In this post, we talk about two top-rated eco-friendly mattresses—Avocado and Zenhaven. We make sure to cover the major differences between the mattresses and discuss which types of sleepers will prefer each bed.

Zenhaven mattress VS. Avocado Green Mattress mattress
$1,595 – $3,395Price Range$1,399 – $2,599
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  • Anyone looking for a firm latex mattress
  • Consumers seeking multiple firmness options
Best For
  • Anyone that wants a natural/organic mattress
  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • People that want a firm, responsive mattress
180 NightsTrial Period365 Nights
20 YearsWarranty25 Years
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Avocado Mattress vs Zenhaven Synopsis

Before we get into the full breakdown of the post, here are the major points we’ll be hitting:

  • Construction and Feel — Avocado is a hybrid mattress, while Zenhaven is made entirely of talalay latex foam.
  • Materials — Avocado has a vegan option, but Zenhaven has the benefits of natural latex.
  • Price — Avocado is more affordable than the Zenhaven mattress.
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Of course, these are just the headline statements. Don’t worry—we’ll go through these points in detail, so keep reading for more information.

Mattress Comparison Introduction

Avocado and Saatva (the brand that makes Zenhaven) are both well-respected names in the online mattress industry. They’re also two of the most recognizable companies that market on a green platform. Because of their similar marketing tactics, they’re often compared and a lot of eco-conscious shoppers find themselves trying to choose between these two beds.

Why it’s Great
Zenhaven is a two-sided, flippable mattress that is made entirely of Talalay latex foam and organic wool. Each side features a different firmness profile, both of which skew more towards back and stomach sleepers.
Best for
Anyone looking for a firm latex mattress
Consumers seeking multiple firmness options
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Latex Foam
Trial Period
180 Nights
20 Years
Made in


Up To $250 Off Applied In Cart

Zenhaven, as we’ve mentioned, is a Saatva product, so it comes from a respectable brand with a good reputation. It’s one of the most popular latex foam beds available.

Zenhaven Mattress Construction

One of the selling points for Zenhaven is that it’s about as close to 100% natural latex as you can get with a mattress. The only part that isn’t latex is the cover, which is made of wool and organic cotton.

This pure latex construction is ideal for folks who desire the resilient, yet cushiony feel of latex foam. The Zenhaven mattress isn’t going to contour to your body like memory foam would, but it will provide pressure relief as well as support.

zenhaven mattress review construction and layers

Another fairly unique feature of the construction is that Zenhaven is a flippable mattress. While it’s not the only double-sided bed in the industry, it’s one of only a handful. It also offers different firmness levels on both sides. Being able to flip the mattress means you get two tries to get comfy—if one side isn’t the right firmness level for you, you can try the other side before giving up on the bed and submitting to that $99 return fee.

zenhaven mattress review organic cotton cover
Zenhaven has a really clever, flippable design

Plus, if you happen to like both sides of the mattress, you get a longer lasting bed since you can flip it when one side starts to show too much wear.

Latex Foam Benefits

Natural latex is not only a comfortable and durable material, but it also comes with some inherent benefits. It’s naturally antimicrobial and is a natural insect repellent, both of which are great qualities to have in a mattress to help prevent dust mites, mold, and other allergens. Latex is a good material for folks with very sensitive allergies.

You’re also most likely going to get a cooler night of sleep on a latex bed than you would on a bed constructed with other foam materials like memory foam. Latex foam allows for better airflow than other foams, which means you get better temperature regulation throughout the night.

To be fair, the Avocado mattress also incorporates latex foam so you’ll get some of the benefits mentioned above with that bed as well.

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Avocado Green Mattress
Avocado Green Mattress
Why it’s Great
The Avocado Green Mattress is the most sought after natural/organic mattress online. It’s supportive, comfortable, and constructed with high quality materials.
Best for
Anyone that wants a natural/organic mattress
Stomach and back sleepers
People that want a firm, responsive mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Latex Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights
25 Years
Made in

10%  use code:  SAVE10  in cart

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Avocado is one of the most popular hybrid mattresses available online at the moment, especially among the ever-growing crowd of shoppers looking to switch over to green products.

Avocado Costs Less Than Zenhaven

One notable difference between these two green mattresses is their price points. No matter how you look at it or what time of year you buy it, the Avocado mattress is going to be more affordable than the Zenhaven mattress.

Looking at the MSRPs at the time of this post, a queen size Avocado is priced at about $1,400 (+$400 for the pillow top). A queen size Zenhaven is priced at about $2,400. So even if you include the optional pillow top on Avocado, it’s still a little cheaper than Zenhaven.

It’s also worth mentioning that while Avocado will sometimes run deals or discounts, Saatva (Zenhaven’s parent brand) typically doesn’t ever offer discounts. We’d recommend checking the Zenhaven website and Avocado website for current promotions.

Alternatively, if both of these mattresses are a bit our of your price range, you may want to check out our list of the Best Budget Mattresses.

Construction And Feel

One of the key differences between Avocado and Zenhaven comes down to construction—Zenhaven is an all-foam mattress, while Avocado is a hybrid mattress. Being a hybrid, Avocado incorporates both layers of foam and coils. Specifically, it’s an 11” thick mattress with an 8” coil system and a 3” layer of latex foam. If you go for the optional pillow top, you get an additional 2” layer of latex foam. Their latex is 100% GOLS organic latex certified, along with their 100% GOTS organic certified wool.

avocado mattress review firmness graphic

The hybrid construction of Avocado makes it the better pick for folks with heavier body types as the coil system provides ample support. The coils also give the bed a bit of that innerspring bounce you might be used to, along with a comfort layer if you go for the optional pillow top.

Avocado Offers A Fully Vegan Option

While this feature from Avocado likely won’t spark universal excitement, it is a great thing for certain consumers.

avocado green mattress review
Avocado is among very few beds with a vegan option

Avocado offers a totally vegan version of their flagship mattress. Everything is the same, except they swap out the wool with 100% GOTS organic certified cotton, making the bed entirely free of animal byproducts. Just about every natural/organic mattress we’ve come across incorporates wool, so this vegan option from Avocado might just be a light in the darkness for lifestyle vegans, as well as those with wool allergies. Zenhaven, by the way, uses wool in its construction.

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Zenhaven Mattress vs Avocado Verdict

All in all, Avocado and Zenhaven are both quality, comfortable, eco-friendly mattresses. If you’re still having trouble deciding which one is right for you, consider the following factors:

Do you want a hybrid or all latex foam construction? If you want hybrid, go for Avocado. For all foam, go with Zenhaven.

Are you looking for a bed without wool materials, or do you care more for the benefits of natural latex? For no wool, Avocado’s vegan option is the way to go. For latex benefits, it’s Zenhaven.

And finally, would you prefer a flippable bed or one that’s a few hundred bucks more affordable? Flippable points to Zenhaven, more affordable would be Avocado.

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Shipping, Returns, Trial Periods And Warranties

If you’ve been shopping around for a mattress online, you’ve likely noticed that most companies will offer a lot of the same policies in regard to shipping and returns and whatnot. While there is an industry standard, there are a lot of companies that put their own twist on those standards.

For example, with Zenhaven, you’ll get free white glove delivery, which means that a regional service will deliver your mattress, bring it in, and set it up for you. They’ll also haul away your old mattress if you’d like. Next, you get 180 nights to sleep on the mattress and make sure it’s right for you. If you decided Zenhaven isn’t your perfect match, you’ll get free returns, but you will have to pay $99 for return shipping. If you keep the mattress, however, you’ll have a 20-year warranty to go along with it.

Avocado goes above and beyond the industry standards as well. The company offers free shipping, a 365 night trial period, free returns and a 25 year warranty.