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People that like memory foam
If you’re on a tighter budget
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Anyone that hates memory foam
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Allswell Supreme Mattress Review

As its name somewhat implies, The Supreme is Allswell’s premium mattress offering. However, just because it’s their top-tier offering, doesn’t mean it’s going to be expensive. Allswell is owned by retail giant Walmart, who as you know, is known for their low, competitive prices. Well, the same goes for their mattresses. The Allswell Supreme is perfect for anyone looking for a quality bed that costs less than your typical premium hybrid mattress. Below is our full review of the Allswell Supreme mattress, but feel free to also check out their flagship Allswell bed for even more savings.

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Construction Of The Supreme Mattress

All three Allswell mattresses are considered hybrids, but The Supreme definitely takes things to the next level. The bed is made up of five separate layers and totals a whopping 14″ thick.

allswell supreme mattress review hybrid construction
Not recommended, but we cut into the Allswell Supreme anyway
  • Topper: 1.5″ euro pillow top that adds an extra element of comfort for the mattress.
  • Memory foam: 2″ layer of graphite and copper gel infused memory foam. This layer provides deep pressure relief for sleepers.
  • Transition layer: 2″ of Energex foam, which essentially serves as a transition layer in the bed. 
  • Base: Allswell uses a half-inch layer of dense support foam. On top of that are 8″ individually wrapped coils, which serve as the primary support structure for the mattress.

How Does the Allswell Supreme Feel?

The Supreme mattress has a memory foam feel with a little bounce provided by the coils. As you lay down on the bed, you can feel the memory foam layer mold and conform to your body’s shape. However, with that said, the pillow top on the bed does muffle the memory foam sensation to a certain degree.

You really don’t get a ton of resistance when you go to switch between positions, which is normally indicative of pure play memory foam mattresses. We would still consider the bed to have a memory foam feel, but it’s just not quite as distinct as say the Nectar mattress, for example. All in all, The Supreme is an extremely comfortable mattress. If you like the feel of memory foam, there’s a very high likelihood you’ll dig this bed.

How Firm is the Allswell Supreme bed?

In terms of firmness, we think The Supreme mattress rates out around a medium+ on the firmness scale. At the end of the day, the bed provides a nice balance between pressure relief (looking at you pillow top and memory foam) and support (say hello to the pocketed coils).

Of course, as we discussed above, it’s important to remember that firmness is a subjective topic. It largely depends on your weight and body type. For example, heavy individuals will likely feel The Supreme mattress lands closer to a medium-soft, while petite individuals will probably rate it closer to a medium-firm.

Allswell Supreme Mattress Sleeper & Body Types

Allswell Supreme mattress review side sleeper example
We think this mattress is suitable for all sleeper types, including side

Given the bed lands near the center of the fairway in terms for firmness and provides a healthy mix between comfort and support, we think all types of sleepers will enjoy The Supreme mattress. Side sleepers will like the plush and conforming characteristics of the memory foam and pillow top combination, while back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the durable and supportive construction of the bed. Also, as with the other two Allswell beds, people of all shapes and sizes will be just fine on The Supreme mattress. This includes heavier folks who weigh more than 250 pounds.

Other Considerations for Allswell Supreme Mattress

Allswell Supreme mattress review overview shot

When it comes to the other important factors, The Supreme rates out very similarly to that of the base Allswell Hybrid mattress. In our opinion, The Supreme mattress sleeps temperature neutral (i.e. your sleeping temperature will depend more on external factors) and performs well when it comes to motion isolation and edge support. We don’t foresee couples having any major issues with the bed.

Allswell Supreme Mattress Pricing

As you would expect, the Supreme is more expensive than the base Allswell Hybrid mattress, but really, its price tag isn’t all that crazy. The MSRP for the bed ranges from around $700 for a twin to around $1,250 for a king. Considering the high-quality construction of the mattress, we actually think The Supreme a tremendous value. If you compare it against other 14″ thick hybrid mattresses, you’ll likely find a price difference ranging anywhere from $200-800.

Plus, as we stated above, Allswell does run sales and promotions from time to time. We regularly see the company offer 10-15% off, which would bring the queen size Supreme bed below the $850 mark. You’ll be hard pressed to find a similar hybrid mattress for that price. Make sure to keep an eye on the green discount box on the right hand of the screen to see if you can secure that price right now.

Allswell Supreme Mattress Review Verdict

All in all, our opinion of The Supreme mattress follows the same theme as the base Allswell bed. It’s an excellent value, plain and simple. If you’re looking for a premium, durable bed that’s also comfortable and accommodates a wide variety of sleepers and body types, it’s difficult to find a better bang for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Allswell so cheap?

The Allswell mattress is one of the most affordable mattresses on the market. Allswell is owned by retail giant Walmart, so you should expect low, competitive prices.

Is the Supreme mattress good?

It doesn’t come with a bunch of bells and whistles, but the Supreme mattress from Allswell is an excellent value. It’s significantly more affordable than other hybrid mattresses. The Allswell Supreme is solid and dependable and we’d argue that it’s hard to find a better bed for the money.

Is Allswell good for back pain?

The Allswell Supreme bed falls at about a medium-firm on our firmness scale. Add that with the supportive durable coil base, and we think that it’s a good pick for sleepers with back pain. It still has a good amount of pressure relief, so all around it’s a solid bed.

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