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DreamCloud Mattress Review

Get all the details in this in depth Dream Cloud mattress review

DreamCloud is a thick and durable mattress that uses a combination of coils, memory foam, latex foam, and a pillow top. It's quickly becoming a fan favorite in the online mattress industry—and we think for good reason. In this post we will cover the biggest highs and lows of this mattress, especially related to firmness, feel, sleeper type, and temperature regulation.

Who Is This Bed Best For?

  • Those who love the feel of firm memory foam
  • Back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • All body types, including heavier folks
  • Hot sleepers looking for a bed that’s great with temperature regulation
  • Anyone that wants a thick, durable, responsive mattress that comes with an extended warranty

Who Won't Love This Bed?

  • Anyone looking for a soft mattress
  • Strict side sleepers (there’s just not enough pressure relief with DreamCloud)
  • Sensitive sleepers (the cover is interesting and it’s not great at motion isolation)
  • Petite individuals (they’ll likely find that it’s simply too firm)

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DreamCloud Review: Video

Whenever possible, we like to accompany our reviews with a video. We just think that videos do a better job of demonstrating elements like feel, firmness, and so on. Here’s a review that was created by our parent company, RIZKNOWS LLC.

Hopefully you found that video helpful. Either way, below is a lot more information about the DreamCloud mattress.

DreamCloud Company Policies—Shipping, Warranty, etc.

DreamCloud, as you probably already know is part of the bed-in-a-box online mattress industry and thus ships to your home…drum roll…in a bag (not a box). That’s just how DreamCloud prefers to package their mattresses. Just so you know, there’s no real practical advantage or disadvantage with getting a mattress in a bag compared to a mattress in a box.

DreamCloud is a thick and heavy mattress, so you probably will want a friend to help you set it up. You need to unroll it, remove the packaging, and allow it to pop into shape. It takes a few minutes, but it’s a really fun process. Here’s what that un-bagging process looks like.

dreamcloud mattress review unboxing process
Setting up the DreamCloud mattress

If you’re worried about carting this mattress around and setting it up for yourself, DreamCloud does offer white glove delivery, in-home setup, and mattress removal for a fee. This service isn’t available in all areas, so you might want to check DreamCloud’s website to get all the details.

It’s unfortunate that they charge a fee, but it’s nice that you at least have the option to get white glove delivery, especially if you’re concerned with throwing your back out or just don’t want to deal with setting the mattress up.

Once your new mattress is set up, either by you or the white glove delivery service, you then have a 365-night trial period to see if you love your bed. That’s a full year trial period—pretty crazy.

If, within that year, you aren’t 100% in love with your mattress, DreamCloud will completely refund you and pick up the mattress for free. DreamCloud also offers an “Everlong” warranty with their mattress, so you’re covered as long as you have it.

DreamCloud Price and Coupon Code

The DreamCloud mattress is priced affordably considering the quality of this bed, in our opinion. This has a lot to do with the fact that they cut costs on distributors, middlemen, and storefronts by selling online, directly to the consumer. Granted, this mattress is still a financial investment for you and it isn’t cheap. Here’s a pricing break down:

SizePrice (MSRP)
King / Cal King$1,499

DreamCloud, like any other mattress sold online, plays the pricing game. They set the MSRP a little high and then almost always offer a discount—you can check current offers and specials on DreamCloud’s website. We also should have a discount for you that’s linked on the right hand side of this page.

What Is DreamCloud Made Of?

The DreamCloud is a hybrid bed, made with coils, memory foam, and latex foam. From bottom to top, the DreamCloud starts with a dense layer of memory foam, then a system of pocketed micro coils. After that is another layer of dense memory foam, then yet another layer of a different version of memory foam, then a layer of latex, which is hypoallergenic.

dreamcloud mattress review construction and layers
Construction breakdown of the DreamCloud mattress

But we’re not done quite yet. On top of the latex is a layer of soft, quilted memory foam, then finally a layer of gel-infused memory foam, which has cooling capabilities. All of these layers stack up to create a 15” thick mattress, which is definitely on the thicker side as far as mattresses go.

Cover, Cleaning, and Care

The DreamCloud mattress has a tufted cashmere blend cover that’s incredibly soft and give the mattress a premium look. However, the tufting creates large mounds and divots, which can be a little bothersome for sensitive sleepers.

dreamcloud mattress review cover
Soft, cashmere cover

Also, keep in mind that the DreamCloud’s cover is not removable or replaceable. If you wish to clean it, DreamCloud actually offers a professional cleaning service which is available at the end of your trial period, and they also will extend a “Like-New” refurb offer after five years of ownership.

DreamCloud—Feel, Firmness, and Responsiveness

The DreamCloud has a firm, memory foam feel, but without the stuck-in-the-mud feeling. This mattress is about a medium-firm on the firmness scale.

dreamcloud mattress review firmness and feel

It is important to note that softness/firmness is subjective based on your weight and BMI. Heavier folks will experience a softer DreamCloud and lighter individuals will claim that it’s firmer. This might seem intuitive, but a lot of people overlook it.

DreamCloud is also a highly responsive mattress—mostly due to the fact that it has coil and latex foam. This means that switching positions requires little effort, which can help with getting more restful sleep.

dreamcloud mattress review responsiveness and switching sleeping positions
DreamCloud is very responsive

You can see that DreamCloud snaps right back into shape as soon as you remove pressure. Combo sleepers should be jumping for joy. This bed makes rotating positions incredibly easy.

How is DreamCloud for stomach and back sleepers?

Yes. DreamCloud is best for back and stomach sleepers. Since it’s on the firmer side of the spectrum, it will be able to support the spines of back and stomach sleepers and keep them in neutral alignment. Staying in neutral alignment (versus a curved or arched spine) while you sleep helps to prevent back problems and soreness.

dreamcloud mattress review back and stomach sleepers
DreamCloud is a great bed for back and stomach sleepers

DreamCloud is one of the best hybrid or spring mattresses for pure back and stomach sleepers. This is the type of mattress that you sleep on versus in. This is part of the reason that this bed does a great job at regulation heat (more on this below).

Is The DreamCloud Good for Side and Combo Sleepers?

DreamCloud is not a particularly good bed for side sleepers. For the vast majority of side sleepers, it will simply be too firm. It’s not like Casper or GhostBed that are designed for all sleeper types. DreamCloud is supposed to be the durable, thick, and luxurious mattress that you can buy online at a fair price. Basically, side sleepers need not apply.

dreamcloud mattress review sleeping positions

As for combo sleepers, DreamCloud should be fine here as well, so long as you don’t spend the majority of the night sleeping on your side. If you’re a back sleeper predominately and every so often switch to your side, you’ll be ok.

Is The DreamCloud Good for Heavier People?

DreamCloud is indeed a great mattress for heavy people. It’s thickness, coils, and latex all work together to make one heck of a durable and supportive bed. We doubt this mattress will ever bottom out on anyone. Our resident big dog, Dillon, sleeps on this bed currently, and he absolutely loves it.

What About Other Body Types?

For more petite individuals, DreamCloud is overkill. The bed is so thick and supportive that it’s just more than you need. You’ll be fine on DreamCloud, but the bed is kind of unnecessary for you. Smaller people could be perfectly comfortable on a 10” all-foam bed, which would also be more cost effective.

dreamcloud mattress review logo sleepers
Just a solid mattress

For more average size people, DreamCloud—as you might have discerned by now—will be just fine. It’s a really nice mattress.

Does The DreamCloud Sleep Hot?

Not at all. In fact, it sleeps pretty cool. The DreamCloud has a layer of gel-infused memory foam which works to disperse heat throughout the bed and keep you cool. Also, the coils and latex in the bed’s construction allow for great airflow, which keeps the bed from getting too warm.

dreamcloud mattress review temperature regulation and hot sleepers

And since the mattress is quite firm, you end up sleeping on top of it, which is another big factor in temperature regulation. Most firm beds sleeper cooler than softer beds.

Will Couples Be Fine on the DreamCloud Mattress?

The edge support for this bed is great, which means the edges hold up really well when you end up laying along the perimeter of the bed. This often happens when your partner hogs the very middle of the bed and spreads out starfish style, while you hug the edge of the mattress for dear life. At least on this bed, the edge won’t crease and you won’t end up on the floor.

dreamcloud mattress review edge support
Fantastic edge support with the DreamCloud mattress

As you can see in the image above, DreamCloud is holding up very well along the perimeter. With a lot of all-foam beds—and even some hybrid beds—the edges will compress so much that you feel as if you’re going to fall off of the bed. Not the case with DreamCloud. You’re staying put on this bed.

As for motion isolation, it’s not the best, but that’s too be expected. The springs in this bed give it a bit of bounce, and the motion does transfer across the mattress. Take a look for yourself.

dreamcloud mattress review motion isolation transfer
Not great motion isolation, but not bad for a hybrid mattress

To be fair though, while there is some motion transfer, this is actually pretty good for a hybrid or spring mattress. Motion transfer is not a reason to pass on the DreamCloud mattress.

DreamCloud Mattress Review: Verdict

The DreamCloud is a high-quality, hybrid mattress made with coils, memory foam, latex, and a pillow top. It really has a bit of everything. It’s very thick, coming in at 15”, and it’ll work for all body types, but is a particularly good choice for heavier folks. It’s also going to be best for back, stomach, and combo sleepers. If you’re a sensitive sleeper, be wary of the large indents in the cover, and the motion transfer. Besides that, this is a great bed that’s incredibly comfortable.

Review Team

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Dillon Payne

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How did SY get the DreamCloud mattress?

We were sent this bed from DreamCloud Sleep so that we could review it. As always, however, we did not accept any money to write good or bad things about it. We review products independently.

What safety certifications does the DreamCloud mattress have?

Safety is important. The DreamCloud mattress is independently certified by CertiPUR, which is a third party global rating standard. This means the bed is free from any known harmful chemicals and gases like ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and Volatile Organic Compounds. Plus, DreamCloud states their bed is also naturally resistant to bed bugs.

Where are DreamCloud mattresses shipped from?

Great question. Your DreamCloud mattress should ship to you anywhere in the United States in 1-5 business days from their distribution centers in Washington state.

What kind of latex does the DreamCloud use? What if I have a latex allergy?

The DreamCloud uses Dunlop latex in their bed. It’s made from thick sap from rubber trees and poured into a mold. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have any latex allergies. The proteins in natural latex that cause allergic reactions are actually soluble and during the manufacturing process of latex foam in this mattress, all those proteins are washed away. Also, there’s only one layer of latex material in this bed and it won’t come in contact with your skin. Anyone with a latex allergy will probably be just fine sleeping on this mattress. However, you know yourself far better than we do. If you know you have a severe latex allergy and are hesitant to purchase a mattress with latex foam, don’t worry—there are plenty of other beds to choose from.

Does DreamCloud offer white glove delivery?

Yes, but they charge a fee of about $170 for the service.

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