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Brentwood Home Mattress Reviews

Our review of the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress which is largely considered one of the best beds for side sleepers

This review discusses our opinion primarily of the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress, but we also run through an overview of the Crystal Cove, Cedar, Cyprus, and Oija. There's a lot to like about beds from Brentwood. They are thick, luxurious, and tend to be very comfortable. Plus, they're one of few brands that caters to the earth-minded with their use of natural and non-toxic materials.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Eco-conscious mattress shoppers
  • Anyone that wants a supportive bed with a plush pillow top feel
  • Those looking for a thick, durable mattress
  • Sleepers of all body types (including heavier folks)
  • Side and combo sleepers (and petite back/stomach sleepers)

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • People looking for the cheapest-of-the-cheap bed
  • Anyone that was hoping for a firm bed

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Outline For Our Reviews

How It Works: Buying From Brentwood Home

Generally speaking, when you buy a mattress online you can expect free shipping, a 100-night trial period, free returns and full refunds if you don’t like the bed, or a 10-year warranty if you do.

Brentwood Home kicks it up a notch. When you buy any of their mattresses, you get free shipping, a 365-night trial period, and a 25-year warranty. You also get the standard free returns and full refund if you decide the bed’s not for you.

And, if you’re not too keen on the idea of hauling a bed-in-a-box into your house and then wrestling the rolled-up bed out of its wrapping, you can opt for white glove delivery and removal of your old mattress for an extra fee. Just so you know here’s what the unboxing process looks like.

It’s always a good idea, though, to read through the warranty details for yourself because every company has their own terms. You can find that information on Brentwood’s website.

Overview Of All Brentwood Home Mattresses

While the Oceano is (by far) the company’s most popular mattress, they also have several other beds that might be worth looking into. Given that this review focuses on the Oceano mostly, here’s an overview of the other models:

Crystal Cove — This is a double-sided hybrid bed with one side that feels firmer and the other that feels softer. The softer side uses charcoal-infused memory foam, while the firmer side has natural Dunlop latex foam. This is also a fully vegan mattress.

Cyprus — This is the entry-level mattress from Brentwood Home. It basically is a gel memory foam mattress that’s designed for kids, teens, college students, and guest rooms. It’s available in an 11″ version, that is the most affordable mattress from the company, and a 13″ version, which is a little more expensive, but ends up being a fair bit softer than the 11″ model.

Cedar — This is the company’s natural and organic mattress a bit like Awara or Avocado. It combines pocketed coils, organic cotton, organic wool, and coconut husk to make one of the nicest eco-friendly beds on the market. It is also the most expensive bed that Brentwood Home offers.

Ojai — Pronounced “Oh-Hi,” this bed is an affordable alternative to the Oceano mattress, though, it is a little firmer. It’s still a hybrid mattress and still has all of the necessary certifications, but at a lower price point than the Oceano.

That’s just a quick overview of what to expect from the beds. You can read more about them on Brentwood’s website. They all have the same policies that we mentioned above.

Retail & After-Discount Price Of The Oceano Mattress

When a company advertises their mattress as being natural, eco-friendly, etc., you can generally bet it’s going to be on the pricier end of the spectrum. The Brentwood Oceano is no exception. You can see a breakdown of the pricing before discount in the table below.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,195
King / Cal King$1,995
Split King$2,195

Brentwood does run occasional deals, so it’s worth checking out BrentwoodHome.com for current promotions and offers. The deals change from time to time, but like most brands, they offer their deepest discounts during major holidays.

Brentwood Home Oceano Has A Hybrid Construction

The Brentwood Home Oceano is a hybrid mattress, meaning it incorporates both foam and coils. Specifically, the Oceano uses layers of gel memory foam and pocketed coils to create a mattress that offers both support and pressure relief.

The construction of the mattress is broken down as follows: 2” of gel memory foam, 2.5” of individually wrapped micro-coils, 2” of Brentwood’s AirLux foam, and 8” of individually wrapped base coils.

brentwood home oceano mattress review construction and materials
Inside look at the Oceano mattress and its various layers

The materials that go into the Oceano are a large part of why you’ll be paying out your eco-conscious nose for this bed.

The gel memory foam in this mattress, which provides pressure relief to keep you comfortable while sleeping on your side, is a CertiPUR-US certified material. A CertiPUR certification ensures that the foam you’re sleeping on is non-toxic and has low VOC (volatile organic compounds). That’s a good thing for both you and the environment.

brentwood home oceano mattress review profile image
Comfort, durable, eco-friendly mattress

By law, every mattress is required to include a flame retardant component. Most mattresses will use a chemical barrier, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but natural alternatives are preferable to a lot of people. Brentwood, for example, uses natural hydrated silica sand as their fire retardant layer in the Oceano.

The Oceano also includes a layer of sustainable New Zealand wool and a plant-based Tencel fiber cover. These layers, along with the rest of the materials in this bed, are free of toxins, pesticides, and any harmful chemicals.

brentwood home oceano mattress review materials and layers

The use of natural and sustainable materials not only make the Brentwood Oceano attractive to eco-conscious folks, but also mean the bed doesn’t off-gas as much as other mattresses. “Off-gassing”, by the way, is the term for that chemically smell that comes off new mattresses for the first couple of days. It isn’t technically harmful, but some people are pretty sensitive to the smell and can experience headaches and nausea. We much prefer the fresh, natural scent of the Oceano to that stereotypical chemically smell.

All-in-all, one of the major selling points for the Brentwood Oceano is its attention to earth-friendly details. This is by no means a cheap mattress and you’re paying for those premium, natural materials.

Oceano’s Plush Pillow Top Cover

As we said, the cover on the Oceano is made with natural, plant-based Tencel fibers. It’s thick and soft to the touch. It isn’t a removable cover, but we don’t think of that as a disadvantage since very few covers are washable even if you can remove them.

If you have a spill or something, you can take care of it by spot cleaning. All you need is some warm water and a bit of mild detergent. Just take care not to get the cover too wet—you don’t want too much water soaking into the bed.

brentwood home oceano mattress review cover
Close up on the Tencel cover

You can also consider adding a mattress protector, which can easily be taken off and tossed in the wash. Mattress protectors can make the bed feel a little bit different though, and may stifle airflow. If you do think an extra, convenient layer of protection is for you, you can find a bunch of affordable mattress protectors on Amazon. Make sure to get a stretchy one though—this is a thick mattress!

Oceano Is Soft, But Not Too Soft

Being a hybrid bed, the Oceano has both coils and foam. The construction gives the bed an innerspring feel, topped with a soft, plush, pillow top. It’s a nice balance—a good amount of support, without compromising on comfiness.

In terms of firmness, this mattress comes in at a medium-soft to medium on our scale. If you’re looking for a bed that isn’t especially firm-feeling, but doesn’t feel like a giant hotel pillow either, this is likely in your preferred range.

brentwood home oceano mattress review firmness

Now, we will say that just because this isn’t a firm mattress, doesn’t mean it isn’t supportive. The top layers of foam keep the bed feeling softer, while the two layers of coils in the bed’s construction mean you aren’t compromising on support.

When it comes to responsiveness, the Oceano is great. It bounces back pretty quickly after being depressed, which means you won’t have any trouble turning over, switching positions, or getting out of bed.

It’s not the most responsive mattress on the market, but for a lot of people that’s a good thing. The top layers are a little slower to respond, but the two layers of coils mean the bed pops back into shape relatively quickly. All in all, it’s a great blend of pressure relief, support, and responsiveness.

How Will It Fare For Back And Stomach Sleepers?

Because the Oceano is around a medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale, it isn’t going to be the absolute best option for back and stomach sleepers unless you’re especially lightweight. If you’re around 150 lb or under, you should be just fine sleeping on your stomach or back.

brentwood home oceano mattress review back sleepers
Not our favorite bed for back/stomach sleepers, but not a bad option

When you sleep on your back and stomach, you need enough firmness and support to keep your spine in proper alignment. Without it, your hips and trunk area can dip too much, causing you to wake up with a sore or stiff back.

A Wonderful Bed For Side Sleepers

Yes, the Brentwood Oceano is a great option for side and combo sleepers. That medium-soft to medium firmness level is going to provide the pressure relief you need for sleeping on your side.

brentwood home oceano mattress review side sleepers
Fantastic bed for side sleepers

It’s important that your mattress gives around the protrusion of your shoulder and hip. Without that pressure relief, your shoulder and arm can feel squashed into the mattress, causing that pins-and-needles feeling. You may also end up sore from a misaligned spine if you sleep on your side without enough pressure relief.

Is Oceano Approved For Heavier Folks?

Yes, the Brentwood Oceano is a solid, thick mattress (a whopping 14.5”), so heavier folks will get the durability they need and won’t have to worry about sinking right through to the bed slats like with a thin mattress.

brentwood home oceano mattress review heavy people
Plenty of mattress to go around

Because the Oceano is made with two layers of coils, this bed offers plenty of support. When you have a heavier body, it’s important to have that support to prevent uncomfortable sinkage around the hips or shoulders.

What About Petite Sleepers?

Petite sleepers will be comfortable on this bed, as well. Even lightweight folks need support, so those coils are still beneficial. Additionally, the firmness level and pillow top feel keep the bed soft enough for petite build body types experience a firmer feel than those who weigh more.

Brentwood Home Makes Nice Beds For Couples

If you’re sharing a bed (especially a smaller bed, like a full or twin XL) you want to be sure every inch of the mattress is usable sleeping space, which is why edge support is an important detail to consider. Without good edge support, you and your partner can end up feeling confined to the middle of the bed.

brentwood home oceano mattress review edge support
DJ Green Tea is really on the cutting edge

The Brentwood Oceano has perfectly fine edge support. It’s not the worst and we’re not complaining—we’re not even saying it’s bad— but we’ve certainly seen better. If you’re more petite-sized, you probably won’t notice any significant roll-off feeling around the edges, but the heavier you are, the more noticeable it will be.

Couples also want to think about how well a bed limits motion transfer. If one of you is an active sleeper or someone needs to get up in the middle of the night, good motion isolation will keep the other person from being jostled awake.

The Oceano does a good job of controlling motion transfer, so you don’t have to worry about causing cross-bed motion when you move around. Go ahead and get up for that midnight snack. Your better half doesn’t have to know. They’ll sleep right through it.

What’s The Sleeping Temperature Like?

The Brentwood Home website advertises the Oceano as a cool-sleeping bed, but in our experience, it’s really a temperature neutral bed.

However, because it incorporates coils, you will get better airflow than with an all-foam bed and the layer of New Zealand wool will also help wick away moisture, so sweaty sleepers may get a bit of relief. Even with these perks, though, we wouldn’t rank this mattress as “cool”.

brentwood home oceano mattress review temperature regulation and hot sleepers

Basically, it isn’t going to be the reason you overheat at night, but if you’re a naturally hot sleeper, the Oceano isn’t going to actively combat that either.

Full Review Verdict

Overall, the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress is a very nice, very comfortable bed for a lot of people. It’s not our favorite bed for strict back and stomach sleepers, but it will accommodate all body types and will provide the right pressure relief and support for side and combo sleepers. The Oceano is a comfy mattress that caters to your health, while also caring for the environment, which is why you’ll find it on our Best Natural and Organic Mattresses list. Ultimately, this is a great bed, but it’s going to be most worth it for those who appreciate earth-friendly products.

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Summary: Why We Like The Brentwood Home Oceano

Eco-Friendly Materials — While the bed doesn’t have organic materials, it has been GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment, which, by itself, is impressive. That certification is extremely hard to get and very few beds have it. On top of that, it has the standard CertiPUR-US certification. The bed also uses plant-based fibers in the cover and even a natural fire barrier made of hydrated silica rather than a chemical.

Made in USA — Specifically, the bed is made in Southern California. The company even says that the bed is “inspired by a passion for California living.”

Medium-Plush — Based on surveys that we’ve conducted, nearly 70% of people sleep on their side at night. As such, we see no reason that Brentwood Oceano would not be a good fit for nearly 70% of people out there. It’s comfortable, softer, responsive, and pressure relieving—that has side sleeper written all over it.

Pillow Top — Anyone that was a fluffy, plush topper will most likely really like the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress. It feels like laying on a six-foot pillow. We would be shocked if the majority of people out there did not find Brentwood Home Oceano to be comfortable.

Full-Year Trial Period — You could count on one hand, just about, the number of companies that offer full-year trial periods. Brentwood Home allows you to sleep on this mattress for an entire year to make your mind up. Honestly, that’s overkill. You should be able to decide yes or no in under two months, but Brentwood Home is apparently so confident that you’ll love this mattress that they go the full twelve months.

25-Year Warranty — Another demonstration of Brentwood’s confidence, a 25-year warranty is pretty absurd, particularly if you think about the fact that the average bed-in-a-box has a 10-year warranty.

Support — Very few beds have 8″ coils. Usually, we see micro-coils or 6″ pocketed coils, but 8″ coils is somewhat rare for a bed-in-a-box mattress. Because of those coils we expect the Oceano mattress to be a good option for heavier side sleepers.

Review Team

Tharon Green

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Matt Ross

Back Sleeper

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Jeff Rizzo

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How did the Slumber Yard get this mattress?

We were sent this mattress by Brentwood Home in order to create this review. We did not accept any monetary compensation from Brentwood Home or any other brand to say good or bad things about the Oceano mattress. We review products completely independently.

What type of surfaces work with the Brentwood Oceano Mattress?

You can put the Oceano mattress on any surface, so whatever you’ve already got is going to work just fine. That includes adjustable frames, box springs, slatted bases, platforms, the floor of your bedroom—it all works.

What exactly is Tencel?

Tencel is a plant-based fiber that is natural and sustainable. It’s a breathable fabric that feels smooth to the touch. Perhaps the biggest appeal of Tencel is how earth-friendly both the source materials and production process are.

How do returns work?

Brentwood requires you to keep the mattress for at least 30 days. This is because your body needs time to adjust to a new sleep surface, so they don’t want you jumping the gun and returning the bed before you really know if you like it. After those initial 30 trial days, though, you have the remaining 335 days of the trial period to request a return. The company will send someone to pick up the mattress and you will be issued a full refund.

Do I get all the same policies if I buy from a third-party retailer?

No, you don’t. Brentwood’s trial period and return policies are only applicable to purchases made directly through Brentwood. The company cannot uphold their policies when you purchase through an outside vendor because each vendor has their own return terms.