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Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

This is the best mattress that Bear makes and it could be right for you

In this review we cover the major pros and cons of the Bear Hybrid mattress, including construction, sleeper type, temperature regulation and much more. The short story though with Bear Hybrid is that it's a soft and very comfortable mattress with plenty of bounce and support.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Those looking for a thick mattress (Bear Hybrid is 14″ thick)
  • All sleeper types (back, stomach, side, combo)
  • People who like supportive, responsive mattress
  • Sleepers of all body types (petite, medium, and heavy)
  • Anyone that wants a bed that’s made in the USA

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • People who sleep hot at night and want an active-cooling bed
  • Those who want a proper memory foam feel
  • College students or anyone looking for an extra cheap mattress

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Free Shipping & Returns

100 Night Trial Period

20 Year Warranty

Celliant Cover

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2019 Update: New Bear Hybrid

As of late 2018, there is a slightly updated, new Bear Hybrid mattress. We will update this review when we’ve had time to fully test the bed. We think all of the changes are positive. Here’s the gist of what’s new/changed:

  • Foams — The bed has some new foams, but the feel should be pretty much the same
  • Coils — Instead of using 2.5″ micro-coils, the new Bear Hybrid will have 8″ pocketed coils. This should provide a lot more support long term, especially for heavier individuals.
  • Edge Support — Supposedly, the bed will have much better edge support this go-around. Good news for couples.
  • Thickness — The bed is now 14″ thick, not 14.5″ as it was previously. No issue here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Bear Hybrid, you can see it on Bear’s website.

Bear Mattress Policies: Shipping, Warranties, etc.

When it comes to shipping, trial periods, returns, and warranties, most bed-in-a-box or online mattress companies have some pretty standard policies, the majority of which are very fair to consumers.

Generally, you can expect free shipping, a 100-night trial period, free returns and full refunds, or a 10-15 year warranty if you keep the mattress. While these policies are standard, it is common to see brands extend any one of these in order to convince consumers to try their mattress.

In Bear’s case, you get that free shipping, 100-night trial, and free returns, but they offer a 20-year warranty if you keep the bed. Again, though, you should always read up on the details yourself. You can find the full description of Bear’s warranty on their website.

Despite the fact that Bear Hybrid is a thick and durable mattress, it actually ships compressed and rolled up in a box. It’s quite remarkable that Bear is able to fit a full size mattress in a box.

Bear hybrid mattress review unboxing process
Unboxing the Bear Hybrid mattress

All you have to do is cart the box inside, remove the packaging, and arrange the bed on your foundation. From there, it will inflate and take its intended for. You can see this in the video above.

As for returns, you can get a 100% refund after sleeping on Bear Hybrid for 30 nights if you decide that it’s not for you. Basically, you can get a refund between day 31 and day 99. This should be more than enough time to make your mind up and allow your body to adjust to the mattress.

Bear Hybrid Construction and Mattress Layers

As the name states, this a hybrid mattress, which means it incorporates foam as well as coils. This bed has four layers total—three foam layers and a layer of coils.

The base layer is a dense support foam. On top of that are the coils, which are individually encased and provide even more support to help sleepers maintain proper spinal alignment. The coil layer is topped by a gel memory foam layer that allows for better airflow than traditional memory foam and also works as a pressure relieving layer. The very top layer is more foam for added comfort.

bear hybrid mattress construction side view shot
Inside look at Bear Hybrid

The combination of coils and soft foam top layers makes the Bear Hybrid a supportive, but still softer-feeling bed. The layers total up to a 14.5″ mattress, which is a thicker bed than most. That thickness boosts durability and prevents heavier folks from bottoming out the bed (something nobody wants to deal with).

Cover and Cleaning

The cover on Bear Hybrid is made of a thick, quilted Celliant material. Celliant is a technology sourced from natural minerals that’s supposed to take your body’s heat energy and reflect it back as infrared light. This is to help increase circulation and oxygen in the muscle tissue. The idea is to give your body an extra health boost while you sleep. You can learn more about Celliant here on Bear’s website.

The cover is removable, but that’s fairly common and is more for the ease of construction on the manufacturer’s side than for the consumer. It isn’t suggested that you actually remove the cover even though you technically can, and there isn’t much reason to since it isn’t machine washable.

bear hybrid mattress review cover construction
Soft, quilted cover with Celliant woven in

If you do need to do some clean up, you can spot clean with warm water and a bit of mild detergent. Just dab at the spot or spill until it comes out. You want to be careful not to get the bed too wet. This is where the removable cover can be useful – you can unzip it and stick a towel between the cover and the mattress to keep from soaking the bed while you work at the stain.

If you’re especially concerned about frequent messes, you might consider a mattress protector to deal with those morning coffee spills or Jr.’s accidents. A mattress protector is convenient because you can just take it off like a sheet and put it through a wash cycle.

We should also note that mattress protectors can sometimes stifle the airflow through your mattress and depending on how thick the protector is, it might change the surface feel of the bed a bit. If you’re still interested in adding a protector to your bed, though, you can find some affordable mattress protectors on Amazon or you can try out the protector that Bear offers on their website, which, naturally, is the one that they suggests you use.

Bear Hybrid Price & Coupon Code

In terms of how the Bear Hybrid compares to other beds in the industry, it’s priced at a fairly middle-ground level. This isn’t a cheap mattress, but we wouldn’t call it particularly expensive either, all things considered. You can see a breakdown of the pricing in the table below.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,190
California King$1,690

Originally, Bear, for whatever reason, decided not to make this bed in twin, twin XL, or full sizes. That has since changed. You can now get Bear Hybrid in any of the major six sizes.

Feel, Firmness, and Responsiveness

The Bear Hybrid is just a hands-down comfortable hunk of a mattress. While some hybrid beds feel predominantly like their foam layers, this one feels more like a traditional innerspring with a nice, soft and thick pillow top. That means you’re getting some of that bounce you may be used to, plus cushiony softness on top, without compromising on support.

bear hybrid mattress firmness

On our firmness scale, we rate this mattress as a medium. This is the most typical firmness for online mattresses, as it allows the mattress to appeal to the greatest number of people. Casper and GhostBed, for example, are both about medium in terms of overall firmness, although those are entirely foam mattresses.

When it comes to responsiveness, the Bear Hybrid performs very well. It quickly bounces back into shape after being depressed. Responsiveness is an important feature to consider if you don’t like to feel stuck or too settled into your mattress.

bear mattress review combo sleepers responsiveness
Easy to switch sleeping positions on Bear Hybrid

If responsiveness is slow, you’ll find it harder to turn over during the night and you may even end up being more restless. But, again, no need to worry about any of that with this mattress.

Factors for Couples: Edge Support and Motion Transfer

If you’re sharing a bed, you want to look for a mattress that can make that as easy and comfortable as possible.

Edge support is one of the factors to consider when sharing a bed, especially a smaller one, like a full or queen. If the edge support of your mattress is lacking, you’ll get that roll-off feeling when you get too close to the edge of the bed, which significantly reduces the usable sleep space. Unfortunately, that’s somewhat of a problem with the Bear Hybrid. While it’s a comfy bed, it doesn’t have the best edge support so you’ll want to avoid the very edge of the mattress for sleeping. It’s not quite that dramatic, but we have seen other beds with better edge support.

bear hybrid mattress review edge support
Not great edge support with Bear Hybrid

Motion transfer control is another factor that’s important for couples. Motion transfer refers to the way a mattress sends motion from one side of the bed to the other. For those sharing a bed, you want to have that transfer of motion controlled (or isolated) so that one partner isn’t jostled awake by the other turning over or getting up in the middle of the night.

bear hybrid mattress review motion isolation transfer
Bear Hybrid is good at isolating motion

As you can see in the graphic above, Bear Hybrid does a good job of deadening that cross-bed motion, especially considering that this is a coil mattress.

Overall, when it comes to couples, this mattress is going to be just fine as long as you stick to a queen or larger. Which shouldn’t be a problem since this bed doesn’t even come in a full.

Is Bear Hybrid Good for Back and Stomach Sleepers?

Yes, this mattress will work for back and stomach sleepers. Even though it isn’t a particularly firm bed, the coils still offer plenty of support for keeping the spine in proper alignment. And that’s the main concern when you’re sleeping on your back or stomach—you need support around your hips and trunk so that you don’t wake up sore from too much sinkage in those areas.

bear hybrid mattress review back sleepers
Good for stomach and back sleepers

A lot of this depends on your body weight, but for the average person, they should have no problem sleeping on their back or stomach on Bear Hybrid. The heavier you are, however, the more support you require and you might want to look into a mattress with 6″ or taller coils like Leesa Sapira or the Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress.

Is it Good for Side and Combo Sleepers?

Bear Hybrid is also good for side and combo sleepers as well. Because it isn’t overly firm and it has the softer, pillow top feel on top of the coils, it offers an appropriate amount of pressure relief.

bear hybrid mattress review side sleepers
Great option for strict side sleepers

Pressure relief is needed to compensate the protrusions of your shoulder and hip while sleeping on your side. Again, the idea is to keep your spine in alignment.

The majority of the pressure relief for this bed comes from the gel memory foam layer. As you can see in the graphic below, it’s slower to react, but is really soft and cradles your body nicely.

bear hybrid mattress review responsiveness and pressure relief
Pressure relief from the gel memory foam

The Comfort Foam layer above the gel memory foam is soft as well, but is a lot more responsive. Together, they provide ample pressure relief, but help to make the bed more responsive overall.

How Does Bear Hybrid Feel for Different Body Types?

How much you weigh does affect the way you experience a mattress. The heavier you are, the softer a mattress will feel, and vice versa. We think the Bear Hybrid will be comfortable for all body types, as long as it suits your comfort and sleeping preferences.

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Is Bear Hybrid Good for Hot or Sweaty Sleepers?

To be frank, it’s not the best in terms of keeping cool at night, though we’ve sort of changed our mind on this bed a little. We’d call it temperature-neutral as opposed to warm. It’s definitely not a cooling bed, but it’s not like sleeping on legacy memory foam bed.

bear hybrid mattress review temperature regulation for hot sleepers

All this is to say that temperature regulation relies on a number of factors. It’s not just about the materials in a bed. Other factors like the firmness profile of a mattress and room temperature are important as well. The firmer the mattress, the cooler it will be in general since you sleep more on top of the mattress.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review: Verdict

There’s a lot to consider with a new mattress, but if you know you want a responsive, durable, comfy mattress, Bear Hybrid should be on your short list of beds to try out. It’s about medium in terms of overall firmness and will work for all sleeper types, including combination sleepers. All in all, this is a really nice mattress at an affordable price point, especially considering it comes with a 100-night trial period and completely free returns.

Review Team

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How did the Slumber Yard get Bear Hybrid?

We were sent this mattress from Bear so that we could create this review. We did not accept any monetary compensation from Bear or any other brand in exchange for making this review. Our team reviews products independently.

I read the return details - Why do I have to try the bed for at least 30 days?

Different bodies need different adjustment periods. Bear wants to be sure you take enough time to adjust to your new sleep surface and they think 30 days is enough time. Basically, they don't want you to buy they're mattress, try it for a couple nights, not sleep well, and call them up to make a return before giving your body a chance to get used to the new bed.

Do I need to flip the Bear Hybrid?

No, you don't have to flip this mattress. The layers are constructed to be one-sided, so flipping wouldn't make sense. Plus, it's already a thick mattress, which helps with durability. However, Bear says you can rotate the mattress every six months to keep it in tip-top shape even longer, though the rotating isn't totally necessary.

How do I return the mattress if I don't like it?

Returns are a simple process. First of all, if you're looking at the box the mattress arrived in and thinking there's no way you're getting it back in there - you're absolutely right. There's no need to try to pack the bed in anything. Just call up the company and they'll make arrangements to have the mattress picked up. They'll also issue you a full refund.

What does the company do with a mattress if I return it?

If you decide to return your bed, the company will most likely arrange for a charity to pick up the mattress. Bear tries to donate the lightly used beds whenever possible in order avoid the waste of sending them to a landfill.

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