Who Is It Best For?
If you want a truly plush/soft bed
Primary side sleepers
Who Won’t Love It?
Anyone looking for a firm bed
If your budget is $1,000 or less

Casper Nova Mattress Overview

Casper is one of the most well-known bed-in-a-box mattress brands, but it goes beyond the Original Casper. If you’re looking for a more premium version of Casper, you’re in luck. The Casper Nova mattress is a plush, comfortable mattress that a lot of people will love.

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Casper Nova Hybrid Construction And Design

While the Casper Nova is a new mattress for the brand, it’s technically not one mattress. The company offers Nova Hybrid, its main model, and the Nova Foam. The all-foam model is less popular and only available on Amazon, so we will focus on the Nova Hybrid in this review. Here are the Nova Hybrid’s layers:

  • Support foam — The bed stars with a foam layer for the base.
  • Coils layer — The Nova Hybrid has pocketed coils for its support framework. There is a perimeter of foam around the base of the mattress to increase the edge support.
  • Memory foam layer — This layer adds more comfort.
  • Zoned support layer — The Zoned Support Pro system is designed to give more support under your trunk/hips and provide more pressure relief for your shoulders. You can feel the zoned support system and the extra support under your hips and trunk, which is great for individuals with hip pain and other injuries. The top third of the bed is noticeably more pressure relieving, which should make Casper Nova a good mattress for shoulder pain.
  • Comfort layer — The main comfort layer is a super soft, open-cell foam. The open-cell foam is also perforated, which Casper calls its AirScape technology. The idea with the perforations is that the bed should allow for even more airflow to keep hot sleepers at a comfortable temperature during the night.
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Mattress Cover

The bed also features Casper’s new plush-soft cover, which is made with recycled materials. You can remove the cover, but Casper recommends that you only wash it by hand. If you’re concerned with stains, make sure to check out Casper’s mattress protector which is waterproof.

Sizes And Dimensions

  • Twin — 38″ W x 75″ L x 12″ H
  • Twin XL — 38″ W x 80″ L x 12″ H
  • Full — 53″ W x 75″ L x 12″ H
  • Queen — 60″ W x 80″ L x 12″ H
  • King — 76″ W x 80″ L x 12″ H
  • Cal King — 72″ W x 84″ L x 12″ H

Casper Nova Firmness & Feel

Casper calls this Nova its “most plush” mattress and notes it has “cloud-like comfort.” We agree.

Perhaps the easiest way to describe it is to say the Casper Nova Hybrid feels like a cloud with coils underneath. It’s light and airy, fluffy even, with tons of pressure relief. It’s among the softest/most plush beds we’ve tested.

The Casper Nova Hybrid has a medium-soft firmness, according to our editors whom are in the 170-200 pound range. This puts Casper Nova Hybrid on par with the Leesa Legend mattress in terms of firmness.

casper nova mattress review firmness

Is Casper Nova A Good Mattress For Couples?

In general, if you agree on topics such as feel, firmness, price and design, we expect you’ll like this mattress. But if you’re sharing a bed with someone, the following elements will also be important.

Edge Support

If you purchase a smaller sized mattress, edge support will be important. Most soft beds have average to below-average edge support. Fortunately, Casper Nova Hybrid has good edge support for a softer bed.

casper nova mattress review hybrid edge support
Surprisingly solid in the edge support department

Motion Isolation

Typically, the coils work against you a bit, but the Casper Nova Hybrid is fine in terms of motion isolation. The foam version will be slightly more efficient than Casper Nova Hybrid, but we don’t think many people will have issues here at all.

Temperature Regulation

Casper Nova Hybrid doesn’t have a lot of memory foam, so that’s good from a temperature standpoint. It is, however, a softer bed, so you’ll sink into the mattress. Typically, softer beds will sleep a little warmer because you’re being “hugged” by the mattress a little more than with a firm bed. Unique to the Casper beds, however, is an open-cell foam that’s perforated to pull in airflow.

Additionally, Casper now offers Snow Technology, an advanced cooling add-on to the Casper Nova and Casper Wave. This new optional feature is an extra $500 to the final price tag of the bed, and the technology makes for a slightly cooler night’s sleep. If you are a hot sleeper, this might be an expense to consider. Although, our team didn’t find the new technology to be too cooling.

casper nova hybrid mattress review airscape foam
You can see the “AirScape” perforations on the main comfort foam

In general, we aren’t all that excited by the Snow Technology, but in the case of the perforated foam, we can feel the airflow travel up through the little holes in the foam. This won’t make Nova a cool-sleeping bed, but it will help to balance out other aspects, leaving us to call this a temperature-neutral mattress. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, check out our list of the best cooling mattresses.

Casper Nova Sleeper Type Analysis

casper nova mattress review sleep positions

We base our reviews on the average body size, but we always mention what it will feel like to other people. Your sleeping position and weight will influence how a bed feels to you.

  • Side Sleepers

    Given that this is a soft mattress, it comes as no surprise that Casper Nova Hybrid is one of the best mattress for side sleepers in particular.

  • Stomach And Back Sleepers

    As for stomach and back sleepers, we’re of the mindset that Casper Nova Hybrid is simply too soft. In general, people that sleep primarily on their stomachs and/or backs will gravitate toward, and prefer, firmer beds. Check out the Casper Wave and Casper Original for a mattress that’s better suited for stomach and back sleepers. Put simply, Casper Nova Hybrid is not made for stomach and back sleepers.

Body Type Analysis

  • Heavy Sleepers

    Heavy sleepers may find this bed too soft. As you put more weight on a bed, beds feel softer, and this bed is softer to begin with.

  • Petite Sleepers

    Unless you like a firmer bed, the Casper Nova should be comfortable for you.

Casper Nova Mattress Pricing

Casper Nova is a premium mattress that is certainly not targeting college students. The Nova falls between the Original Casper mattress and the Wave in price. The MSRP for the queen-size mattress is about $2,100. You can see the price by size in the table below.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,345
King / Cal King$2,695

Is There A Casper Nova Coupon Code?

Casper is no stranger to running promotions and offering discounts. Casper offers a coupon code on its website for its Original and Wave mattresses, but not for the Nova yet. Even with a discount, however, Nova is still a relatively pricey online mattress.

Casper Nova Mattress Review Verdict

WeightPetite (<150 lbs)Medium (150-230 lbs)Heavy (>230 lbs)
pressure relief
firmness 5 3 7

If you like a plush mattress, we fully expect you’ll like the Casper Nova Hybrid. It’s soft, cloud-like, responsive and supportive. We think it has an interesting design and, if you know what you’re getting into, you’ll most likely appreciate the Casper Nova Hybrid.

That said, if you want a firm bed, prefer a traditional memory foam feel or need a mattress under $1,000, look elsewhere. If you’re a strict stomach or back sleeper, in most cases, look elsewhere. Put simply, the Casper Nova Hybrid is exactly what you’d expect: a soft coil mattress.

Other Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper Nova Ratings

  • BBB rating: A+. Casper gets a high rating from the Better Business Bureau. Based on only 25 customer reviews, Casper gets a three-star rating from customers.
  • Amazon reviews: 4 ½ stars. With 11 customer rankings for the Casper Nova Hybrid king-size mattress, 81% were rated with four and five stars.
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Casper Company Policies

Casper Nova comes with the same policies as the brand’s other mattresses, including Casper Wave:

  • Shipping — You get free shipping. In most cases, your bed will arrive within a few days of placing the order. The setup process for Casper Nova is as simple as you’ve seen in the commercials. It only takes about 15 minutes to get things started, but it needs a full day to fully expand.
  • Trial period — You get a 100-night trial period, which means you can test out the bed for about three months before you must decide to keep or return it.
  • Returns — If you decide you no longer want Casper Nova, you can return it for a full refund during those first 100 nights. Just like the original Casper mattress, returns are straightforward, and 100 percent of the purchase price will be refunded to you within two weeks.
  • Warranty — If you decide you want the bed, that’s great—we honestly expect most people will. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Here is a video going over the setup process:

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did SlumberYard end up with the Casper Nova mattress?

Casper sent us the bed so we could test and review it.

Where can I find the Casper Nova mattress without the coils?

As of now, the foam version of this bed is only available through Amazon. You can find the Casper Nova Hybrid at the company’s stores and online.

Does Casper Nova Hybrid have a zoned support design?

Yes. In fact, the Nova Hybrid and Nova Foam both have the “Zoned Support Pro” system, which we discussed in the main section of this review.

What does this bed feel like?

It has a soft/fluffy feel that’s really comfortable.

How firm is it?

Casper Nova Hybrid is really soft. It’s about a 3/10 in terms of firmness.

Where do I buy a Casper Nova mattress?

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress is primarily sold online through the company’s website. It is also available on Amazon. Additionally, the mattress is available through company stores, primarily located in the northeast.

Is there a Casper Nova mattress discount code I can use?

Casper is currently not offering discount codes on the Nova Hybrid. It does have a code for its Original and Wave models.

How often will I find a Casper Nova mattress sale?

Casper often has some of its three mattress lines on sale. The company also offers discounts when the mattress is bundled with other products, such as a bed frame or bedding. Current sales are listed on the company’s website.