The brand Amerisleep is known for their wide array of mattresses, as it seems they wanted to make a model to fit any sleeper position. AS1 is the firmest and most inexpensive mattress in the Amerisleep lineup. It isn’t quite as thick as the other beds, but that’s because it uses slightly less foam to achieve a firmer, more supportive feel. If you’re in the market for a firm, dense memory foam mattress (we’re talking to you back and stomach sleepers), keep reading on to hear our thoughts on the AS1 Amerisleep Mattress. 

Amerisleep AS1 Mattress Firmness and Feel

Because there’s memory foam in the top layer of the AS1 mattress, it’s going to feel like a memory foam mattress. In general, memory foam is known for its conforming behavior. In other words, as you lay down on memory foam, you nestle into it, and the foam starts to contour to your body’s shape.

In Amerisleep’s case, we actually think the beds have what’s considered a dense memory foam feel, somewhat similar to the Nectar mattress. We also found it fairly easy to switch between positions on the Amerisleep beds. Sometimes with memory foam beds, sleepers will find it requires a little extra effort to switch positions. Luckily, that’s not the case here.


Like we said earlier, this is the firmest mattress from the Amerisleep bunch. As you can tell from our graphic above, we rated it on the firmest end of our scale. 

Pressure Relief

If you’re seeking pressure relief, you will not find it on the AS1 Amerisleep mattress. Instead, we suggest the AS3 model or anything higher. This bed’s bread and butter is support, and we don’t think it’ll be too great at relieving pressure points. 


The Bio-Pur memory foam the company uses isn’t from the 1980s. It has an open-cell structure, which makes it much more breathable than traditional memory foam. As a result, it’s more temperature regulating. It’s also more firm, so you sit on top of the bed rather than inside it.

Amerisleep AS1 Construction and Design

The AS1 mattress is the firmest mattress in the lineup, and as a result, is also the thinnest because it doesn’t contain as much foam as the others in the catalog. Here’s how the 10” AS1 layers stack up: 


This foam layer is 8” of Bio-Core foam, and its job is to support the rest of the mattress. It’s also eco-friendly, partially made with a plant-based material!

TopThe top layer is made with Bio-Pur Memory Foam. It’s found in every Amerisleep mattress, and it’s built to be more open-celled, so it doesn’t retain heat like a traditional memory foam mattress does.

  • Amerisleep Mattress Cover

    Like the cover on all Amerisleep mattresses, this one is machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine for an easy clean-up in the case of a breakfast-in-bed spill or if your dog gets a little too drooly on the mattress.

Will Amerisleep Beds Work For Couples?

For people sleeping with a loved one, we recommend you consider a bed’s motion isolation and edge support. Lucky for you, we went ahead and tested that out for you too. 

Motion Isolation

The water in the glass didn’t move around all that much despite the activity on the surface of the mattress during our motion isolation test. This means you likely won’t feel too much of your partner’s movements throughout the night.

Edge Support

In addition, the beds also provide fairly decent edge support. We really didn’t notice any major issues in this department during our tests. This is an important subject for people who share a full or queen size mattress. Solid edge support means both partners will be able to use the entire surface area of the mattress and still feel properly supported.

Body Type Analysis

  • Heavy Individuals

    Given that all of the standard Amerisleep mattresses are composed entirely of foam, we don’t think they are the best options for people who weigh more than 250 lb. That’s not necessarily a criticism of the beds, by the way. We say that about pretty much every all-foam mattress.

    Durability and support are key for large individuals, given they exert more pressure on a mattress than petite and average-sized individuals. If you fall into this weight category, we’d highly recommend you select one of the Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses (such as the Amerisleep 2 mattress) over one of their all-foam models.

  • Average To Petite Individuals

    We think the all-foam Amerisleep mattresses are best for folks who weigh in between ~130 to ~230 lbs. Though keep in mind, the more petite you are, the firmer a mattress will feel.

Sleeper Type Analysis 

Which sleeping position is your favorite? Between back, side, stomach, and combination, we reveal who we think AS1 is best for.

  • Side Sleepers

    This bed is not going to be good for side sleepers. It’s way too firm for most people, as it won’t give you the kind of pressure relief and contouring plushness you need to sleep comfortably.

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    The AS1 mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers who want a very supportive profile. You won’t sink into the mattress as much, even though it’s memory foam, and it will keep your spine in its proper alignment during the night.

  • Combination Sleepers

    If you switch between your back and stomach, this will be a perfectly fine bed for you. Otherwise, we recommend looking at one of the brand’s softer models like AS2 or AS3.

Amerisleep Pricing & Coupon Code

Amerisleep beds are priced near the middle-to-higher end of the online mattress space. The AS1 mattress is the cheapest model in the lineup (AS1) and has a queen size MSRP of around $1,200. 

Speaking honestly, we think the pricing is a little high; however, to be fair, the numbers mentioned above are based on MSRP. Amerisleep does seem to be fairly aggressive when it comes to discounts and coupon codes. In most cases, you can expect to receive a $200-$250 discount on your purchase

Amerisleep AS1 Award

Amerisleep Review Verdict

If you’re in the market for a firm memory foam mattress that won’t retain heat like the older models from a decade ago, this is a good choice. It’s not as affordable as other dense memory foam beds we’ve tested, but it also comes with an extra perk like a machine washable cover. Though, people over 230 lbs will likely want a more supportive bed since this one is solely made out of foam. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
How firm is the AS1 mattress?

The AS1 bed from Amerisleep is the firmest they offer, and lands around a firm or a 10 on our firmness scale.

How much does AS1 cost?

It’s the most affordable mattress model from Amerisleep, and it retails around $1,200 for a queen. Though, they run discounts that bring down the price by $200 or more.

Is AS1 a good mattress?

It’ll be a great mattress for strict back and stomach sleepers who seek an extra firm bed. It’ll also be most suitable for people under 230 pounds.

Should I buy my mattress online or in store?

If you purchase online, you’re guaranteed a few nice perks: free shipping, a free trial, a lengthy warranty, and most brands offer free returns. They do this because they know you’re going out on a limb by buying online.

Amerisleep Company Policies

To make it more appealing for you to buy a mattress online, here are a few incentives that Amerisleep offers that sweeten the deal: 

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-Night risk-free trial period
  • 20-year warranty

Give your mattress about 24-48 hours to fully inflate since it will arrive rolled up inside of a box!