Hybrid mattresses are a crowd favorite because of their ability to provide both comfort and support. To be fair, hybrid beds tend to be a little more expensive because they are made to be more durable than the average mattress. The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is the exception. It’s a luxury hybrid bed at a pretty affordable price point.

DreamCloud offers two different beds — the standard DreamCloud Hybrid and the DreamCloud Premier. This DreamCloud Mattress review will focus on the luxury hybrid model. Below we’ll go through everything you need to know before you buy. 

DreamCloud Hybrid mattress overview: 

  • It’s a medium-firm mattress that has a traditional innerspring feel. 
  • Hot sleepers will love the breathable cashmere cover that keeps you cool. The layers of coils also contribute to the airflow of the DreamCloud mattress. 
  • It’s one of the best mattresses for most types of sleepers and body sizes
  • DreamCloud mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which is just a fancy way of saying they are safe to sleep on. The foams do not contain ozone depleters or harmful chemicals.


DreamCloud is an affordable memory foam hybrid mattress that comes with a 365 night trial period and lifetime warranty.
4.5 out of 5
Product Details
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MemoryFoam MATERIAL Memory Foam
MemoryFoam FIRMNESS Firm
trial-period TRIAL PERIOD 365 Nights
shipping FREE SHIPPING and Returns
warranty WARRANTY Lifetime
Moderate $1198 – $1798 Price Range
Our recommendation
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thumbs-up Individuals seeking an affordable hybrid mattress
thumbs-up Folks who like memory foam
thumbs-up People seeking an extra plush mattress
thumbs-up Individuals who prefer latex foam over memory foam
  • DreamCloud Mattress Video Review

    Whenever possible, we like to accompany our reviews with a video. We just think that videos do a better job of demonstrating elements like feel, firmness, and so on.

    Whenever possible, we like to accompany our reviews with a video. We just think that videos do a better job of demonstrating elements like feel, firmness, and so on.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Firmness and Feel

How do we rate the firmness?

In our opinion, the DreamCloud mattress rates out near the middle of the firmness scale. In other words, the bed is not too firm, nor is it overly soft. It finds that nice middle point between comfort and support.

The memory foam layers relieve pressure and support your body in all the spots you want it to — hips, shoulders, knees and back. The memory foam shapes around your body and shapes out your body weight, which means fewer pressure points for you. Keep in mind that it’s still a hybrid bed, so you won’t sink in like you would on a true memory foam mattress. 

What does it feel like?

Even though the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress has layers of memory foam and soft foam included in the cover, that’s not the overall feel of the bed. When you lay on it, it feels like a hybrid mattress that has coils. You should expect more of a traditional innerspring mattress feel with the DreamCloud bed. With that comes a responsive feel and an easy-to-move sleeping experience,which means combo sleepers should be jumping for joy.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Design and Construction

Dreamcloud Mattress review cover

The flagship DreamCloud mattress is a memory foam hybrid bed that incorporates five different layers totaling 14” thick.  Let’s take a closer look at each of the layers:

  • Base foam layer: Serves as the foundation for the coils above.
  • Individually-wrapped coils: Form the primary support structure for the mattress. 
  • Support foam: Acts as a transitional layer in the bed.
  • Gel memory foam: Provides comfort and pressure relief for sleepers.
  • Quilted euro-top: The primary comfort layer for the bed, which includes additional memory foam.

The cover for the Euro-top is made of a combination of polyester, rayon and cashmere. It is quilted, meaning you cannot unzip and remove the cover from the mattress. However, this really isn’t that big of a deal. All it means is that you’ll have to spot clean the cover by hand if it happens to get dirty. There are only a handful of bed-in-a-box mattresses that come with machine washable covers, so this is nothing out of the ordinary.

DreamCloud Mattress Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Side sleepers

    Folks who primarily spend time on their side receive plenty of pressure relief. Compared to the DreamCloud Premier model, we think the base DreamCloud Hybrid is better suited for side sleepers given it’s a notch or two softer. That said, petite people who sleep on their side might find this mattress a little too firm for pressure relief.

  • Back and stomach sleepers

    Back and stomach sleepers still receive the necessary support from the DreamCloud mattress. On the flip side, we think the DreamCloud Premier skews a little more towards the strict back and stomach sleepers since it’s a notch or two firmer.

  • Combo sleepers

    It should come as no surprise that we think the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for all types of sleepers. The pressure relief and support provided by the DreamCloud bed make it an ideal choice for combo sleepers. Its medium firmness level suits every sleeper type, including combo sleepers.

Body Type Analysis

  • Petite

    Petite body types sometimes have an issue with firm mattresses because they don’t sink very far into the mattress, which means it will seem too firm to them. The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress falls right in the middle of our firmness scale, so you’ll get the pressure relief and support. That said, petite side sleepers might find it too firm.

  • Average

    The DreamCloud mattress has a coil construction and thick design, which makes it a great choice for pretty much any person. If you’re an average body type, you’ll have no issues sleeping on the DreamCloud Hybrid bed.

  • Heavy

    We think DreamCloud is a great mattress for heavy sleepers. It’s important to remember that body size and weight affect perceived firmness. In other words, beds typically feel firmer to smaller individuals and softer to heavier people. This is because larger folks place extra stress on the mattress and thus, sink further into the comfort layers, whereas smaller folks exert very little pressure and stay more on top of the surface.

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Pricing

The base DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is priced very affordably. It’s in the same price range as the Brooklyn Bedding Signature and Helix mattresses, generally known as excellent values. At 14” thick, we think the base DreamCloud Hybrid mattress deserves that same recognition — it’s a solid value overall. Below is a table that lays out MSRP by size.

Twin XL$1,298$1,161
Cal King$1,798$1,833

Is There A Mattress Discount Code?

Don’t let the MSRPs above deter you. You likely won’t end up paying full price come checkout. That’s because DreamCloud regularly offers sales and discounts. In most cases, you can expect to receive a $100-$200 discount on the bed, bringing the queen size down below the $1,000 mark. Sometimes the company will even throw in a gift like sheets or a pillow with your mattress purchase.  Also, be sure to check the green discount box on your screen for current promotions.

Mattress Performance

Temperature regulation

The temperature regulation of the DreamCloud mattress is pretty strong, which is good news for people who tend to sleep hot. The layer of gel-infused memory foam and breathable cover cools the surface of the mattress and helps pull heat away from the sleeper. The fact that it’s a hybrid mattress is also a plus in the temperature department. Air more easily can flow through the core of a hybrid mattress rather than the dense layers of a memory foam bed.

We wouldn’t say the DreamCloud Premier is a warm sleeping bed. Sure, the mattress is soft, and you do nestle into it a little bit, but the pillow top works to counteract the memory foam a little so that you don’t feel like you’re being hugged or engulfed by the top layers. Plus, the coils in the bed allow for a decent amount of airflow. In our eyes, the DreamCloud Premier mattress should be considered temperature neutral.

dreamcloud mattress temperature

Motion transfer

We think DreamCloud mattress is pretty good for motion isolation –– around the same for most hybrid mattress options. Thanks to its quilted cover and layers of memory foam, a reasonable amount of motion is absorbed when you lay on it. This is a big deal if you sleep with someone who tosses and turns or gets up a lot through the night. 

That said, you’ll still get some motion transfer with the DreamCloud mattress because of its bouncier coil layer. The coils are pocketed to reduce motion transfer, but some are still going to sneak through. Even still, we don’t think it’s noticeable enough for anyone to pass on this bed. 

video thumbnail

As you can see above, the bed does a competent job of limiting motion transfer, especially for a hybrid or spring mattress. Ultimately, motion transfer is not a reason to pass on the DreamCloud mattress.

Edge support

Compared to other hybrid beds, the DreamCloud mattress is somewhat lacking in the edge support department. It is still reinforced enough to allow you to use the whole sleeping surface; it just has a little more give than other options out there. 

It’s a medium-firm mattress with a coil layer, so the perimeter is pretty sturdy. The DreamCloud bed’s edge is going to be fine for most people. They will be able to sleep and sit on the edge without too much sinkage. 


Dreamcloud Mattress Review Verdict

Overall, we really like the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress. At less than $1,000 for a queen size after discounts, we think it’s the way to go over the DreamCloud Premier model unless you’re a strict back or stomach sleeper that prefers slightly firmer beds.

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5
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What we love about the DreamCloud mattress: 

  • The DreamCloud bed is one of the best affordable hybrid mattresses. 
  • You get the best of both worlds with hybrid mattresses. The DreamCloud Hybrid balances support and pressure relief for the sleeper. 
  • The bed sleeps temperature neutral — which is a big plus for people who tend to overheat at night. It doesn’t actively cool, but we really like the airflow of the DreamCloud Hyrbid. 

Things to consider: 

  • Unlike other options, there is only one firmness option for the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress. So if you want flexibility, look elsewhere. 
  • The mattress itself is pretty heavy.

What our experts have to say

  • I’ve slept on the DreamCloud mattress for several years now and love it. As a heavier person, I find it provides the perfect mixture of pressure relief and support

    Dillon Payne

    Back Sleeper

  • As a smaller size sleeper, I find the DreamCloud mattress to be a little too firm and bouncy. I tend to prefer soft, all-foam beds

    Jon Gomez

    Side Sleeper

DreamCloud vs. DreamCloud Premier

The other mattresses offered by DreamCloud, the Premier mattress and the Premier Rest, are the flagship’s high-end alternatives. They cost a few extra hundred dollars more and are a notch or two firmer. Both of the upgraded mattresses offered by DreamCloud have a quilted Euro-top for their main comfort layer. However, the Premier model incorporates an additional inch of memory foam for a more intensive pillow top experience, and the Premier Rest includes two additional inches of support foam. This makes them two of the best memory foam mattresses out there because of how thick and comfortable they are.

  • How We Test The Mattresses

    The Slumber Yard has been around since the beginning of the bed-in-a-box craze. Our team has personally tested over 175 mattresses so far, and we keep more than 150 beds in our office so we can compare them (and take afternoon naps).

    When testing mattresses, we evaluate the following factors:

    • Construction: We cut mattresses open to see what’s inside and how it’s made.
    • Feel: We check if it has a stuck-in-the-mud memory foam feel, or if it’s more of a neutral foam or a plush pillow top, etc.
    • Firmness: We have our own firmness scale and evaluate how that may vary depending on your body and sleeper type.
    • Pressure relief: We test what’s the sweet spot for different body and sleeper types.
    • Support and how that changes by body/sleeper type
    • Edge Support: This is important for couples who share a bed. Would you roll-out of the bed or can you sleep confidently close to the edges?
    • Motion Isolation: We use the water glass test to see how the bed fares with motion transfer. This is another important factor for couples that don’t want to wake up one another when they move.
    • Temperature Regulation: We use a temperature gun to evaluate if the bed warms up, stays neutral or actively cools while you are sleeping.
    • Noise: This could be an issue in beds with coils or innerspring.
    • Off-Gassing: Some beds could have a smell for a few weeks after unpacking, and we try to warn you about it.
    • Company policies: We also take into account policies such as shipping, returns, trial period and warranty.
    • Value: We look at a bed’s price in the context of what it offers in terms of features and quality of materials and construction.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the DreamCloud Hybrid a good mattress?

Yes! The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is a good bed for most sleeping positions and body types. If you want a responsive mattress that supports your body, then you’ll be happy with the DreamCloud Hybrid.

Is the DreamCloud Hybrid good for side sleepers?

Generally, most side sleepers will enjoy this bed. However, if you weigh over 230 lbs., you might find that the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress might be a little too firm. For back sleepers who want a responsive bed, then the DreamCloud bed is a good choice.

How long does a DreamCloud mattress last?

Hybrid beds tend to last longer than other types of mattresses. The DreamCloud mattress is no exception. DreamCloud offers a lifetime warranty, so they are pretty confident you’ll get a long life out of your mattress.

Do DreamCloud mattresses sag?

Thanks to the strong coil base of the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress, you won’t have to worry about your mattress sagging. Of course that will depend on your weight and how you treat your mattress, but we don’t expect it to sag like lower quality memory foam mattresses. 

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