Who Is It Best For?
All body types
Side sleepers or some combo sleepers
Folks who want a balanced memory foam feel
Who Won’t Love It?
Back sleepers and stomach sleepers who prefer a firm bed
Budget Shoppers
Folks who want a traditional memory foam bed

Brooklyn Sedona Elite Mattress Overview:

We have a lot to say about the Brooklyn Sedona Elite mattress, but above is a quick synopsis of who we think will like this bed.

Sedona Elite Mattress Video Review

We also took the liberty to make a video review for all you auditory learners out there, so you can listen to Owen break down the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress. Check out the YouTube video below, and feel free to browse the other videos we have over on our channel.

  • Sedona Mattress Video Review

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Pricing And Discounts

Although Brooklyn Bedding is generally known for its affordable pricing, the MSRP of the Sedona Elite lands closer to the luxury end of the online mattress industry. Pricing ranges from around $1,250 for a twin size to $2,900 for a king size.

To be clear though, the prices listed above are not what you’ll likely pay come checkout. That’s because Brooklyn Bedding regularly offers sales and discounts. In most cases, you can expect to save at least 20% on the Sedona mattress, bring a queen size down below the $2,000 mark. Be sure to check the Brooklyn Bedding website for the most up-to-date pricing and promotions.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Construction and Design 

True to the Brooklyn Bedding brand, the Sedona Elite mattress is a cut-above most online beds in terms of design and construction. The mattress consists of six distinct layers that total 14” thick. Here’s a quick synopsis of each layer, starting from the bottom.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid Mattress Overview
A look at the 14″ thick Brooklyn bedding Sedona Mattress
  • 1” High-Density Foam – serves as the foundation of the mattress.
  • 8” Ascension X Pocketed Coils – the primary support structure for the bed.
  • 1” Transition Foam – acts as a soft transition above the coils.
  • 1” Max-Density Gel Memory Foam – provides deep pressure relief.
  • 2” Gel Memory Foam – combines with the top layer to form the comfort system for the bed.
  • 1” Premium Comfort Foam – a soft, responsive foam that balances out the memory foam below.

We should also add the top layer includes a woven top knit cooling panel that is designed to help draw heat away from your body. We discuss temperature regulation in more detail later in the review.

The cover on the hybrid mattress is non-removable, meaning if the bed somehow gets dirty, you’ll just have to spot clean the cover with water and mild detergent. At the end of the day, this really isn’t a big deal. 

Sedona Elite Bed Feel & Firmness

The Sedona Elite mattress has a comfortable, mixed-foam feel overall. You can feel the two memory foam layers in the bed, however, it’s somewhat balanced out by the comfort foam top layer.

Essentially, what this means is that you will feel the top layers conform to the shape of your body (like a traditional memory foam mattress), but the sensation is just not quite as distinct as say a TempurPedic or Amerisleep mattress.

This may or may not be a good thing depending on how you feel about memory foam, but overall, our team thinks the Sedona mattress will land in the sweet spot for most consumers in terms of feel.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Firmness Level

As far as firmness goes, we think the Sedona Elite mattress rates out near the medium-to-soft end of the spectrum. We give it a medium minus rating meaning it’s just a hair softer than medium.

Please note, firmness is a personal topic. It varies by individual. For example, a heavier person may very well think the Sedona Elite mattress belongs closer to a medium-soft rating, while a lightweight person will likely think it feels a bit firmer.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Sleeper Type Analysis 

All in all, we think the Brooklyn Sedona Elite Hybrid mattress is a good choice for all types of sleepers.

  • Side Sleepers 

    In our opinion, the Sedona Elite mattress skews more towards side sleepers than it does back or stomach sleepers given its firmness level. The bed is soft, comfortable and provides ample pressure relief for the hips and shoulders of side sleepers. Our team found that the memory foam/comfort foam combination does a good job cradling the main pressure points of sleepers.

  • Back & Stomach Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    Generally speaking, back and stomach sleepers prefer firm mattresses, so with that in mind, we would say the Sedona Elite mattress is not necessarily ideal for these types of sleepers.  With that said, we do think it’s still a viable option, especially if you’re a back or stomach sleeper that prefers slightly softer beds. At the end of the day, the Sedona mattress still provides the support necessary to keep back and stomach sleepers properly aligned.

  • Combo Sleepers

    Although the Sedona Elite mattress does incorporate multiple layers of memory foam, we found the bed to be fairly responsive. Between the 8” coils and responsive comfort foam on top, it requires very little effort to switch between positions. Thus, the Sedona mattress will also work for combination sleepers who move around or rotate positions frequently throughout the night.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress Reviews Body Type 

Due to its thick design and use of 8” pocketed coils, the Sedona Elite Hybrid mattress is able to properly support individuals of all sizes.

  • Heavy Body Types

    Keep in mind, beds typically feel softer to heavier individuals. With the Sedona Elite mattress already landing on the medium-to-soft-end of the spectrum, it’s likely the majority of larger folks will feel that it’s even softer. That means if you’re larger in stature and you’re a back or stomach sleeper, the Sedona Hybrid may not be the best fit for your situation. If you’re larger in stature and you primarily sleep on your side though, the Sedona Hybrid may just be the perfect fit.

  • Petite To Average Body Types

    Petite and average body types can usually get away with any mattress, they just have to take their pick between an all-foam one or a supportive hybrid. This mattress will support petite and average body types no problem.

Brooklyn Sedona Elite Temperature Regulation  

Although the Sedona Elite mattress incorporates a special cooling yarn into its cover, we think the bed sleeps temperature neutral. This means the bed doesn’t overheat, but it also won’t actively cool you down. The cover does indeed have a cool, smooth surface, but it’s just not enough to warrant a “cooling mattress” designation, like the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress. Keep in mind, there are a bevy of factors that affect sleeping temperature, such as the pajamas you wear to bed, your home climate and what temperature you set your thermostat to at night.

Is The Sedona Elite A Good Mattress For Couples?

Below, you can find information particularly important for couples or people who share their bed with a pet. 

Motion Isolation 

It essentially measures how well the bed deadens movement from transferring across the mattress. The last thing you want is to be woken up during your sleep cycle due to your partner or pet moving around on the other side. Despite the bounce from the 8” coils in the bed, we think the Sedona Elite mattress does a pretty good job of dampening motion. We don’t envision couples experiencing any issues with the mattress.

Edge Support 

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Mattress Review Edge Support Testing
Our guy Dillon testing out the edge support on Brooklyn Bedding Sedona

This is another critical factor for couples. As you might have guessed, edge support refers to how strong the sides of the mattress are. If the sides are too weak or start to collapse under pressure, sleepers may feel as if they might fall off the side, forcing both partners back towards the middle of the mattress. This can be problematic if couples share a smaller size bed like a full or queen (i.e. there is limited surface area for both partners to sleep). Luckily, we didn’t notice any issues with the Sedona Elite mattress in this department. The sides of the mattress held up just fine under pressure.

Brooklyn Sedona Elite Mattress Review Verdict

Overall, we are big fans of the Brooklyn Sedona Elite mattress. In all honesty, it’s difficult to find many negatives about the bed. It’s just an all-around great mattress. It’s well-built, comfortable, and accommodates a variety of different sleeper and body types.

If we had to nitpick, one item would be its price tag. Although it is a cut-above most online beds, $2,000 for a queen size after discounts is still a bit pricey.  There are other thick, luxury-tier hybrid mattresses available for a few hundred dollars less. Besides price, you could also point to the fact that it might not be the most ideal mattress for back and stomach sleepers who prefer extra firm beds.

If price is not an issue and you actually prefer medium-to-soft beds though, we don’t think you can go wrong with the Brooklyn Sedona mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Company Policies

Free Shipping

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, including the Sedona Elite, come with free shipping. The bed will arrive at your home compressed in a box. Once you receive the notification your new bad has been delivered, simply move the box to your bedroom and start the unboxing process. All you have to do is cut open the box, remove the packaging and unroll the Sedona Elite mattress out onto your floor, frame or foundation. From there, be sure to give the bed at least 24 hours to decompress before using.

120 Night Trial Period

Like most other online mattress companies, Brooklyn Bedding also offers a long trial period. In Brooklyn Bedding’s case, they offer 120 nights, which is 20 nights longer than the industry average. That means you’ll be able to test the Sedona Elite mattress for close to four months before deciding whether to officially keep it or not.

Free Returns

If, for some reason, you do decide the Sedona Elite mattress is not quite working for you within the trial window, the company offers completely free returns. The only request the company makes is that you test the mattress for at least 30 nights before returning it. Typically, this is the amount of time needed for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface.

10 Year Warranty

If you decide to keep your new Sedona Elite mattress, it comes backed by a 10-year warranty. This is the standard warranty length in the mattress industry. Still, we always recommend our readers check out warranties for themselves before purchasing.  

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