How To Find Your Ideal Mattress

We know how overwhelming it can be to shop for a mattress online. At Slumber Yard, we have invested a lot of time into testing, researching, and producing the best mattress reviews you can find online.

We have an entire team of people that are working year-round to bring you helpful, concise, and entertaining reviews. Our goal is to help you choose the best mattress for you, and offer unbiased mattress reviews based on our honest opinions.

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Top-Rated Online Mattress Brands

A lot of people inquire about specific mattress brands. For whatever reason, they’re particularly interested in one brand—perhaps because a friend recommended it or they saw an ad on Facebook—they want more information on one bedding company. We totally get that. And that’s one of the reasons that we try to test as many brands as possible, which allows us to have a good breadth of companies featured on the site.

At Slumber Yard, we don’t have a preference for one brand over the other (nor do we play favorites), but we will certainly interject to discuss customer service, policies, warranties, manufacturing, etc. because we think that’s all very important and something that you should know. And, by the way, we are not paid to provide good or bad reviews; we are completely independent of all of these mattress companies.

One thing we will also occasionally do is mention the beds that our employees personally use. After all, those are the mattresses that we intimately know and clearly really like. That said, as you can imagine, we do happen to rotate brands and beds pretty frequently, so we’re not always on the exact same bed.

Find The Best Mattress For You

We have been reviewing products online for years now, and craft each review to be helpful, insightful, and fair. We also like to throw in some humor and try to be as concise as we can, bearing in mind that a mattress is an expensive, important purchase. Additionally, any product that we review, we actually physically have and test in-person. We do extensive research on each review—including reading material from our peers—but we form our own opinions. We do, however, try to be fair in our reviews, both to the consumer and the brand. Just because you don’t like gel memory foam beds, doesn’t mean a particular bed is bad. In the end, there truly is a bed for everyone. 

We also tear the mattresses apart to see their construction and get a feel for the materials used. We perform our own tests related to motion transfer, edge support, firmness, coolness, and more. 

The fact of the matter is that we aren’t doctors, chiropractors, or mattress engineers; we are normal people who know a ton about mattresses, and are trying to do good, solid, trustworthy work. You should see our mattress storage room—it’s filled up with 100+ mattresses, hanging out until we need to reference them again for a mattress comparison or best list (or a quick 30-minute nap during break time).

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