Sealy has been making mattresses since 1881. While they started in classic brick-and-mortar stores, Sealy broke into the online space with the Cocoon mattress. Cocoon offers two models –– the Cocoon Chill memory foam mattress and the Cocoon hybrid mattress. 

This Cocoon mattress review will focus on the Cocoon Chill bed. We’ll cover everything you need to know from the construction to the bed’s performance.

Our favorite parts of the Cocoon Chill mattress:

  • The Cocoon Chill mattress is cool to the touch thanks to Sealy’s proprietary Phase Change Material. This means it’s a good option for hot sleepers. 
  • We think the Cocoon bed is a medium to medium-firm on our scale, which means that it’s a pretty versatile bed.
  • Cocoon is a really affordable mattress. We compare the price to that of Casper or Leesa.


Cocoon by Sealy Chill
Cocoon by Sealy Chill
Cocoon Chill is one of the best budget-tier cooling mattresses. It’s a firmer bed with a dense memory foam feel.
4.2 out of 5
Product Details
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MemoryFoam MATERIAL Memory Foam
MemoryFoam FIRMNESS Firm
trial-period TRIAL PERIOD 100 Nights
shipping FREE SHIPPING and Returns
warranty WARRANTY 10 Years
Moderate $769 – $1539 Price Range
Our recommendation
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thumbs-up If you like memory foam
thumbs-up Hot sleepers on a limited budget
thumbs-up If you wanted a soft mattress
thumbs-up Heavier individuals who like innerspring mattresses (should get the Cocoon Chill Hybrid)
  • Honest YouTube Cocoon Review

Cocoon Mattress Firmness And Feel

How firm is the Cocoon mattress?

Sealy used to offer Cocoon Chill bed in two firmness options. Now, they offer one firmness option which is equivalent to the old “softer” model. That said, it’s not the softest mattress around. We rate it around a medium to medium-firm on our Slumber Yard firmness scale, or around a 6.

Most sleepers like beds that fall within the medium to medium-firm range because they are pretty versatile. With this firmness level, you get a good amount of support and plenty of comfort.

Cocoon chill mattress review firmness graphic

What does the Cocoon bed feel like?

The Cocoon mattress has a typical memory foam feel. So when you lay down on it, the bed will mold to your body’s shape and sleeping position. However, we think that the Cocoon Chill bed feels denser than most memory foam beds. If we had to compare it to another bed, we’d say that Cocoon is kind of a budget version of a TempurPedic mattress.

Cocoon Chill Design And Construction

The flagship Cocoon Chill Mattress has a 10” height profile and is constructed with multiple layers of foam.

Soft Cocoon mattress construction interior
  • Base Layer – The Cocoon Chill Mattress’s bottom layer is dense polyurethane foam. You’ll see this on nearly every foam mattress. The base layer is where the bed gets its firmness and support from.
  • Middle Layer – Next, you get the transition layer right in the middle. As you’d expect, the middle layer helps soften up the mattress. You wouldn’t really like sleeping on the dense base layer. 
  • Comfort Layer – The top layer of the Cocoon bed is what the brand calls “Perfect Fit Memory Foam.” This layer will serve as the primary comfort layer and it will adapt to your body size, shape, and sleep position.
  • Cooling Mattress Cover – The Cocoon Chill’s mattress cover is infused with Sealy’s proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM) that absorbs and disperses body heat. The Cocoon Chill mattress is actually cool to the touch. Many mattress companies claim to use cooling technologies that will prevent the bed from sleeping warm, but we haven’t found them to always be effective. However, the Phase Change Material on Cocoon Chill helps provide a fairly cool sleeping surface.
cocoon mattress review chill bed by sealy cooling cover

While the Cocoon Chill mattress cover is technically removable, it is not machine washable. To spot clean, gently dab at it with a cloth that has been dampened with water and mild detergent. Gently scrub the spill until the spot has cleared and let the mattress air dry.

Cocoon Mattress Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers
    Good For

    The Cocoon Chill mattress is made with dense memory foam that provides enough support for back and stomach sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers typically are attracted to firmer mattresses so their spine will stay aligned during the night.

    Since the Cocoon bed falls at about a medium-firm on our scale, we think most back and stomach sleepers can happily sleep on this bed.

  • Side Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    While we think some strict side sleepers may be comfortable on the Cocoon Chill mattress, we don’t think it provides enough pressure relief to make it a good bed for all side sleepers. If you are a heavier individual you’ll be fine, but it isn’t a great bed for petite side sleepers.

  • Combination Sleepers
    Good For

    As for combination sleepers, we do think Cocoon Chill will be a nice mattress, as long as you’re fine with that dense memory foam feel and you don’t favor your side. We think the memory foam could be a double-edged sword for combination sleepers. If you want to be able to freely rotate positions, you might not love it because of the resistance. However, you might also appreciate the memory foam because it creates a little nook or indentation that provides a near-perfect fit for your body.

Body Type Analysis

  • Average Individuals

    Sleepers who weigh less than ~230 lbs can usually get away with sleeping on most mattresses, since they do not put enough pressure on the mattress to sink too far in. As such, we think small and moderately-weighted individuals will enjoy both of the Cocoon by Sealy mattresses.

  • Heavy Individuals

    For folks who weigh over ~230 lbs, we recommend a mattress that’s built to be extra supportive and durable — a.k.a. a hybrid mattress. As such, we think the Cocoon Chill Hybrid is a better option than the all-foam Cocoon Chill bed. 


    The good news is, the Cocoon Hybrid is also a more affordable hybrid bed, if you compare it to industry favorites like Purple Hybrid or Casper Wave.

  • Petite

    Petite sleepers put the least amount of pressure on the bed. Which means every bed will feel firmer to them. Given the Cocoon Chill is about a medium-firm mattress, petite side sleepers might not get enough pressure relief from this bed.

What our experts have to say about the Cocoon Chill Mattress

  • As a person who enjoys the feel of memory foam, I always worry about sleeping hot, so it’s nice the Cocoon Chill incorporates materials to help combat that


    Wesley Ott

    Combo Sleeper

  • Although memory foam does have its advantages when it comes to pressure relief, I prefer hotel style beds with thick, fluffy pillow-tops that don’t necessarily hug my body


    JD Christison

    Combo Sleeper

Cocoon Chill Mattress Pricing

The Cocoon Chill mattress is one of the most affordable cooling beds on the market. In fact, we picked this mattress for our Best Cheap Mattresses list. It’s priced similarly to CasperLeesa and Bear. The pricing breakdown is as follows for the Chill model:

Twin XL$869$1,160
Cal King$1,539$1,833

Cocoon Chill Mattress Performance

Pressure relief

The Cocoon Chill mattress has that top comfort layer of Perfect Fit Memory Foam that comforts to your body and provides pressure relief. Memory foam is generally pretty good about pressure relief, so if you’ve laid on a memory foam mattress, you know what we’re talking about. Pressure relief is the most important factor for people with joint pain and side sleepers. 

Don’t worry, you still get that spinal alignment and support from the transition and support core layer. 


If you share your bed with a hot sleeper or struggle with temperature yourself, you’ll like the Cocoon Chill Mattress. The cooling properties of the cover help make sure you will be able to sleep cool and comfortable, even while sleeping next to someone who is exuding body heat. 

Unlike other beds, the cooling properties of the cover actually make it cool to the touch. Some people like that, and some people don’t, but if you’re a true hot sleeper, we think you’ll appreciate it. We’ve joked that the cover is so cold it almost feels wet — and that feeling didn’t dissipate even after months of use.


We expect that the Cocoon Chill Foam mattress is about as durable as all the other foam beds out there. While the support foam core is supportive, it isn’t going to be as durable as a bed with coils. So if durability and support is the highest box to check off, then you should opt for the Cocoon Hybrid mattress. Keep in mind that comes with a higher price tag.

Edge support

The flagship Cocoon Chill mattress offers good edge support. But what is edge support on a mattress? It’s actually pretty simple. Edge support is essentially how strong the edge of the beds is. Can you sit on it without sinking down and feeling like you’re going to fall off? Then the bed has good edge support. 

That’s the case with the Cocoon mattress. If You find yourself on the edge of the bed, you won’t feel as though you are about to fall off. The hybrid model, however, kicks it up a notch with a Quantum Edge reinforcement, meaning the edges are extra supportive to enhance perimeter support.

cocoon by sealy review edge support

Cocoon Mattress Responsiveness

video thumbnail

Earlier, we compared the Cocoon bed to a budget TempurPedic mattress. As such, it does mean that this bed has a slower response time than say, an innerspring or hybrid bed. Now, this isn’t a deal-breaker, it just means the bed doesn’t snap back when you take pressure off it. Which is pretty typical of dense memory foam mattresses. It just means that changing sleeping positions through the night might just take a little more effort.

Motion isolation

If motion isolation is most important to you –– how well the bed will deaden movement when you or your partner move around –– the flagship foam Chill mattress passes with flying colors.  

This doesn’t really come as a surprise. Most foam mattresses pass our tests. However, the dense memory foam feel of the Cocoon mattress puts it above the rest. 

Is Cocoon Chill a good mattress for couples?

If you like to share a bed with your better half, we think Cocoon beds are a good choice, so long as you agree on the aforementioned qualities such as firmness and feel. 

Edge support and motion isolation also come in to play when we think about couples. Since Cocoon is so good at motion isolation, we say it’s a really good option for memory foam lovers. Not to mention its respectable edge support. 

Cocoon Mattress Review Verdict

The Cocoon Chill mattress is an affordable, cool mattress that is great for people who sleep hot or live in a hot climate. A lot of mattresses on the market claim to be cooling, but we think the Cocoon Chill bed actually does it. When you lay on it, you can feel the chill (get it?) of the cover. Cocoon has a dense memory foam feel, yet despite being a memory foam mattress, it does sleep cool.

Overall Rating

4.2 out of 5
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Buy the Cocoon Chill mattress if:

  • You love the feel of dense memory foam. Think TempurPedic but on a budget. 
  • You’re a hot sleeper who needs some relief. 

Don’t buy the Cocoon Chill mattress if:

  • You’re a petite side sleeper. If you’re petite, the Cocoon bed will feel firmer than it would to others. 
  • You weigh over 250 lbs. Heavy people can sleep comfortably on this bed. However, we like to recommend mattresses with coils in it for heavy people. Go for the Cocoon Hybrid bed.

Cocoon Chill vs Cocoon Hybrid Mattress

As we mentioned earlier, the Cocoon Chill mattress is available in an all-foam construction and hybrid (includes foam and coils).

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The major differences between Cocoon Chill and Chill Hybrid are in its construction, recommended body types, and price.

  • Construction – The Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress is 2″ thicker than the all-foam model, and features a pocketed coil support layer with steel-reinforced edges. If you want a mattress that’ll last longer and accommodate all body types, this is the one for you.
  • Body Type – Speaking of body type, if you weigh under 230 lbs, feel free to save cash and opt for the flagship Cocoon Chill model. If you have a heavy body type or share a mattress with a heavier individual, we suggest the heavy-duty Cocoon Chill Hybrid.
  • Price – Because the Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress is thicker and more supportive, you can assume it’s also going to be more expensive. As opposed to the foam model, a queen-size hybrid mattress has an MSRP of around $1,500 (usually discounted by several hundred dollars).

Sealy Company Information

Sealy has several policies to help make your mattress purchasing experience easier, and less risky. Especially considering many people have never purchased a mattress over the internet before. With the Cocoon mattress, you have free shipping and returns –– which is pretty standard in the mattress industry. 

You’ll have a 100-night trial to decide if the Cocoon Chill mattress is right for you. It’s not the longest trial we’ve seen. Some beds have an entire year, but we don’t think this is a mark against Cocoon. 100 nights is plenty of time. If you do decide to keep it, Sealy offers a 10-year warranty on the Cocoon bed.

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Cocoon Mattress Alternatives

These mattresses are all similar to the Cocoon Mattress, but at varying price points.

Mattress TypeFirmnessTempBody TypeThicknessStarting Price
Cocoon by Sealy Chill Cocoon by Sealy Chill productMemory FoamFirmCoolingUnder 230 lb10inch $1239* *Queen mattress
Tuft & Needle Nod Tuft & Needle Nod productSoft FoamMediumNeutralUnder 230 lb8inch $395* *Queen mattress Read Review
Nectar Nectar productMemory FoamMediumNeutralUnder 230 lb12 inch $1298* *Queen mattress Read Review
Tuft & Needle Original Tuft & Needle Original productSoft FoamMediumNeutralUnder 230 lb10inch $895* *Queen mattress Read Review
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Cocoon mattresses worth it?

The Cocoon Chill mattress is really well priced for what you get. It’s a solid, all-foam mattress that we like to think of as TempurPedic, but on budget. We’re not saying it’s the exact same, Cocoon has that cooling cover after all. But if you like a dense memory foam feel, then the Cocoon mattress is worth it.

Is the Cocoon mattress good for back pain?

The Cocoon mattress has a three layer construction –– it starts with a dense, support foam core, then comes the transition layer, and then the comfort layer of Perfect Fit Memory Foam. It has just the right amount of cushion and support that makes the Cocoon mattress good for back pain.

Can you flip a Cocoon mattress?

The Cocoon Chill bed has a three layer constructions. Which means, you should not flip it. You will not like sleeping on the dense foam core of this bed.

Does a Cocoon mattress need a box spring?

A Cocoon mattress is pretty flexible when it comes to how you sleep on it. You can use a box spring, foundation, or slatted base. It really comes down to personal preferences.

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