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Amore Mattress Review

Imagine a world where your mattress perfectly cradles your curves, supports your spine, and keeps you sleeping comfortably throughout the night — now that’s Amore! This post focuses on the four different mattress from Amore Beds, and while we can’t promise a love affair with one of their models, we are fans of their beds and versatile options. In this review, we are touching on the four core mattress models from Amore: Hybrid, Luxury Hybrid, Flippable, and Natural.

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There’s a lot more information to consider before making a final decision. Keep reading to lean more about the four Amore mattresses.

Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

amore mattress reviews luxury hybrid
Amore Luxury Hybrid is 12.5″ thick with plenty of support

As we mentioned above, this is our favorite mattress from Amore. It’s one heck of a bed, and the price isn’t bad either. Let’s go item by item to evaluate the Luxury Hybrid mattress from Amore.

Price Of The Luxury Hybrid

Typically, for a premium innerspring mattress, you should be expecting to pay north of $1,000 for the queen size. Whether it’s closer to $1,000 or $2,000, the baseline is that you can expect you’ll be paying over that $1,000 threshold.

With Amore’s Luxury Hybrid, the MSRP for the queen is about $1,100, however, after-discount you’ll likely be getting it for under $1,000. Here’s a look at the price per size for the Luxury Hybrid:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$800
King / Cal King$1,375

As far as coupons go, Amore is open to them, but their discounts will change here and there. You can check Amore’s website for their current deals. Most of the time they either reduce the price straight away or offer the promotion in-cart.

Construction & Design

As we mentioned, this is a hybrid mattress (hence the name), which means it utilizes both foam and coils or innersprings. Here’s a breakdown of the Luxury Hybrid Amore Mattress:

amore mattress reviews luxury hybrid construction
Breakdown of the layers within Amore’s Luxury Hybrid mattress
  • Base layer: It starts with 6″ individually-wrapped coils that offer support, bounce, and durability. The coils enable this mattress to handle even heavier individuals and yet still do a good job of isolating motion. If you’re buying a mattress nowadays, you pretty much should insist on getting pocketed coils rather than legacy innerspring units.
  • Transition layer: On top of the coils is a transition layer, primarily so you don’t feel the coils.
  • Comfort layer: On top of the transition layer is latex foam, the bed’s main comfort layer. It’s essentially rubber—although it feels like a comfortable foam—because it’s made from the sap of a rubber tree. It tends to be breathable (more so than other foams), responsive, and quite durable.
  • Cover: On top of the latex foam is an organic wool blend and pillow top.

What’s interesting about Amore Luxury Hybrid is that they give you three options for the cover:

  • Organic Cotton — Won’t cost you anything extra. Smells earthy and is breathable.
  • Cooling Surface — Made of a copper ion-infused material to help hot sleepers.
  • CBD-Infused Fabric — The first CBD cover we’ve seen on any mattress.

For the “upgraded” covers (i.e. Copper Ion-Infused and CBD-Infused) Amore charges extra and this extra fee is non-refundable even if you return the mattress.


This particular bed comes in two firmness levels: “Luxury Medium” and “Luxury Firm.” We are of the opinion that most people should get the Luxury Medium. It’s tremendously comfortable and is indeed a medium on the soft/firm spectrum.

Sleeper Positions

The Luxury Medium option will be best, out of the two, for side sleepers but can also work for back and stomach sleepers just fine. The Luxury Firm will be closer to a medium-firm, which makes it more ideal for back and stomach sleepers especially.

Hybrid Coil Mattress Review

amore mattress review coil hybrid bed
A look at the Coil Hybrid mattress from Amore Beds

The budget version of the Luxury Hybrid is “The Hybrid” or “Hybrid Coil” which uses 4″ coils rather than 6″ coils, so it’s not quite as supportive as the Luxury model. Beyond that, it’s available in a Soft, Medium, and Firm, all of which are 12″ thick.


As we mentioned above, this particular model is created to be a fantastic value, and it is. The MSRP for the queen bed is about $927, and after-discount it’s closer to $775. If you’re new to the online mattress space, that’s highly affordable for an American-made hybrid mattress.

Construction And Design

This model has a similar overall construction to the Luxury Hybrid we discussed above, although it’s 12″ thick, not 12.5″ thick. Though, it still has pocketed coils, poly foam, wool, and a custom cover. The other major difference is the memory foam in its primary comfort layer versus latex foam which is present in Amore Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

Feel And Firmness

It feels like a comfy, cushioned hybrid mattress. You can’t really discern any of the layers, but just in general it feels like a foam mattress. We agree that the Medium is indeed a medium on the firmness scale, however, the Soft and Firm are more like a medium-soft and medium-firm, respectively.

Natural Mattress Review

amore mattress review natural latex hybrid
Amore Natural is a latex hybrid mattress with coils and latex foam

Amore also makes a latex hybrid mattress that’s meant to compete with Zenhaven, Avocado, and the other natural and organic mattresses out there. It’s available with and without a special pillow topper, and is a really nice option for the eco-conscious shopper.


The Amore Natural Mattress is the most expensive model from the bunch, but that’s to be expected when you’re shopping for a natural and organic mattress made with more sustainable materials. A queen size Amore Natural bed costs around $1,400 at MSRP, but it starts at $975 for a twin.

Design Of Amore Natural

This particular model doesn’t use 4″ or 6″ coils, but rather 8″ coils, making it the best mattress from Amore for heavy folks. If you remember nothing else about this bed, remember that it’s supportive, and that all starts with the 8″ pocketed coils. As you transition upward, the bed has 100% all natural Dunlop latex foam that acts as the beds sole comfort layer.

You also have organic New Zealand wool on top of the latex foam and an organic cotton cover to bring it all together. Amore Natural also is available with CBD-infused fabric cover.

Optional Topper

Like Avocado, Amore Natural is available as an 11″ mattress and a 13″ mattress with a pillow top. The pillow top will add comfort and cushioning, but costs a little extra. Having said that, we much prefer natural beds with the pillow top.

Firmness And Feel

To the average person, this will feel like a durable, supportive, firmer mattress. It’s definitely a nice bed, and the support is not missing, that’s for sure. Without the topper this bed will feel around a firm, and with the topper it’s rated around a medium-firm.

Sleeper Types

amore mattress review natural latex hybrid side sleepers
Amore Natural with the pillow top is a medium-firm

Without the topper, we would only recommended Amore Natural Mattress to back and stomach sleepers. If you choose to buy the topper, the bed is rated around a medium-firm and is still good for back and stomach sleepers. Though, combo sleepers may also be accommodated by this firmness profile. Unfortunately, we don’t think side sleepers will love this latex mattress unless you weigh over 230 lbs.


Whenever you see a natural bed out there, you should think to yourself “I wonder which certifications this bed has.” Here’s a look at the certifications that Amore Beds Natural has:

  • Eco-INSTITUT Certified
  • OEKO-TEK Standard 100 Certified
  • GOTS Certified Cotton
  • Control Union Certified
  • Carbon Neutralized Product Certified

You can see the full list of certifications on Amore’s website, but the point of all of this is that this bed contains many materials that are indeed (more than) safe for use at home.

Amore Flippable Mattress Review

amore mattress review flippable
Amore Flippable has a Softer side and Firmer side

We get the allure of this mattress, however, it’s our least favorite of the four Amore beds. It’s also the only Amore model without a coil base. Having said that, you might not have the same opinion, so what’s so special about this bed?

Amore Mattress Price

The Amore Flippable Foam bed is one of the more affordable options from the brand, which was to be expected because all-foam mattresses tend to be cheaper to manufacture than hybrid or natural and organic beds. The retail price for a flippable twin bed is $570, while the king and Cal king models are $1,050.

Construction And Design

The flippable Amore Mattress is 11″ thick and made entirely of foam. From bottom to top (i.e. firmer to softer), here’s what’s inside the mattress:

  • Organic cotton cover: Wrapping the firm side of the mattress is a certified organic cotton cover
  • Wool blend: Meant to provide an extra layer of cushion
  • FusionFlex Comfort Foam: The third layer from the bottom acts as the comfort layer for the firm layer
  • Transition Foam: A foam that’s softer than the center support core to neutralize the firm, dense feel
  • Support Core: A dense foam layer meant to act as the mattress’ primary foundation
  • Transition Foam: A softer foam slab to prevent you from feeling the harsh support layer below.
  • FusionFlex Comfort Foam: The primary comfort layer for the soft side of the Amore Flippable Mattress that’s quick to respond to pressure
  • Wool Blend: A layer of wool batting for additional plushness
  • Organic cotton cover: A certified organic cover also encases the soft side of the mattress

This bed is essentially a mattress palindrome, meaning it’s identical no matter how you look at it. That’s not quite true because it’s a little firmer on one side than the other, but you get it.

Amore Foam Flippable Mattress Feel And Firmness

amore mattress review flippable bed
You get two chances to get it right with this mattress

To be honest, it just feels like a foam mattress—and no foam in particular. While the other beds have a somewhat distinct feel, this model just feels like 11″ of general foam. We don’t think anyone will dislike it, but it’s certainly not a bed that people will rave about being unique. We get that the flippable feature is part of what differentiates it, but the feel isn’t what we’d consider a “slam dunk.”

As for firmness levels, the “Softer” side is a medium and the “Firmer” side is a medium-firm.

Firmness Levels

What Amore has done with their flippable model is create a side for all sleeping styles (i.e. stomach, back, side, etc.). If you’re a side or combo sleeper, we suggest you stick to the medium side of the mattress. If you predominately sleep on your back and or stomach, however, you might like the firm side best.

Amore Mattress Reviews: Verdict

As a whole, what’s not to like? Clearly, Amore Beds makes high quality, nice mattresses, but you’re not buying all of them, so it really comes down to which mattress you prefer. Our opinion is that the two best mattresses are the Luxury Hybrid and Amore Natural. It’s not that we can’t recommend the other models—we think they’re fine as well—but the Luxury Hybrid is objectively better and Amore Natural is objectively more unique.

All in all, though, we do really like the Amore mattresses. We love that they’re made in the United States. We love that most of them come with a longer-than-average warranty. And we love that you get certain natural or organic materials with all of them.

Comparing Amore Mattress Models

amore mattress review comparison chart luxury hybrid natural flippable

Here’s a chart we created to help you better understand the differences between each mattress.

  • Luxury Hybrid – The nicest and most popular model from the brand. At 12.5″ thick, it’s a really nice pillow top mattress—it’s our favorite bed from Amore.
  • Amore Hybrid – A budget mattress that’s created entirely around one idea: value.
  • Amore Natural – This is a latex hybrid mattress, similar to Avocado, with coils, latex, and organic cotton. You can get it with and without a pillow top.
  • Flippable – Made entirely of foam, this is a double-sided mattress with two firmness levels.

Buying Amore Beds Online

Let’s discuss the policies that come with them, regardless of which model you select. To be clear, all of these are mail order mattresses, meaning they will ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., and are not available at a national mattress retailer.

  • The first thing is free shipping and returns
  • 100-night risk-free trial period
  • The Flippable model has a 10-year warranty
  • The Luxury Hybrid has a 20-year warranty
  • The Natural model has a 25-year warranty
  • The Hybrid has a 15-year warranty

How Will My Mattress Arrive?

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did Slumber Yard get Amore Beds?

We were sent the four mattress by Amore so that we could evaluate and review them online. We do not allow brands to influence our opinion, or force us to say positive or negative things.

What is Amore’s CBD infused cover?

Amore is the first mattress we are aware of to sell a bed with a CBD-infused cover. Now, it doesn’t come standard with their mattresses, but with the Amore Luxury Hybrid, as an example, you can pay an extra $150 or so for the CBD oil cover. Just like the cooling cover, however, the money you spend upgrading to the CBD oil cover is non-refundable.

Are Amore Beds compatible with an adjustable bed frame?

Yes. To our knowledge, the Hybrid, Luxury Hybrid, Flippable, and Natural are all compatible with an adjustable bed frame base.

Does Amore Beds offer free white glove delivery?

No, however, they do give you the option to upgrade to white glove delivery. According to their website, white glove delivery starts at $150.

What are products does Amore sell?

In addition to their mattresses, the company sells sheets, mattress pads, pillows, an adjustable base, a mattress foundation, and more.

What is the most popular Amore mattress?

Their flagship mattress is the Amore Luxe Hybrid.

Are the Amore Beds made in the USA?

Yes. The Hybrid, Luxury Hybrid, Natural, and Flippable mattresses are all made in the United States—in Chicago if memory serves us correctly.

Will side sleepers like Amore?

Definitely. They offer a number of mattresses that are ideal for side sleepers. Our favorite is the Luxe Hybrid.