Yogabed and GhostBed are two all-foam mattresses that you can buy online. In this post, we’ll discuss how and why one bed might be better than the other. In the process, we will discuss design, construction, pricing, feel, and much more.

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Before we get into all the broken down details of this post, here’s a basic outline of the points we’ll be covering:

  • Price — The pricing on these two is quite close, but you can generally get GhostBed a bit cheaper.
  • Feel — Yogabed has a responsive memory foam feel, while GhostBed has a mixed feel with characteristics of latex added in.
  • Materials — Both are all-foam mattresses, but Yogabed used poly and memory foam, while GhostBed uses poly, memory, and latex foam.
  • Cover — Yogabed has a machine washable cover.

These are the major points we’ll discuss, but read through the post for more information. You can also find additional details on both Yogabed and GhostBed in their individual reviews, which are linked in the green boxes on this page.

Comparison Overview: Yogabed vs GhostBed

The Yogabed mattress is a product produced by Marpac, a company that makes a host of sleep-related things including white noise machines, and GhostBed is a brand owned by Nature’s Sleep. So with their parent companies in mind, we can rest easy knowing that both mattresses in this comparison are coming from well-established players in the sleep product industry.

All-foam constructions are very common in the bed-in-a-box industry, so it can be hard to know which one to pick for your specific sleeping needs. If you’ve narrowed it down to just two options, you’ve done some commendable work. Hopefully, we can help you make your final selection.

Yogabed is a fairly simple all-foam mattress that manages to be pretty responsive despite its memory foam feel and construction.

Yogabed Feel And Firmness

If you look at Yogabed’s four-layer construction, you’ll notice that the top two layers are memory foam and “Instant Response YogaFoam,” so it’s really no surprise that the overall feel of the bed is, well, neutral with a responsive memory foam mixed in.

While you do get the pressure relief and softness of memory foam, that top layer of response foam prevents you from ever feeling like you’re stuck in the mattress, which can be a problem with some overwhelmingly stereotypical memory foam beds. Yogabed’s feel is actually pretty unique in the realm of memory foam beds, and we attribute that to the brand’s proprietary foams.

The firmness of Yogabed is right in the medium to medium-firm range on our scale, as you can see below.

yogabed mattress review bed in a box online marpac firmness

It could be a bit firmer or a bit softer depending on your weight, but for the average person, we’d call it a medium.

Who Is Yogabed Good For?

Based on the feel and firmness of Yogabed, we’d say this is a suitable mattress for all sleeper types and most body types.

Back and stomach sleepers will get enough support where they need it, while side sleepers will get the pressure relief necessary for a comfy night’s sleep.

yogabed mattress review side sleeper
Yogabed will work for a variety of sleeping positions

We say “most” body types because while Yogabed is going to work just fine for smaller and average sized people, folks weighing 250 lb or more will probably want to look for a mattress that offers more durability and better support for their larger frame.

Yogabed’s Washable Cover

This may seem like a strange thing to rave about, but here at the Slumber Yard, we get excited about removable, machine washable covers like Yogabed’s.

It’s pretty common for mattress covers to be removable now, but even if you can take it off, there’s a good chance you can’t put in the washing machine—you’ll have to spot clean. Spot cleaning is easy (warm water, a bit of mild detergent, dab at the spot), but it isn’t super thorough. Which is why an actually, fully, washable cover is something we count as a bonus.

yogabed mattress review zip n wash cover washable
You can’t really find anything negative to say about Yogabed’s cover

Washable covers are especially nice for anyone with young children or pets that might have an accident, anyone who loves breakfast or a glass of wine in bed, and anyone who suffers from persistent allergies or asthma and needs to thoroughly de-dust their linens often.

GhostBed is an all-foam bed that incorporates synthetic latex foam to provide the feel of latex without the higher cost that you typically see with a natural fully latex mattress.

Yogabed vs GhostBed Price

When you’re considering two different options, you’re of course going to look at how their pricing compares.

These two beds are pretty close in terms of pricing, even after you add in possible discounts. However, in our experience, GhostBed does tend to be just a little more affordable throughout the year, as well as during major holiday promotions.

At the time of this post (early 2019), both beds have an MSRP closer to $1,000. Remember, though, these numbers are before any discounts and report the pricing when this post was written. You can check the current pricing for GhostBed and Yogabed here.

GhostBed Feel And Firmness

GhostBed’s feel is somewhat of a mixed bag (of foam types). It has an all-foam construction with three layers, including a layer of supportive poly foam, a layer of gel memory foam, and a layer of synthetic latex foam.

ghostbed mattress review construction image and layers
GhostBed’s three-layer construction

Although the latex layer is on top, its feel isn’t overly dominant—the underlying memory foam’s feel gets mixed in, too. It borrows characteristics from both materials, so if you just lightly press on the top of the bed’s surface, you’ll feel a lot of the latex, but when you lay down, you get the pressure relief from the memory foam.

The firmness level of GhostBed about a medium on our scale. Perhaps just a smidge firmer, but still in the medium range.

ghostbed firmness scale

Latex Foam

Latex foam isn’t quite as popular as poly foam or memory foam, and when it is used, it’s usually natural latex in an eco-marketed mattress, which can be quite pricey. And while the synthetic latex used in GhostBed doesn’t have all the same benefits as its natural counterpart, it still has some benefits of its own (and it doesn’t cost as much as the natural stuff).

For one, latex is just a cooler-sleeping material than other foams. Where other foams—especially memory foam—can often trap heat and stifle airflow, latex allows your bed to breathe better, which means you’re less likely to overheat during the night.

ghostbed mattress review side sleepers
Snoozin’ on the GhostBed mattress

Latex foam is also a very responsive material without being hard or necessarily firm. That means a latex top layer allows you to get a sleep surface that bounces back into place and doesn’t make you feel stuck, while still having a softer bed. We think it’s great for combo sleepers who need to be able to switch positions throughout the night, but also need some pressure relief for the time they spend sleeping on their side.

Review Verdict

In the end, if you’re choosing between Yogabed and GhostBed, we think these are the most significant points for you to consider:

  • Which feel do you prefer? Yogabed’s feel is more neutral, responsive memory foam. GhostBed’s feel is more mixed with characteristics of latex foam.
  • Does the idea of a washable cover spark joy in your laundry-loving heart? Go for Yogabed.
  • Or are you more excited about getting the benefits from latex foam? If so, go for GhostBed.

We hope this comparison post has been helpful for you. Ideally, you know which mattress you want now. Or maybe you’ve realized neither of these options are for you and have no idea where to look now. If that’s the case, might we point you towards our mattress finder quiz to get you started?

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