Brentwood Home may not carry as much weight behind their name as Casper or Purple do, but they are a high-quality mattress brand that deliver a range of different mattresses at different price points. They also care about the environment, and with every mattress sold, they’ll donate to the National Forest Foundation in the effort to plant 10,000 trees across the United States. So, if you end up buying a Brentwood Home mattress, you can sleep easy knowing you’re comfortable and contributing to a good cause.

While Brentwood Home offers several different mattress models, the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress is our focus for today. In our Cypress mattress review, we’ll discuss why we do or don’t think this is a good option for you and point out some of its major highlights. Before we dive in, though, here is a quick summary of this memory foam mattress:

  • Cypress is Brentwood Home’s affordable memory foam mattress 
  • Available in different height options and constructions (all-foam or hybrid)
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions — there’s an option for everyone
  • Accommodating for all body types, and heavier individuals should opt for the hybrid

For more juicy details on this Brentwood Home bed, continue on in our post below.

  • Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress Review (UPDATED)

Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress Construction 

Lucky for you, you have options when it comes to how thick and supportive you want your bed to be. You can choose between 11” or 13” and an all-foam or hybrid construction. Below, you can find a breakdown of the 11” all-foam model. It’s very similar to the 13”, except it uses 1” less support and 1” less comfort foam.

An overview of the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress

Base layer – A thick, dense piece of support foam with an egg-crate-like top that allows for airflow throughout the mattress. If you choose the hybrid, this layer will be made with pocketed coils.

Transition layer – A layer of foam to help neutralize the feel of the firm support foam in the base layer.

Comfort layer – A layer of the brand’s charcoal-infused BioFoam for hugging memory foam comfort. 

We should also mention the foam CertiPUR-US certification, and it’s made without toxins like lead, mercury, ozone-depleters, and more.

Cypress Bed Firmness And Feel

The foam used in the top layer of the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress is technically not memory foam and is a little more responsive than the traditional material you might be used to. It does, however, utilize the contouring characteristics of memory foam, so it will feel like the foam is hugging the curves of your body — especially the softer models. 

  • Firmness

    The softness or firmness of the Brentwood Home Cypress mattress will mainly depend on the model you purchase. The firmest mattress is the 11” all-foam model, which lands around a medium. The 13” hybrid model, on the other hand, lands around a medium to medium-soft.

  • Pressure Relief

    In this case, the tallest options are the softest and offer the most pressure relief. All you need to decide is whether or not you want a hybrid or foam model. However, we think the 13” beds ease those pressure points around your shoulders and hips as the foam molds around your body.

  • Temperature

    The memory foam is infused with charcoal in order to draw heat away from you, but we wouldn’t necessarily call it a cooling mattress. Rather, it helps regulate temperature better than your typical memory foam mattress. Temperature will more heavily depend on where you keep your home’s temp, the pajamas you wear, and the climate you live in. If you’re interested in a particularly cool-sleeping mattress, check out our best cooling beds list!

Brentwood Home Mattress Price 

The price of the Cypress bed by Brentwood Home will depend on the model you get, whether it be hybrid or all-foam. Though, the good news is that this bed is very cost-effective and one of their most budget-friendly options. 

Twin X L$449$1,163
Cal King$799$1,838

A queen size 11” all-foam model retails for just under $600, while the queen 11” hybrid model retails around $800. These compete with budget beds like Tuft and Needle or Cocoon Chill. The 13” hybrid is right under $1,000, and its 13” all-foam counterpart will cost around $800. Compared to other memory foam beds on the market, we think these beds offer a pretty fair value. Especially the thinner all-foam model — that price is hard to beat for a queen.  

Cypress Mattress Sleeper Type Analysis

Owen testing out the Cypress for side sleepers

Believe it or not, your most dominant sleeping position plays a big role in how comfortable you’ll think a mattress is going to be. If it’s too soft or firm for you, you might wake up with some joint or back pain. 

  • Side Sleepers

    If you spend most of your nights sleeping on your side, we think the best models will be the 13” all-foam or 13” hybrid. Reason being, these are the softer Cypress med models and will offer the most pressure relief to your hips and shoulders.

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers

    Folks who favor their back or stomach typically benefit most from firmer mattresses. With that being said, we’d recommend one of the 11” models since they’re firmer and will keep your back in more proper alignment.

  • Combination Sleepers

    Combination sleepers who switch between these positions, which is a large fraction of sleepers, should opt for a mattress around medium firmness level. We think the best options here would be the 13” all-foam or the 11” hybrid since they offer more of a middle-ground firmness profile.

Body Type Analysis

Your weight and BMI matter because they should help you decide whether or not you should consider a hybrid mattress. 

  • Petite to Average Individuals

    Folks under the 230 lbs. range will be fine on almost all mattress constructions because they don’t need the extra support that heavier individuals need. With this in mind, we would recommend either the foam or hybrid models.

    Though, people who weigh under 150 might want to stick with one of the foam models because they’re more affordable, and they really don’t need the added support that coils provide. Also, keep in mind, if you’re petite a mattress will typically feel more firm than it would to an average-weighted sleeper.

  • Heavy Individuals

    If you’re a plus-size sleeper over 230 lbs., we recommend one of the Brentwood Home Cypress hybrid models. They’ll be more supportive, more durable, and will be more long-lasting than one of the foam models because the base is much more sturdy. Also, remember that beds will typically feel softer to a heavier person than it would to someone under 230 lbs.

Is Brentwood Home Cypress A Good Mattress For Couples?

If you’re shopping for a bed with your significant other, there are a few more characteristics you have to worry about when it comes to your mattress.

Motion Isolation

This refers to a bed’s ability to absorb motion throughout the mattress, allowing you and your S.O. to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water without disturbing the other. Luckily for couples, Brentwood Home Cypress isolates motion well, especially the foam model. However, the hybrids are made with independently-moving pocketed coils, which are better at isolation motion than traditional coils. 

Edge Support

If you share a large King or CA King mattress, this may not be as big of a deal for you. However, for all you full mattress sharers, you’ll want your bed’s perimeter to feel sturdy enough that you won’t get feeling like you’re falling off when you’re near the edge. The hybrid models have the best edge support, but we think the foam Brentwood Home Cypress mattress models check out here, too. 

Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress Verdict 

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a new mattress, and the Brentwood Home Cypress bed provides both comfort and support at an extremely reasonable price. For those who like a hugging, contouring feel without the “stuck” feel, you might be a big fan of the Cypress mattress.

What we love:

  • The queen size 11” all-foam model is only $600, which we think is a steal. The other beds also offer great values. 
  • People over 230 lbs. can get the support they need, but petite sleepers can also opt for an all-foam Brentwood Home Cypress. There’s an option for all body types!
  • The different models offer varying firmness profiles, so every sleeping position can find a firmness they like.
  • The memory foam is infused with charcoal for temperature regulation

What to consider: 

  • There aren’t many cons to this mattress unless you’re looking for something particularly firm or soft. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Brentwood mattresses good?

Yes, Brentwood Home boasts many environmentally-friendly certifications and offers a range of quality beds at different price points. They also offer options for most sleeping positions and body types.

Is Cypress a good mattress?

Brentwood Home’s Cypress mattress is a great entry-level option for folks who love memory foam. Whether you weigh 230 lbs. or 100 lbs., you’ll be able to find a model that properly supports you. Not to mention, this bed has multiple height and firmness options to pick from.

Where are Brentwood mattresses manufactured?

Brentwood Home manufactures all of their products (pillows, mattresses, toppers) right here in the United States in sunny California. Los Angeles, to be exact!

How long does it take to receive a Brentwood Home mattress?

You should receive your Brentwood Home mattress around 1-3 weeks after purchasing, and it will show up at your home rolled up inside of a cardboard box.