Allswell Brick Overview

Don’t let the name fool you; the new Allswell Brick Mattress is far from a block. Allswell’s parent company is Walmart, so you likely know the brand for its affordable price tags. The Brick is no exception from the quality and affordability we’ve learned to expect from Allswell. A hybrid coil mattress, the Allswell Brick is an upgraded and firmer version of their flagship mattress with hits of inspiration from the company’s Luxe model. 

When you buy an Allswell mattress, you’ll get a 100-night trial to make sure it’s the right pick for you. If you decide to keep it, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which is pretty standard. The Brick comes with free bed-in-a-box shipping and an easy unboxing process. It’s worth noting that the mattress may seem a little soft right after it inflates. This is entirely normal and the bed will firm up. It just takes a bit to achieve its actual firmness level, given it has been compressed in plastic for so long. 

We know, sometimes you don’t have time to read an entire article about a new product. Good thing we thought of that. Here’s a quick review video about Allswell’s Brick mattress.

  • Honest Allswell Brick Mattress Reviews Video

Keep in mind that we can only include so much in our videos. If you want the full story on Allswell’s latest mattress, keep reading. 

How Does the Allswell Brick Feel?

You should expect a firm, neutral-foam feel from the Brick –– very reminiscent of the original mattress from Allswell. The Brick’s comfort layer is memory foam, though the quilted top layer cancels out that memory foam feel. So you get all the comfort of memory foam without that being the overall feel of the mattress.

  • Firmness

    To be honest, we did expect a mattress called Brick to be a bit firmer than it was. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still noticeably firm, just not the firmest mattress on the market. We rate it a six to eight out of 10 on the firmness scale, which translates to medium-firm. As a bonus, the coils give you a little extra bounce, which some people like!

    TLDR: the Brick is a noticeably firm mattress, though it’s not hard by any means. But you won’t sink into it as you would with a softer mattress.

  • Pressure Relief

    Being a firm mattress, it won’t provide much pressure relief for side sleepers who need a softer bed that cradles their hips and shoulders. The Brick has two inches of high-density foam that’s designed to support you without letting you sink, making it a right choice for people who suffer from lower back pain. The bed is also extremely responsive to your movements, snapping back into place once the pressure is removed so it will support your back through the night.

  • Temperature

    Nothing is worse than getting too hot when you’re sleeping; we all know the struggle. Thankfully, there are certain layers that target this exact problem. From the start, the Brick has excellent airflow because of its hybrid coil and foam design. As if that wasn’t enough, Allswell added in a copper gel-infused memory foam layer that pulls the heat away from your body. That said, the Brick doesn’t specialize in temperature. You shouldn’t expect it to be cool to the touch or actively cool you, but you won’t sleep hot on this mattress.

lucid gel memory foam hybrid mattress review temperature hot sleepers

Allswell Brick Construction

Not everyone thinks about what’s inside of their mattress; thankfully we do. Since we do not advise that you cut your bed open and take a look, we’ll tell you what the Brick is made of and what each layer does.


The Brick is a hybrid coil mattress that has individually wrapped pocket coils. This allows the Brick to provide all the support you expect from your mattress without sacrificing motion isolation, something that couples and light sleepers should consider. The coils also make for better airflow and a responsive feel. Coil mattresses are known for their support and durability, so the Brick is off to a great start. 


Above the coils, there is a layer of copper gel-infused memory foam. This memory foam serves as a transition layer. The memory foam’s comfort combined with a material that can keep you cool when you sleep make it an essential layer. But don’t worry if you don’t like that overall memory foam feel; the Brick’s top layer saves the day. Yes, you’ll notice the benefits of the memory foam, but you won’t sink in. 


The top layer is a quilted cover with comfort foam stitched in. This layer really drives home the firm feel of the mattress but keeps it soft enough to be comfortable. You cannot remove the Brick’s cover, so you’ll need to spot clean this mattress.

Body Type Analysis

Your body type and weight are extremely important factors in how you perceive the mattress. It may feel different to petite people than it feels for those with heavy body types.

  • Petite Body Types

    The Brick is the type of mattress that can support any body type. However, a more petite frame means the bed will feel even firmer. Since the Brick is already a medium-firm option, it could feel too hard for some. If you’re a petite person who likes a firm mattress, you’ll likely be fine. But it is something to think about.

  • Average Body Types

    The average body type is graced with the ability to find the balance between comfort and support. The Brick is somewhat the same. The hybrid foam and coil design make it a good choice for most sleepers –– average body types included.

  • Heavy Body Types

    People over 230 pounds will find that they sink into the mattress more, so the mattress will feel softer yet supportive. We recommend hybrid or coil mattresses for heavier bodies as they will provide better support and durability than all foam beds. This makes the Brick a top choice for heavier individuals and couples.

Allswell Brick Reviews Sleeper Type Analysis 

How you sleep will also influence how the mattress feels. Here’s what you should expect for each sleeping position.

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Back and Stomach Sleepers

The Allswell Brick is an excellent option for people who sleep on their back or stomach. It gives you a lot of support and easily springs back as you move around. A firm mattress with less give means that back sleepers benefit from keeping their spine in line. Which ultimately translates to less back pain. 

Side and Combo Sleepers

The Brick is less than ideal for side sleepers as the firmness might translate into pressure points throughout the night. That said, combo sleepers who don’t spend the entire night on their side will find this bed comfortable. A softer mattress is likely a better option for side sleepers –– we recommend the Luxe if you’d like to stay within the Allswell family.

Is Allswell Brick A Good Mattress For Couples?

The fact is, not every bed is ideal for couples, especially if you have different sleep cycles or habits. Edge support and motion isolation are the two most significant factors couples should consider when shopping around for a new mattress. 

Edge Support

Edge support may not be something you previously thought about, but it’s a critical factor for couples. The last thing you want to do is push your partner off the bed in the middle of the night.

The Brick has excellent edge support thanks to its reinforced coils. This is a big deal for couples sleeping on a smaller bed or needing to access the entire sleeping surface. The Brick has the potential to be a fan favorite of couples. You heard it here first. 

Motion Isolation 

In terms of motion isolation, the Brick does a pretty good job. If your partner gets up or is prone to toss and turn throughout the night, you know how important this factor is when choosing a mattress. We don’t expect anyone to complain about the Brick in this category, though we do concede that all foam beds will outperform in this area.

What Does The Allswell Brick Mattress Cost?

Like all the other Allswell products, the Brick is one of the most affordable hybrid options out there. This is saying something given that hybrid mattresses are more expensive from the start. As a bonus, it regularly goes on discount, so you may even be able to grab their $650 queen for less.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$449
Cal King$849

Allswell Brick Review Verdict

WeightPetite (<150 LBS)Medium (150-230 LBS)Heavy (>230 LBS)
Pressure Relief★★★★
Durability ★★★★★★★★★

In the end, the Allswell Brick gets our seal of approval. It has the look and feel of a luxury mattress without the hefty price tag. Although we said it’s best for back and stomach sleepers because of its medium-firm feel, it’s the type of bed that anyone can sleep on. Even if the Brick is not the firmest mattress on the market, its hybrid nature still makes it one of the best budget options out there.

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Allswell Company Policies

Allswell’s policies are in line with what most competitors are offering. Here’s an overview:

Risk-free trial period: 100 nights

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty

Shipping: Free

Returns: Free; if you decide that you don’t like the bed during your trial period. To qualify for a refund from Allswell, your return must be within 100 days of delivery.

Allswell Mattress Size And Dimensions

Twin38.5” x 74.5” x 12”
Twin XL38.5” x 79.5″ x 12”
Full54″ x 74.5″ x 12”
Queen60″ x 79.5″ x 12”
King75.5” x 79.5″ x 12”
Cal King72″ x 84″ x 12”

Comparing Allswell Brick Mattress Alternatives 

Compared to the other legacy brands, Allswell is relatively new to the space. Here’s a quick list of how the Brick stacks up against its head-to-head competitors.

  • Allswell Vs. Casper

    Compared to the Casper Element, the Brick is firmer and a better option for heavy body types thanks to its supportive coils layer. The Casper Element is an all foam mattress and therefore has better motion isolation. The price is pretty comparable to the Brick, so it all comes down to what feel you prefer.

  • Allswell Vs. Purple

    Allswell and Purple mattresses are significantly different. Purple boasts their proprietary top layer dubbed Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is not foam but still has some of the benefits you expect. Allswell has a more traditional feel. Unless you like the feeling of laying on an eight-foot-long Dr. Scholl’s insole, Allswell is your pick.

  • Allswell Vs. Layla

    Layla is a popular choice because, unlike other mattresses, it’s flippable. The Layla hybrid mattress is on the softer side of the scale with a memory-foam feel, so if you’re not a fan of that, we would recommend the Brick.

  • Allswell Vs. GhostBed Luxe

    The GhostBed Flex mattress is a slightly softer alternative to the Brick. It’s not the best choice for heavy sleepers, although it is bouncy and responsive. If that’s your preference, the bad news is the GhostBed Flex is expensive. The queen Brick is priced at $645, while the queen Ghostbed Flex is $1,845.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Allswell Brick a good mattress?

Yes. Overall the Brick is a solid medium-firm mattress. It is the best choice for average and heavy body types, though it would be fine for a petite frame who prefers a firm mattress. Even though it is a budget mattress, the construction and feel make it feel more luxurious.

How much does the Allswell Brick weigh?

The Brick is on the lighter side of the spectrum. The weight ranges from 62 pounds for a twin to 116 pounds for a California king.

How did the Slumber Yard team get this bed?

The Brick mattress was sent to the Slumber Yard team for free by Allswell. However, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review. We review products independently and have not received any monetary compensation from Allswell to write this post.

Can the Brick Mattress be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes! Unfortunately, it won’t be for free. Allswell has a $50 shipping fee for orders going to Alaska and Hawaii, regardless of how much your order is for.

Is the memory foam safe?

All mattresses from Allswell are made with CertiPUR-US® certified foams. You don’t have to worry about any bad stuff –– like mercury, lead, phthalates or formaldehyde.