As is so common the case, this is a story of memory foam versus neutral foam. Zinus Green Tea is a memory foam mattress through and through, while Leesa has a standard, soft foam feel. In other words, you'll notice a difference if you lay on one and then the other. In this review, we will endeavor to figure out which is the best mattress for the money, for you.

Leesa Original mattress VS. Zinus Green Tea mattress
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  • People that want a comfy foam bed
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  • Side sleepers who need ample pressure relief
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Regardless of whether you’re closer to the start or the end of your mattress researching process, you’ve no doubt come across Leesa and Zinus. Now, before we delve into the key differences/advantages for these beds, let’s cover a few commonalities that you might want to know.

  • Free Shipping — This is the baseline of what you expect when shopping online nowadays, but it’s nice to see that certain mattress brands even follow that same norm. With both Zinus and Leesa, you get free shipping. Exact delivery dates might be different, but Zinus usually has Prime shipping on Amazon, while Leesa is typically using FedEx’s 3-5 business day ground shipping.
  • Foam Design — The beds feel different, and have distinct firmness levels, but as far as general construction, they’re somewhat similar. Both beds have a support core of foam, and then a few comfort layers.
  • Side Sleeping — Again, different firmness levels, but most people will agree that these two beds can both manage side sleepers.
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Of course, there are other overlapping features, but those three items make up the bulk of what’s important for most shoppers. In the text below we have mini reviews of Zinus and Leesa to help make your decision easy.

You Should Buy Leesa Because — it’s a really nice, comfy foam bed that’s affordable. It’s the mattress that people buy because they are sick of doing research and just want a “safe pick.”

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
Leesa is a solid value for the money

All Sleeping Styles — As it relates to Zinus, one key differentiator for Leesa is that it can handle all sleeping positions. We consider it a “medium” meaning it’s not an extra firm mattress nor an overly soft one. It’s the type of mattress that you can basically take anyone off the street and they are likely to find Leesa comfortable.

Feel Of Leesa — If you can imagine a big slab of regular foam, that’s what Leesa feels like. I know that sounds boring, but that’s kind of the charm of the Leesa mattress. It does have memory foam, but only to act as a transition and pressure relief layer. Beyond that, the bed has a soft, neutral-foam feel.

leesa mattress review foam bed in a box edge support
Leesa has a classic soft foam feel that we think you’ll like

Interestingly, in 2018 Leesa swapped out the old comfort layer and added a new foam called “LSA 200.” It’s more breathable, pressure relieving, and responsive. You can freely rotate between sleeping positions without experiencing a “stuck” sensation.

Remember that Leesa is a 10″ foam bed, so it’s best for individuals that weigh under around 250 lbs. The same goes for Zinus Green Tea, even if you get the 12″ profile. If you’re over 250 lbs, you’ll wan to check out this post: Best Mattress For Overweight People. In general, firmer coil beds are best for heavy people, not softer foam beds—keep that in mind.

Why You’ll Prefer Zinus — In our other mattress comparisons, we try to tell a simple story to make things easier on our readers. In that vein, the simple story with Zinus Green Tea is that it’s a cheap, soft memory foam mattress. If you’re good with that, chances are you’ll like this bed.

zinus mattress review green tea
You’re looking at the 12″ Green Tea mattress from Zinus

Pricing — If you’ve ever searched for mattresses on Amazon, Zinus is one of the biggest brands that you’ll see. And why is that the case? They sell beds at a crazy low price point. For instance, the 10″ Green Tea mattress is consistently under ~$300 on Amazon for a queen.

Compare that to Leesa, and you’ve got your number one advantage for Zinus. Leesa has an MSRP for the queen of around $1,100, give or take. After discount, however, Leesa will end up costing you somewhere just under $1,000. You can click here to see Leesa’s current sales on their website.

zinus green tea mattress review
Side sleepers should be plenty happy with Zinus

Soft Memory Foam — If you like memory foam and spend the lion’s share of the night on your side, Zinus Green Tea might be for you. We consider it to be a “medium-soft” given that it offers a good deal of pressure relief particularly under your hips and shoulders.

Having said that, if you weigh over around 150 lbs and like to sleep on your stomach or back, you’ll probably prefer Leesa over Zinus.

Different Heights — While Leesa is available in a 10″ height profile, Zinus comes in a 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ thickness. As such, if you’re wanting a mattress for car camping or your RV, Zinus makes a lot of sense since you can save money with the 6″ or 8″ height profiles.

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