Below is how we rated each mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Firmness Graphic

As you can see, their Soft mattress is about as plush as you can get, so we recommend that bed to petite side sleepers and those who love an extra soft feel. Alternatively, we suggest their Medium mattress to average side sleepers, and their Firm model to back and stomach sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Eurotop Mattress Side Sleeper Example
Their Medium or Soft model will be better for side sleepers

Combo sleepers honestly might want to cater to their most dominant sleeper type, because we don’t any think their options sit right in the middle of the firmness scale.

Slumber Yard Verdict: Who To Pick?

If you ask us, we think both mattresses offer a great value to sleepers. WinkBed and Brooklyn Bedding Aurora are high-end beds made with quality materials, and built to accommodate any type of sleeper — regardless of weight or sleeper type. So we honestly think it comes down to these major points:

  • Are you a hot sleeper? If so, we think Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a pretty cool-sleeping mattress.
  • Do you want an extra supportive mattress? Whether you’re a heavy person, sleep with a larger individual, or want something that will strongly hold up over the years? WinkBed is ultra thick, and offers a ton of support.
  • Both offer three firmness levels to choose from, but Aurora has a super soft option while WinkBed offers a more neutral firmness option.
  • Is trial length and warranty important to you? It doesn’t get better than what WinkBed offers. Check it out below.

Thanks for coming to the Slumber Yard for all your mattress-related needs. Feel free to check out our coupon page to see where you can save money, or our other mattress comparisons for more mattress match-ups.

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