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2920 mattress review

2920 Mattress Review

2920 is a foam bed in a box mattress with a neutral overall feel

The 2920 mattress is a fairly standard bed in a box mattress. We don't think it's a very good option for heavier folks, and overall isn't one of our favorite beds, but it still might be right for certain types of sleepers. Petite and average sized folks looking for a basic foam bed may find that the 2920 suits their needs.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Petite and medium sized individuals
  • Those looking for a machine washable cover
  • People who want a bed that’s made in the USA
  • All sleeper types (side, back, and stomach)
  • Individuals who toss and turn a lot (good motion isolation)

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Heavier individuals
  • Anyone looking for a particularly durable mattress

Free Shipping & Returns

100 Night Trial Period

10 Year Warranty

Check Price

Overview Of The 2920 Buying Process

It’s always important to read up on policies when you buy a mattress online. Standard for the industry includes free shipping, a 100-night trial period, free returns and full refunds within the trial period, and a 10-year warranty if you keep the bed.

2920 falls right in line with those standard policies. They don’t step up the game, but they don’t drop the ball either.

2920 mattress review unboxing
The 2920 mattress arrives in a box the size of a mini fridge

We always like to remind shoppers that going the online route means you don’t get to feel or test the bed before you make a purchase. Because of that, you really want to make the most of that risk-free 100-night trial period. And don’t be afraid to call in that return pickup and full refund. Likewise, if you keep the mattress and find a problem seven years down the road, don’t be afraid to call in that warranty.

Pricing For A 2920 Mattress

This isn’t a notably affordable mattress. And, to be honest, for what it is, we think it should be an affordable mattress. But it’s actually at a similar price point to a lot of beds that come in a box.

You can see the pricing breakdown below.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$675
King / Cal King$1,150

You can find current offers here. If these prices aren’t really sitting right with you, don’t fretthere are plenty of budget-friendly options out there.

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What Is The 2920 Mattress Made Of?

2920 makes an all-foam mattress with four layers. From bottom to top, the first layer is 1.5″ of a firm edge-to-edge support foam. The idea is to make every inch of the bed, all the way to the very edge, usable sleeping space.

Then a 5.5″ support core layer. Nothing fancy, just a dense support foam to fill out the meat of the mattress. Next is 1″ of a “premium foam” that the company says combines the best qualities of memory and latex foam.

2920 mattress review construction
A breakdown of the construction of the 2920 mattress

The top layer is 2″ of what 2920 calls a “new generation foam,” described as having “millions of micro air coils.” This layer is supposed to provide pressure relief for all those side sleepers out there. It’s also responsible for the mattress’s motion transfer control and temperature regulation.

This is one of quite a few mattresses that has a removable cover, but it’s also one of the very few mattresses that has a machine washable cover. That means you can actually take it off and put it through a wash cycle if you want to.

Although you can put the cover in the wash, for small spills, spot cleaning with warm water and a bit of mild detergent will do the trick.

2920 mattress review cover
A closeup look at the removable cover of the 2920

In any case, though, we suggest checking out affordable mattress protectors on Amazon. A mattress protector is easier to take off a bed than the actual mattress cover, plus it’s another layer between a spill and your bed’s foam top layer.

Support And Feel Of The 2920 Mattress

While this is an all-foam bed, it doesn’t have an overall dense memory foam feel to it. It has more of a soft, neutral-foam feel that we think most people out there will find comfortable. We also don’t see this bed being especially durable. In fact, one of Jeff’s roommates slept on this bed for about six months and at the end of the period, there was a noticeable body impression left in the bed. Granted, he does weigh around 250 lb.

That’s the reason why we say this bed is best for petite and average sized sleepers. The construction does include a support core layer and an edge-to-edge support layer, but we just don’t think this mattress is ideal for heavier folks.

This mattress has decent responsiveness. It’s not particularly fast to respond after releasing pressure, but it’s not the worst we’ve seen either. The bounce back isn’t immediate, but you don’t feel as if you’re “stuck in the mud.”

2920 mattress review responsiveness
Testing responsiveness on the 2920 mattress

Responsiveness is what prevents you from feeling stuck when you go to turn over during the night. It’s also what keeps a mattress from keeping holding a you-shaped depression when you roll away. Quick responsiveness means there won’t be a crater left behind.

2920 mattress review firmness

In terms of firmness level, we’d call this mattress a medium for the average-sized person. It provides enough pressure relief for side sleepers and just enough support for back and stomach sleepers (if you’re under about 175 lb). It reminds us a bit of the Lull bed.

How Is 2920 Designed For All Sleep Styles?

It’ll be fine for folks who sleep on their back and stomach as long as they’re not a heavier person who requires a firmer, more supportive bed for back and stomach sleeping.

Back and stomach sleepers need a mattress on the firmer end, or else one that has plenty of support around the hips and trunk area in order to keep the spine in alignment. Too much sinkage can cause soreness.

2920 mattress review sleeper type

Side sleepers will be fine on this bed, as well. Side sleepers in general do not want as firm of a bed as back and stomach sleepers do. Rather, they need appropriate pressure relief to maintain a comfy alignment. So this mattress might actually be slightly better for a side sleeper, though it’ll work for all sleeper types.

2920 mattress review side sleeper
The 2920 mattress will work for side sleepers

The 2920 mattress is actually better for petite and medium sized individuals than for heavier folks. It’s not a highly durable mattress and it isn’t especially firm, so smaller people will likely find it more comfortable than others. Plus, the mattress will last longer for a lightweight sleeper. That’s generally the case for all mattresses, but particularly for this one.

How Is 2920 For Heavy People?

This is not an ideal bed for heavy people. As we’ve mentioned throughout the post, this mattress doesn’t seem to have been designed with heavier folks in mind. The level of durability isn’t very impressive and we don’t think the level of support is what 220 lb+ sleepers are looking for.

Motion Transfer, Edge Support & Temperature

Considering that this bed has decent edge support and does a good job of deadening motion transfer, this isn’t a bad option for couples. You can sleep close to the edge without feeling like you’re about to roll off, which is important for couplesparticularly if you’re sharing a smaller bed, like a full or queenbecause you want to make use of all available space. The construction of the bed does include that bottom layer of edge-to-edge support foam, and it seem like that’s doing its job.

2920 mattress review edge support
The 2920 mattress has decent edge support

If you’re sharing a bed, you also want limited cross-bed motion to prevent one partner’s movement from waking up the other. The 2920 is an all-foam bed, so it’s not surprising that it does a pretty good job of limiting cross-bed motion. It’s unlikely that you’ll jostle anyone awake when you turn over during the night. We did that classic Glass Of Water On The Bed test and it passed.

This is what we call a temperature neutral bed. It’s not going to be the reason you overheat, but it’s not going to actively cool you down either. If you do tend to sleep overly hot, you might be interested in our Best Cooling Mattresses list.


Ultimately, this isn’t our favorite mattress, but it’s best suited for petite and medium individuals. Heavy people will break this mattress down in months. We’re having a hard time recommending this bed because are there are so many other better and more accommodating options. It doesn’t exactly stand out in any category and the pricing doesn’t make up for it.

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How did Slumber Yard get this bed?

We were sent this mattress by 2920 Sleep in order to review it.

Is the mattress recyclable?

Yes, it is. According to the 2920 website, the mattress is made entirely from recyclable materials.

Is there a break-in period?

Their website says to take a few days to get used to your new bed. They also mention allowing a few hours for the mattress to fully take shape and warn that you will likely notice some off-gassing. So, no, the mattress doesn't really have a break-in period, but we suggest really utilizing that trial period. Don't be afraid to send it back if it's not what you want.

If I purchase through Amazon, what is the trial and return policy?

Amazon currently has a 100-day return policy. 2920 asks shoppers to "note that for Amazon purchases, all returns and questions should go through Amazon’s support including how to arrange for pickup and refunds."

What happens to the mattress if I want a refund?

You can't re-sell a used mattress—there's a law about that. But tossing them out is a waste, as well as an environmental problem since they hog up all the space in landfills. The 2920 company aims to donate the returned mattresses to charity so that they can be used by those who need beds. If a charity pick up can't be arranged, they do what they can to have the mattress recycled.