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WinkBed vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison

WinkBed vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison

How WinkBeds compare to the Saatva innerspring mattress

Last Updated: September 11, 2020

Matt Ross

These are two of the most popular spring mattresses available online. In this comparison we discuss how they are similar and how they are different, including the big reasons that you would buy one mattress over the other.

WinkBeds Classic Pillow Top $300 Off Code: SLEEP300WinkBed is a thick, durable hybrid mattress that includes a comfortable euro pillow top. In our opinion, it’s one of the best mattresses you can purchase online.
Saatva Classic Pillow Top $200 Off Orders $1,000+ Applied in CartSaatva Classic is the original innerspring mattress online. It comes in three firmness options, all of which have coils for support and a fluffy pillow top.

WinkBed Mattress vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison Overview

If you’re in the market for a spring or hybrid mattress and you’re open to buying online, these are two of the best mattresses that you can get. Having said that, there are some notable differences between them and some real reasons that you’d get one over the other.

  • Price — Saatva is slightly more affordable.
  • Firmness — They each offer three firmness levels, but WinkBed provides a softer option that’s suitable for side sleepers who like a more plush feel.
  • Lifetime Warranty — WinkBed backs its mattress with a full lifetime warranty and lifetime comfort guarantee. Saatva has a 15-year warranty, which is still longer than average.
  • White Glove Delivery — Both mattresses come with free shipping, but Saatva offers free white-glove delivery, whereas WinkBed charges extra for these additional services.
  • Free Returns — WinkBed offers completely free returns. Saatva charges $99 for returns.

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WinkBed Vs Saatva Mattress Video

Those are just the headline differences. There’s a lot more information that may be of interest to you. Keep reading to learn more about these online beds.

WinkBed Mattress Review

WinkBed Mattress Design & Construction

The WinkBed mattress is made in Wisconsin and measures in at 14.5” thick. It has two layers of coils so it’s supportive and durable, which is ideal for anybody over 250 lbs or for those who want their bed to be extra long-lasting.

winkbed mattress review construction and layers wink mattress

Check out WinkBed’s supportive construction

It’s also fitted with a soft pillow-top, which gives the mattress more of a plush feel, so the double coil layers aren’t overbearing at all — we think you’ll barely notice them. The thing you might notice, though, is WinkBed’s clean and premium appearance. It certainly has a luxurious look and feel that most buyers have enjoyed.

WinkBed Feel & Firmness

WinkBed is offered in multiple firmness levels (softer, luxury firm and firmer) and therefore can handle any type of sleeper (back, stomach, side and combination sleepers).

winkbed mattress review firmness and feel

We think this mattress is better for most side sleepers (especially if you’re petite) because it offers more pressure relief than Saatva does. We rated Saatva’s softest option a medium, and as you can tell from the graph above, we think WinkBed’s soft model lands around a medium-soft.

WinkBed Plus Overview

One thing that’s interesting with WinkBed is that they offer a plus-size version for individuals who weigh 300 pounds or more. It costs a little more, but the bed is specifically designed to handle heavier people. Having said that, Saatva also offers a 14.5” model, but Saatva claims that the difference is mostly aesthetic (i.e. it’s not any better or worse for heavy people).

winkbed mattress review main image wink bed cover of bed
WinkBed Plus is a beast of a mattress

We think both beds are good options for anyone in the 250 lb range. They both made our list of the best mattresses for heavy people.

WinkBed Pros And Cons


  • All sleepers can be comfortable. It’s a great mattress for all sleepers. Depending on which firmness you get, you should have an easy night of sleep on a WinkBed no matter if you’re a side, stomach, back or combo sleeper.
  • The cover is breathable. The Tencel cover is ultra-breathable for sleeping on. It’s made of eco-friendly eucalyptus and will help keep you cool while you sleep.
  • You get a lifetime warranty. WinkBed offers a lifetime warranty. The company also offers a durability guarantee, which means if your mattress ends up with any defect, the company will replace it.


  • The bed is expensive. WinkBed has a high price point. You’re looking at spending at least $1,000 on the mattress for a twin bed, and if you want white-glove delivery or your old mattress removed, those are additional costs.
  • There’s not a lot of motion isolation. The WinkBed isn’t the best option for motion isolation if you’re sharing the bed. Because the mattress has coils, you might feel the motion from the person you’re sharing the bed with.
  • It isn’t memory foam. If you love memory foam, this mattress won’t give you that feeling. While the WinkBed is comfortable, it is not memory foam.

Other WinkBeds Products

WinkBed Mattress Ratings

  • BBB rating: B
  • Amazon Reviews: Many Amazon reviewers agreed that the WinkBed mattress is very comfortable when it’s brand new but started to sink after a period of a few months to a few years. Note that this bed isn’t always available for Amazon purchase.

Saatva Mattress Review

Saatva Mattress Design & Constriction

Saatva has a similar construction to WinkBed in that it has two layers of coils and a pillow top, only Saatva has an organic cotton cover and WinkBed has a Tencel cover. It also is available in three firmness levels (plush soft, luxury firm and firm) and will be suitable for any sleeper type.

saatva mattress reviews back sleepers
Accommodates all sleeper types

The overall feel of this mattress is similar to WinkBed: coil bed with a pillow top. It’s comfortable and supportive.

Saatva Pricing

One big advantage for Saatva is the fact that it’s more affordable than WinkBed, even if you select the 14.5” model as opposed to the default 11.5” one. Saatva will occasionally run sales, so you might want to check Saatva.com for current promotions. The MSRP for a queen size Saatva mattress is around $1,400, whereas WinkBed is around $1,600.

However, WinkBed is typically more aggressive when it comes to deals and discounts. You can usually expect to receive a $200-$300 discount on their beds. We’d recommend checking WinkBeds.com to see what the current promotion is.

Saatva Feel & Firmness

Previously, we mentioned how WinkBed might be a better option for side sleepers who want a mattress with more of a plush feel. Saatva, on the other hand, might be a better fitting mattress for back and stomach sleepers over 250 lbs. WinkBed is certainly a supportive mattress, but back and stomach sleepers need something on the firmer end of the spectrum for maximum support.

saatva mattress review firmness rating for this bed

Weight plays a large role in a person’s perspective on how firm or soft a bed is. Generally, the heavier you are, the softer a bed is going to feel. Because we rated Saatva’s Firm model at the end of our firmness spectrum, we think it’ll be the sweet spot for heavy back and stomach sleepers who prefer firmer beds.

Saatva Pros And Cons


  • The bed is lower priced — For the quality of Saatva, it comes with an appealing price tag. The queen bed will cost about $1,300 and includes white-glove delivery.
  • It has good airflow — The coil layers should improve airflow through the mattress. The mattress is breathable, which will also contribute to temperature neutrality.
  • It works for all sleep types — Saatva mattresses are good for all sleepers! Make sure to select the proper firmness to suit your sleeping style.


  • Motion isolation. This mattress isn’t great for motion isolation. The coils inside the mattress allow you to feel most motion from someone you’re sharing the bed with.
  • It doesn’t have memory foam. If you’re looking for a more cushiony mattress, this may not be it. Because of the innerspring construction, it has some bounce, which means it won’t feel like memory foam.

Other Saatva products

Saatva Mattress reviews

  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Amazon Reviews: The reviews are mixed among Saatva customers, with some saying the mattress is not comfortable for side sleepers but very comfortable to sleep otherwise. Also, some complained about the mattress being too firm, but other customers appreciated it. This bed might also not be actively available on Amazon.

WinkBed vs. Saatva Mattress — Other Comparisons

Given that we’re dealing with two spring mattresses, there’s a lot of overlap. Therefore, it’s hard to draw clear distinctions between them aside from a few areas. In other words, they have more in common than they don’t.

Temperature Regulation

There are a number of factors that play into how hot or cold a mattress sleeps. You have materials, firmness, room temperature and sleeper weight. Taking into account all of that, our opinion is that both beds sleep more neutral.

If you get the firm option with Saatva and the soft option with WinkBed, you’ll notice a difference in temperature. The more you sink into a mattress and are enveloped by the materials, the more you’ll heat up, generally speaking. If you sleep more on top of the mattress, you’ll end up sleeping cooler for the most part.

Motion Isolation

Both beds are fairly good at limiting cross-mattress motion. They’re not the best mattresses for motion isolation, but they’re no doubt better than a worn-out bed. Saatva does use a traditional innerspring base, but on top is pocketed coils, which are typically much better at isolating motion.

WinkBed uses two layers of pocketed coils. Ultimately, memory foam mattresses, such as Nectar and Loom & Leaf, tend to be the best at stopping motion from reverberating through the bed. This is mostly important for couples, especially when one partner moves a lot in their sleep or gets up in the middle of the night.

Edge Support

Like motion isolation, edge support is mostly important for couples, and this is only key when you’re sharing a smaller bed where the sleeping surface is limited. If a bed has poor edge support, we generally recommend that you consider going up a size (i.e. full to a queen or queen to a king).

winkbed mattress review edge support
Solid edge support with both beds

Luckily, both Saatva and WinkBed have good edge support. They’re not on the level of the Simmons Beautyrest Black or Stearns & Foster Estate Addison Grace, but we wouldn’t complain about the edge support on these either.


Any time you have a coil mattress, you should expect better responsiveness. Naturally, because both of these beds have two layers of coils, they are notably quick in terms of responsiveness.

This responsiveness is primarily important for combination sleepers who tend to rotate between sleeping positions during the night. A mattress with slower response times (such as Zinus) will make it more difficult to move around on the bed.

Cover And Cleaning

Neither Saatva nor WinkBed have removable covers and therefore they’re not machine washable, like the cover on the Yogabed mattress, for example. This is the case with most covers on most mattresses, but we always prefer when you have the option to machine wash them. Instead, with both beds, you are encouraged to spot clean any stains with warm water and mild detergent. You can also look into mattress protectors.


One big advantage for Saatva is the fact that it’s more affordable than WinkBed, even if you select the 14.5” model as opposed to the default 11.5” one. Saatva will occasionally run sales, so you might want to check Saatva.com for current promotions. The MSRP for a queen size Saatva mattress is around $1,400, whereas WinkBed is around $1,600.

Saatva Pricing:

Twin XL$999
Cal King$1,799

WinkBed Pricing:

Twin XL$1,149
Cal King$1,849

However, WinkBed is typically more aggressive when it comes to deals and discounts. You can usually expect to receive a $200-$300 discount on their beds. We’d recommend checking WinkBeds.com to see what the current promotion is.

Winkbed Vs Saatva Mattress Comparison Verdict

The WinkBed and the Saatva Classic mattress are similar in how they sleep. Where the two differ the most is in the firmness level, the materials used, and the price tag, which are all things to consider in your decision. Both companies offer financing.

Twin XL$1,149$949
Split King$1,899
California King$1,849$1,699
Split California King$1,899

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WinkBed Plus vs. Saatva HD Comparison

For those of you who fall into the heavy category, below is a short video that compares the WinkBed Plus against the Saatva HD. These two mattresses are built specifically for people who weigh 300+ pounds.

Ultimately, there are just a few factors that truly separate the two mattresses. Now let’s cover what you need to know about the Saatva mattress.


Can I test the mattresses at home to see if I like them?

Both WinkBeds and Saatva offer trial periods that extend past 100 nights. WinkBeds asks customers to try the mattress for at least 30 days before initiating a return. Both WinkBeds and Saatva will pick the mattress up should you decide you don’t want it. WinkBeds charges a $49 fee and Saatva charges a $99 fee for the return, and it comes out of your refund.

Do the WinkBed Plus and Saatva HD cost more?

Both of the mattresses designed for heavier bodies cost slightly more than the standard sizes. The WinkBed Plus ranges from $1,249 to $1,999, and the Saatva HD ranges from $1,499 to $3,299.

How are the mattresses shipped?

While Saatva’s delivery includes white-glove service to your door, WinkBeds’ does not. If you choose to have your WinkBed mattress shipped, it will come rolled in a box. White-glove service for WinkBed is an additional charge.