Who Is It Best For?
If you like a softer latex foam feel
All types of sleepers
Who Won’t Love It?
Budget shoppers looking for a budget mattress
If you prefer the feel of memory foam

Honest WinkBed EcoCloud Review Video

Below is a short review video that covers the major pros and cons of the EcoCloud mattress from WinkBeds.

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Keep reading to learn more about WinkBed and the EcoCloud mattress in particular. There’s a lot more you’ll want to consider before making a final decision.

Policies For The EcoCloud Mattress

Regardless if you purchase the flagship WinkBed mattress, MemoryLux, or the EcoCloud, you’re promised a few perks as an incentive to get you to try out their mattress. First things first, each mattress ships for free. The beds arrive compressed and rolled-up in a surprisingly small box. Since each WinkBed mattress is built-to-order, expect it to take around one to two weeks for your new bed to arrive. The company also offers free white glove delivery for a $99 fee if you would rather have someone else setup the bed and haul away your old mattress.

Next, you’ll receive a 120-night risk-free trial beginning the day you receive it, so you have about four months to decide if you like the mattress or not. All they ask is that you wait at least 30 days to return or exchange it so you give yourself enough time to get used to the bed.

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If you don’t like your mattress, you can exchange it for a $49 fee and get While Glove Delivery on a new one, or return the bed for 100% of your money back. If you decide to keep your EcoCloud, the company promises a forever warranty policy. All WinkBeds are put through a simulation mimicking 20 years of wear and tear to ensure its durability, and the results apparently only showed a 2% sag rate. So the company is confident their mattresses are heavy-duty and built to last.

Price And Discounts

We would consider WinkBed a luxury mattress brand, so the price tag is a little higher than your average bed-in-a-box mattress. A queen size EcoCloud is about $1,800; comparable to the latex hybrid mattress, Brooklyn Bedding Bloom, but more expensive than the Avocado mattress.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$1,499
King / Cal King$2,399

We don’t think it’s an unfair price, considering WinkBed put a little more TLC into manufacturing the EcoCloud mattress with eco-friendly materials. A bed can also be a little pricier if it incorporates both coils and foam, which this mattress does.

WinkBed is known to run promotions here and there, so make sure to check this page to see if you can save some money with a coupon or discount code. If you don’t see one, feel free to check the EcoCloud website for pricing and offers.

What Is EcoCloud Made Of?

The EcoCloud is about as close to natural sleeping as you can get without sleeping outside. Everything from the cover, down to the steel coils are eco-friendly.

  • Organic Cotton — The cover on EcoCloud is partly made with organic cotton with a GOTS certification, meaning the cotton is harvested responsibly and free of toxic materials.
  • Talalay Latex Foam — Talalay latex foam is made from the sap of a rubber tree and is OEKO-TEX certified natural. It’s also hypoallergenic, meaning it’ll prevent dust mites and mold from collecting in your sleeping environment.
  • New Zealand Wool — The cover also contains high quality wool sustainably sourced from New Zealand.
  • Recycled Steel — If you can recycle a material, it’s considered eco-friendly because it can be reused. So all the coils in EcoCloud are made from 100% recycled steel.

Now that we’ve gone over the materials, let’s discuss how they all come together to make the 13″ thick EcoCloud mattress.

WinkBed EcoCloud Mattress Review overview
An overhead view of the EcoCloud mattress

The first layer of material is the brand’s proprietary “Extra Edge Anti-Sag Support System,” which is a system of innersprings WinkBed made themselves that’s firmer along the edges to prevent sagging and enhance the bed’s edge support

On the inside of the extra supportive innerspring edges are individually wrapped coils which were tempered three times; a process that strengthens the coils using heat.

EcoCloud WinkBed Mattress Construction Graphic
The layers that make up the EcoCloud mattress

The third layer is the Talalay latex foam, and it’s where you’ll be getting the bulk of your comfort from. The latex foam is manufactured to provide firm support in areas like your lower back, but it’s softer in areas like shoulders and hips.

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Finally, the EcoCloud is wrapped with a cover made from organic cotton and soft New Zealand wool to give the mattress a premium, yet earthy look. The Slumber Yard team agrees it even has a slight organic smell, reminiscent of when you’re walking through a freshly cut field of grass. The cover is also soft-to-the-touch, so we think it feels as good as it looks.

The Feel Of EcoCloud

When you lay on an EcoCloud, you’re immediately reminded why they put the word “cloud” in the name. The top layers of the mattress feel really light and airy, similar to a marshmallow or of course, a cloud. Latex foam is already pretty soft, so the extra fluffiness gives it a softer latex hybrid feel. It’s nice and comfortable, yet supportive from the strong and durable coils. The combination of coils and latex foam also make the EcoCloud bouncy and incredibly responsive.

EcoCloud WinkBed Mattress Firmness Graphic

You can only get EcoCloud in their Medium option, and we also thought it felt like a medium on our rating scale. The latex foam makes EcoCloud pressure relieving, while the coils provide support and resistance where you need it most.

Most Suitable Sleeper Types For EcoCloud

In general, side sleepers should consider purchasing a soft mattress to cater to their side and provide pressure relief, while back and stomach sleepers might want to look into getting a mattress on the firmer side of the spectrum to properly support their back/spine.

WinkBed EcoCloud Mattress Review Sleeper Type
WinkBed is suitable for all sleeper types, including side sleepers like Tharon

Alternatively, sleepers have the option to go with a mattress that lands somewhere in the middle, which is exactly where EcoCloud lands. It’s especially good for combo sleepers, or folks who share a bed with somebody with a different sleeper type than them.

EcoCloud Accommodates All Body Types

Individuals with petite to medium sized body types can basically get away with sleeping on any mattress, but we always suggest that folks who weigh 250lbs + look into a hybrid or innerspring mattress. They’re usually more supportive than all-foam beds, and will be more durable in the long run.

Mattress Durability Scale

Since EcoCloud is a hybrid mattress, it’ll work well for all body types. If you have a heavier body type and you want to see a few of our other top picks, take a look at our post on the best mattress for heavy people.

Does EcoCloud Sleep Hot?

The hottest materials to sleep on are usually memory foam, and some proprietary foams because they are known to retain your body heat. Since EcoCloud is constructed with latex foam and coils, however, we think it sleeps pretty temperature neutral. The coils allow for consistent airflow through the bed, and latex foam doesn’t sleep hot or cold.

So most people should sleep comfortably throughout the night on EcoCloud without overheating. If you’re worried about getting hot and you want a mattress that’ll actively cool you down, check out our post on the best cooling mattresses.

Is EcoCloud A Good Mattress for Couples?

There are two characteristics a couple should look for in a mattress, aside from how comfortable it is. One is edge support, and the other is motion isolation.

When a mattress has good edge support, couples can sleep on the outer edges of the mattress without feeling like they’re seconds away from rolling off. This is especially important for couples who are looking to share a full size bed. The EcoCloud mattress was especially designed to have stronger springs around the edges, so we’d say it gets a solid A in that department.

WinkBed EcoCloud Mattress Edge Support

As for motion isolation, when we placed a glass of water on top of EcoCloud and rolled around it, the glass stayed sturdy enough to not tip over, but there definitely was movement. In other words, as expected, EcoCloud is just ok in terms of motion isolation—much like a lot of the other latex hybrids we’ve tested.

So overall, we think EcoCloud is a pretty great mattress for couples, especially those that want a bed with natural and organic materials.


We’re going to make this short and sweet. If you’re looking for a comfortable, natural mattress and you aren’t a huge price conscious shopper, EcoCloud is a pretty great choice. Especially if you plan on sharing this mattress with a loved one. Not only is it accommodating for all sleeper and body types, but it’s constructed to have second to none edge support.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How did you get this bed?

WinkBed sent us EcoCloud so we could review it, and post our honest thoughts about it.

What bed frame should I use EcoCloud with?

EcoCloud is compatible with almost all bed frames including foundation, a slatted frame, or a power base.

Can I wash the mattress cover?

Unfortunately, no. If you happen to spill or stain your mattress, you’ll have to spot clean with a mild detergent and warm water.

What other products do they sell?

WinkBed sells mattresses, an adjustable base, a foundation, bed frame, sheet set, and mattress protector.

Can I try the mattress in-store?

There are only four locations you can test out a WinkBed in a few select states including Virginia and New York.