Does Blue Burrito Sleep Hot?
We’d call both versions of this mattress “temperature neutral,” meaning that it won’t be the reason you wake up a sweaty mess, but it isn’t going to actively prevent that outcome either.

If you do have trouble with sweaty, sleepless nights, you might want to check out our list of best cooling beds.

Who Is It Best For?
Those on a budget
RC Willey shoppers
All sleep styles
Who Won’t Love It?
If your budget is $600
People that need a firm mattress

Buying The Blue Burrito Mattress From RC Willey

The bed-in-a-box mattress industry has a handful of standard policies when it comes to shipping, returns, trials, and stuff. Generally, when you order a bed online, you’ll get free shipping, free returns, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty.

Now, Blue Burrito is in a slightly different boat because it’s sold in actual, tangible RC Willey stores, so you can pick up your bed-in-a-box and just skip the shipping part. That is, you can opt for in-store pick up if you have a local RC Willey, which only has locations in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, Boise, Orem-Prov, and Ogden.

Here’s the video review we produced about the Blue Burrito mattress.

  • Honest Blue Burrito Mattress Review

You can also order the mattress online at and have it shipped within the continental US. The shipping situation isn’t perfectly clear as we’ve found conflicting information.

When we went on the site and entered a Montana shipping address, it said our shipping fee would be upwards of $400. Yikes. But when we called and talked to an actual person (and we’re more inclined to believe the actual person), we were told the mattress will ship for free all over the continental US. It ships via FedEx ground and can take 16-20 business days, which isn’t the most timely, but hey—at least it’s free.

When you get your bed, it’ll be all rolled up in a cardboard box. Unpacking it is easy—just pull it out of the box and remove the plastic wrapping. We recommend doing this where you plan on using the bed to avoid unnecessary mattress moving.

video thumbnail

As is standard, you get a 100-night trial period with this bed. However, this doesn’t mean you can return it if you decide you don’t like it. Instead, RC Willey only allows for exchanges. You will get a 10-year warranty along with your Blue Burrito, though.

Plus, they throw in a pillow or two, depending on which size bed you order.

Price Of The Foam Mattress

Relative to other mattresses that come in a box, the Blue Burrito comes in at a fairly average price point. It’s not notably affordable, nor does it come with any serious sticker shock. However, you will pay more for the hybrid version than you will for the all-foam. Here’s a pricing breakdown for the all-foam bed.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$600
King / Cal King$1,000
Split King$1,200

We like to provide discounts and promo codes where we can, so if we have anything that applies to this mattress, it’ll be in the floating box on the right of the screen or you can just check If not, you can always check out our Mattress Deals page for other options.

Mattress Construction And Layers

Let’s start with the all-foam bed, which is made with a few layers of foam materials and does not include coils or springs.

The all-foam Blue Burrito has three layers of foam: It starts with a 7” base of high density poly foam, followed by a 2.5” layer of gel-infused memory foam, and topped with a 1.5” layer of ventilated gel memory foam.

blue burrito mattress review rc willey bed in a box construction
Inside the Blue Burrito mattress (hybrid model)

The hybrid model of this bed has 1” of high density poly foam as a base, followed by a system of individually wrapped coils, then a 1” poly foam transition layer. Like the all-foam, the hybrid has a 2.5” layer of gel-infused memory foam. The mattress is topped with 1” of ventilated gel memory foam.

The hybrid model of the Blue Burrito is an 11” mattress, just like the all-foam.

  • A Closer Look At Blue Burrito’s Cover

    This mattress has a pretty thick cover, but we wouldn’t say it’s especially soft or smooth. That’s okay, though, assuming you put sheets on your bed.

    As is the case with a lot of mattresses, the cover on this one is removable, but not machine washable. Since you can’t actually put the cover in the washer, we don’t see much reason in going through the hassle of taking it off.

blue burrito mattress review cover and cleaning

If you do need to clean up a spill or something, go for the spot cleaning method. All you need is some warm water and a little bit of mild detergent. Use a cloth to dab at the stained area. It’s that easy.

Because of the way the Blue Burrito mattresses are constructed, you won’t need to flip them like you might with an older innerspring bed. In fact, you shouldn’t flip it. If you get it upside down, the layers will be in the wrong order. You can, however, rotate the mattress every 3-6 months to prevent any uneven sagging or wear.

Let’s Discuss Firmness And Responsiveness

The feel of the foam version of the Blue Burrito bed is like a somewhat dense memory foam. Coupled with the firmness level (which we rate as a medium-firm on our scale) and the slow responsiveness, laying on this bed is similar to laying on a bag of damp sand or a giant stress ball (the dense kind, not the foamy kind).

video thumbnail

Back to that slow responsiveness, though. Responsiveness refers to how quickly or how slowly the surface of a mattress regains shape after being depressed. It’s typical for memory foam beds to have slower responsiveness, so we’re not really surprised that the Blue Burrito takes a couple seconds to fully bounce back.

The hybrid Blue Burrito feels like a more neutral-foam blend, but you still get a bit of that memory foam feel. Even though the mattress has coils/springs, you don’t actually feel them in any kind of overt or noticeable way. And, despite the coils, the mattress still a little slower to respond.

Discuss Of Approved Sleeping Positions

Blue Burrito (both constructions) will work well for back and stomach sleepers. People who sleep on their back and/or stomach need a bed that supports the heavier parts of the body, like the head, shoulders, neck, and hips. If you don’t get proper support, those areas will sink or dip into the mattress too much, causing the spine to curve and arch, which likely means waking up sore and achy.

blue burrito mattress review back sleepers
Blue Burrito is suitable for back (and stomach) sleepers

The Blue Burrito is firm enough, though, that you probably won’t get an uncomfortable amount of sinkage while sleeping on your back or stomach. Of course, this can vary depending on the weight of the sleeper, but we’ll talk about that further into this post.

Side and combo sleepers can also get comfy on either version of the Blue Burrito. Sleeping on your side requires pressure relief to accommodate the curves of your body (hip, arm, shoulder). Without enough pressure relief, you end up squashed into the unforgiving surface of the bed, resulting in a pins-and-needles feeling or even a sore back.

blue burrito mattress review side sleepers
Good option for side and combo sleepers, as well

The Blue Burrito has enough give in its top layer to allow for side sleeping. Combo sleepers will be comfortable in all sleep positions, but we do warn that the bed’s slow responsiveness can make it more difficult to turn over during the night.

Can Heavier Individuals Sleep On Blue Burrito?

We don’t think the all-foam mattress is the best option for heavier folks. While we think a heavy individual will be comfortable for a night, it isn’t a practical bed in the long-term.

It’s going to feel softer for someone heavy than it will for lighter folks. This is because the heavier the person, the more they’ll sink into the memory foam. That can be a bad thing because of this bed’s slow responsiveness (the sleeper will likely feel stuck) and the material’s tendency to retain heat (the sleeper will feel surrounded by their own body heat).

blue burrito mattress review overview
Heavier people should try out the hybrid bed first

When we suggest beds for heavy people, we usually steer them towards hybrid constructions that include coils for support, durability, and airflow.

In that line, we would say the hybrid version of the Blue Burrito will work for heavier people, but we’d still say that folks who are much heavier than average (upwards of 270 lb) should look for a thicker mattress.

What About Other Body Types?

Petite and medium sized people will sleep just fine on both models of the Blue Burrito. We’d just remind sleepers that your weight does affect how the mattress will feel: The heavier you are, the softer it will feel, and the lighter you are, the firmer it will feel.

It’s important to keep your own body in mind while reading mattress descriptions.

Quick Blurb On Sleeping Temperature

We’d call both versions of this mattress “temperature neutral,” meaning it won’t be the reason you wake up a sweaty mess, but it isn’t going to actively prevent that outcome either.

If you do have trouble with sweaty, sleepless nights, you might want to check out our list of best cooling beds.

Couples That Are Looking At Blue Burrito

If you share a bed, there are a couple of factors that can play a role in keeping you both sleeping well.

Edge support refers to how resilient the sides of the mattress are. When two people share a bed, it’s pretty common for someone to end up pushed toward the edge. If that’s you, you’ll want good edge support to keep the sides of the mattress from sloping and keep you from rolling onto the ground.

blue burrito mattress review edge support
The hybrid model has better edge support

When it comes to the memory foam Blue Burrito, though, the edge support is only so-so. Because of the bed’s all-foam construction and slow responsiveness, the edges start to compress under you when you lay on them. The hybrid model has better edge support, so we’d suggest couples take that into consideration.

video thumbnail

Motion isolation is another important detail to consider, especially if one partner is an active sleeper and the other is pretty sensitive. The Blue Burritos have good motion isolation, which means it limits cross-bed motion enough to keep you from waking up your partner with your tossing, turning, and 2am bathroom runs.

The Final Verdict On The Blue Burrito Mattress

Overall, the Blue Burrito is a pretty good bed-in-a-box mattress with a memory foam feel (all-foam) or a neutral-foam feel (hybrid). It’s priced moderately and will work for all sleeper types and all body types, as long as you choose the model best suited for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did Slumber Yard get this bed?

The Blue Burrito mattress was sent to us by RC Willey for the purpose of testing and reviewing the product. The company, however, has no control over what we do or do not say about the bed. All of our opinions are entirely, 100% our own.

Are the materials safe?

All the foam used in the Blue Burrito bed is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it’s been tested by a trusted third party and was deemed safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

Can I make a return?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot make a full return of the Blue Burrito. What you can do, though, is “reselect” a mattress from RC Willey. After at least 30 days of owning your Blue Burrito, you can choose to exchange if for a different bed (if the new one costs more, you pay the difference), as long as you’re within your 100-day trial period.

Where can I find the Blue Burrito mattress?

They are sold exclusively at RC Willey stores and

What type of mattress is the Blue Burrito?

They make several models, including an all-foam and a hybrid.