WinkBed and Purple are two of the premier online mattresses. In this comparison, we will discuss why you should get WinkBed over Purple and Purple over WinkBed. In the process, we will touch on firmness, feel, temperature, pricing, and much more.

WinkBeds Classic mattress VS. Purple Hybrid mattress
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  • Consumers looking for a supportive yet comfortable hybrid mattress
  • If you want to choose your firmness preference
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  • If you’re looking for a unique, responsive mattress with a different type of feel
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Among the list of luxury mattresses available online, WinkBed and Purple are two of the more popular options. You might spend extra on them, but they certainly are not your standard foam mattress—they’re durable, supportive, and have plenty of unique features. In this review, we’ll discuss how they compare and contrast as well as why you should get one bed over the other. And, for those of you that are short on time, here’s a quick overview of the key differences between the beds.

  • Feel — While we happen to find both mattresses comfortable, WinkBed and Purple feel nothing alike.
  • Firmness — Given that the overall feel of the beds is different, the firmness rating also varies a bit.
  • Price — It’s a little difficult to compares apples to apples here, but with the exception of the original Purple mattress, WinkBed will end up being the more affordable option.
  • Temperature — We’d consider WinkBed a temperature-neutral mattress, but Purple is one of the best mattresses for hot sleepers.
  • Heavy Individuals — Both mattresses are able to handle individuals that weigh over 250 lb, but we have to give the edge to WinkBed here since they make a mattress specifically with these individuals in mind.
  • WinkBed vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Of course, there are other details that are important with both beds, but we want to focus on the big stuff. If you need any more details, below are links to our individual reviews.

WinkBeds Classic
WinkBeds Classic
Why it’s Great
WinkBed is a thick, durable hybrid mattress that includes a comfortable euro pillow top. In our opinion, it’s one of the best mattresses you can purchase online.
Best for
Consumers looking for a supportive yet comfortable hybrid mattress
If you want to choose your firmness preference
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Pillow Top
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
120 Nights
Made in

$300 OFF

$300 Off

WinkBed is the quintessential hotel luxury mattress that looks like it belongs in castle or five-star hotel. It’s handmade, and you can tell. WinkBed is one of the nicest mattreses that you can buy anywhere, let alone online. That said, we also happen to really like Purple mattresses, so let’s explore the major reasons why you’d get WinkBed over Purple.

WinkBed is More Affordable (Sometimes)

As previously mentioned, it’s somewhat difficult to compare prices with these two brands since Purple offers a number of mattress models, each at a different price point. Even still, WinkBed is the more affordable mattress, if you exclude the original Purple mattress, which has an MSRP of about $1,100 for a queen size. WinkBed, for a queen size bed, has an MSRP of about $1,600.

winkbed mattress review main image wink bed cover of bed
WinkBed is a heck of a mattress for the price

Purple is pretty much opposed to authorizing mattress coupons or offering cash discounts, but WinkBed often does have deals. You can check for current promotions.

WinkBed Has An Innerspring Feel

If you can imagine an innerspring bed with a large pillow topper, that’s pretty much what WinkBed feels like. It’s a supportive, durable mattress with a layer of zoned support quantum edge coils, and a soft quilted cover. We find it to be very comfortable, but there are some people that just don’t like coil mattresses.

winkbed mattress review edge support
WinkBed is not your typical online mattress

WinkBed also happens to have one of the nicest covers that you’ll see on a mattress. It’s made of a plant-based fiber called tencel, which is harvested from Eucalyptus trees. The cover also is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 certified, meaning it meets seriously rigorous safety standards.

WinkBed Offers Multiple Firmness Options

Rather than just offer one firmness level and hope it’s right for everyone, WinkBed has a soft, medium, and firm option (they call them Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firm).

We recommend the Softer option as the ideal mattress for side sleepers. It’s soft, but not too soft. The Luxury Firm model is the most popular and it sits at about a medium on the soft/firm spectrum. It’s going to be ideal for all sleepers, including combination sleepers.

winkbed mattress review firmness and feel

The Firm mattress version is designed specifically for back and stomach sleepers—still a very nice mattress, but not nearly as much pressure relief as the other two options.

WinkBed Plus Can Handle (Virtually) Anyone

If you’re over 300 lb, WinkBed makes a model specifically for you. It’s called WinkBed Plus and it’s even more durable, burly, and supportive than the standard WinkBed mattress. It does cost more, but it might be worth your consideration if you’re between 300 lb and 500 lb. You can see the Plus mattress on

If you read the section above, you’re probably expecting WinkBed to be the clear-cut winner in this mattress comparison. Not so fast. Purple is inarguably the more popular brand and they too make a heck of a mattress. Here are the reasons that you might get Purple over WinkBed.

Unique Feel of Purple Mattresses

We’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses, most of which have foams, coils, or some combination of the two. Purple takes it one step further, utilizing a patented material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer as its top layer. This is what differentiates the brands and gives their mattresses a completely unique feel.

purple mattress hyper elastic polymer
A close up look at Hyper-Elastic Polymer

This top layer is both soft and firm, at the same time, providing pressure relief where you need it and support where you need it. It’s actually remarkable stuff.

It also is incredibly responsive, meaning you don’t leave behind body impressions when you get up and Purple mattresses are a safe haven for combo sleepers that rotate positions during the night. Because it’s a silicone-like material, it bounces right back into shape immediately when pressure is removed, yet it still contours when pressure is applied.

purple mattress review stomach sleepers
Purple beds are able to work for all sleeping types

You will see Hyper-Elastic Polymer on all Purple mattresses. As for how the material feels, it’s a bit like a giant Dr. Scholls insole. It’s bouncy, pliable, cushiony. The only issue is that it’s so unique that about 50% of people love it and the other 50% do not—it’s a pretty divisive material, especially compared to a regular polyurethane foam.

Purple Allows For More Airflow

Another advantage of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that it’s laid out in a grid format and allows for a lot of airflow. The mattresses don’t actively cool you down, but they do manage to do a great job of dispersing heat. These are true temperature-neutral beds.

purple mattress topper hyper-elastic polymer
Grid format is key to regulating temperature

As you can see, the grid format allows for thousands of pockets of air within the mattress. Combine this with the fact that Hyper-Elastic Polymer doesn’t tend to trap heat the way foams do, and you’re working with a fantastic bed for people with night sweats, hot flashes, and so on.

Purple Mattresses: Firmness Ratings

Keep in mind that firmness and softness are relative terms and will change from person to person. Having said that, here’s our firmness rating for each Purple mattress.

The original Purple is the softest mattress of the four, coming in at about a medium on the soft-to-firm scale. The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is in the same range, but perhaps a slight bit firmer given that it has coils. The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is next and is just above a medium. And lastly, the base Purple Hybrid is the firmest bed that Purple offers—it’s about a medium-firm.

Recently, Purple discontinued the Purple Hybrid and Premier mattresses. They are no longer being made. However, Purple has replaced them with three new collections of mattresses — Essential, Premium and Luxe. The Premium and Luxe collections have hybrid models.

purple mattress review side sleeper
All Purple beds are close in terms of firmness (Original pictured above)

Even so, we do think all Purple mattresses are good for all sleeping positions, though we would point strict back/stomach sleepers to the standard Purple Hybrid first. Conversely, for strict side sleepers, we would push them toward the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 and the original Purple mattress first.

For heavier individuals (i.e. over 250 lb), I know we gave the edge to WinkBed, but the Purple Hybrid beds are pretty good options, as well, since Hyper-Elastic Polymer is just a durable material and all three beds utilizes pocketed support coils.

Other Considerations in WinkBed vs Purple Debate

As previously mentioned, we’ve posted individual reviews of both beds, which you can consult to get a fuller picture of each mattress. That said, here are a few other elements that we thought were worth mentioning with WinkBed and Purple.

Edge Support

Both mattresses do a great job of keeping you on the bed. In other words, they have really good edge support. This is key for couples sharing a smaller size bed or anyone that just prefers to sleep along the perimeter of the bed.

Motion Isolation

Both beds are pretty good here, though we wouldn’t say they’re the best out there. We can’t image many people having a serious issue with them as it relates to motion transfer.

Company Policies: WinkBed vs Purple

Whenever you’re buying a mattress online, the very least that you can expect is free shipping. Luckily, both WinkBed and Purple offer free shipping. WinkBed roll-packs their mattress and ships it in a large cardboard box (hence the term bed-in-a-box mattress). Purple ships their original mattress and base hybrid beds in a large bag and it has basically the same setup process as WinkBed.

Once you receive the mattress, your sleep trial begins. WinkBed and Purple allow you 120 nights and 100 nights, respectively, to test out your brand new mattress. In other words, you get, at minimum, three months to sleep on the bed and make a final decision about it.

If, inside the trial period, you decide that you no longer want the bed—maybe it’s too firm, too soft, or you just changed your mind—you can get request a refund. In fact, during those sleep trials, both brands offer 100% free returns. The only wrinkle in the trial period (at least for WinkBed) is that they want you to try the bed for 30 nights before you initiate a return. This is very common. We’ve seen similar policies with Novosbed, Bear Hybrid, and many others. They just want you to have a chance to fully vet the bed, allow your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface, and given the mattress enough time to soften up (all beds soften with use).

As for warranties, WinkBed backs their mattress with a lifetime warranty (pretty incredible) and Purple offers a 10-year, standard warranty. You can read the full warranties on and

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