Who Is It Best For?
People that need a couch and a bed
If you have a limited budget
Who Won’t Love It?
People that need an actual mattress (this won’t really do)

A Note about CouchBed Availability

Due to COVID-19, CouchBed is not currently taking orders and hopes to begin selling again in the future.

Here’s How The Buying Process Works

Much like other online mattress and sofa companies, CouchBed offers free shipping. CouchBed arrives looking like your typical bed-in-a-box, wrapped in plastic and stuffed inside a cardboard box. You’ll need to bring the package inside and unbox it yourself, but it’s a fairly simple process.

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From the date of delivery of your CouchBed, you’ll have a 30-day trial period to test it out. That’s a full month to see if you like it in your home; testing it out as a couch, and testing it out as a bed. If you decide for whatever reason within those 30 days that CouchBed just isn’t your vibe, you can send it back for a full refund. Just know that you will be responsible for the shipping arrangements and the cost of shipping it back to the facility.

If you keep your CouchBed past the trial period, it will be covered by a warranty. CouchBed’s warranty is 10 years long.

Size And Price Overview

CouchBed is affordably priced in both the mattress market and the sofa market. Considering you’re getting both of these, we’d say it’s a pretty good deal. They only offer two sizes: twin size and queen size.

We did notice that some colors are only available in certain sizes, and other items are on backorder. CouchBed is a relatively new company, and is family owned, so this is to be expected. Below is a look at the pricing breakdown, but you can also check the most current price on CouchBed’s website.

SizePrice (MSRP)

We actually have a code that will save you some money on your CouchBed purchase. It should be hovering to the right side of this text. To see any other deals we have going on, check out our Mattress Deals page.

CouchBed Has A Simple But Clever Design

CouchBed is made of a single 10” layer of dense memory foam. The memory foam is also infused with phase-change cooling gel, which is suppose to react to heat and keep the mattress at an “optimal temperature.” We’ll talk about this more below.

The side portion is separated from the slab so that you can have it lay flat, or fold it back to create a second layer to learn back on, thus creating a couch within a couple of seconds. The hinge feature seems very durable, we wouldn’t be too worried about kids or college students being rough with it and it tearing.

A twin size CouchBed weighs about 47 lb and the queen size weighs 70 lb, so both are fairly light and easy to maneuver.

Every CouchBed is made with 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning CouchBed contains no ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or heavy metals, and meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability.

Cover of CouchBed

The cover of CouchBed is a polyester material and is offered in five different colors: charcoal (dark grey), limestone (super light grey), blue, red, and black.

On their website, CouchBed recommends spot cleaning to best preserve its quality (you can use some warm water and a gentle soap for this), but mentions that the cover is also removable and machine washable if need be. We think this is a really great feature if you plan on using it in your kid’s playroom or use it for your buddy who may have had a little too much to drink and needs a place to sleep it off. In other words, don’t be afraid to let things get messy with this CouchBed.

couchbed mattress review
CouchBed has a removable, washable cover.

Now, you can put an accordingly sized fitted sheet on this bed. You can make it up like you would any bed, for that matter, but then you’ll need to remove all that if you want to convert it back to it’s couch form. Also, while this is technically a flippable mattress, keep in mind that both sides have the same firmness level and that you can only flip it into a couch from one side, not both.

If you’re interested in a flippable mattress with different firmness levels on either side, check out the Layla or Zenhaven mattresses.

CouchBed Has A Dense Memory Foam Feel

CouchBed is comfortable, and pretty firm. We rated it as about a medium-firm on our firmness scale. It’s very dense feeling, so we don’t feel too worried about it wearing out too fast. It is made with memory foam, so when you sit down on it you’ll slowly feel yourself sink in a bit, but it’s nothing too crazy. You most likely will never feel “stuck in the mud” on it because you don’t sink in that far.

couchbed review firmness

The responsiveness on this bed is about medium, so when you remove pressure from it, it doesn’t immediately respond, but it doesn’t really hold that depressed shape, either. You can tell it has memory foam, but it doesn’t feel like your everyday memory foam mattress.

couchbed mattress review sofa and couch
Cheez-Its might be the best snack of all time.

By the way, when we talk about firmness, we do so in a subjective way. Firmness is relative to weight (and height). The lighter you are, the firmer the surface will feel for you because you’ll be laying more on top of the bed.

Heavier individuals might find the surface softer, because they sink down more into the bed. We have a wide variety of individuals on our team that range from 6’5” to 5’0”, and we like to make sure we have different body types try out each bed we test.

CouchBed Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers
    Good For

    CouchBed is going to probably be most comfortable for back and stomach sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers need a firm surface to keep their spines supported in proper alignment. If back sleepers and stomach sleepers lay on a surface that’s too soft, their hips and trunk tend to sag into the bed and cause the spine to arch.

  • Side Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    CouchBed is a little too firm for side sleepers, and will fight against their curves instead of accommodating them. That said, if you’re just spending a night or two on CouchBed as a side sleeper, you’ll be just fine.

  • Combo Sleepers
    Good For

    Combo sleepers who switch positions should be fine because there isn’t any stuck-in-the-mud feel, but they should spend a majority of time on their back or stomach.

Not For Heavy People (Every Night)

Every once in a while, yes! Like we said, CouchBed should be more of a couch and extra bed situation than an every night mattress. The foam construction is too thin to use normally. We usually recommend beds with springs for heavier individuals, but because of its firmness level, it should be fine for some once in a while couch crashing.

couchbed mattress review heavy people and body types
Cheez-Its and RedBull—name a better duo, I’ll wait!

If you’re a heavier individual looking for a supportive mattress that will be more suitable for regular use, check out our Best Beds for Heavy People list.

Will You Get Hot Sleeping On CouchBed?

We’d say it’s temperature neutral. Memory foam has a tendency to absorb your body’s heat when you sink down into it, which then becomes trapped in the material and leads to you waking up all sweaty. CouchBed, however, has cooling material infused into their memory foam, which works to keep things cool.

The firmness level of this bed, which keeps you laying more on top of the memory foam instead of down in it, allows for better airflow. These two things combined lead to a mattress that will most likely never heat up on you.

Is CouchBed OK for Couples?

It’s not that CouchBed isn’t a good option for couples, it’s just that it should have a different purpose. CouchBed is meant to be used as an affordable sofa option that is occasionally used as a guest bed. While couples should be fine (on the queen size, the twin is too small), we wouldn’t recommend this bed to couples to use as their normal every night mattress.

couchbed mattress review couples
Owen just loves laying on CouchBed.

CouchBed Review: Verdict

To reiterate, CouchBed is an affordable and comfortable option for a couch that can also transform into a flat mattress. We think this is going to be best used for kids’ rooms and playrooms, teens’ rooms or game rooms, or for college students and young adults. We like the fun array of colors the bed comes in, we like that it doesn’t heat up, and we like that for the price point, we get a couch and an extra bed, all in one.

Frequently Asked Questions
How did SY get CouchBed?

They sent it to us to try out, but we are in no way obligated to them and all opinions given are purely that of the Slumber Yard team.

Can I put fitted sheets on my CouchBed?

Totally! The dimensions of both sizes of CouchBed are the same as standard mattress dimensions. Feel free to put all your regular bed dressing on this mattress, but you’ll have to take it all off when converting it back into a sofa.

Can I use a heating pad with CouchBed?

Yep. CouchBed specifically states on their website that normal use of a heating pad will not damage your CouchBed. Feel free to get toasty.

Does CouchBed need a base or frame?

It’s perfectly fine to use your CouchBed on the floor, but because CouchBed sizes are the same dimensions of standard mattress sizes, it will work with a bed base or frame, also. We’ve seen some cool examples of the CouchBed being elevated on a base while it’s in couch mode on their instagram, but you don’t have to do that.

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