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DreamCloud Mattress Review

Read our full DreamCloud review so you can determine whether this memory foam hybrid bed is right for you.

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

DreamCloud is a thick, durable mattress that uses a combination of coils, memory foam and a quilted euro pillow top. It’s quickly becoming a fan favorite in the online mattress industry—and we think for good reason. In this post we cover the biggest highs and lows of this mattress, especially related to firmness, feel, sleeper type and temperature regulation.

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Who Is This Best For?

People that like memory foam

If you want an innerspring bed

All sleeping positions

Who Won’t Love It?

People with a maximum budget or $800

If you want a truly soft mattress

Outline For This DreamCloud Mattress Review:

There’s a lot of information in this review, so in order to make things easier for you to access, here’s an outline.

DreamCloud Review: Our YouTube Video

Whenever possible, we like to accompany our reviews with a video. We just think that videos do a better job of demonstrating elements like feel, firmness, and so on.

Hopefully you found that video helpful. Either way, below is a lot more information about the DreamCloud mattress.

DreamCloud Company Policies

DreamCloud, like the majority of online bed-in-a-box companies, offers free shipping with their mattresses. Previously, the beds would actually arrive compressed in a protective bag, however, the company recently switched over to using cardboard boxes. That’s not really noteworthy as it really doesn’t make a difference, but we thought we would mention it anyways for the sake of being complete.

DreamCloud is a thick, heavy mattress, so you probably will want a friend to help you set it up. You need to unroll it, remove the packaging, and allow it to pop into shape. It takes a few minutes, but it’s a really fun process.

If you’re worried about carting this mattress around and setting it up for yourself, DreamCloud does offer white glove delivery, in-home setup, and mattress removal for a fee. This service isn’t available in all areas, so you might want to check DreamCloud’s website to get all the details.

Once your new mattress is set up, either by you or via white glove delivery service, you then have a 365-night trial period to see if you love your bed. That’s a full year ladies and gentlemen—pretty crazy.

If, within that year, you aren’t 100% in love with your mattress, DreamCloud will completely refund your money and pick up the mattress for free. DreamCloud also offers an “Everlong” warranty with their mattress, so you’re covered as long as you own it. For reference, the trial period and warranty DreamCloud offer consumers is substantially longer than most online mattress brands.

DreamCloud Price & Coupon Code

In our opinion, the DreamCloud mattress is priced very affordably considering the quality of the bed. This has a lot to do with the fact that they cut costs on distributors, middlemen, and storefronts by selling online, directly to the consumer. All in all, we think the DreamCloud mattress is an excellent value for people looking for a durable hybrid mattress. Here’s how pricing breaks down in terms of MSRP:

Twin XL$1,099
King / Cal King$1,599

DreamCloud, like pretty much every other mattress brand, likes to play the discount game. Typically, you can expect the company to take at least $100-$200 off your mattress purchase. That would bring a queen size down around the $1,100 mark, which again is pretty incredible given the high-quality construction of the mattress —you can check the green discount box on your screen to see if that particular promotion is still live.

What’s Inside The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud is a hybrid bed made with coils, memory foam, and poly foam. All in all, the bed is comprised of six different layers and totals 15″ thick. Here is a quick breakdown of the different layers starting from bottom to top.

  • Dense Support Foam – this is the base layer for the entire bed.
  • 8″ Pocketed Coils – this layer serves as the primary support framework for the mattress.
  • Transition Foam – Another layer of supportive foam that acts as a transition from the firm coils below.
  • Gel Memory Foam – This layer provides an element of comfort and deep pressure relief for sleepers.
  • Quilted Euro Top – The topper on the bed is made up of two different layers of comfort foam, including memory foam.
dreamcloud mattress layers
A look at the construction of the DreamCloud mattress

As we alluded to above, the DreamCloud mattress incorporates a special 1.5″ quilted euro top comprised of two separate layers of comfort foam, both of which are on the softer side to provide extra comfort for sleepers. Wrapping the euro pillow top is a soft cover that is made of cashmere, rayon and polyester. We think the pillow top and cover give the DreamCloud mattress a premium look and feel.

dreamcloud mattress review cover
Soft cashmere blend cover gives the bed a premium look

We should also mention the cover is not removable, which means if it happens get dirty, you’ll just have to use water and a mild detergent to spot clean it. You could buy a mattress protector for the bed, however, there are upsides and downsides with those. For instance, if you get one you’re spending even more money (that you probably didn’t budget for), and it can affect the feel of the mattress. In other words, adding an extra layer that happens to be waterproof will typically make the sleeping surface feel firmer and harsher. Probably not an issue if you sleep on your back, but it can be bothersome if you spend time on your stomach or side.

DreamCloud Soft/Firm Rating

Thanks to the memory foam layers near its surface, the DreamCloud mattress does have a memory foam feel, but we wouldn’t say it’s overwhelming. The quilted euro top (which is comprised of two separate comfort foams) works to balance out the memory foam feel a little bit. Overall, we’d say the bed has a pillow top feel with a tinge of memory foam.

dreamcloud mattress review stomach sleeper
Comfortable pillow top feel with a tinge of memory foam

Moving on, we think the mattress lands right around a medium to medium-firm on the firmness scale. We should mention that the original version of this bed was a little firmer, but after the change to its construction, the mattress is now a tad bit softer.

dreamfoam bedding mattress review arctic dreams bed amazon firmness

It is important to note that softness/firmness is subjective based on your weight and BMI. Heavier folks will experience a softer DreamCloud and lighter individuals will claim that it’s firmer. This might seem intuitive, but a lot of people overlook it.

We would also consider DreamCloud to be a responsive mattress—mostly due to the fact that it has 8″ pocketed coils and a quilted euro top that is not comprised of memory foam. This means that switching positions requires little effort, which can help with getting more restful sleep.

You can see in the video above that DreamCloud snaps back into shape fairly quickly after you remove pressure, which means combo sleepers should be jumping for joy. This bed makes rotating positions incredibly easy.

Is DreamCloud Good For Back & Stomach Sleepers?

Although the bed is slightly softer than the original version of the mattress, we still think DreamCloud is a viable option for back and stomach sleepers. It wouldn’t necessarily be our favorite back or stomach sleeping bed anymore, but it still provides the fundamental support these types of sleepers need.

dreamcloud mattress review back sleeper
Solid option for back and stomach sleepers

At the end of the day, the bed now strikes a much healthier balance between pressure relief and support, which side sleepers will be happy about. However, with that said, primary back and stomach sleepers would probably prefer the older, firmer model.

Will Side Sleepers Like DreamCloud?

If you would have read this review a year ago, the answer to the question above would have been “probably not”. However, the newly updated DreamCloud mattress is indeed a good option for side sleepers given it’s a notch or two softer this go around. You now nestle into the bed a little more and the combination of the pillow top and memory foam are very forgiving. As such, side sleepers will find the bed provides ample pressure relief for their hips and shoulders.

dreamcloud mattress review side sleeper
Owen is comfortable side sleeping on the updated DreamCloud mattress

As for combination sleepers, DreamCloud should be fine here as well. The responsive nature of the mattress as a whole makes it effortless to roll between sleeping positions. You won’t encounter hardly any resistance when you try to go from your back to your side, for example.

Is DreamCloud Good For Heavier People?

The DreamCloud mattress is a solid option for heavy people. It’s overall profile, pocketed coils and dense foam layers all work together to make one heck of a bed. Our resident big dog, Dillon, currently sleeps on this bed and absolutely loves it.

dreamcloud mattress review heavy people
The DreamCloud mattress properly supports large individuals

The upgrade to 8″ pocketed coils gives us a lot of confidence in this bed. It’s probably not as robust as WinkBed or Big Fig for heavier folks, but it can hold its own. With that said, heavy individuals who spend the majority of the night on their back or stomach may find the bed to be a tad bit too soft. If you fall into this category, be sure to check out our list of the best beds for heavy people.

What About Other Body Types?

For more petite individuals, DreamCloud may be overkill. The bed is so thick that it’s just more than you need. Don’t get us wrong, small individuals will be just fine on DreamCloud, but the bed could be considered unnecessary. Smaller people would be perfectly comfortable on a 10” foam mattress, which would also be more cost effective. For more average size people, DreamCloud—as you might have discerned by now—will be just fine. It’s a really nice mattress.

Does The DreamCloud Mattress Sleep Hot?

No, we wouldn’t consider it a warm sleeping bed. Sure, the mattress is soft and you do nestle into a little bit but the pillow top works to counteract the memory foam a little so that you don’t feel like you’re being hugged or engulfed by the top layers. Plus, the coils in the bed allow for a decent amount of airflow. In our eyes, the DreamCloud mattress should be considered temperature neutral.

dreamcloud mattress temperature

Keep in mind, plenty of other factors beyond your mattress play into how warm or cool you sleep as well. We’re referring to things like your pajamas, room temperature, sheets, etc.

Will Couples Be Fine With DreamCloud?

We’ve covered most of the important stuff by now, but there are two additional factors that you should be mindful of if you sleep with a partner. Those are (1) edge support and (2) motion transfer. For singles, these are of lesser importance.

The edge support for this bed is pretty solid, which means the edges hold up really well when you end up laying along the perimeter of the bed. This often happens when your partner hogs the very middle of the bed and spreads out starfish style, while you hug the edge of the mattress for dear life. Luckily with DreamCloud, the edges won’t crease and you won’t end up on the floor.

dreamcloud mattress review edge support
Solid edge support with DreamCloud

As you can see in the image above, DreamCloud is holding up very well along the perimeter. With a lot of all-foam beds—and even some hybrid beds—the edges will compress so much that you feel as if you’re going to fall off of the bed. That’s not the case with DreamCloud, though.

As for motion isolation, the bed does a pretty decent job with this as well. The coils in this bed give it a bit of bounce, but overall, it’s nothing to be overly concerned with.

As you can see above, the bed does a competent job of limiting motion transfer, especially for a hybrid or spring mattress. Ultimately, motion transfer is not a reason to pass on the DreamCloud mattress.

DreamCloud Mattress Review: Verdict

DreamCloud is a high-quality, hybrid mattress that offers consumers a little taste of everything – coils, memory foam and a euro pillow top. Furthermore, we like that the bed is highly accommodating in that satisfies all types of sleepers as well as people of all shapes and sizes. Plus, it’s tough to argue with the price tag. You won’t find too many other 15″ hybrid mattresses that you can purchase for around $1,000-$1,200 (queen size).

With that said, it’s not all roses and unicorns. Although the masses may like the softer version of the DreamCloud mattress better, we’re sure there is a group of back and stomach sleepers out there who wish the company would have stayed with the original firm version of the bed.

Review team

  • Dillon Payne

    Combo Sleeper

  • wesley-ott
    Wesley Ott

    Combo Sleeper

  • JD
    JD Christison

    Combo Sleeper

  • Owen Poole

    Side Sleeper


How did Slumber Yard get the DreamCloud mattress?

We were sent this bed from DreamCloud Sleep so that we could review it. As always, however, we did not accept any money to write good or bad things about it. We review products independently.

What safety certifications does the DreamCloud mattress have?

Safety is important. The DreamCloud mattress is independently certified by CertiPUR, which is a third party global rating standard. This means the bed is free from any known harmful chemicals and gases like ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and Volatile Organic Compounds. Plus, DreamCloud states their bed is also naturally resistant to bed bugs.

Where are DreamCloud mattresses shipped from?

Great question. Your DreamCloud mattress should ship to you anywhere in the United States in 1-5 business days from their distribution centers in Washington state.

Does DreamCloud offer white glove delivery?

Yes, but they charge a fee of about $170 for the service.

Can I test DreamCloud at any retail stores?

Not right now. There are certain other brands like Tuft & Needle and Casper that allow you to try in retail stores, but DreamCloud is only online. Does it really matter, though, if you have a full-year trial period? We think not.

Would you consider this a “true” memory foam mattress?

No. While the bed uses memory foam, the euro top helps to balance it out. Additionally, remember, you have the 8″ coils, which helps to force the memory foam to pop back into shape quickly.

Does DreamCloud have coils?

Yes. This is an innerspring mattress with coils on the bottom and memory foam for comfort.

How firm is the DreamCloud mattress?

DreamCloud sits between a medium and medium-firm, meaning it’s about a 6-7/10 on the firmness scale.

Will side sleepers like it?

We think they will. It is a little on the firmer side, but we expect that all sleeping styles will be fine on DreamCloud.

Does DreamCloud come with free returns?

Yes. You can actually try the mattress for up to a full year before you either need to keep it or return it. If you want to return the bed inside your trial period, you should be able to get a full refund.