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Bear Mattress Reviews

Bear Mattress Reviews

Our in depth review of Bear Mattress and Bear Pro, two foam beds with a Celliant cover

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

Bear is a bed-in-a-box industry veteran at this point and they continue to update and add new products to their portfolio. In fact, in 2019, Bear made slight changes to their flagship performance mattress to make it firmer and more accommodating to all sleep styles. They also launched the Bear Pro Mattress, an upgraded foam bed which we will review in this post.

Who Is This Best For?

Budget shoppers

People that like memory foam

Who Won’t Love It?

Heavyset individuals

People that want a plush mattress

Bear Mattress Reviews

In the wild, it’s probably best to stay away from any Bears you might come across. In the online mattress space, however, Bear is ultra cuddly and comfortable — and something some sleepers should definitely seek out. The Slumber Yard team is a fan of the Bear Mattresses, particularly for their incredibly affordable prices, accommodating feel, and unique mattress covers. Unlike many other bed in a box mattress brands on the market, Bear beds come with a Celliant-infused cover to help enhance sleep and boost the body’s natural recovery process. Sounds interesting, right?

In this Bear Mattress review, we will focus on two of their beds; the flagship Bear Mattress and the slightly thicker, all-foam Bear Mattress Pro. To easily navigate the review and jump to the information you want to know most, use our helpful jump links below!

Bear Mattress Video Review

In this section we take a good hard look at the updated, flagship Bear Mattress. We will discuss everything from design and pricing to sleeping positions and temperature regulation. Here’s our video review of Bear Mattress:

Bear Mattress Construction And Design

The Bear mattress is an all-foam bed that totals 10″ thick. As you can see in the graphic below, it’s made with three different types of foam.

bear mattress review construction and layers inside foam bed
The new 2019 Bear is a 3-layer all-foam mattress
  • Base layer – It starts with a thick layer of dense support foam on the bottom, which acts as the base for the bed.
  • Transition layer – In the middle is a layer of softer response foam, and acts as the transition between the support foam and the top layer.
  • Top layer – Topping the bed is graphite-gel memory foam, and it provides pressure relief and contouring support for the sleeper. It’s also supposed to regulate temperature better than traditional memory foam, which has a reputation to retain body heat.

Celliant Mattress Cover

Wrapping these foam layers is a Celliant woven cover. For those who don’t know, Celliant is an FDA recognized wellness material that is clinically proven to promote increased blood flow, among other things. In Bear’s words, though, they state that Celliant “redirects the body’s natural energy as infrared light, which results in faster recovery and increased energy and performance.” As such, the company likes to market this mattress to athletes and people with active lifestyles.

bear mattress review celliant cover for athletes
Close up on Bear’s Celliant cover

We don’t have any hard data on this ourselves to either validate or invalidate what Bear claims Celliant can do. We just think if you don’t have to pay more for it, why not have it there. We see the Celliant cover as a nice perk, especially for athletes and anyone that works out regularly. But it probably shouldn’t be the one and only reason why you buy this mattress. There’s plenty more info about Celliant on Bear’s website.

Bear Mattress Firmness And Feel

The Bear mattress has a decently firm memory foam feel, which isn’t a huge shock considering its top layer. However, we will say, unlike a lot of memory foam beds, you don’t get that overwhelming stuck-in-the-mud feeling with Bear, which is nice. You will get resistance when you go to rotate sleeping positions because it contours to the shape of your body, but nothing even close to what you’ve experienced with legacy memory foam beds.

As we mentioned, Bear made some slight tweaks to the mattress in 2019. Past versions were on the soft side of the spectrum. However, it’s a bit firmer and more accommodating this go-around. We’d put the new model around a medium to medium-firm on the firmness scale.

We place it between Lull and Nectar in terms of overall feel. But just as a reminder, firmness is somewhat subjective, which is why we show it on a spectrum. The heavier you are, the softer a mattress will appear and vice versa.

Is Bear Mattress Good For Couples?

In writing our Bear Mattress reviews, we discovered Bear and Bear Pro are indeed good for couples!

Motion Transfer

Couples who share a bed will want a mattress that limits motion pretty well. In short, one person shouldn’t be bothered by the other person’s movements. If the mattress allows for too much cross-bed motion, someone’s likely to be jostled awake. We’re glad to report, though, that the Bear mattress performs fairly well in this department. The mattress does a good job of deadening any movement.

Edge Support

Edge support is especially important for partners who share a smaller size mattress. It’s common for one person to roll over in the middle of the night and hog the center of the bed, pushing the other person towards the edge. In this instance, it’s important that the perimeter of the bed is still supportive and doesn’t make the displaced partner feel like they’re about to fall off the side of the mattress.

Given that Bear has an updated, firmer design, it actually performs much better in the edge support department. Previously, it wasn’t so good, but now it’s on par with (if not better than) the rest of the all-foam beds out there.

Bear Mattress Sleeper Style Analysis

Side Sleepers

Since this mattress is in between a medium and medium-firm, we wouldn’t say it’s the best option for side sleepers. The only exception may be heavier side sleepers, or side sleepers who also switch to their back or stomach during the night.

Back And Stomach Sleepers

We think it’s ideal for sleeping on your back or stomach. It’s one of those beds that you sleep on top of versus in, if that makes any sense. Think about it this way, when you’re on your back or stomach, you want something on the firmer side so your spine doesn’t sag into the mattress. Otherwise, you might wake up with a back ache. So we certainly don’t think back or stomach sleepers will have this issue with Bear.

It reminds us a little of Yogabed in that from the outset it’s best for back and stomach sleepers, but eventually it should soften to accommodate plenty of side sleepers as well.

Combo Sleepers

Bear should also work just fine for most combo sleepers. Like we’ve said, it provides some pressure relief for side sleepers and plenty of support for sleeping on your back or stomach. Combo sleepers should remember, however, that memory foam can be a little difficult to switch positions on. Like we said earlier, Bear isn’t as bad as other memory foam mattress, but you’ll still experience a little opposition if you try to switch from your back to your stomach.

Body Type Analysis

Heavy Sleepers

Bear is not the best option for plus size people (250 lb+). It’s a 10″ all-foam bed and, generally, beds with coils will be better for heavier folks since coils provide bi-directional support (i.e. they compress, but also push back) and are just more durable and supportive than foam— so we just can’t recommend it for heavier folks. These types of sleepers sink into the mattress more and we worry about the long-term support, especially if you’re a back or stomach sleeper.

bear hybrid mattress review construction
Heavy people will want to explore the Bear mattress with coils

Bear’s coil mattress, on the other hand, is extra supportive and highly comfortable. It won’t really feel like the standard all-foam bed since it has the quilted cover, but we actually think it’s a nicer mattress—and the price point isn’t outlandish either with the coil Bear Mattress.

Petite Individuals

For petite individuals, Bear isn’t great for side sleeping because it might feel a little firm, but know that it’ll get softer over time. For anyone that weighs close to 200 lb, we think you’ll be fine on Bear, so long as you know it’s rated towards the firm side. The memory foam top layer does a good job of contouring around your pressure points.

Bear Mattress Pricing

The Bear mattress is not a budget bed by any means, but it’s also not as expensive as the typical bed-in-a-box. It’s priced pretty affordably, all things considered. Here, see for yourself:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$600
King / Cal King$900

Is There A Bear Mattress Coupon Or Discount Code

Lucky for you, that’s just the retail price. We have a coupon code on this page to make the mattress a bit cheaper. You can always also check Bear’s website for current offers and promotions.

Bear Mattress Temperature Regulation

Typically, we rate beds as either cool, neutral, or warm. With that said, we’d rate the Bear mattress as just temperature neutral. We know they use cooling graphite gel in their memory foam and the Celliant cover is supposed to help as well, but we just didn’t feel like it actively kept us cool. However, we don’t feel like it will heat up either (small and average size people).

If you’re a heavy individual though, you may find that it tends to warm up due to the fact you’ll sink in more and the mattress will contour and sort of hug around you, so keep that mind.

Original Bear Mattress Review Verdict

If you ask us, we like the Bear Mattress a lot. Our team member Jeff actually slept on the coil Bear Mattress model for awhile. But ultimately, we see the flagship Bear Mattress being best for back, stomach, and combo sleepers that really like the feel of memory foam. It’s also a great choice for athletes, runners, and weightlifters, due to that Celliant technology woven inside the bed’s cover.

Bear Pro Mattress Review

You can think of Bear Pro as the premium version of the flagship Bear Mattress. In fact, Bear has consistently cut prices of their flagship model to where it competes with a lot of budget-tier memory foam beds. As such, it makes sense that they would offer a premium foam bed, a bit like what Casper did with the Casper Wave mattress. In this section we pick apart Bear Pro to see if it’s the right mattress for you.

Bear Pro Bed Design And Construction

The mattress has the same general design of the flagship model, however, Bear Pro is 12″ thick and adds another comfort foam.

bear pro mattress review construction
Bear Pro is 2″ thicker than the original bed

You can see the full design on Bear’s website, but the gist of what you need to know is the bed has a support core, transition layer, responsive memory foam layer, and a copper-infused comfort layer on top. Here’s a look inside the mattress.

Mattress Celliant Cover

The bed still also has Bear’s famous Celliant cover, which we are big fans of. If you missed the section above about Celliant, the short story is that it can help with everything from circulation to restful sleep. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but we think there’s actually something to it.

Mattress Feel And Firmness

While the original Bear Mattress has a memory foam feel, Bear Pro feels like a neutral foam bed that’s incredibly comfortable. The memory foam is plenty pressure alleviating, but also responds back quickly. It’s actually the best of both worlds. And the copper-infused foam on top (red foam) is a fluffy, airy foam that’s somewhat addicting to lay on.

We would place Bear Pro at a similar firmness rating to the original bed (i.e. between a medium and medium-firm).

Will Couples Like The Bear Pro Mattress?

We see this as a fantastic mattress for couples. For starters, it has a very agreeable firmness level and overall feel. On top of that, the edge support is better than your typical all-foam bed, and it’s good at deadening movement. Bear doesn’t offer split models like Helix, but we think this is the type of mattress that couples can find common ground on.

Accommodates All Body Types And Sleeper Positions

Despite the fact that this is a 12″ bed, we still contend that heavier folks will want to try Bear’s coil bed first. That’s not to say that Bear Pro will not be durable—in fact, we think quite the opposite—but in general people over 250 lbs are better suited, long term, on a coil mattress. With that said, this bed will be accommodating enough for heavier individuals to get by.

And although we rated this bed between a medium and medium-firm, it offers so much pressure relief that we think it will absolutely work for all sleeping positions.

Bear Pro Pricing

Bear Pro is priced above the original bed, but below their coil mattress. We actually don’t hate the price point. In fact, we think the bed is priced reasonably considering how comfortable the mattress is. The MSRP of the queen size bed is around $1,100 before any discounts, though Bear is known to run promotions from time to time. You can check Bear’s website for any deals on Bear Pro right now.

Bear Pro Temperature Control

We don’t have any concerns regarding temperature with Bear Pro. And we say that for two reasons. First, it’s a firmer bed and firmer beds generally are efficient at regulating your sleeping temperature. Second, Bear uses an open cell foam on top and gel memory foam, both of which are in part supposed to help dissipate heat.

Bear Pro Mattress Review Verdict

What’s not to like? Sure, it’s just over $1,000 for a queen, but we think this is just a solid mattress. It reminds us a bit of Casper, only a tinge firmer. We have no shortage of positive remarks for Bear Pro. It very well could be the nicest bed that the company makes.

Overview Of The Different Bear Mattress Models

bear mattress reviews chart

Here’s a quick overview of our Bear Mattress reviews. Just click the link to go to the labeled review. You can also learn more about the beds on

  • Bear Mattress — The company’s flagship bed. It’s 10″ thick, has a memory foam feel, and sells for around $650-800 for the queen.
  • Bear Pro — The company’s upgraded foam mattress. It’s 12″ thick and feels like a comfy, soft foam bed.
  • Bear Hybrid — This is a 14″ coil mattress that’s surprisingly affordable. It’s also supportive, durable, and really comfy.

Other Bear Products

Bear Mattress Ratings

  • Bear Mattress Amazon Reviews: Amazon reviewers give Bear Mattress 3.7 out of 5 stars. 65% of the reviews were 4 or 5-star reviews, representing many customers who have been very pleased with their Bear Mattress boasting a comfortable and cool sleeping experience. 
  • Bear Mattress Reviews Reddit: Reddit users haven’t had too many discussions about the all-foam Bear Mattress; one person recommends it for people under 200 lbs, another person says it’s too firm. For Bear Hybrid, on the other hand, most people seemed to like it except for those looking for a softer mattress.  
  • Bear Mattress Reviews YouTube: Independentreviews on YouTube are generally positive reporting comfort and close equivalence to other similarly made foam mattresses.
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Does The Bear Mattress Offer A Trial Period?

When it comes to online mattresses, often people are too fixated on the actual bed, which we totally understand. That is the most important thing after all. However, the company’s policies (shipping, returns, trial period, and warranty) are also quite important. The standard for the bed in a box industry is free shipping, free returns, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year warranty. This is what you’ll get from most online mattress companies, Bear included.

Bear Company Info

Bear Mattress Physical Store Locations

Main Showroom:
720 Monroe Street Suite C508
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Partner Stores:
Our Sleep Guide
4220 S Lamar Blvd #150
Austin, TX 78704

Tysons Corner, 1524 Spring Hill Rd
McLean, VA 22102

Bear Mattress Contact Information

  • Customer support: (844) 311-0035
  • Email support:


How did SY get the Bear Mattress?

We were sent all of the Bear Mattresses for free by the brand so that we could evaluate them and discuss our honest take.

How does the trial window work?

Bear requires that you test the bed for at least 30 nights. They say this is the right amount of time for you to adjust to the mattress and truly decide whether it’s right for you. If, after 30 days, you still don’t like the mattress, just give the company a ring and they will initiate the return process.

How do you clean the bed?

The company recommends that you do not machine wash the cover. Instead, they recommend you just use a mild detergent and water to spot clean the mattress.

Do you need to flip or rotate Bear?

You should not flip the mattress. It is a one-sided bed. However, you may want to rotate the bed 180° every six months or so.

How long does it take for the bed to decompress?

Yes, it might take the mattress 48 hours to fully inflate. This is typical. Most memory foam beds take a day or two to expand entirely.

What bed frame should I pair with the mattress?

You can use the Bear mattress on any flat, hard surface (i.e. platforms, adjustable bases, or the floor).

What products does Bear sell?

As of mid-2019, Bear also offered the following products: Bear with coils, Bear Pro, Bear Adjustable Base, Bear Pillow, sheets, a mattress protector, foundation, and bed frame.

Is Bear available at any stores?

Like the majority of bed-in-a-box mattresses, Bear is mostly (if not exclusively) available online. They’ve done some trial tests with Macy’s, but we haven’t seen them roll out a nation-wide retail campaign. For now, you’ll be shopping on Bear’s website.

How firm is the Bear mattress?

It’s between a “medium” and “medium-firm” on our firmness scale. It should be good for all sleeping positions.

Does the Bear mattress have coils?

The Original Bear mattress does not have coils, but Bear Hybrid does.

Where is Bear mattress made?

It’s actually extremely affordable. The queen mattress sells for under $800 after discounts.

How much does the mattress cost?

Celliant is a special textile that’s been approved by the FDA. It’s supposed to help with restful sleep, circulation, and more.

What does this mattress feel like?

It has a memory foam feel, a bit like TempurPedic, though not as dense.

Are Bear mattresses any good?

Bear Mattresses are a great choice for those seeking a foam mattress with added performance technology.

How long will a Bear mattress last?

The average memory foam mattress lasts 8 to 10 years.

Where are bear mattresses made?

Bear Mattresses are made in the USA.

Where can I buy the Bear mattress?

Though there are showrooms available, the Bear mattresses are currently only sold online.