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Our YouTube Review Of EcoSleep Luxe

We almost always accompany our mattress reviews with a video, so here’s a look at our YouTube review of the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid mattress.

  • EcoSleep Luxe Mattress Review

Because of the video format we can only fit in so much detail, which is why there’s an entire post below with even more information on the EcoSleep Luxe mattress.

How It Works: Purchasing The EcoSleep Luxe Bed Online

Given the EcoSleep Luxe mattress is part of the Brooklyn Bedding family, it should come as no surprise the policies that accompany the bed match other popular Brooklyn mattresses such as the Signature Hybrid, Bowery and Aurora Luxe Cooling. Here’s a quick rundown of what the purchasing process looks like just in case you’re new to this whole bed-in-a-box concept.

First, the EcoSleep Luxe mattress comes with free shipping and will arrive at your home rolled-up and compressed in a box about the size of a kegerator. The mattress ships via FedEx Ground and will typically arrive within 4-8 business days after you place your order.

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Once the bed arrives, you’ll have 120 nights to sleep on it before deciding whether to keep it or not. If, after 30 nights testing the bed, you decide the EcoSleep Luxe mattress is not quite right for you or your partner, no problem whatsoever, you can initiate the return process and get your money back. If you decide to keep it though, great, the mattress comes backed by a 10 year warranty.

Affordable Natural & Organic Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is known for offering high-quality mattresses at affordable price points and the EcoSleep Luxe bed definitely carries on that tradition. In fact, the EcoSleep Luxe mattress is one of the more affordable natural and organic beds on the market. Here’s a quick breakdown of pricing by size.

SizePrice (MSRP)
Twin XL$949
King / Cal King$1,499

Plus, Brooklyn Bedding is very aggressive when it comes to sales, discounts and promotions. The company is almost always offering some sort of coupon code or promo code to make their beds even more affordable. Make sure to check the green discount box on the right hand side of the screen to see what the current offer is. Typically, the discount will be in 15-25% range, which would bring a queen size EcoSleep Luxe mattress below the $1,000 mark, putting it on par with Awara, which is another popular budget-tier natural mattress.

EcoSleep Luxe Mattress Materials & Design

If you just look at the specs of the Brooklyn Bedding EcoSleep Luxe mattress, it’s materials and composition seem to be very similar to that of other popular latex hybrid mattresses. However, what makes the EcoSleep Luxe bed unique is that it’s double-sided and flippable. This means you can sleep on either side of the bed (one side is slightly softer and one side is slightly firmer).

With that in mind, here’s a quick breakdown of the different layers within the EcoSleep Luxe mattress starting from the softer side and working down:

  • 1.5″ of 100% Natural Latex Foam – comfort layer for the softer side of the bed.
  • 1.5″ Latex Support Layer – serves as a transition layer between the coils (referenced below) and the comfort layer (mentioned above).
  • 6″ Ascension Pocketed Coils – this is the true support structure for the mattress.
  • 1.5″ of 100% Natural Latex Foam – similar to the top layer on the softer side except there is no transition layer below, which is why it has a slightly firmer feel.
ecosleep mattress review cover

Wrapping both sides of the bed is a non-removable, quilted cover that uses Joma Wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. These materials give the bed an airy, breathable surface, not to mention a premium look and feel.

EcoSleep Luxe now offers a Luxe Hybrid model that includes 8″ of pocked coils and a flippable layer of 3″ latex foam.

Firmness Analysis

As we mentioned earlier, part of what makes the Brooklyn Bedding EcoSleep Luxe mattress unique is that it’s double-sided. Now Brooklyn Bedding states one side of the mattress is about a medium in terms of firmness and the other is a true firm. We would agree with that sentiment for the most part, except we actually think the medium side is more like a medium-firm on the soft-to-firm scale.

ecosleep mattress review firmness

With that said, firmness is very subjective. It largely depends on your body type and weight. The ratings above are based on average size person, but the truth is, the heavier you are, the softer the bed will feel. For example, a person that weighs 275 pounds would likely think the medium-firm side of the mattress (according to our ratings) actually feels more like a true medium. On the flip side (pun intended), the less you weigh, the firmer a mattress will feel. It wouldn’t surprise us to hear a 105 pound person say the medium-firm side (again, according to our ratings) feels more like a true firm to them.

What The EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid Mattress Feels Like

We’d say the EcoSleep Luxe bed-in-a-box feels like a latex hybrid mattress (I know, big shocker). What we mean by that is the bed has a little bit of that innerspring type feel due to the bounce from the coils and the two top comfort layers give it that responsive, sort of spongy feel that you would expect from latex foam.

ecosleep mattress review side sleeper
Responsive latex foam feel

Overall, it’s a very comfortable, supportive bed. However, keep in mind, this is not what we would consider an overly soft or plush mattress. If you’re looking for a bed where you sort of sink-in and the foam layers conform to your body, we’d recommend checking out our list of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses.

EcoSleep Luxe Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Back and Stomach Sleepers
    Good For

    Given the firmness ratings of both sides of the bed, we think the EcoSleep Luxe mattress is most ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Between the coils and the layers of latex foam, the mattress provides ample support. You never feel as if your hips or trunk are falling out of alignment with the rest of your body.

  • Side Sleepers
    Not So Good For

    Now moving on to side sleepers, our thoughts here are split. One one hand, we think the bed (both sides) will be too firm for petite and average size individuals. At the end of the day, the firmness of the bed and the fact that latex foam just really isn’t known for its pressure relieving capabilities mean smaller side sleepers might be better off with a different option.


  • Combo Sleepers
    Good For

    If you’re a combination sleeper (i.e. you spend time in all three positions), you’ll likely be just fine, but if you weigh under ~225 pounds and you’re a primary side sleeper, we’d recommend checking out the Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress. This bed comes in four different firmness levels, including Soft model and Plush models.

ecosleep mattress sleeping positions

Thoughts Regarding Sleeping Temperature

Although latex foam and coils are known for sleeping cooler than the likes of memory foam and poly foam, we wouldn’t go as far as saying the EcoSleep Luxe bed is a cooling mattress. It just doesn’t incorporate any special materials or technology that make it cool-to-the-touch. However, we don’t think you’ll warm up on this bed either. The coils allow for airflow, latex foam is a cooler sleeping bedding material and the firmness of the mattress will ensure you sleep more on top of the surface rather than in it. As such, we’d give the EcoSleep Luxe mattress a temperature neutral rating.

ecosleep mattress sleeping temperature

It’s important to remember that there are a number of external factors that affect how warm or cool you sleep. Your mattress isn’t the end-all, be-all in terms of sleeping temperature. Factors like what kind of pajamas you wear, what kind of sheets and comforter you use and what kind of climate you live all play a role in determining whether or not you sleep warm.

Considerations For Couples

Last up here, let’s quickly touch upon a couple important considerations for people who share a bed with another person. Specifically, I’m talking about edge support and motion isolation. Luckily, the EcoSleep Luxe mattress performs well in both categories. We didn’t notice any major red flags during our testing process.

ecosleep mattress review edge support
The EcoSleep Luxe bed provides good edge support

As you can see above, there’s really not much compression as you inch towards the side of the bed. This means couples will be able to spread out comfortably without having to worry about losing support. Further, the bed did a decent job with limiting motion transfer. We don’t envision couples having any major issues in this department.

Final Verdict: EcoSleep Luxe Mattress Review

All in all, there’s a lot to like about the EcoSleep Luxe mattress. If you’re in the market for a bed that incorporates natural and organic materials but you’re working with a limited budget (less than $1,000 for a queen size), you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option. Most latex hybrid beds that use premium materials land closer to the $1,400-$2,000 range for a queen size.

Having said that, the EcoSleep Luxe mattress isn’t going to be the right choice for everyone. Specifically, if you’re a strict side sleeper that falls in the small or medium body type classification, you might want to explore other options that offer more pressure relief. You can start with our list of the Best Natural & Organic Mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions
How did the Slumber Yard get the EcoSleep Luxe mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding sent us this mattress for free in order to test it. Keep in mind, we review products independently here at The Slumber Yard. That means the opinions and sentiments shared in this review belong to us and us alone. In other words, this was an unbiased review.

Does the EcoSleep Luxe mattress smell?

When you first un-box the bed, you might notice the mattress gives off a natural scent, however, the smell will dissipate within a few hours if placed in a well-ventilated room.

Will the EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid mattress work with an adjustable frame?

Yes, in fact, the EcoSleep Luxe mattress is compatible with most platform, slat, box spring and adjustable bases. They key is that your foundation has little to no flex. Essentially, you’ll just want make sure your frame or foundation is flat, sturdy and strong. If interested, Brooklyn Bedding also sells foundations and frames. Click the green box on right hand side of the screen to check them out.

How long will it take to break-in the EcoSleep Luxe mattress?

Like with most mattresses, you should sleep on the EcoSleep Luxe bed for at least 30 nights before making a final decision on whether to keep it or not. For most people, it takes about four to five weeks for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface.

Does Brooklyn Bedding ship internationally?

Last we checked, Brooklyn Bedding only ships their products within the United States and Canada. If you live internationally, you’ll most likely need to look into a freight forwarding service in order to receive the mattress. Keep in mind, the company does charge an extra shipping fee if you live Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.

Can I purchase the mattress in a store?

You might be able to test and purchase the EcoSleep Luxe mattress in one of the Brooklyn Bedding showrooms located in Arizona or Utah. If you live outside these regions, you can only purchase the bed online. No word yet on whether the bed will be available to purchase in nationwide retail stores like Sears or Mattress Firm in the future.

Where is the bed made?

It is made in the USA.

Is the mattress flippable?

Yes. EcoSleep Luxe actually has two different firmness levels on the same bed.

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