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Casper Essential Review (Budget Mattress)

Our full in depth review of the Casper Essential mattress

Casper is one of the better known direct-to-consumer mattress companies. The Casper Essential is a thinner, more affordable bed that's great for guest rooms, college dorms, or kids. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need know about this bed in a box, including firmness, sleeper type, construction, temperature regulation, and more.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Anyone petite or average sized—especially kids, teens, or young adults
  • College students or anyone that’s looking for an affordable bed from a big name brand
  • Folks that prefer a soft, neutral foam feel
  • Back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Heavier folks
  • Especially hot sleepers who want a cooler sleeping bed
  • Memory foam or innerspring lovers

Free Shipping & Returns

100 Night Trial Period

10 Year Warranty

See Casper Mattress

Company Policies – Shipping, Returns, etc.

You’ve probably heard about Casper mattresses being advertised on your favorite podcast. These beds are becoming an increasingly popular brand in the boxed mattress industry. Casper offers some very standard policies regarding their shipping, returns, trial period, etc.. Their mattresses will ship to you for free, and come in a small box. In some areas of big cities, they even offer same day delivery. Here’s what the unboxing process looks like.

casper essential mattress review unboxing process
Unboxing the Casper Essential mattress.

The Casper Essential is going to be thin and fairly easy to maneuver after its unboxing. Just be sure to let the mattress lay flat and leave it alone for at least 24 hours to 48 hours. This will give it time to fully inflate and off-gas any chemically mattress smells—as is common with bed-in-a-box mattresses.

From there, Casper offers their customers a 100-night trial period. If you end up not loving the mattress for any reason, just contact Casper and they’ll send a third party company to pick it up from your home or apartment and issue you a full refund. No need to try and pack it back into the box or anything. And what happens to your returned mattress? In many cases, the company usually donates their used beds to charity.

Casper’s warranty is 10 years long, which is standard. It is a limited warranty, so be sure to read the fine print provided on their website. We’ve answered some more company and manufacturing questions in the FAQ section at the end of this post.

Casper Essential Price and Coupon Code

Casper designed the Essential mattress to be affordable, but also a good value, all things considered. Keep in mind that this mattress is only 8.5” thick, and not meant for heavier individuals. So, part of what makes it more affordable is that you’re literally buying less mattress. As such, we think it’s meant more for guest bedrooms, kids rooms, college dorms, millennials, and anyone that’s working with a tighter budget. Here’s a pricing breakdown by size:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$400
King / Cal King$725

Unfortunately, Casper doesn’t normally offer coupon codes or special promos on the Essential mattress, probably because it’s already a discount mattress. You also have the option to add pillows, sheets, and bed frames to add on to your mattress purchase, which is convenient if you’re looking for a completely new bed set up. You can click here to check current offers and promotions on Casper’s website.

Casper Essential Video Review

This review was produced in partnership with our parent company RIZKNOWS LLC.

While this is a comprehensive video, there is a lot more information below about Casper Essential.

What About Weight?

When we talk about weight, we’re mainly referring to how a particular mattress feels different to various sized people. Like we’ve previously stated, this is a budget bed created for the small to average sized individual (100 to 200lb). This bed is definitely not suited for heavier individuals, and we’d even advise those on the heavier side of the average category to proceed with caution. They’ll put too much pressure and stress on the bed, and wear it down too fast. We’d say the cut off weight for comfort would be around 200lb.

casper essential mattress review bed in a box
10″ all-foam mattress

Overall, the lighter the person, the more firm the mattress will feel, as they don’t exert much pressure on the bed. Inversely, the heavier the individual, the more they’ll sink into the mattress and find it softer. Keep this in mind as you read this post and we discuss feel and firmness.

Casper Essential Mattress Construction

The Casper Essential is an all-foam mattress, made up of a standard poly-foam base layer, a layer of memory foam, and then a breathable proprietary foam top layer, totaling an 8.5” thick, which is on the thinner side for a bed in a box.

casper essential review mattress in a box construction layers
Inside look at the construction of Casper Essential.

The bed comes with a removable upholstery-grade cover in a dark grey color, which easily hides spills or splotches (great for kids). The cover is nice and soft. We don’t recommend removing the cover if you can avoid it, but in the case of an accident, just unzip the cover and spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent.

Firmness, Feel, and Responsiveness

Overall, this mattress comes in right around a medium on our firmness scale. Of course, lighter individuals, such as kids and teens, will find this mattress firmer, while more average or large sized individuals will find it to be a bit softer.


It has a neutral foam feel and none of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling like you get with a lot of memory foam heavy beds.

Also, for a foam mattress, it has pretty good responsiveness. Both these qualities will be good for active/combo sleepers who tend to toss and turn or switch positions frequently throughout the night. Again, because it is an all-foam mattress, it doesn’t have a lot of bounce to it like hybrid and innerspring beds have (i.e. not great for little monkeys who like some air when they jump on the bed).

casper essential mattress review responsiveness
Casper Essential is a highly responsiveness mattress.

You can also expect a good amount of support, at least for our petite and average bodies. For those who are a little bit heavier in weight, we’d say around 200 lbs and over, you’d have to be a strict side sleeper. This bed just won’t have enough support for heavier back and stomach sleepers.

Is Casper Essential Ideal For Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers will want a mattress that is soft and provides a good amount of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. If you’re on the more petite or average side body wise, the Essential will work just fine in this regard. However, if you’re 200 lb or more and a side sleeper, there are better options available that will provide more support without sacrificing any pressure relief.

casper mattress review side sleepers 1
The Casper Essentials is a nice bed for side sleepers.

Is Casper Essential Ideal For Back and Stomach Sleepers?

As long as you’re in the smaller to average sized category, sleeping on your back or stomach will be fine. The Essential provides just enough support to where your hips and trunk won’t sink in too far and your spine will stay properly aligned.

casper essential mattress review sleeping positions

Larger individuals will find their hips or shoulders will sag into the bed a bit more. As such, we wouldn’t recommend this bed for heavier folks.

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Is Casper Essential Ideal For Combo Sleepers?

Again, our smaller to average sized sleepers can get away with anything on this bed. Larger individuals who find themselves flipping and flopping around the bed at night might want to proceed with caution. The necessary support just isn’t there for big body types as this is a thinner, medium firmness mattress.

Is Casper Essential Ideal For Heavy People?

Nope. Our team member Jeff is around 160 pounds and it’s comfortable for him. On the other hand, our other team member Matt is around 185 and this is not a mattress he would want to sleep on every night. And we still count them as “average size.” Same thing for D-Payne, who’s a big dog at about 225 lb. He would not want to sleep on Casper Essential every night.

casper essential mattress review heavy people
D-Payne bottoming out the Casper Essential mattress.

Heavier individuals need more support and durability in their mattress, and the Casper Essential isn’t designed for that. We’ve published an entire post on the best mattresses for heavy and obese people, which you might find interesting.

Let’s Talk Couples – Edge Support and Motion Transfer

In short, the Casper Essential is probably not the best bed for couples. The edge support just isn’t great with this mattress, which isn’t a huge shock considering it’s an 8.5” all-foam bed.

casper essential mattress review edge support
Not great edge support

Casper does offer a wide range of sizes for this mattress, so possibly a king or California king would be okay if the couple stays together in the middle of the bed. However, if you always find yourself venturing out to the edge or your partner likes to hog the middle (because it’s always them who hog, never you), there are better mattresses out there for you. You don’t want to find yourself feeling like you’re about to fall, or actually falling off the side of the bed at night.

casper mattress review essential bed motion isolation
Casper Essential is good at isolation motion.

As far as motion transfer is concerned, the Casper Essential does a pretty good job of deadening movement. This is important if one partner is an active sleeper. The other person won’t be waking up every 10 minutes as their partner switches sleeping positions or gets up in the middle of the night (probably to snack, right?).

Mattress Coolness

Some people like to sleep warm and cozy, some like to stay cool. It’s really a matter of preference, but most people don’t like waking up in a puddle of sweat in the morning. Especially with all-foam mattresses, overheating can be a problem, but lucky for you the Casper Essential doesn’t sleep hot. It doesn’t have any cooling technology to help you sleep particularly cool, but it sleeps at a neutral temperature and it’s probably not going to be the reason you sweat during the night.

If you like the idea of a cool-sleeping mattress, you might want to check out our Best Cooling Mattresses list.

Casper Essential Mattress Review: Verdict

The Casper Essential is a great mattress if used as intended. Casper released this bed as a budget option for a smaller to average sized sleeper. If you’re someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that a bigger person does, or if you just need a college mattress for a few years, there’s no point in spending extra money on a fancier, more luxurious mattress, making this bed-in-a-box a great option. If you fall into this category, this bed is perfectly comfortable with a nice balance between being soft and supportive, and we bet you’ll be happy with it. If you’re a bigger person, or you’re looking for a bed that will be extra supportive and durable, we’d recommend looking elsewhere.

Review Team


Kaite Johnston

Combo Sleeper

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper

Kelsie Longerbeam

Stomach Sleeper

Dillon Payne

Dillon Payne

Combo Sleeper


How did the Slumber Yard get Casper Essential?

We purchased the Essential mattress through Casper's website.

What bed setup is recommended for the Casper Essential?

The Casper Essential is going to need a setup with good and direct support. Some good options for this are a slatted foundation (with slats less than 4 inches apart), metal frame, platform bed, or an adjustable base frame.

How much does the Casper Essential weigh? How much will it weigh in its box?

The Casper Essential will range from a twin weighing 44lb, to a California king that weighs 74lb. The model we tested is a queen, which weighs 63. Factor in 8-13lb for the box it comes in.

Where are Casper mattresses made?

Casper’s website states that their mattresses are “designed and assembled in the USA.” We’re not sure where the materials are manufactured.

Tell me more about Caspers shipping info.

Casper ships with UPS Standard in the US and Canada, from their warehouse partners in each country. In some parts of New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, they offer same day delivery.

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