The Purple mattress surged onto the scene after a successful Kickstarter campaign. They have made a name for themselves by offering unique mattresses that are firm and soft at the same time. Zinus, on the other hand, has increased in popularity because they offer cheap mattresses for the budget-conscious consumer.

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Lucky for you, this is a fairly straightforward comparison—these beds are nothing alike. Just so you know, while both brands offer numerous different beds, we will focus on Zinus Green Tea and the Original Purple mattress.

Before we explain why Purple is better than Zinus, and vice versa, let’s cover the main two overlapping items.

  • Free Delivery — Almost every mattress brand offers completely free shipping, so it’s no surprise that Zinus and Purple do as well. For the record, most people end up purchasing Zinus via Amazon.
  • Side Sleeping — Both beds are excellent options for side sleepers.

Aside from those two things, Zinus and Purple are nothing alike. For instance, you’ll be purchasing Zinus via Amazon and Purple via the company’s online store.

And if all goes as planned, Purple offers a standard 100-night trial during which you can thoroughly vet the mattress. If you don’t like it, just return it. That’s right, completely free returns. A company contracted by Purple will dispatch someone in your area to pick up the mattress, costing you absolutely nothing.

With Zinus, since you’re at the whim of Amazon, you’ll have to abide by the company’s 30-day return window. Amazon mattresses are also a little funky with regards to returns. Sometimes your first mattress return is free, but we couldn’t find a clear, consistent policy. My hunch is that if you read this comparison and end up buying Zinus, you’ll probably keep it.

Why Purple Is Better — There are areas where Purple is objectively, and subjectively, better than Zinus. We have several of those reasons listed below for you. You can find even more information in our full Purple mattress comparison and review.

purple mattress review stomach sleeper
A look at the updated version of the Original Purple Mattress

Hyper-Elastic Polymer — You might not be too familiar with the comfort layer on Purple mattresses, but it really is what differentiates the beds. It also happens to be proprietary to Purple so you won’t see it on other bed-in-a-box mattresses. It’s both soft and firm at the same time, and incredibly good at keeping hot sleepers at a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Hyper Elastic Polymer is essentially a mega size Dr. Scholl’s insole. That sounds weird, we know, but somehow it ends up making for a really nice and unique mattress.

Why It’s Great For Hot Sleepers — There are two main reasons that Purple beds tend to be nice options for hot sleepers. For starters, the Purple Mattress Topper (i.e. Hyper-Elastic Polymer) is laid out as a grid. If you can imagine a squishy grate, that’s kind of what it’s like. As a result of having a grate (or grid) layout, there’s an abnormal amount of room for airflow. This should help to keep air circulating and your sleeping temperature down.

purple mattress review hyper elastic polymer topper bed online
This is the main comfort layer for Purple mattresses

In addition, the material itself, Hyper-Elastic Polymer, doesn’t tend to retain heat the way other materials, including many common foams, do. Even more, the cover on Purple mattresses is design to allow for maximum airflow.

Firmness — As generic as it sounds, all of the Purple mattresses are fairly close to a true medium. Purple Hybrid tends to be a tad firmer, but still pretty close. The Original Purple mattress is essentially a “medium” on the nose.

If you’ve read our other mattress reviews, you know what’s coming next. Because Purple beds are relatively neutral in terms of firmness, they are all basically able to handle all sleeping styles, whether it’s side, back, or stomach sleeping. Remember, the beds are sort of soft and firm at the same time.

You Should Get Zinus Because — The main reasons are feel, firmness, price, and retailer. We will get into each of them in the sections below. For the record, the most popular Zinus model is Green Tea, so we will focus on that primarily in this review.

zinus mattress review green tea
Zinus Green Tea is soft and has a true memory foam feel

Feel And Firmness — The simplest way to describe Zinus is that it’s a soft memory foam mattress. If you’ve ever felt memory foam before (most people have) you’ll know that it sometimes has a syrupy, viscose feel to it. Zinus has that sink-in feel, but it’s way softer. Pretty much anyone, regardless of weigh, will sink into ZInus.

We consider Zinus around a “medium-soft” on our firmness ratings. It’s primarily best for side sleepers. If you’re a petite individual you can get by in several sleeping positions, but we still contend that Zinus is most optimal for side sleepers.

zinus green tea mattress review construction and layers
Inside the 12″ Zinus Green Tea mattress

It’s Cheap — Whether or not you like the feel and firmness of Zinus, you can’t help but admire the price tag. There are multiple height options for this bed, but for the most part you’ll pay $300 or under on Amazon for the queen size Green Tea mattress.

There is no competition, price wise, between Zinus and Purple. It is worth noting, however, that Zinus is made in China, while Purple is majority, or fully, madein the United States. That said, Zinus Green Tea and Purple have the CertiPUR-US certification, so that’s good.

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