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Casper Mattress Review

Full reviews of the both the Original Casper and Casper Hybrid bed in a box mattresses.

If you’re at all familiar with the bed-in-a-box industry, you’ve heard about Casper. In fact, for a while, it seemed like the two were synonymous. Bottom line, this is one of the most popular online mattresses. But does it really live up to the hype? In this post, we’ll go over the pros and cons of Casper’s original mattress and break it down by feel, firmness, support, sleeper type, and more. We also briefly review the Casper Hybrid mattress.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Anyone looking for a really comfortable and accommodating bed
  • People that want an option between the Original Casper mattress (i.e. all-foam) and Casper Hybrid (i.e. coils)
  • All sleeper types (back, stomach, side and combination)
  • Folks who like a soft neutral-foam feel
  • Consumers that like to buy from big, well-established brands

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Anyone that wants an extra firm mattress
  • Especially heavy individuals

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Layout For This Mattress Review

Our YouTube Review Of The Casper Mattress

We have plenty to say about the Casper mattress, but for anyone that prefers video format, here’s a quick synopsis of who we think will like the Original Casper mattress (all-foam model).

We hope the video above was helpful, however, it’s always a good idea to conduct more research when considering a major purchase like a new bed. Keep reading for even more details on the Casper mattress.

How Casper Handles Shipping & Returns

The online mattress industry is established enough now that it has some pretty standard policies regarding shipping, returns, trials, and the like. You can generally assume that bed-in-a-box companies will offer free shipping, a 100-night risk-free trial period, free returns and full refunds if you don’t like the bed, or a 10-year warranty if you do. Of course, some companies do put their own spin on those terms, so be sure to read all the fine print.

Casper, however, follows those standards to a tee. To ensure that you’re fully informed, though, we do suggest that you read up on the terms of that warranty on Casper.com.

casper mattress review original
Casper was one of the first bed-in-a-box mattresses

As for how you actually setup your new Casper mattress, it’s quite simple, but since your bed is compressed and rolled up in a box, it may take you a few minutes to get everything all ready to go.

Once you’ve removed the packaging and your bed starts to decompress, it’s a good idea to let it sit out for about a full day. This allows it adequate time to fully decompress and off-gas. Since it’s wrapped in plastic, it could have a clean smell, which is completely normal and could take a few days to leave the mattress.

What Does The Casper Mattress Cost?

Casper mattresses are not considered cheap, but by comparison they’re certainly not the most expensive beds on the market either. They’re fairly priced and we would consider the bed a decent value, all things considered. You can see a breakdown of the pricing below:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$695
King / Cal King$1,295

We always do our best to get discounts and promo codes for you, so if we’ve got a Casper code, it’ll be in that little green box on the right side of your screen. Alternatively, you can always check Casper.com for current offers and promotions. Like most brands, they tend to offer their largest promotions during major holidays, but they should offer something like $50-$100 off year-round as well.

UPDATE: New Casper Hybrid Model

Recently, the company announced the Casper Hybrid mattress, which is essentially the exact same bed as the original, but with 6″ pocketed coils for support. Here is our video review and comparison for the Casper Hybrid mattress:

The rest of this review primarily focuses on the original Casper mattress, but we wanted you to be aware of the Casper Hybrid. The bed does cost more, but it’s also more supportive and durable. It’s also the better solution for heavier individuals so if you weigh over 250 pounds, we’d definitely recommend the hybrid model over the all-foam version. You can check the current price of the Casper Hybrid mattress on their website.

Casper’s Zoned Support Foam Construction

Casper is an all-foam bed (as opposed to a hybrid mattress, which includes both foam and coils). The construction of Casper’s original mattress is pretty simple. It’s just four layers of foam materials—a base layer of support foam, a layer of zoned transition memory foam, and a top layer of “open-cell” foam that’s perforated to pull in airflow (Casper calls this “AirScape”). Altogether, you get ~11” of memory, poly, and proprietary foam.

casper mattress review original construction
Casper now has a 10.5″ construction

“Zoned” layers are becoming more popular in the industry. If a layer is described as “zoned”, that means it’s more supportive in certain targeted areas, like the middle section where a sleeper’s hips and trunk would be. Casper Wave Hybrid and the Rubix mattress both have a zoned support framework as well.

casper original mattress review zoned support
The memory foam in the middle is the “Zoned Support” layer

“Proprietary foam” just means that the company has customized a foam formulation that is specific to their brand. In most cases, that means a slightly modified poly foam or memory foam. In Casper’s case, their proprietary foam contributes to the overall soft neutral-foam feel of the bed.

All of the foams in the Casper mattress are approved by the CertiPUR-US program, which means they have low VOC, are made without ozone depleters, and just generally are not harmful for you or the environment.

We Really Like The Cover On The Casper Mattress

The cover on the original Casper mattress is a nice, soft material. It’s also fitted well, so it won’t bunch up under your sheets.

The cover is pretty easy to remove, but we don’t actually suggest that you remove it because we haven’t found any definitive information stating that the cover is machine washable. The Casper site does say that the “zip-off cover is easy to clean,” but they don’t specify that you can toss it in the wash. Every other mattress brand we’ve tried that has a machine washable cover makes sure to state so in no uncertain terms, which is why we’re squinting at Casper here.

casper mattress review original cover
Casper has a space-age looking cover

If you do need to deal with a spill or stain, you can spot clean with some warm water and a bit of mild detergent. Just dab at the spot and you’re done. You do want to avoid getting the spot so wet that it soaks down into the mattress, though.

In the case that you’re especially concerned about getting a thorough clean—maybe an accident-prone kid will be sleeping on the bed or you suffer from awful allergies that require bi-weekly deep cleans of all your linens—you can look into adding a mattress protector. There’s a huge selection of mattress protectors on Amazon. Just know that, depending on the thickness and material of the protector, it may stifle airflow through the mattress and might affect the surface feel a bit.

Now, you may be in the habit of periodically flipping your mattress, but if you get yourself a Casper, it’s time to break that habit. Casper’s foam layers are constructed in a specific order, so flipping the bed won’t work.

While you don’t need to flip the mattress, you might want to rotate it 180° every 3-6 months or so if you share your bed with a partner whose body weight is significantly different than your own. Rotating the bed will help the mattress wear more evenly over time, and that means a longer lifespan for your Casper.

Our Rating For Softness / Firmness

The Casper mattress has a soft foam feel. Even though it does incorporate a layer of memory foam, you aren’t going to get an overt memory foam feel. You aren’t going feel like you’re really sinking into the mattress or getting “stuck in the mud”. For some folks, that’s great because they don’t like the feeling of being sucked into the mattress. For other folks, that may be disappointing because they really enjoy that stereotypical memory foam feel.

casper mattress review firmness rating

In terms of firmness, we say the Casper is a medium on our scale. That’s precisely in the middle of the soft-to-firm spectrum. Remember, though, that your body type will affect how you experience the firmness of a mattress. We’ll get into that later in this post and other comparison articles.

With all-foam beds, we often find that the responsiveness is on the slower side just because the mattress doesn’t have any coils to assist with the bounce-back. The Casper, however, responds relatively quickly to pressure despite being all-foam. Folks who switch positions during the night won’t have any trouble turning over and won’t leave a sunken spot behind when they do.

Who Will Like The Casper Mattress?

Casper’s original mattress is a medium on the firmness scale (as we mentioned), which might sound too soft for back and stomach sleepers who need ample support around the hips and trunk. But we’ve found that even though the Casper isn’t a very firm bed, the combination of various foam densities makes it more supportive than you might expect.

casper mattress review sleeper type stomach back side

But again, we would note that your body type is going to affect your experience on the Casper, and we’ll talk more about that in later sections.

Casper is good for all sleeper types, actually, including side and combo sleepers. Because it isn’t especially firm and has a soft foam feel, side sleepers will get the pressure relief they need around their shoulders and hips.

No matter what your sleeper type, the idea is to keep your spine in proper alignment. In some cases, that means support, in other cases, that means pressure relief.

Should Heavy People Get The Casper Mattress?

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to say no on this one (at least with the foam model). The original Casper mattress is about 11” thick, which, paired with the bed’s medium firmness and all-foam construction, really isn’t thick enough for heavy folks to get enough mattress between them and the foundation. There’s also a chance that sleepers with a large build will wear through the Casper faster than we think is practical for a mattress at this price point.

Typically, for people that weigh around 250 lb, we push them toward coil beds, or at the very minimum a thick, firmer foam bed. For your reference, here’s a link to our list of the Best Mattresses For Heavy & Obese Sleepers.

casper mattress review hybrid model with coils
A look at the pocketed coils inside Casper Hybrid

Remember though, Casper just launched the hybrid model for this bed. So, if you’re dead-set on Casper and want the support of coils, make sure to look into the new Casper Hybrid mattress.

What About Average And Petite People?

Yes, it is. Both petite and average body types are going to get enough support on this bed, or pressure relief, if that’s what they need. It’s a nice middle-of-the-road bed in terms of feel and firmness, which makes it pretty accommodating.

casper mattress review original stomach sleepers
Casper is a really comfortable mattress

We think Casper is absolutely a nice bed for individuals that weigh under about 230 lb. We could see this being a tremendous bed for young professionals, teens, and college students. It’s one of those beds that most people agree is really comfortable.

Casper Has A Neutral Sleeping Temperature

No, Casper does not sleep hot, but it doesn’t sleep cool either. This bed is what we call temperature neutral, which is the case for most beds you can buy online. The new “AirScape” design on the comfort foam should also help with cooling.

It’s pretty common for all-foam beds to feel warmer than hybrids because all-foam constructions don’t have coils, which allow for better airflow. Plus, foam can retain the heat produced by your body while you sleep. Again, though, we’re not saying that sleeping on the Casper will be the reason you get too hot, it just isn’t going to prevent you from overheating if you’re a naturally sweaty sleeper.

Even so, for most people, we think Casper will be just fine in the temperature-regulation department. We can’t imagine many people complain about overheating on the original Casper mattress.

Will Casper Be Able To Accommodate Couples?

We do think Casper is a good pick for couples. For one, this bed has good edge support, meaning you aren’t going to get too much of that roll-off feeling if you happen to find yourself near the edge of the mattress.

casper mattress review original edge support
Edge support is only worth paying attention to if you sleep with a partner

Edge support is a feature that couples ought to consider because, more often than not, one partner ends up confined to the side of the bed while the other sleeps comfortably right in the middle. Again, Casper is fine here, but it’s not the best mattress for edge support. And, to be honest, we consider edge support to be one of the more overblown facets of a mattress. In other words, it’s important to a small number of people—most people won’t even care.

Casper also performs well in terms of motion isolation. Good motion isolation is what keeps you from being woken up when your partner turns over or gets out of bed in the middle of the night. All-foam beds generally do a good job of limiting cross-bed motion, so we’re not really going to praise Casper for this.

It’s good, and we’re glad that it’s good—we’re just not surprised or giving it any bonus points.

Casper Mattress Review: Conclusion

Ultimately, we really like the Casper original mattress. There’s a reason it’s so popular. Part of that is good advertising, true, but it’s also because they really do make a quality, accommodating product. We’re not going to get hyperbolic and say it’s the best mattress ever and everyone will love it, but we will say that it’s a great bed and a lot of people will really enjoy sleeping on Casper.

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What Makes Casper So Popular

It’s no secret that Casper is (perhaps) the single most popular bed-in-a-box mattress out there. They have literally sold millions of mattresses and the substantial majority of people end up keeping their Casper mattress. So, now that the main portion of the review is over, let’s recap what makes the original Casper mattress so special.

Comfortable Feel — This is the the type of bed that most people agree on. What I mean by that is that Casper is an accommodating mattress that seems to bring people together more than it separates them. We’ve seen with a lot of memory foam beds or even the Purple Mattresses, the beds are just too unique such that about 50% of people can’t sleep on them. Casper is so neutral that we could confidently say a big majority of people will give it the thumbs up. It might not satisfy everything they were looking for, but they find it comfortable and could sleep on it. That’s the reason we refer to Casper as a “Safe Pick” in many of our buyer guides.

Name Recognition — Casper is the bed-in-a-box. It’s the most widely known and people really trust the brand.

Sleeper Type — Given that it’s pretty much a flat medium on the soft/firm scale, Casper is able to work for all sleeping positions. It really is a Jack of all trades. That can be a positive and a negative, though. If you want a bed that works for a variety of sleeping positions, that’s great, Casper should mostly likely work for you. If you want a firm bed though, or a soft one, Casper is only available in the one firmness level so there’s not much you can do.

Free Returns — This is a major reason why online mattress brands are getting so popular: they’re virtually risk-free purchases for the consumer. We love that you’re able to get all of your money back (in the trial window) if Casper isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. It definitely calms the nerves when you spend around $1,000.

Comparing All Casper Mattresses

Casper Wave — This is their high-end mattress that also has the Zoned Support System, but to a larger extent. The Wave is thicker and feels a little more buoyant compared to the original mattress since it has a layer of latex foam. This the mattress that Casper created for people with back pain or other health issues. It costs quite a bit more than the original mattress, but if you’re not on a strict budget it might be worth your consideration. It’s basically the older brother to the original mattress. Here’s a link to our Casper Wave vs Casper comparison.

Casper Nova Hybrid — The company’s softest mattress on the market right now. Here’s a link to our Casper Nova vs Casper comparison.

Casper Element — To compete with lower price point cheap beds, Casper launched the Element. It’s the simplest (and most affordable) mattress that they sell. It actually feels similar to the original in that it’s pretty plane Jane. It just feels neutral and comfortable, but there’s not a true signature feel. This is the mattress that they intend for guest rooms, college students, kids, teens, etc. There’s plenty of good things to say about the Casper Element mattress, but the best part (at least when compared to the other two) is just the price.

Casper Hybrid Mattress — As we mentioned above, this is pretty much the exact same bed as the original Casper mattress, but with support coils rather than support foam. We like the bed a lot.

Casper Wave Hybrid — If the Casper Hybrid is the original bed with coils, the Wave Hybrid is the Wave with coils. It’s the most premium bed that Casper makes. It’s really nice, really supportive, and really comfortable. The zoned support on the bed is different than it is on the Wave foam bed, but we still like that they’ve included it.

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How did the Slumber Yard get the Casper mattress?

We were sent this mattress from Casper in order to review it. However, we did not accept any monetary payment from Casper (or any other company) to say good or bad things about this mattress.

How long does it take for a Casper to arrive once I order it?

Casper products generally ship within two business days after you place your order. From time of shipment, it can take up to five business days to be delivered to your door. Exactly how long depends on where you live. Casper also has multiple facilities that your order can ship from. So if you order more than one product, they may arrive separately.

Will Casper set up my mattress for me? Will they take away my old one?

In-home setup is not a standard part of Casper’s policies, but they do have some “In-Home Delivery & Setup” markets, which basically means they offer white glove delivery in some areas upon request. If you live in one of those market areas and opt for their in-home setup, they will also remove your old mattress.

How do I return the Casper mattress if I don’t like it?

As long as you’re within the 100-night trial period, the return process is easy. All you need to do is call the company and explain that you’d like to return your Casper mattress. They’ll work with you to have the bed picked up by a local charity or a recycling service. A full refund will be credited to your account within a couple weeks. And don’t worry—you don’t have to get the bed back in the box.

What kind of platform or frame can I put my Casper mattress on?

Of course, Casper says the best option is the Casper foundation, but what else are they going to say? Generally, with all-foam mattresses, the important thing is to use a platform or foundation that is flat and firm. You can use a slatted frame just as long as the slats aren’t bendy or too far apart (no more than 4”).