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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Gregory Minnis, DPT
Who Is It Best For?
Back and stomach sleepers
Hot sleepers
If you’re open to a new style of mattress
Who Won’t Love It?
Heavyset sleepers
People that want a more traditional mattress
If you’re on a tight budget

Intro To Airweave

Airweave is a Japanese brand who wanted to create a more eco-friendly, and breathable mattress that relieves back pain and eases body pressure at the same time. To ensure they got it right, the bedding company turned to science and discovered the benefits of sleeping on a firm mattress.

They’ve published results on their website from a sleep-surface study, backed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Koji Kanoka, which shows how Airweave’s firm construction supports an individual’s natural posture, and how it can help prevent lower back pain. If you ever wake up feeling back pain in the morning after sleeping on a soft mattress, this bed might’ve been designed for you.

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We’re going to go out on a limb and say most people have never slept on, or even seen a mattress like this one — at least not in America. This mattress contains no springs, nor is there any foam, which are the two main components of today’s standard mattress.

So what the heck did they make it from? We’ll get into all of that in a bit, but first — let’s dive into their company policies.

Airweave Mattress Prices

The average price for an online mattress is around $850-$900 for a queen size, but you can’t even get a twin size mattress for that price. In fact, prices start at around $1,400 for a twin, and cap out around $2,100 for a king or Cal king mattress size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,540
King / Cal King$2,100

Obviously, this will give some people sticker shock — it even had that effect on us at first. That’s a pretty steep price for a twin mattress, and you can get thicker, more durable mattresses for the same price or even cheaper. With that said, you’re paying more for the sleeping experience it offers, longevity, and different health benefits the brand claims it provides.

Does Airweave Have A Promo Or Discount Code

You can find sales and discounts directly on the Slumber Yard or the Airweave website. Alternatively, you can sign up for Airweave’s newsletter for updates on new promotions.

Unique Airweave Materials

So what the heck is inside the Airweave mattress that makes it so unique? Well, like we said earlier, you definitely won’t see any coils or standard foam as you do in most of our other mattress reviews (besides Purple Mattress, but that’s a different story).

Airweave Mattress Review Logo Overview
A closeup of the Airweave Mattress and their logo

Instead, this 8” thick mattress essentially has two different layers; airfiber, and an optional pillow-top. It’s really lightweight, and easily disassembles into a compact space for when you have to make a big move. It’s actually meant to provide sleepers with an experience that’s reminiscent of Japanese “futon culture,” or storing when the bed isn’t in use.

On the bottom of the mattress, there are three separate airfiber pieces that are 6” thick. Two pieces that are one firmness level, and one piece is what they call “DUAL MODE.” The DUAL MODE piece of airfiber has a different firmness level on each side, which you can place anywhere on the mattress for extra relief, or support.

Airweave Mattress Review Construction Airfiber
This mattress is almost entirely made up of the brand’s special airfiber material

For example, you can put the firm end under your lower back if you’re a heavy stomach sleeper who needs extra support, or you can place the soft side up in the top third of the mattress for more relief around your shoulders if you’re a light side sleeper. Then, on top of the airfiber, there’s a thin layer of 100% polyester meant to add a small amount of cushion for more comfort.

Airweave Mattress Review Thickness
A look at the entire 8″ thick Airweave Mattress

Now that we’ve talked about construction, what is Airweave’s airfiber material? For starters, it’s not like mattress foam. It’s made with 100% polyethylene, which is honestly like comfortable packing foam. It’s very firm — firmer than most materials you’re probably familiar with (check the website’s handy graph to see for yourself). It’s also non-toxic and recyclable, which we always appreciate!

Furthermore, the bed’s cover is made with 100% polyester, and it’s machine washable in case you happen to get it dirty. Though, it’s cleaning capabilities go much further than that.

Airweave Is Completely Washable

Imagine a world where you can just give your entire mattress a good rinsing when it’s due for a deep-clean. Airweave makes clean freaks’ dreams become a reality. You’re actually able to wash the entire mattress — cool right? We think this could really come in handy for moms, anybody prone to making messes, or folks with allergies who want to rid their bed of dust mites, dirt, or dander.

The cover is machine washable, as we just mentioned, but unlike just about every mattress we’ve ever seen, the foam is washable. All you have to do is remove the airfiber inserts and run water through them — simple as that.

Airweave Mattress Firmness Level

So what does a mattress made with airfiber feel like? Well, we think it feels like you’re laying on a carpeted ground with a soft cushion on top. That layer of padding gives you some plushness, but for the most part, it’s pretty dang firm. You don’t sink into the layers as much as you would on most other mattresses, however, it does get softer with time.

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If you were to touch the individual airfiber strings, they feel like small pieces of bendy, squishy plastic. Woven all together, they form a solid block of material that’s incredibly firm but responsive — just check out the video above.

On the Slumber Yard scale from soft to firm, we placed this guy all the way to the right (the firm end). For your average-sized individual, we’d rate this mattress in between medium-firm and firm.

Airweave Mattress Firmness Graphic

If you’re more petite, this mattress will feel even more solid. If you’re over ~250 lbs, on the other hand, you might rate this mattress around a medium-firm.

Is Airweave Good For Back And Stomach Sleepers?

Yes, in fact, Airweave is definitely ideal for back or stomach sleepers because they tend to sleep more comfortably on firm mattresses.

Airweave Mattress Review Back Sleeper Example
Owen sits more on top of the mattress than inside it, and we think it’s best for back or stomach sleepers

The firm slabs of airfiber provide a tremendous amount of support and keep the spines of stomach and back sleepers in proper alignment.

How About Side And Combo Sleepers?

The answer to this question has parts — if you’re a side sleeper, no. If you’re a combo sleeper who mostly switches between their back and stomach — possibly.

Side sleepers need a mattress that’s either in the middle of the spectrum, or towards the softer end. Reason being, they require a bit of extra cushioning to provide relief to the different pressure points along the side of the body.

Airweave Mattress Review Side Sleeper Example
We don’t recommend this mattress to side sleepers

Combo sleepers might be able to get away with this bed if they don’t favor sleeping on their side. It does soften up as you use it, and it’s incredibly easy to switch positions on because you aren’t being hugged by the foam like you would on a memory foam mattress.

Airweave Mattress Review: Performance Ratings

  • Off-gassing: Because the Airweave mattress is not constructed from foam materials there is no off gassing that occurs with this mattress. If there are any smells they will be from the packaging material and can be expected to dissipate within 48 hours.
  • Durability: We haven’t tested the Airweave mattress long enough to know if it is that durable or not, but consumer reviews indicate it is a long-lasting mattress. 
  • Pressure relief: There have been numerous reports from customers that the design of the Airweave mattress has helped to relieve pressure and pains. This is because the Airweave mattress is extremely firm and supportive, which has been shown to relieve pressure for many back and stomach sleepers. Though, for side sleepers, this mattress won’t be viable. 
  • Motion isolation: The motion isolation is very good, as you might expect from such a firm mattress.
  • Temperature neutrality: The Airweave mattress is a temperature neutral mattress thanks to the excellent airflow that keeps it from holding heat.
  • Edge support: The Airweave has an acceptable degree of edge support. You won’t easily roll off the mattress, but there are other mattresses where the edge support is greater.
  • Noise: Because there are no springs or other moving parts involved in the construction of the Airweave mattress you’ll find that it is silent. 
  • Sex: As mentioned previously the Airweave is a very firm mattress, which may not make it the best for sex. Some people feel it is almost as firm as being right on the floor. It also feels firmer when more weight is placed on it, which could make it quite hard under the weight of two people. Also the firmness makes the mattress far less springy, which isn’t really conducive to sex.

Airweave Is Best For Petite To Average Body Types

We think this bed is suitable for folks who weigh less than ~240 lbs, but if you’re above that, we’re going to have to say no. Not only is this mattress pretty thin compared to hybrid beds, but it’s just not as durable or supportive in the long run. With that in mind, we’d suggest a mattress made with both coils and foam for that additional reinforcement.

Airweave Sleeps Temperature Neutral

Airweave claims their mattress is built to be super breathable and we certainly think that’s true. Just the name “airfiber” implies that the material allows for a ton of airflow, and that it does. In the same breath, we wouldn’t necessarily say it sleeps cool. What we mean by that is, you won’t feel an overwhelming cool sensation when you’re sleeping at night. We do think, though, that most people will find they don’t feel overheated when they’re sleeping on Airweave.

If temperature is a concern for you and you tend to sleep really hot, check out our top choices for the best cooling beds.

Couples On Airweave

If you plan to sleep on Airweave with a partner, we hope both of you are stomach or back sleepers. If one of you sleep predominantly on your side, their sleep might be seriously compromised due to aching shoulders and hips. Though, if you both agree on a firm bed, we think this mattress is suitable for couples.

The edge support, which refers to the strength of the bed’s edges so you don’t feel like you’ll fall off, is pretty good on this mattress.

Airweave Mattress Review Edge Support
JD thinks the edge support on Airweave checks out

The other characteristic couples will want to look out for is a bed’s ability to isolate motion. If you get up to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, you don’t want your partner to feel the bounce/motion on their side.

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For Airweave, we’re happy to report that they passed motion isolation with flying colors. Just check out the video above.

Pros And Cons Of The Airweave Mattress


  • Unique airfiber material improves sleep quality for back and stomach sleepers
  • Sleeps cooler than mattresses with springs or foam 
  • Reduces body pressure and pain


  • More expensive than other mattresses
  • Too firm for side sleepers
  • Not suitable for those looking for a traditional foam mattress

Other Airweave Products

  • Airweave Futon
  • Airweave S-Line Pillow
  • Airweave Top Mattress
  • Airweave Seat Cover
  • Airweave Portable Bedding Topper

Airweave Mattress Review Verdict

Hopefully we’ve given you a good idea of Airweave. If you’re still unsure about the mattress, we want to start by mentioning who we would recommend it to:

  • Folks who sleep primarily on their back or stomach.
  • Individuals who are often moving from place to place.
  • Those who want a washable mattress.
  • Sleepers with a very open mind.

We aren’t in the market here to sell beds, we’re here to help sleepers. So we also want to mention the kind of sleeper we can’t see sleeping on this bed:

  • Side sleepers of any size.
  • Combo sleepers who like softer beds.
  • Those who have their mind sent on a more traditional mattress.
  • Those unwilling to spend over $1K-2K on a new bed.

This bed is seriously firm, and we think if you can’t handle the heat, don’t go in the kitchen. But if you’re feeling adventurous or love the sound of a washable, breathable, firm mattress — try it out and let us know how it went. You can always keep the mattress for 100 nights before fully committing to paying the price.

Airweave Mattress Company Policies

Airweave will be shipped to your front door for free in two boxes (easier to handle), and it will require a tad bit more effort to set up than a standard bed in a box mattress. Though, according to these boys, it’s still pretty simple.

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You’ll receive three foam pieces, two pieces for the cover, and a pillow-top layer for a little additional comfort. Don’t worry if you’re a self-proclaimed “un-handyman,” JD says the whole set-up process is super straightforward.

We don’t expect you to blindly buy this mattress without trying it first, and neither does Airweave. Especially considering its unique feel, it may not be for everyone. So the brand offers customers a 100-night trial (per standard in the online mattress industry) so they have a chance to sleep on it before they commit. Though, they ask that you give your body 30 days to adjust to the mattress before you make any final decisions.

Airweave has a 10-year warranty if you decide you want to keep it, but that doesn’t necessarily cover your whole mattress. We suggest you look into the warranty if you want to know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

In addition to their warranty, they also let you purchase individual mattress pieces just in case something goes wrong later down the road, so you can replace rather than re-buy an entire new bed.

Airweave Reviews

  • BBB Rating: Airweave doesn’t have a Better Business Bureau listing.
  • Amazon Reviews: Airweave mattresses aren’t being sold on Amazon. There is a listing for the Airweave futon, but with only 1 four-star review. There is also a listing for the portable Airweave mat, which has 3.9 stars out of 5.0 stars. All of the English reviews are 5-star, but there are a number of lower reviews in Japanese (the product ships from Japan).

Company Info

Airweave Mattress Physical Store Locations 

  • Area Home – Los Angeles, CA
  • Area Home – Greenwich Village, New York, NY
  • M Collection  – Brooklyn, NY
  • SleePare – Tyson’s Corner, McLean, VA

Airweave Mattress Contact Information

Find Airweave Mattress On Social Media 

Frequently Asked Questions
How did you get this mattress?

The brand was nice enough to send it to us for free, and in return, we wrote this review! We want to make note that we never accept monetary compensation for positive reviews, we only provide honest content here.

Do they ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada?

Yes! But you’ll have to contact them with your specific request to receive a quote. It unfortunately won’t be free.

What other products do they sell?

Aside from mattresses, you can also buy a futon, pillows, a dog bed, seat cushion, and duvet.

Do I need to wait for this mattress to off-gas?

No, unlike other online mattresses like Casper or Tuft & Needle which need to be aired-out or off-gassed for a day or two.

Where is the Airweave mattress made?

Airweave is a Japanese brand and all mattresses are manufactured in Japan.

What does the Airweave Mattress feel like?

We think it feels like a thin, plush seat cushion on top of a hard floor surface. It’s a particularly firm mattress.

What are Airweave’s shipping policies?

Airweave will ship for free to the contiguous United States. Individuals who live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii will have to inquire with their specific requests to receive a shipping quote.

Do they accept returns?

Airweave gives customers a 100-night trial to test out the mattress, however, they require you try it for 30 days minimum before giving it back.

Where do I try Airweave Mattress?

There are four physical stores where you can try the Airweave mattress. Two are in New York, one is in Los Angeles, and the fourth is in Tyson’s Corner Virginia. Otherwise, you can simply order an Airweave, have it delivered to your home, and try it risk-free for 100 days.

Where do I buy an Airweave Mattress?

The easiest way to buy an Airweave mattress is online from their website at https://www.airweave.com/. You can also purchase an Airweave mattress from one of the four physical stores.

Is there an Airweave Mattress discount code I can use?

Airweave will occasionally post discount codes on its website as a part of an ongoing sales event, however there are a number of online sites that claim to have discount codes for Airweave mattresses, and the comments indicate the codes do work. Try doing an online search for “Airweave coupon” or “Airweave discount code”.