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The Best 4 Twin Mattresses

The Best Twin Size Mattresses Online

If you made your way to this buyer guide, you’re likely looking for a budget twin mattress. Accordingly, price is of the utmost concern since your little one will almost certainly grow out of it. You’ll also want a bed that is universally accommodating and comfortable since most sleepers seem to toss and turn. To get right to it, here’s our list of the best twin size mattress options on the market.

As you can see above, we’ve also accounted for adults in creating this buyer guide (hey, it’s not all about the little tikes). Keep reading to learn more about these top twin sized mattress picks.

Compare The Best Twin Mattresses

Twin vs Twin XL Mattress

There are several benefits of getting a twin size mattress. The first is price – we’ll discuss this in more detail below. The second is its size. Twin size mattresses will fit in almost all size rooms. Let’s face it – queen or king size mattresses just don’t fit all rooms.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s one of our own rooms or a room in a friend’s place, where you walk in and the mattress pretty much takes up the entire space. There’s no room for a dresser, a chair or even a nightstand let alone enough space to walk around. If your room fits that bill, maybe it’s best going for a smaller size mattress like a twin or twin XL. Another advantage is weight. It’s much lighter than full, queen or king size mattresses. This makes a twin mattress much easier to move and make. Larger size mattresses can easily require two to three people to move. Also, some larger size mattresses are so heavy that even the corners are hard to lift when trying to put a fitted sheet around them. With a twin size mattress, you won’t have these issues.

Easiest to Clean

Puffy Original
Puffy Original
Why it’s Great
Puffy is one of the best known online mattresses. It has three layers of foam and a comfortable, accommodating “feel.”
Best for
Shoppers seeking a comfortable, affordable foam mattress
All types of sleepers, including back, stomach and side
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam

For fans of memory foam, Puffy is a really nice option, especially considering that it doesn’t have a deep viscose feel—it’s more neutral in fact.

puffy mattress review stomach sleeper
Puffy has a lot going for it

For the most part Puffy is about a medium (i.e. not too soft or too firm). We see it as a nice mattress for stomach and back sleepers in particular, but we think most people will be just fine in any position.

In terms of price, you’ll pay around $795 for a twin (before discounts), which may be slightly above average for a regular all-foam mattress, but the price tends to be $200-$300 after promotions are applied.

Why we picked this mattress — In addition to being a comfortable and affordable memory foam mattress, Puffy also has a machine washable mattress cover, which sets it apart from 90% of beds out there that have to be spot cleaned.

Best Twin Memory Foam

Bear Mattress
Bear Mattress
Why it’s Great
Bear Mattress is not only one of the most popular memory foam beds online, but also one of the most affordable at under $800 for the queen size.
Best for
Budget shoppers
People that like memory foam
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam

Bear is a memory foam mattress that’s priced in the budget tier and yet is still made in America. It has a true memory foam feel that many people find to be especially comfortable. It’s also highly affordable at under $500 for the twin bed.

bear mattress review stomach sleepers
Bear is one of our favorite memory foam mattresses

We place Bear at around a medium to medium-firm on the soft-to-firm scale. It isn’t a truly firm mattress nor is it a soft mattress. We see this as a good thing since it means it will be able to accommodate a range of sleepers. Having said that, we would say that Bear is slightly better for back and stomach sleepers than it is for side sleepers.

One of the most interesting things about the Bear mattress is the cover, which is supposed to help with recovery times and restful sleep—and apparently the manufacturers of Celliant have the data to back that up.

Why we picked this mattress — Bear is a well-made, comfortable bed with a Celliant-infused cover that isn’t featured on most mattresses. It also happens to be priced like a budget bed, giving it a place on our best twin sized mattress list.

Best Mattress for Adults

Helix Plus
Helix Plus
Why it’s Great
Helix Plus is a hybrid mattress that’s built specifically for heavy sleepers. It’s 14″ thick and has reinforced coils for added support.
Best for
People of all shapes and sizes
If you want a slightly softer mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam

We couldn’t help but notice that adults are also searching for twin size mattresses. For what reason, we don’t know. It could be that they want a bed for camping, their truck bed, or just that they want to save money or space. Our pick for the best twin mattress for adults is Helix Sleep. This is a durable, supportive, innerspring mattress that’s made in the USA, but sells for far less than you’d expect (under $1K before discounts for a twin).

helix mattress review back sleepers
Very solid mattress for the money

Given that Helix makes about 10 different beds, there is a firmness option for every adult. From the get-go, the firmer models will be best for back and stomach sleepers, but there are soft and medium options for other types of sleepers as well.

It will also have a little bounce to it thanks to the support coils at the bottom. This means that the bed will be more resilient than your typical foam mattress and offers more support for heavier individuals.

Why we picked this mattress — Helix produces a variety of mattresses and will match you with your perfect one based on their sleeping quiz, so it’s easy to find one that fits your body type and sleeper type. We think adults will really like the way Helix has a mattress to accommodate just about every kind of sleeper.

Most Comfortable Mattress

Casper Original
Casper Original
Why it’s Great
Casper Original is the mattress that started it all. If you just want a comfortable foam mattress, it’s hard to do better than Casper.
Best for
People that are looking for a comfortable, affordable mattress
Anyone that’s interested in a bed-in-a-box mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam

Casper is the quintessential foam mattress online. It’s one of the largest and most respected online mattress brands—plus we happen to think the original Casper is just a comfy bed that a heck of a lot of people will enjoy. It also has a special “Zoned Support Framework” that you won’t find on many other beds. The center of the bed is a hair firmer and more supportive, while at the top and bottom of the bed, there is (slightly) softer foam for your shoulders and hips to get better pressure relief.

casper mattress review original
It’s a comfortable mattress, that’s for sure

Casper is the original “soft foam” bed. It does use memory foam, but you can’t really feel it. Instead, the bed just has a flat, neutral profile that it’s hard not to like. It’s a true medium on our firmness scale, with enough support and comfort for all types of sleepers. If you were to take 100 individuals weighing under 230 lb, we’d expect about 70%, if not more, of them would be just fine with Casper.

We can’t call this a cheap or budget mattress, but for the twin size, Casper is still really affordable at $595 (without discounts).

Why we picked this mattress — Casper is one of the most comfortable mattresses money can buy. Combined with its budget-friendly price point and compatibility with all sleeper types, it’s easy to see why we included it on our best twin size mattress list. It’s also just a “safe” pick for many families, and provides an extra zoned support feature that other beds don’t.

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What Is A Twin Mattress?

It’s the smallest size mattress most bedding companies offer. To be more precise, it’s a mattress that is 39 inches wide by 75 inches in height. Basically, it’s a big, soft rectangle. Typically, a twin mattress (or even a Twin XL mattress) is not the ideal size for an adult, unless you’re simply limited in terms of space. You’ll mostly see children and teenagers sleep on a twin size mattress. However, we will occasionally see adults use a twin mattress. After all, a twin, as compared to other mattresses, is supposed to be one of a matching pair of beds (hence the name). These pairs are often used in hotels or guest rooms. Anyway, here’s a chart that shows the dimensions for all most common mattress sizes. Be sure to check out the size difference in twin vs twin XL mattresses if you’re debating which one is right for you.

best mattress by size twin xl full queen California king
Basic breakdown of mattress sizes

Best Rated Budget Twin Size Mattress

The title of this page says it all. We’re talking twin size mattresses, which is actually the smallest size bed most companies offer. And you’re in luck, most companies do offer a twin size, unlike a Twin XL or Full size, which are a little more hit and miss.

Now, what do we consider to be a budget or value mattress? In the twin size, you’re definitely looking for a mattress that’s under about $350, conservatively. If you’re spending upwards of $550, you’re not technically getting a budget twin mattress. That said, even $550 isn’t a crazy price for a brand new mattress.

Despite its smaller size, finding the right twin sized mattress is just like shopping for any other size mattress – it’s going to come down to two primary factors – your body type and sleeping preferences. What exactly do we mean by that? Let’s dig in.

Body Type And Twin Mattresses

Your body type and how much you weigh make a huge difference in how you perceive a mattress. One particular mattress will feel unique to different people. There’s no one-size-fits-all mattress. One person might think a mattress feels extremely soft, but if you ask a different person about the same mattress, they might say the mattress is on the firmer side. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind your own body type when researching beds. That’s also why we employ a large testing team so we can get various perspectives about the same bed and then come to a conclusion about what type of person each bed is best for.

Heavy Sleepers

For the most part though, heavier individuals (more than 225 pounds) will generally feel like most mattresses are on the softer side of the spectrum. That’s because they exert more pressure on the bed and tend to sink in a little more. As such, if you’re heavier, you typically want a firm mattress because it will indeed feel softer to you.

Petite Sleepers

Petite sleepers (call it 150 pounds or less) will generally feel like most beds are on the firmer side of the spectrum. That’s because (you guessed it) they exert much less pressure on the bed and never really sink in.

Sleeping On A Twin Bed

Side Sleeping

How you sleep makes a huge difference in which mattress is right for you. What we’re primarily referring to is the position in which you sleep – side, back, stomach or all three positions (called combination). Side sleepers will generally want a softer mattress that provides quite a bit of pressure relief. A firmer mattress may cause discomfort around your hips, neck and shoulders (pressure points) when you’re on your side.

However, if you are a side sleeper, it’s important you don’t get too soft of a mattress. You don’t want to sink so far down to where your spine is no longer properly aligned.

Back And Stomach Sleeping

The short answer is stomach and back sleepers will generally want a firm twin mattress.

It’s imperative when you’re on your back or stomach, that the area under your hips and lower back is being properly supported. If not, back and stomach sleepers may experience some discomfort or even pain. Combination sleepers will want a mattress that is somewhere in between, although a firm mattress should do just fine – as long as it’s not too firm. They’ll most likely want to search for a mattress that lands somewhere near a medium firmness level.

Usually, other factors play important roles as well, such as edge support and motion transfer. However, those factors are more important for couples who share a bed. In the case of a twin sized mattress, we assume you (or your child) will not be sharing this bed. As such, we think body type and sleeping preferences are more important factors when shopping for the best twin mattress.

Pros And Cons Of Twin And Twin XL Mattresses

On the plus side, twin and twin XL mattresses are great for kids, teenagers, and anyone who doesn’t need a ton of room in bed. They’re compact, which makes them perfect for small rooms and apartment living. They’re also easy to haul around if you move or if your child heads off college and wants to bring their bed. 

But all things considered, twin and twin XL beds don’t cost that much less than larger-sized mattresses. If you have enough space, you might prefer to buy a full or a queen. Unlike twin and twin XL mattresses, these bigger beds can easily sleep one or two adults, which is ideal for guests.

Mattress Dimensions

  • Twin: 39” x 75”
  • Twin XL: 39” x 80”
  • Full: 53” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”
  • Cal King: 72” x 84”

Shipping, Returns & Other Policies

For the most part, when you buy a mattress online it will come with free shipping—that’s regardless of whether you buy an Amazon bed or directly from a brand. From there, you typically get a trial period just to make sure the bed works for you. Most of the time, the trial period is about three months. In the event that you’re not completely sold on the mattress, nearly all bed-in-a-box mattress brands offer 100% free returns, which is nice since it limits your downside.

Typical Twin Size Mattress Pricing

Prices for online twin mattresses generally range from around $300 near the budget-end all the way up to around $1,200 near the premium-end—and that’s without counting mattress coupons. For example, a twin size Tuft and Needle mattress will cost you $325, while a twin size Casper Wave will cost you around $1,100. Of course, if you’re just looking to fill out a guest room or an Airbnb, you could go even cheaper. We’ve seen the Lucid 10″ Gel-Memory Foam twin size mattress as low as $150 before.

Best Twin Size Mattress Price Comparison

MattressTwinTwin XLFullQueenKing/Cal King
Puffy Original$795$825$995$1,150$1,350
Bear Mattress$500$600$700$800$900
Helix Plus$849$949$1,149$1,649$2,049
Casper Original$595$695$995$1,095$1,295

Best Twin Mattress Overview

MattressBest Of TitleFirmness Level
Puffy OriginalEasy to CleanMedium
Bear MattressBest Twin Memory FoamMedium to Medium-Firm
Helix PlusBest Mattress for AdultsSoft, Medium, Firm
Casper OriginalMost Comfortable MattressMedium

Why Shop For A New Mattress

Sleep is a vital yet often overlooked component of a healthy lifestyle. Many people pay more attention to their diet and exercise routines, but really, sleep is just as important. Sleep plays an essential role in regards to immune function, memory, cognitive learning, metabolism and other vital functions. Not only is sleep good for you, but you also spend a lot of time doing it. After all, it’s estimated that the average human being spends close to one third of their life sleeping. With that said, one of the biggest factors in getting a good night sleep is having the right mattress. That’s what we are focusing on in this post – helping you find the right mattress, specifically those of you looking for the best twin size mattress.

Why Trust The Slumber Yard

We know mattresses! Doesn’t matter what size, what material or what price range—chances are we’ve probably tested it. That’s what we do for a living and we take our job seriously. We’ve tested latex beds, memory foam beds, innerspring beds and all sorts of hybrid beds. By this point, we have a solid understanding of the different types of mattresses and how the differences between them translate to various body types, sleeping preferences, etc. This is important because our ultimate goal is to help you find the mattress that fits your particular needs. Buying a mattress is a big deal. It’s not like purchasing a new phone case that costs $15 and you’re hoping will last six months. A good (queen size) mattress will cost you north of $600-700 and should hopefully last you 5-10 years. That’s why it’s important to do research before you buy and why we take our reviews so seriously. We strive for our reviews to be clear, concise and helpful. If we like a mattress, we’ll let you know. Likewise, if there’s something that we don’t like, we’ll let you know. Our viewers/readers are what’s most important to us. But enough about the Slumber Yard team—let’s talk twin size mattresses on this fine day.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the dimensions of a twin mattress?

A twin mattress is usually 39″ wide by 75″ long.

What’s the difference between twin vs twin XL mattresses?

The twin XL mattress is longer than the twin sized mattress. The twin XL measures 80″ long, which is 5″ longer than the twin.

Should I buy a twin or full mattress for my children?

A twin will certainly do, but if you have the extra room you may as well upgrade them to a full size mattress.

How much is a twin mattress?

Most of the nice mattresses online are about $500-$700 for the twin size.