Who Is It Best For?
If you have a limited budget
People that want a comfy foam bed
Who Won’t Love It?
Heavyset sleepers
If you want an innerspring mattress

Casper Element Overview

The Casper Element mattress is a fairly simple and budget-friendly mattress, but it gets the job done, and we think plenty of people will be happy with it. Our thorough Casper Element mattress review will go over everything you need to know about this bed.

  • Honest Casper Element Video Review

In this video, JD covers topics such as feel, firmness, and ideal sleeping positions.

Casper Element Design And Construction

Here’s a quick summary of Casper Element’s 10″ construction.

  • Foam support core: The base of the Casper Element is a dense foam support core. Unlike like the Casper Nova mattress, Casper Element does not contain coils
  • AirScape layer: The top comfort layer of this mattress is called AirScape because it’s perforated to allow for better airflow than typical memory foam 
casper element mattress review

As an added plus, the foams used in the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, so they do not contain harmful chemicals.

  • Casper Element Cover

    The cover isn’t anything particularly unique. It’s a knit weave that is comfortable and durable.

Casper Element Firmness And Feel

We think the Element mattress is a hair firmer than the Original Casper bed. We give it a medium plus rating.

casper element mattress firmness

Heavier folks will likely find the Element feels closer to a medium-soft, while lightweight folks may find it feels closer to a medium-firm.

The AirScape foam the Element uses for its comfort layer has what we consider to be a neutral-foam feel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it essentially just means the Element has a general, soft foam feel. The AirScape foam does not conform or contour to your body like traditional memory foam. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out our best memory foam mattress guide.

The AirScape foam is much more responsive than memory foam. It’s still soft and comforting, but it doesn’t wrap or hug your body. For a lot of consumers, neutral-foam beds are preferable.

Is Casper Element A Good Mattress For Couples?

The most important elements couples should consider with this bed are edge support, temperature regulation motion isolation.

Edge Support

Ultimately, we don’t think couples will experience any issues with the edge support on the Element mattress.

casper element review edge support
Decent edge support for a two layer foam bed

Motion Isolation

The Casper Element performs well in this category because it’s made entirely out of soft, neutral feeling foam. We didn’t notice much motion transfer at all during our tests.

Temperature Regulation

After testing the mattress, we think the Element belongs in the temperature neutral category. In other words, the bed doesn’t sleep hot, but it also doesn’t sleep cool either.

At the end of the day, it’s a simple, two-layer foam bed that doesn’t contain any special cooling features or textiles.

Casper Element Sleeper Type Analysis

Although the Casper Element skews slightly firm, we think it’s a viable choice for sleeping positions. Casper wanted to offer a budget bed to comfortably accommodate people in all positions. However, it’s not ideal for all body types.

  • Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers will still find the top comfort layer soft and pressure relieving for their hips and shoulders.

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers

    Back and stomach sleepers will find that the bed keeps them in neutral alignment and provides the necessary support for their lower back and core regions.

casper element review back sleeper
The Element mattress will work for all types of sleepers

Body Type Analysis

  • Petite Sleepers

    The Casper Element is a soft enough mattress to be comfortable for petite people. Because you’re mostly resting on top of the mattress (rather than sinking in), you’ll have enough support from the comfort layer of foam.

  • Average Sleepers

    Average-sized people should also be comfortable with the Casper Element. The two layers of foam will cushion your body properly while you sleep.

  • Heavy Sleepers

    For heavy people, the Element is not ideal. Heavier body types (~250+ pounds) will likely want to opt for a thicker, hybrid mattress. Beds that utilize coils tend to provide more support, which is key for large people since they apply so much pressure and force on mattresses.

Casper Element Pricing

The Casper Element is a budget mattress. It’s basically the same price as Tuft & Needle and is targeting customers who want a comfortable mattress and don’t want to pay anywhere near $1,000. The table below shows the price for each size of the Element mattress.

Twin XL$445
Cal King$795

Casper doesn’t offer an evergreen coupon code for the Element mattress, however, the company does offer some discounts. In some cases, you can purchase the Element discounted by 5-15 percent. Visit Casper.com to check for deals.

Casper Element Review Verdict

The Casper Element is a nice mattress for the price. It’s not a luxurious bed by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s not what Casper was going for here. It’s a basic, affordable mattress that is comfortable and accommodating for a wide range of sleepers. If you’re on a shoestring budget or you’re looking to furnish your guest bedroom, the Element is worthy of your consideration.

Overall Rating

4.1 out of 5
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Other Beds From Casper

  • Casper Element vs Original Casper

    Casper vs Casper Element comes down to price in most cases. Casper is a little more expensive, which makes sense considering that the Element is Casper’s budget model. Instead of the Element’s two layers, the original Casper has three and a zoned support design meant to give you the right amount of support in different parts of your body.

  • Casper Element vs Casper Nova

    Casper calls the Casper Nova its most plush mattress for good reason. It’s a hybrid mattress but has a cloud-like feeling to it. If you want a little more support through coils and like the Casper brand, Nova might be a good option unless you’re on a tight budget. The Nova sits at a medium-soft, which is great if you like softer beds.

  • Casper Element vs Essential

    People may be confused with the recent changes to Casper’s product lineup—mostly notable with respect to the Element mattress and how it differs from the Essential. The Element isn’t that different from the Essential, generally speaking. Regardless, the Essential is no longer available, so your only option is the Element.

Casper Company Policies

  • Trial period length: You get 100 nights to test out the bed for yourself. It’s a risk-free test period, meaning you can return the bed for any reason (or no reason) during the test period.
  • Warranty policy: The Casper Element comes with a 10-year warranty. You can read more about the warranty on Casper.com, but the gist is that it covers manufacturing defects.
  • Shipping info: Casper mattresses ship free via FedEx in just a few business days. Returns are also free.
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Casper Element vs

  • Casper Element vs Purple

    The Purple mattress is going to cost you significantly more than the Casper Element. It’s about double the price, depending on what size you need. The Purple mattress has three layers, compared to Casper Element’s two, but both are suitable for all sleeper types.

  • Casper Element vs GhostBed

    GhostBed is also more pricey than the Casper Element but only by a few hundred dollars. It has three layers, unlike the Element’s two and is a little bit thicker. However, both mattresses can accommodate all sleeper types.

  • Casper Element vs Puffy

    The Puffy mattress is significantly more expensive than the Casper Element. The Element starts at $395, compared to Puffy’s $795. The Puffy bed has three layers of foam, compared to Casper’s two, but both are fine for all sleeper types.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does this compare to the other beds from Casper?

Casper Element is the company’s most affordable mattress. It’s design to be comfortable and affordable, but otherwise is pretty barebones.

Other than the four main beds, what does Casper sell?

As of now, on their website, they have the Original, Wave, Nova, and Element. Only a few of those are sold on Casper’s website. In addition to those mattresses, the company sells basically every product that fits into the “sleep economy” including sheets, duvets, bed frames, furniture, lights, and much more.

What stores sell the Casper Element mattress?

As of now, the Element can only be purchased through Casper directly. We aren’t aware of any third-party retailers that carry the Element mattress. That means, you shouldn’t see the Element at Costco, Macy’s, Mattress Firm, etc.

Does Casper Element have coils?

No. The Casper Element is an all-foam mattress, and therefore it’s best for medium- and petite-sized sleepers.

What more can you tell me about the Casper as a brand?

Well, it’s perhaps the largest online bedding company out there. It’s certainly up there with Tuft and Needle and Purple. They are partially owned by Target and are forever adding new, innovative sleep-related products.

How can I contact the folks at Casper customer service?

The best way to contact Casper is to call +1 (888) 498-0003 or live chat with them on the Casper.com website. You can also send an email through Casper’s contact page.

How firm/soft is Casper Element?

We rate this bed as a “medium” or a 5/10, so it’s not too soft or firm.

Will it work for side sleeping?

Based on our tests, we expect that Casper Element will work for all sleeping positions.

Can I return the Casper Element if I change my mind?

Yes, you can, as long as you’re within the 100-night trial period. Returns are free and easy, just call Casper to arrange it.

Can I buy the Casper Element from Amazon?

Yes, Amazon does sell the Casper Element, just keep in mind that if you purchase through Amazon, you’re dealing with Amazon’s policies for sales.

Is this mattress good for couples?

We think the Casper Element is a fine choice for couples. The foam allows for pretty good motion isolation, so you won’t feel much if your partner moves around a lot. The edge support isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it’s not too bad.