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Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams Mattress Review

Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams Mattress Review

The Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams mattress is one of the most popular beds on Amazon.

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams is a 10" neutral-foam mattress that's made in the USA. In this review, we’ll break down what you need to know about this mattress, including firmness, feel, and more.

Who Is This Best For?

Amazon shoppers

People that need a cheap mattress

Who Won’t Love It?

If you’re looking for a firm mattress

People that need a coil bed

Dreamfoam Mattress Overview

The Arctic Dreams mattress is mainly sold on Amazon where it has a 4.5 star rating and almost 2.5 thousand reviews. Regardless of whether you have an Amazon Prime account, you’ll receive free shipping with the bed and it should arrive within a few business days. It will ship to you compressed and rolled up in plastic, inside a cardboard box.

Try to unpackage it as soon as possible, and in a room with good airflow. Leave it alone for 24-48 hours to fully decompress and air out from its packaging.

Unlike some other bed-in-a-box companies like Casper, Dreamfoam Bedding does not offer a trial period, although Amazon does have a standard 30-day return window. Returns are just wonky with mattresses on Amazon. Doesn’t matter if you get the Arctic Dreams mattress, Tuft & Needle, Zinus, or Lucid, the return process isn’t 100% clear with Amazon. It seems to matter who the actual seller is (i.e. Amazon vs a third party) and the return history of your account. Regardless, make sure you want the bed before you buy it.

Price Of The Arctic Dreams Mattress

We definitely consider this a budget-tier mattress, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cheap mattress. This bed is meant to rival other Amazon beds such as Linenspa or Lucid. Here is a pricing breakdown by size:

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$200
Full XL$280
Short Queen$280
King / Cal King$360

Keep an eye out for fluctuating prices with this mattress. We usually find it at its cheapest on Amazon. A queen typically stays around $300, but just pay attention so that you can get the best deal available.

Pretty Simple Design To The Bed

The Arctic Dreams mattress is a 10” all-foam bed that’s manufactured in the USA by Brooklyn Bedding. At the base of its construction is 7.5” of high-density polyurethane foam. On top of that is 2.5” of fast response Energex gel foam, which gives this bed its neutral-foam feel. To wrap up these foam layers is .75” of quilted cover. This bed has a construction similar to that of Tuft & Needle or Leesa.

dreamfoam bedding mattress review arctic dreams bed amazon
Arctic Dreams is a 3-layer, all-foam mattress

The foams in the mattress are all CertiPUR-US Certified, which means that the mattress is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Also, just so you’re aware, the Arctic Dreams mattress is also available in a hybrid version that has 6″ pocketed coils and a 1″ foundation of dense polyurethane foam; these replace the 7.5″ support foam on the all-foam version. The hybrid model will be more supportive, but it also costs more. You can check current pricing on Amazon for that Arctic Dreams Hybrid mattress.

The cover of The Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 10 is soft and quilted. In our opinion, it’s a little cheap looking, but the quilting keeps it in place nicely. The blue piping around the edges is a nice detail, too.

dreamfoam bedding mattress review arctic dreams bed amazon cover and cleaning
Non-removable cover

The cover is not removable, so if you have any accidents, just mix some mild soap with warm water and spot treat the area. If you’re really worried about it, get a mattress protector. They have some nice, affordable ones on Amazon. Just be aware that a mattress protector could affect the feel and temperature regulation of the bed.

Also, remember to rotate your mattress every 3-6 months. This is a good preventative measure against any sagging or indentations. This mattress is not flippable, so we do not recommend you ever sleep on the bottom side of it.

Our Opinion Of Dreamfoam’s Firmness Level

This bed has a neutral-foam feel, similar to that of the Lull mattress. This bed is actually very comfortable, and is quicker to respond to pressure, so you’re never left feeling “stuck in the mud.” Slumber Yard team member McKenzie describes this bed as how she imagines sleeping on a cupcake would feel: spongy and soft.

We rated this bed as a medium on our firmness scale—so not too firm and not too soft, but more so in the middle. And that makes sense. Since the bed only comes in one firmness level, logically, Dreamfoam would want that to be in the middle so that it applies to the greatest number of prospective buyers.

dreamfoam bedding mattress review arctic dreams bed amazon firmness

Keep in mind that firmness is a term relative to your height/weight ratio. The heavier you are, the more you’ll sink into this mattress and the softer it will feel. The lighter you are, the more you’ll lay on top of the mattress and the firmer it will feel. Take this into account when reading about sleeper type in the next sections of this post.

Sleeping Positions That Are Compatible With This Bed

Arctic Dreams is a suitable option for back and stomach sleepers, at least amongst the other mattresses under $500. It’s firm enough to keep your hips and shoulders supported, instead of letting them sink into the bed too much, causing the spine to arch.

dreamfoam bedding mattress review arctic dreams bed amazon back sleeper
The Arctic Dreams mattress is fine for all sleeper types

We also think this is a good bed for side and combo sleepers. Side sleepers need a softer surface that will be pressure relieving enough for their hips and shoulders.

Dreamfoam And Heavier Individuals

Nope. Because this is a 10” all-foam mattress, it’s just not going to be supportive or durable enough for large individuals (i.e. over 250 lb), at least not over the long run. It’s not really built for this. We typically recommend hybrid beds that have coils for heavier sleepers. If you’re not sure where to start looking for the right mattress, try checking out this list of Best Beds for Heavy & Obese Sleepers.

dreamfoam mattress review heavy people
Dreamfoam is built for individuals weighing under 250 lb

We think this mattress is a good bed for kids, teens, or even just really petite people. This is a good bed for college students, too, especially if you’re a long way away from home, because it’s not that big of an investment if you only plan on using it for 3-6 years.

Does The Bed Sleep Hot?

We think it sleeps temperature neutral. This bed does allegedly have some cooling gel infused into their foam, which might help to regulate body heat through the mattress during the night. Although we don’t find that this will actually cool you down, this might prevent you from getting overly warm while you sleep, and instead, keep you temperature neutral. This is just not a cooling mattress.

If you personally like to sleep cool, use a fan and sleep in silk or satin. If you like to be warm and cozy, use flannel sheets or get a weighted blanket. Any of these tactics should help you to sleep warm or cool on this mattress.

More Factors Just For Couples

This mattress is good for couples in some ways, and not in other ways. Let us explain. The motion isolating capabilities of this bed are fairly good. This means if you’re a sensitive sleeper who wakes up every time your partner tosses or turns, you probably won’t feel much of their motion on this bed.

You might want to reconsider this bed if you and your sleep partner tend to fight over the middle of the mattress, though. One of you is going to win, and the other is going to lose and feel like they’re about to land on the floor because the edge support on this bed isn’t that great. If you end up ousted to the side of the mattress, you’ll likely get a bit of that roll-off sensation.

dreamfoam bedding mattress review arctic dreams bed amazon edge support
Carla is a real stickler for edge support

The edge support isn’t as bad as certain soft coil beds, but it’s definitely not worth writing home about. If you’re thinking about sharing a full size mattress with another person, you might want to upgrade to a queen.

Dreamfoam Mattress Review: Conclusion

In summary, this is a nice bed for the price. Although it doesn’t smell the best for the first week or so, it’s comfortable and accommodating for any sleeper type. The edge support isn’t very impressive, though. This bed is a great option for kids rooms, guest rooms, small rooms/studio apartments, and college students.

Don’t love the Arctic Dreams mattress? Check out our other mattress reviews, mattress comparisons, and Mattress Finder Quiz. You can also save money by perusing our Mattress Deals/Coupons page that houses the best deals we find each day.

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How did we get this bed?

We bought it with our own cash because we wanted to try it. You can be assured that all opinions are purely that of the Slumber Yard team members.

Does this mattress have off-gassing and what can I do to help it?

Most mattresses have a little that you need to air out once you open up your package. While you can be assured that all of the foams used in this mattress are completely safe, we did notice quite a bit of off-gassing with this bed, so you might need to give it more time to air out completely. Open your windows and use a fan in the bedroom your mattress is in.

What sizes does the Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams come in?

We’re glad you asked! This bed comes in a very wide range of sizes. They offer twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, short queen, king, and California king. So basically, every size you could ever need. Just be aware that they do sometimes run out of certain sizes.

Who owns Dreamfoam?

Dreamfoam is the budget brand from Brooklyn Bedding, which is one of the largest and most popular online mattress brands. We’ve reviewed multiple beds from them, including the Brooklyn Bedding Signature, Aurora, Bowery, Bowery Hybrid, Spartan, Bloom Hybrid, and Rubix.

Where can I buy a Dreamfoam mattress?

You can buy online at Dreamfoam’s website and on Amazon.

Where are Dreamfoam mattresses made?

The company is owned by Brooklyn Bedding, so the mattresses are made in Phoenix, Arizona.