Who Is It Best For?
All sleeping positions
Most body types
People that like memory foam
Who Won’t Love It?
If you’re not a fan of memory foam
People with a really limited budget

If you haven’t noticed already, there are quite a few mattresses in the Amerisleep mattress lineup. This review will focus on their middle-tier hybrid mattress, the AS3 Hybrid, which is more supportive and durable than the original all-foam Amerisleep bed. If you want a little bounce in your bed and a feel that doesn’t make you feel “stuck,” keep reading ahead. You might like what we have to say about this bed; spoiler alert, it’s pretty accommodating. 

Amerisleep Mattress Firmness And Feel

The original AS3 mattress feels more like a memory foam bed, but the hybrid model feels like a neutral foam mattress similar to Casper or Leesa. The foam is more bouncy and responsive, thanks to the pocketed coil layer in the foundation. 


The AS3 hybrid mattress is rated smack in the middle of the spectrum around a medium. It provides a nice balance between pressure relief and support because of its neutral profile. 

Pressure Relief

This bed offers a fair amount of pressure relief to keep your curves and sides feeling hugged. It may not be as relieving as the softer Amerisleep options, but that’s because they wanted this bed to provide ample support as well. 


Although all Amerisleep beds use memory foam, which is generally known for retaining heat, we don’t think you’ll sleep hot. Rather, we think you’ll sleep more temperature neutral. Especially thanks to the pocketed coil layer that’s found in the AS3 Hybrid mattress. 

Construction And Design

All of the beds in the Amerisleep lineup share a similar construction, but they differ slightly depending on the model. Here’s how the 12” Ameriseep Hybrid breaks down: 


The bed begins with a very thin layer of foam to provide a steady base for the supportive pocketed coils.


In the middle of the bed is Amerisleep’s pocketed coils with double-dense coils around the edges to reinforce perimeter support. 


This is a special memory foam that is used for the top layer on each Amerisleep mattress. It’s supposed to be slightly more responsive and breathable than traditional memory foam. Depending on which model you select, this layer will be between 2-4″ thick.

  • Amerisleep Mattress Cover

    Luckily for neat freaks, each Amerisleep mattress comes with a removable and machine washable cover. This is quite rare in the bed-in-a-box space. Most mattress covers need to be cleaned by hand since they are not machine washable.

    Yogabed, Novosbed, and Level Sleep are the other mattresses with machine washable covers that come to mind.


It may not be as thick as other hybrid mattresses we’ve tested, but it’s still one supportive mattress with strong pocketed coils that’ll keep about any body type supported. We think this bed will last you around ten years or a little more if you take care of it!

Sleeper Type Analysis

Here’s how we would recommend the AS3 hybrid mattress based on your primary sleeping position.

  • Side Sleepers

    Since this mattress is rated in the middle of the firmness spectrum, we’d say it will work just fine for most side sleepers, especially if you weigh over 230 lbs. Petite side sleepers, on the other hand, might want to try out AS4 or AS5. 

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    Most back and stomach sleepers will find the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid supportive enough to keep your back from sagging into the bed. Though, heavy back and stomach sleepers may want to consider one of the firmer Amerisleep mattresses for more support. 

  • Combination Sleepers

    This mattress is ideal for combination sleepers. It offers ample support when you’re on your back and pressure relief for your joints when you’re on your side. 

Body Type Analysis

  • Heavy Individuals

    Typically, we recommend heavier folks purchase a mattress that contains coils or an innerspring unit. So, with that in mind, the AS3 Hybrid is great for heavy individuals who weigh over 230 lbs. 

  • Average Individuals

    We think the hybrid Amerisleep mattress is best for folks who weigh in between ~130 to ~230 lbs. 

  • Petite Individuals

    It’ll be perfectly fine for petite sleepers who are looking for a tad extra support. 

Will Amerisleep Beds Work For Couples?

Yes, the Amerisleep mattresses will work just fine for people who share a bed with a partner or pet.

Motion Isolation

First, the beds do a good job of limiting motion transfer. It’s not as good as the all-foam AS3, but you likely won’t feel too much of your partner’s movements throughout the night.

Edge Support

Thanks to the double-reinforcement to the edges of the AS3 Hybrid bed, it’s perfectly suitable for couples who sleep near the edge of the bed. We don’t think you’ll have any issues with feeling like you’re about to roll off. 

Amerisleep Pricing & Coupon Code

The Amerisleep hybrid beds are a bit more expensive than their all-foam counterparts, but they still aren’t unreasonably priced. Prices start at $1,449 for a twin mattress model and maxes out at $2,500 for a split king. They do run discounts, however, so keep an eye out for a promo that’ll take the price down a few hundred bucks. 

Amerisleep Review Verdict

We were big fans of the original Amerisleep mattresses and were only even more excited to find out that they released a hybrid model. It makes it more accommodating for heavier sleeper types, and it has a more neutral feel than the original, dense memory foam Amerisleep mattresses. If you want a bouncy, supportive mattress fit for just about any sleeper type and the bed is in your budget, we’d say it’s a good option. 

Amerisleep Company Policies

Amerisleep, like most bed-in-a-box companies, makes shopping for a new mattress online extremely easy regardless of which mattress model you purchase.

  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-Night risk-free trial period
  • 20-year warranty